How to turn off DataGrid header rollover?

Does anybody know how to turn off the background rollover
color in a DataGrid header? I have seen how to set
useRollOver=false to turn it off in the body of the DataGrid but so
far I can't see how to turn this off in the header. Thanks.

I found a way to fix this but it seems like a kludge. In the
table's style:
headerColors: #D4DBE1,#D4DBE1;
useRollOver: false;
rollOverColor: #D4DBE1;
useRollOver:false works for the data rows, not the header.
Then setting rollOverColor will be ignored by the data rows, but
will turn off the rollover for the headers, as long as the color is
the same as the header colors.

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    Have you tried Clamshell Mode?

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      Sorry we got off track and didn't post the main workaround for Frame Edge Highlighting: Keep your hand on the spacebar.
    This comes from  Mike Rankin in the InDesign Magazine Tip of the Week in January:
    TIP: Spring-Loaded Tools to the Rescue
    InDesign  tries very hard to help you align objects when you drag by snapping  them Do you dislike the Frame Edge Highlighting that appears when you  mouse over frames in CS5? Spring-loaded tools can help. Frame edge  highlighting only appears when you use one of the selection tools. With  spring-loaded tools, you can press and hold single keys to temporarily  switch to any other tool. As long as you hold the key for more than a  second, you'll switch back to your previous tool when you release the  key. You have plenty of choices (t, \, p, f, m, n, c, e, g, z, etc).
    Holding  the spacebar also prevents the highlighting from appearing, and it's a  nice big place for your fingers to rest. Heck, you don't even have to  pay much attention to where you press--just rest your hand in the middle  of the keyboard and lift it up when you want to select something. But  don't hold v or a, which are the shortcuts for the selection tools.
    - Mike Rankin
    (Mike had suggests this several times in the past year,  though not with the spacebar. E.g. he recommended 'H' back in June over  on
    InDesignSecrets. "H" for Hate).
    There have been several threads on this, including the locked 201-post monster, Frame edge highlighting, and the feature request Allow Frame Edge Highlighting to be turned off, and frame edge highlights on hover.
    Basically  the takeaway is that it only happens with the selection (V) and direct  selection (A) tools, and that multiple people have asked Adobe for a  control to turn it off, and they've finally added one, but only in CS5.5, not in a CS5 maintenance release.

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    It works doing it with one mailbox at a time, selecting it and then deselecting "View - Organize by Conversation". A real pain and clealry impractical when you have thousands of mailboxes...
    It does not work at all deselecting even all items in "Mail - Preferences - Viewing - View Conversations". After that, all the imported mailboxes have the Organize Conversation active.
    Anyone knows how to overcome this? Thanks.

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    Hi jackie,
    Not sure what you are wanting to do, but if you do not want to be signed into iCloud on your device, you would do that by deleting the iCloud account that is signed in on that device: Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and press the delete button. Type in the Apple ID/iCloud password, and then answer each prompt until it is complete.
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