How to sync iPhone with iTunes on another computer?

How to sync iPhone with iTunes on a second computer, without losing everything on iPhone please?
iTunes is giving me the message: "If you sync with iTunes it would delete content from iPhone and copy everything from this iTunes library"!

Yes, i do use iCloud for contacts, calendar and photos...
I will try to sync it again tonight and let you know how did it go.
Thanks again.

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  • How to sync iPhone with iTunes for first time without setting up as a new iPhone

    I have an iPhone 5 that I have never sync:ed with iTunes on my Mac, I have just set it up and purchased apps etc from the iPhone itself.
    Now I would like to sync with iTunes for the first time with the iPhone but when I connect it, iTunes asks me if I want to setup the iPhone as a new iPhone (I assume form scratch) or from a backup from other iPhones that have been sync:ed with my Mac.
    Now I dont want to setup this iPhone from scratch and erase everything thats on it, I just want to sync with my Mac, download apps, music etc. How do I do that and get beyoind the first screen that asks about setting up as a new iPhone ?

    Hi I think I've found a workarround. I'm currently copying all files on my iPhone to the new PC using this program:
    After all files are copied I think I can enable sync in the new iTunes and delete the iPhone, then add the copied files in new playlists.
    I'll let you know.

  • When syncing iPhone with iTunes I get an iTunes stopped working and the network connection timed out message. I reinstalled iTunes and checked settings still no go.

    When syncing iPhone with iTunes I get an iTunes stopped working and the network connection timed out message. I reinstalled iTunes and checked settings still no go.

    Disable or turn off your firewall, anti-virus, and all security software and try the download again.

  • How to sync Iphone with new itunes library?

    I used to sync my iphone with itunes on my macbook.
    My macbbok was lost, and i got a new macbook.
    Now when i try to sync with the new itunes libaray, it prpompts that it will delete my exisiting data on my phone, This would mean losing all my contacts, and text messages etc.
    Is there a way i can sync to a new itunes library without losing my data?

    Sorry to hear about your macbook.
    Others have reported that if you have at least on contact and calendar entry on your new computer when you sync, then it will not erase you iphone, it will simply merge the two. While that makes perfect sense, I have not tried it myself.
    As for the texts, I don;t think you can get those back.
    Music can only be synced to one library at a time, so the music will be gone. However, in Itunes you can "transfer purchases," at least putting your itunes purchased music on your computer.
    It is always a good idea to have a backup. I use an external hard drive. Then you will have a complete backup if anything happens to your computer.
    Good luck. I hope it works out.

  • How to synchronize iPhone with iTunes in Mac and BootCamp.

    I have a Macbook Pro and recently I purchased an iPhone. For work reasons I use windows as well as Mac OS ( I prefeer MacOS by in my company we develop windows software...)
    The problem is that I synchronized my iPhone with iTunes in Windows and I want to use my iPhone with Mac iTunes too.
    I think a possible solution is to use the same library in the two OS, and I don't know if it is possible.
    In Mac OS I don't have write access to BootCamp's NTFS file-system partition, so I use a Windows software to full acces to Mac OS partition. For me the solution would be to place windows iTunes library files in MacOS partition and use these files with MacOS iTunes as library too, but I don't know if it's possible.
    If anyone have any other idea how to solve this problem...

    All your contacts, photos, music etc. should be on your computer, so you just sync the second iPhone to the same computer as the first iPhone.

  • Problem while sync iPhone with itunes (with cable)

    hello guys
    i am using iPhone 3GS version 5.1.1,
    whilie i am syncing my iPhone with itunes 11 using cable (or perivious version), a message appears as
    "itune is stop working, please close itune"
    this message appears when itunes is "BACKING UP" the data.
    please help me. i have change three cables also but still issue
    i cannt understand this problem
    i am using windows 7 (64-bit)

    Hey wavymitch,
    I changed my iTunes account email address and Apple ID Sign-in.  My iPhone and iPad 3 keeps bring up my old email address when I go to download any updates to any of the apps on the phone/pad and from there I am unable to log into my Apple ID. When I enter the settings on the devices to view "iTunes & Apps Stores" and then select "View Apple ID" I am once again unable to access with existing password which did not change in iTunes. 
    I appreciate your response and look forward to a solution(s).  Thanks much for your help and patience!

  • Cant sync iphone with itunes at all

    I am not able to sync iphone to itunes at all i redownloaded itunes and i deleted and restored my phone

    If iTunes is otherwise working properly start with TS1538: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows, in particular section 5, otherwise move on to Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

  • Syncing iphone with itunes from "summary" tab

    I normally sync my iphone with itunes.
    When I connect the phone, I go to the “info” tab on top, the marked fields to sync are the contacts, calendars and notes. In the rest of the tables, nothing is marked (in the photos tab, sync photos is not marked and in the music tab, sync music is not marked) and the apps usually are copied during the sync as well.
    Today, by mistake, instead of going to the “info” tab and pressing sync. I pressed sync as soon as I connected the phone, which is while I was on the “summary” tab. I noticed that the sync went as it does every time (backing up, syncing contacts, calendars, notes, copying apps)
    After I was done, I went through the music and photos tabs to make sure they are still not marked, since I only want to sync the contacts, calendars and notes, as usual and I checked, there was nothing different than my usual every time sync. Nothing new was copied except my contacts and calendar entries that I want to sync.
    I just want to make sure if it is any different between pressing “sync” while I am on the “summary” tab and pressing “sync” while I am on the info tab. Does it matter which tab I am on, or what matters is the marked fields to be synced?

    Okay I think I now know what happens.
    - Just had new apps installed on my iPad
    - Deleted two of the new apps on iPad
    - Connected iPad to MacBook Pro
    - Watched out what happens on iTunes and it didn't show those two apps on the Home Screen preview windows but they were checked on the app list on the left and when I hit "Sync" on lower right corner iTunes placed those apps on one of the Home Screens on the iPad
    Now, iTunes on my MBP is set to download any new apps bought on App Store on my iOS devices and when iPad is connected the checkbox for installing new apps automatically is unchecked.
    So, for some reason, those new apps that have got downloaded to iTunes on my MBP but are already deleted on my iOS device, on sync iTunes treats them as they would or should be installed on my iPad. I don't know why that is but I think that has to be a bug and I'm reporting it. I thought iTunes checks which apps are installed on connection but it seems to unregonize that those apps were not installed on the iPad anymore.

  • How do i transfer my itunes to another computer

    My laptop that I have itunes on broke so how do I transfer the info to another computer so I can update

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    In what way did it break, please.

  • How to sync iPhone with MBP connected via ethernet to PowerBook where iTunes and iPhoto content resides

    I just got the iPhone 5, but I am still using a PowerBook G4 machine that will not sync with my new iPhone.  I was wondering if I could
    1) create a new user for myself on my brother's MBP
    2) connect that MBP with my PowerBook via ethernet
    3) have iTunes and iPhoto on my new MBP user to be mapped to my PowerBook iTunes and iPhoto Library folders respectively
    4) sync the iPhone with my new user on my brother's MBP and acquire all of the content from the iTunes and iPhoto libraries that reside on my PowerBook
    Will this work?  Does anyone recommend a different solution to get the content from my PowerBook G4 1.33 to my new iPhone 5

    Now I have made a search and you are right. A problem which seemed unique to me is, in fact, very common. It is unbelievable that on one hand the Apple programmers can create great software, but on the other hand they act like retards when they forget about some basic functionality. I really can't believe that I will lose my purchases simply because at Apple nobody thought that people do install a fresh system from time to time. What a shame.
    But what about consolidation of accounts? I am being asked to provide account ID which I don't even remember anymore. It seemed natural for me that I download some applications and simply go on with life, just as in about any other website on the internet. But suddenly Apple says that I will not be able to save or transfer my application because I need some funky ID. Hello Apple... My application is already on my phone so I should be able to copy it where I want without some ID. That's really odd.
    Anyway, I will try to search the forum and solve my problems. I simply didn't even think in my wildest dreams that Apple software could be sometimes so ********.

  • How to sync iPhone with new Mac without losing all my iTunes?

    I have recently got a new MacBook after my old one crashed... but I have been told that anything not bought would be lost when I sync my iPhone with my new Mac... I have already transferred the bought songs etc... is there a way (cheap or free if possible!) to transfer my music and videos to my iTunes library on my Mac?
    Thank you very much!

    Option 1:
         If you have purchased a new Mac from an Local Apple store, I'd advise you to bring in your old computer along with your new one in, and have them assist you on transferring. (Assuming your computer doesn't not even power up)
    Option 2:
         If your computer can be powered up (seeing the Apple Logo), and your hard drive is fine, then you can connect the two computers by using a Firewire cable, and then transfer the music files by drag and drop.
    Option 3:
         There are 3rd party software that you may purchase used to extract music from your iPhone, but it will have to be done at your own risk.  You may Google for extracting music from iPhone for a start.

  • One-Way Sync iPhone with iTunes?

    I Posted this question a while back:
    On several occasions I have managed to delete content on my iPhone using sync in iTunes, and I somehow find iTunes not very intuitive and logical on the matter of syncing.
    My basic question is of there is a way to force a one-way sync, or "Just transfer crap to my phone but don't even dare touch the content on there or I will un-install you!"...
    I have a total of 3 computers which I use my iPhone with.
    - Work: at my work I generally use to sync my calendars ect. so I always have my work calendar on me,
    - Home Workstation: this I use to manage the music on my iPhone primarily.
    - Home Laptop: this I use for verious stuff.
    What computer should be allowed to do what? (R-Read, W-Write, D-Delete)
    - Music: Work - RW , Home WS - RWD, Home Laptop - RW
    - Calendar: Work - RWD , Home WS - RW, Home Laptop - RW
    - Apps: Work - RW , Home WS - RWD, Home Laptop - RW
    And so on, so as you can se, I would like to ONLY let my workstation at work delete stuff in my calendar, it may add stuff or read stuff of any kind, but NEVER delete it.
    And so forth...
    Is there anyway of adding such restrictions?...
    And i got this answer:
    Welcome to the discussions,
    See this article about syncing and merging data:
    The main thing is, you can only sync to one itunes library at a time. If you want to sync to more than one computer, you'll have to manually manage your media content to avoid getting it deleted when you connect to another computer.
    See also, "Managing content manually on iPod and iPhone"
    Thats all very well, but... no...
    Going to:
    And attempting to follow the instructions there, well fails because what happens in step 5 when clicking apply, is the dialog that ask if i wan't to erase and re-sync. That means i can't even Enable Manually management of videos and music without erasing the content on my phone?...

    See if this cnet video gives you any help. The best you can do is trick itunes into thinking it is syncing to the same library database file on all PCs.
    You will have to pay careful attention to how itunes preferences are set on each PC.
    The thing was designed to sync with one PC, really. This apple article pretty much states it will get corrupted if you try to use multiple PCs repeatedly:
    and advises using a 3rd-party solution to do it. The cnet video I linked also has mentions of 3rd-party programs htat will do what you want.

  • Can't sync iPhone with iTunes 9.1 after update (Windows 7)

    after the succesfull update to iTunes 9.1 synching contacts, dates (Outlook 2007) and bookmarks (Safari 4.0.5) does not work anymore. I haven't had any sync problems before the update. All other app, music and videos gets synched well.
    iTunes gives two error messages (translated from german, maybe it's an localzation problem?):
    1) iTunes couldn't sync information with iphone since Synchronisation is not activated. Do you want to activate Synchronisation?
    If you don't activate Synchronisation, itunes can't sync contacts, dates, bookmarks and email accounts to your iphone.
    When i try to activate the following error message pops up:
    iTunes couldn't access the provider data from sync services. Try again.
    Comletely deinstalling and reinstalling of iTunes and ipod services didn't solve the problem.
    Has anybody a similar problem or a tip for me? Should I go back to iTunes 9.0.3?
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi all,
    I've found the solution in another thread:
    It's oviously a problem of iTunes 9.1, which does not seem to fin the syncserver. exe or some of its dependent files.
    User icefoxxxx showed me how to solve the problem. Anyway, Apple has to fix this, many people will have the problem:
    Posts: 4
    Registered: Mar 30, 2010
    New! Re: Unable to load provider data from Sync Services
    Posted: Mar 30, 2010 9:47 PM in response to: icefoxxxx
    Reply Email
    you won't believe how I fixed it... my syncserver.exe can't run because some dll is missing, but I notice the dll is in another folder "Apple Application Support". So I copied all files in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support
    over to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support
    and it solves everything!
    Obviously there is something wrong in registering the former folder by the new itunes installation program. Hope next version fixes it.

  • How to sync iphone with multiple computers

    I have had an iMac for the last 7 months now and have been sync'ing my iphone to it. I just got a Mac Mini the other day. I logged into my itunes account on the Mac Mini & purchased some new music. After plugging in my iphone to the Mac Mini, I tried to transfer the new music to my iphone but it came up with the message asking me if I wanted to erase what was currently on my iphone.
    Obviously, Apple doesn't let you sync your iphone to more than one computer. Is there any workaround to this? I want to be able to get the music from iTunes to my iPhone.
    I tried to load the music into my iDisk (with my MobileMe account) and I can stream it to my iphone (using the iDisk app) but I would like to actually have the music on my iphone itself.
    If there are workarounds, I would love to know. Thanks!

    Iphone will sync itunes content with one and only one computer.
    This is by design.
    If you sync to another it will indeed erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.
    Put everything on one computer and sync to that one.

  • Can I sync iPhone with movies on another Mac?

    My main computer is a PB but I do not have enough space to store movies on this machine. iTunes on this machine has all my music but my movies are on another Mac (G5) on my network. Is it possible to get iTunes on my PB to see movies on my G5 so that I can sync my iPhone with movies on that machine?

    Your iPhone and itunes on one machine have a unique connection. Device information is kept on your computer and will recognise that phone. To connect the phone to another machine will create a new unique connection between the two, and everything you sync will mirror that machine. You can try syncing with one machine, all your music and stuff but not movies and on the other machine uncheck all selections for syncing other than movies. So to summarise. Machine 1, sync all things except movies. and on machine 2 sync nothing but movies, leaving everything else unsynced. It may not work, but it's worth a try, it won't mess anything up.

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