How to submit data from multiple Input Ports in single SUBMIT button  click

I am in SPS8.
What exactly steps I need to perform to submit data from multiple Input Ports.
I couldn't able to submit One input Form and one Input Table to BAPI data service in single SUBMIT button click.
I debugged the VC application in SPS8.
While debugging, I found that when I click the SUBMIT button in the Input Form, Only data in that Input
form are being passed to the BAPI, But not the Table Form data.
If I click on the SUBMIT button in another Input Table, Only data from that table is being passed to the BAPI, but not the Input form data.
Essentially I need to submit both of them in one SUBMIT button.

From the word document that you sent to me the steps you are missing to map the appropriate information into the BAPI is first you are not mapping all data rows into the table input port. To do this double click on the input table view and change your selection mode from single to multiple. Then when you click on your link between the BAPI and your input table you will see a new option appears under data mapping "Mapping Scope" select All Data Rows.
That's the first part of the problem to get the BAPI to recognize both the inputs coming from the form and the table eliminate the submit button from the form. Drag and drop a link from the output port of the table view to the Input port of the BAPI. Double click on the link between the BAPI and the table view and open the expressions editor for the two fields:
1/ Automatic Source
On the hierarchical folder structure on the right expand expand the Data Fields node to find the fields from the form and map them accordingly.
Now when you hit the submit button on your table it should pass the BAPI all the parameters from both the form and the table.
Hope this helps,

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    My aim is to get the list of Materials with their descriptions, with MRP Controller, with Unrestriced Qty. & the Reorder Qty. So, I have to fetch the data from different tables. But finally I am not able to copy or move the fetched data from multiple tables into the single final table.
    Also tell me how to convert this list into ALV.
    Below is the program code.
    *& Report  Y_REORDER_REPORT
    tables : marc,makt, mard.
    DATA: Begin of i_final occurs 0,
            matnr type marc-matnr,
            maktx type makt-maktx,
            DISPO type marc-DISPO,
            MINBE type marc-MINBE,
            LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_final.
    DATA: Begin of i_marc occurs 0,
           matnr type marc-matnr,
           DISPO type marc-DISPO,
           MINBE type marc-MINBE,
          end of i_marc.
    DATA: Begin of i_makt occurs 0,
           matnr type makt-matnr,
           maktx type makt-maktx,
          end of i_makt.
    DATA: Begin of i_mard occurs 0,
           matnr type mard-matnr,
           LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_mard.
    SELECT  matnr
            minbe from marc
            into corresponding fields of table i_marc
            where dispo EQ 'STR'.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.'.
    LOOP at i_marc.
    Write: /10  i_marc-matnr,
            75  i_marc-dispo,
            80  i_marc-minbe.
    write: /.
    SELECT  matnr
            MAKTX from makt
            into corresponding fields of table i_makt
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_makt.
    Write: /10 i_makt-matnr,
            30 i_makt-maktx.
    SELECT  matnr
            LABST from mard
            into corresponding fields of table i_mard
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_mard.
    Write: /10 i_mard-matnr,
            30 I_MARD-LGORT,
            40 i_mard-labst.
    move  i_mard-matnr to i_final-matnr.
    move  i_marc-dispo to i_final-dispo.
    move  i_marc-minbe to i_final-minbe.
    move  i_makt-maktx to i_final-maktx.
    move  i_mard-labst to i_final-labst.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            30  'Material Desc.',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.',
            105 'Current Stock'.
    LOOP at i_final.
    Write: /10  i_final-matnr,
            30  i_final-maktx,
            75  i_final-dispo,
            80  i_final-minbe,
            105 i_final-labst.
    *LOOP at i_mard.
    *Write: /10  i_mard-matnr,
           30  i_makt-maktx,
           75  i_marc-dispo,
           80  i_marc-minbe,
           105 i_mard-labst.

    Change like this,
    SELECT matnr
    labst FROM mard
    WHERE matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP AT i_mard.
       WRITE: /10 i_mard-matnr,
       30 i_mard-lgort,
       40 i_mard-labst.
    LOOP AT i_marc.
       READ TABLE i_mard WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       READ TABLE i_makt WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       MOVE i_mard-matnr TO i_final-matnr.
       MOVE i_marc-dispo TO i_final-dispo.
       MOVE i_marc-minbe TO i_final-minbe.
       MOVE i_makt-maktx TO i_final-maktx.
       MOVE i_mard-labst TO i_final-labst.
       APPEND i_final.
    WRITE: /10 'Material',
    30 'Material Desc.',
    75 'MRP',
    80 'Reorder Qty.',
    105 'Current Stock'.

  • Displaying data from multiple columns into a single line graph

    Post Author: hollowmatrix
    CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting
    Hey,I have an issue with the WEBI reporting.I have a data source that has multiple columns say ( month1, month2, month3, month4,.....month 12, month 13, ....month24) with the sales data for each month.Now say I call the month 1 to month 12 as "current year", and call month 13 - month 24 as "previous year".I want to put a prompt in the report which allows  me to select between "current year" and "previous year".Based on the prompt value we get a graph of the sales vs month in if we select  "current year", then we get a graph of the sales Vs time( remember that the sales data for each month is in a different column.)and if we select  "previous year" then we get a graph of the sales Vs time for previous year..( sales vs time for Month 13, month 14, month 15....month 24).I am not able to pull data from multiple columns into a single object that I can use to populate the graphs.Any help on the same will be appreciated .   

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  • Selecting data from Multiple Partitions in a single select stmt.

    Hi all,
    My Database is very large & my tables are partitioned.
    My question is:
    1) If my data is spread across multiple partitions, is there any way to select data from multiple partitions in a single query?
    If we dont mention partition name also it works fine, but perofmance wise it will be very slow. (Using EXPLAIN PLAN)
    (Note:I dont want to make use of Union concept, i want to do it in a single select statement)
    For ex:
    select empno from emp_trans partition (P012000)
    This above query(qry1.sql) will work fine.
    select empno from emp_trans partition (P012000,P022000)
    The above query(qry2.sql) will return will return the following error:
    ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
    If anybody has any solution for this, pls mail me immediately.
    Thanks in advance

    All my queries are dynamically generated. All my tables are also indexed partition wise based on date field. My question is, if i want to mention multiple partition names at the time of generating my query(select), then with parformance will be good. I have refered some books, inthat what they say is to use UNION concept, i dont want to use that, instead i want in a single select statement.
    Thaks for ur reply

  • How do you receive data from multiple people on a single port?

    I am trying to make a server where it receives the data from multiple users and then send it back to them all- multicasting audio to be exact. I tried setting it up but when i open the RTP session i get "can't open local data port" if i have more than one used connected to me. Does anyone have a solution? I didnt find much on the samples page and the multicast example from
    didnt help either- i used the same ipaddress for the initialize and addtarget but i get "Local Data AddressDoes not belong to any of this hosts local interfaces". I am really in a pickle... If anyone can help me out that would be great!
    EX: If A,B,C want to multicast they will all send to Server S using port 3000. Server S will create listeners for each of them using port 3000 and when received data it will send back to all of them at 4000. This is what i am trying to do... should i make multiple threads? would that help? thanks and please help!

    To send to everyone, you can send to a multicast address (choose one from to, on a given port (2000). I don't have any code example here but it should very similar to unicast. As you said, you just have to register the Session and add a target with this same address.
    I don't have any example myself, but you should find code example of both server and client around. It is a very common usage of jmf rtp.
    I don't know how to mix several audio streams together (never had to do this), so I'm afraid I can't answer your other questions, sorry... The only way to know if it will slow down the transmission is to try. :)

  • How to acquire data from multiple dataports at the same time

    I studied the multithreading section of Labview, but still have no idea
    how to make it work. Let me briefly explain my situation. I need to
    develop a program that can control and acquire data from 4 serial
    ports. I have 4 buttons to control starting or stopping acquisation
    from the corresponding port. Every acquisation process is a while loop.
    How can I start a new acquisation loop (eg. from COM2) while the loop
    for COM1 is still running? In other words, I wish the 4 loops running
    independently, and are controlled by their corresponding buttons only.
    Thanks for any suggestion.

    Hi Anonymous,
          If I were you, I'd create one VI (call it to listen to one port - then make it reentrant.  Drop 4 copies of on your Main diagram. inputs could include a VISA reference, a "Start/Stop" notifier and maybe a "Quit" occurance.  Wire to each copy of a unique VISA reference and a unique "Start/Stop" [boolean] notifier - let all the copies share the same Quit Occurance.
    In Main, have one event case for each of your stop buttons.  When a button is pressed, send the appropriate Start/Stop notifier!
    ... of course you could accomplish the same thing with four identical loops right in your main diagram, but the more complex the port-handling gets, the easier it will be to manage in one place instead of four.
    When they give imbeciles handicap-parking, I won't have so far to walk!

  • How to read data from analog input and export it to a file using Components Works

    I've made a simple application (Delphi 5 using the activeX) that read data from analog input channel 0. After I read the data, I want to export it to a file using the Components Works on a 6035E NIDAQ. (I'm not using labview and don't want to use it)
    How can I do that???

    Here's a sample code to do this...
    P.S.: If you read only one channel this code won't work.
    function MyFunction: Integer;
    Low, High, i, j, ChannelCount, RowCount: Integer;
    Po: P;
    //you are reading multiple channel
    ChannelCount := VarArrayHighBound(Buffer, 1);
    RowCount := VarArrayHighBound(Buffer, 2);
    for i := 0 to ChannelCount do begin
    for j := 0 to RowCount do begin
    WriteToDisk(Buffer[i, j]));

  • How to extract data from multiple tables (always got errors)

    Dear Experts,
    I have a simple mapping to extract data from multiple tables as a source (A, B, C) to a target table (X). Below is the picture:
    Sample Source Data:
    Table A:
    Table B:
    ColB1 ColB2 ColB3
    10 Y Ten
    20 Y Twenty
    30 Y Thirty
    Table C:
    ColC1 ColC2
    Target table (X) should be (just has 1 group INGRP1):
    ColA1 ColB1 ColB3 ColC1
    100 10 Ten 11
    100 10 Ten 12
    100 20 Twenty 21
    1. Directly map from A, B, C to X. Unable to map with error message: "API8003: Connection target attribute group is already connected to an incompatible data source. Use a Joiner or Set operator to join the upstream data first before connecting it into this operator."
    2. Map each source to Expression Operator and then map from each Expression to target table. I am able to map all attributes successfully but got error when validating it with message: "VLD-1104: Attributes flowing into TEST.EXPR_SRC.INGRP1 have different data sources."
    How can I achieve the correct mapping for this purpose?
    Use Joiner? I have no key to join the sources
    Use Set? The sources have different number of columns
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks Nico,
    I think it will results data like this:
    100 10 Ten 11
    200 20 Twenty 12
    300 30 Thirty 13
    and not the expected:
    100 10 Ten 11
    100 10 Ten 12
    100 20 Twenty 21
    But it inspired me to solve this by adding key expression in each source table (B & C) to be joined to table A with this formula:

  • JDBC-XI-FILE scenario. How to extract data from multiple tables

    At this moment I didn't have the access for XI system. So here I have some silly question. Could you please clarify the same ??
    If I got to extract data from single table using JDBC adapter I can put the below query in communication channel
    SELECT *FROM orders WHERE new='true'.
    But if I got to extract data from multiple tables, logic to be used should be like as shown below. ( from previous thread------prabhu).
    SELECT <Table_2>.EID, <Table_2>.FName, <Table_2>.LName, <Table_1>.REC_DAT, <Table_1>.DESCRP
    FROM <Table_1> INNER JOIN <Table_2> on
    <Table_1>.CARDNO = <Table_2>.CARD
    where REC_DAT = <condition>
    SELECT <Table_2>.EID, <Table_2>.FName, <Table_2>.LName, <Table_1>.REC_DAT, <Table_1>.DESCRP
    FROM <Table_1> INNER JOIN <Table_2> on
    <Table_1>.CARDNO = <Table_2>.CARD
    where REC_DAT = <condition>
    But my query is to put the above entire code in one line. (i.e in Qery place of communication channel ) ??

    Hi Palnati,
        You either use a select query with join or a stored procedure which will contain the logic to extract the data from multiple tables. But, the limitation in case of stored procedure is u can hv only one selct query in it.
    You write ur actual query provided in the parameter 'Query SQL Statement". u can also wrt a stored procedure in it. Also, u can provide a update statement in it which will update a certain flag so tht u don selct the data again.
    Check the following link
    <a href=""></a>
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            Akshay Salunke

  • How to select data from multiple dropdowns(HTMLDB)

    How to get the data from multiple dropdowns in the same report. Both the dropdowns are gerring data from the same table.
    abc-1st dropdown
    pqr-2nd dropdown.
    when abc and pqr are blank, it should display all records by default. If abc="some value" and pqr is empty then it should display all values corresponding to abc.

    I think this might be something you are looking for:
    There are some examples on how to modify your SQL to get it working the way you want.
    Denes Kubicek

  • How to combine data from different input forms outside a nested iView

    i try to combine data from different input forms in a single one.
    Because of space reasons in Flex compiling i already use nested iViews. Within these nested iViews its possible to use the 'combine' function to do this.
    But in the main iView I cant compose these function with other elements. I need to do this because of using these model in Guided Procedures with output parameters. These parameters I only get with a 'endPoint'. Unfortunatly its not possible to combine data from different input forms into the 'endPoint'.
    Is there any solution?

    Hi Scott,
    i tried this already and i also tried to map all parameters in the endpoint by drawing lines from the other forms and assign the 'empty parameters' by a formula.
    And when i create a collable object in GP and assign the VC iView, only the parameters of the parent-form (the form who trigger the event) are shown as output-parameters.
    Maybe any other ideas? I cant believe that such a simple thing is not possible?!?!
    In my opinion, thats a bug, that I'am not able to use the combine-operator in the main VC-iView. Whats your mind?

  • How to extract data from multiple flat files to load into corresponding tables in SQL Server 2008 R2 ?

              I have to implement the following scenario in SSIS but don't know how to do since I never worked with SSIS before. Please help me.
              I have 20 different text files in a single folder and 20 different tables corresponding to each text file in SQL Server 2008 R2 Database. I need to extract the data from each text file and
    load the data into corresponding table in Sql Server Database. Please guide me in how many ways I can do this and which is the best way to implement this job.  Actually I have to automate this job. Few files are in same format(with same column names
    and datatypes) where others are not.
    1. Do I need to create 20 different projects ?
        Can I implement this in only one project by having 20 packages?
        Can I do this in one project with only one package?
    Thanks in advance.

    As I said I don't know how to use object data type, I just given a shot as below. I know the following code has errors can you please correct it for me.
    Sub Main()
    ' Add your code here 
    Dim f1
    As FileStream
    Dim s1
    As StreamReader
    Dim date1
    Dim rline
    Dim Filelist(1)
    Dim FileName
    Dim i
    i = 1
    date1 =
    Filelist(0) =
    Filelist(1) =
    Each FileName
    In Filelist
    f1 = File.OpenRead(FileName)
    s1 = File.OpenText(FileName)
    rline = s1.ReadLine
    Not rline
    If Left(rline, 4) =
    date1 (i)= Mid(rline, 7, 8)
     i = i + 1
    rline = s1.ReadLine
    "date").Value = date1(1)
    "date1").Value = date1(2)
    Dts.TaskResult = ScriptResults.Success

  • How to read data from multiple files and append in columns in one file

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem in appending data from files in different columns. I have attachement has file A and B which I am reading and not able to get data as in file Result.txt. Please comment on how can I do this
    Go to Solution.
    Write to ‏13 KB
    A.txt.txt ‏1 KB
    B.txt.txt ‏1 KB

    You cannot append columns to an existing file. Since the data is arrange line-by-line as one long linear string in the file, you can only append rows. A new row needs to be interlaced into the original file, shifting everything else. If you want to append rows, you need to build the entire output structure in memory and then write all at once.
    (I also don't think you need to set the file positions, it will be remembered from the last write operation.)
    Unless the files are gigantic, here's what I would do:
    (Also note that some of your rows have an extra tab at the end. If this is normal, you need a little bit more code to strop out empty columns. I include cleaned up files in the attachment. I also would not call them A.txt.txt etc. A plain A.txt is probably sufficient.)
    EDIT: It seems Dennis's solution is similar )
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    Write to ‏6 KB
    MergeColumns.png ‏6 KB

  • How to read data from a PS2 port (keyboard)

    I am currently trying to utilize a barcode scanner that is connected via a ps2 port. It works similarly to a keyboard.
    However, i have a problem taking signals from a ps2 port, as i do not know any function that could do that in LabVIEW.
    Please advice.
    Thanks a lot guys.
    Go to Solution.

    quick shot , add a manual cancel function, appearance, dialog option, ...
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    Greetings from Germany
    LV since v3.1
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    scanner input_BD.png ‏14 KB
    scanner ‏22 KB

  • How to get data from multiple tables

    Hello Everyone,
    I need to read data from a few tables (VBAK, VBAP, VBUK, VBUP etc.) because I'd like to get all open Sales Orders. I've tried to use RFC_READ_TABLE but it looks like it can read only 1 table at a time. I've tried to read data from individual table and then join them but it didn't work out very well because I got about 1.5 millions records from just the VBUP table. So anyone knows if there is any function that I can use to join those tables and just get the records I need?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Hi Nhan,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Do I have to be a SAP developer to create BAPI on SAP? What kind of access rights do I need?
    I've tired to use other BAPIs such as BAPI_SalesOrder_GetList and it doesn't work for me because I don't have all customer numbers and I need to get all un-shipped orders for all customers.
    I've read a post on the internet brieftly menitoned that we can create a table to store information about the tables we want to join and then call the RFC_READ_TABLE function. Do you know if that is possible?
    Is there any other way you can think of?

Maybe you are looking for