How to tell what OSX I have, while booted into BootCamp

Hello everybody.  I'm currently booted into my Windows BootCamp partition, but have read access to the OSX partition.  How can I tell what version of OSX I have while staying booted into my BootCamp Windows session.  Is there a file I can look at on the OSX partition that has this info?
I know the easy answer is to boot into the Mac side and just look in About This Mac, but I can't reboot right now.

Open the file /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist in any text editor. If needed, copy it to the Windows partition and change the copy's extension to txt.

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    You are welcome. Based on my experiences, the only time I look at Console is when something is not working. You could get overly engrossed trying to figure out what everything means.

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    Again, it's not universal. It's not a feature of any cell phone I've ever seen in the U.S. And, it's not a feature of the iPhone.
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    TM will show it has done a backup.. Look at the info.. when was the backup completed??
    If you want more details install the widget.
    A1 here.
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    FrameMaker works differently. Strictly speaking, there is no way to tell which template was used last. A FrameMaker template is just a FrameMaker document which you call "template". Using File > Import > Formats you can import all or selected formats from one document to another. The main benefit: Each document is completely self-contained and does not require any other document.
    Many solutions I know of include a user variable named something like "template-version" into their template document or put the version information on one of the reference pages. When importing user variables or reference pages, this can tell you version imported last.
    - Michael

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    In what format did you import the cds?
    I have never had an issue with this.

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    Your best bet is to move the music on the Windows side since Leopard will be able to read and play the music from the mounted Windows drive (Leopard will not be able write anything to the Windows NTFS partition).
    In your case it won't work the other way around.
    Axel F.

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    What version of Oracle are you running (standard or enterprise)?
    Easist system is to run an AWR or statspack report. If you run either of these you will see sections on segments (so segments by logical reads, physical reads) which is easily digestible.
    v$segment_statistics will also give you a breakdown on segment access.

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    I am a person who  works for a university here in the US. Alot of the times, I have macs that dont boot, but I can see the data from the hard drive, via an external dock. Is there a way to tell what version of the OS is from a strictly file level? Without being booted into the OS?

    If the computer's booted into an OS which doesn't support that(not all Mac OS X versions do), open the file /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist in any text editor.

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    There is a chart here, but if your Nano is plastic on front (white or black) and chrome on the back it is a 1st Generation, if it is all aluminum front and back and tall and thin it is a 2nd Generation, if it is aluminum on the front, chrome on the back, and sort of short and squatty it is a 3rd generation.

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    If I click [Update] it replaces the font with Myriad Pro.  If I click [No] the text looks the way the designer intended, but I have the exclamation mark-triangle symbol over the layer with the text.  If I try to edit the text I get another warning:
    Editing or rendering the text layer "Text Layer" will cause its layout to change.  Continue?  [Cancel]  [OK]
    The same behavior described above occurs.  If I click [Cancel] I obviously can't edit the text.  If I click [OK] it changes the font to Myriad Pro.
    I would like to determine what font the layer is using.  I could swear that previous versions of Photoshop would tell me what fonts were missing when I opened a document.  I can't use the text tool to select the text without it changing the font.  Other posts have mentioned using the text tool to look at the text drop-down to find a greyed-out font which indicates the missing font.  I do not have that.  I only have perhaps 200 fonts installed.  Can anyone tell me how to determine what fonts a .PSD document is using?  I would prefer not to bug the graphic designer if possible.  Thanks much!
    ~ Dan

    Not sure why you are getting ""Font is present on the system but requires a layout change.", usually you do not get that instead the name of the font shows.
    We use extensis Universal Type Client, so the fonts load automatically upon opening files, and never really get missing fonts in Photoshop.
    Actually fontbook has auto font loading if you want to give that a try. Fontbook >> Preferences

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    Hello, can anyone tell me how to determine what service pack is installed on my computer?  I am running Crystal Reports XI Release 2 .NET 2005 Server.
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    Hello Kultar, this did not work for me but something that I did find to work was a registry setting.  The setting is:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 11.5\Report Application Server\Viewer
    The subkey is PrintControlVersion which should have a value of "11,5,10,1263"
    Best regards,

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