How to Unhide Import button in Standard Extension collection?

Hi Experts,
I have a requirement to unhide Import button in standard extension collection "PROJECT SAVINGS" in project.
I have tried with script but it is not working.
objectref = doc.getObjectReference();
bean = colln.find(objectref);
If anyone have achieved this requirement please share.
Thanks for your support.

Hi Lava,
The method which you are using is for extension collection, but project savings is a standard collection.
For the class Project in IAPI there is a method named getProjectSavings()
Your problem would be solved if you use the above mentioned method.
Please let me know if you need any assistance.

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    I need to hide the Import and Reorder actions/tabs on an extension collection which i have added on the master agreemnts page.

    I found a workaround by using the lockmanager to lock the extension collection. I first generate at runtime the number of "entires"/ "rows" and then lock it. You can still input values but cannot add new rows, delete rows. Basically it hides all the "tabs" for the collection and also greys out the trashcan icon. If you require me to paste the script here then let me know.
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    Okay this is an old thread, but as it`s not answered...
    I found a way to change the labels of the pushbuttons, as follow:
    On SE80:
    Program SAPMV56A
    Screen 1025
    Go to -> Translate
    Insert your destination language
    Expand the <SRT4> and double click the
    SAPMV56A                                1025      / VTR
    There you can translate the buttons that are used on the screen. this modification is applied to VT01n/VT02n/VT03n.
    Some labels on the left part of the screen (not the buttons) get the text from DDIC, for those you`ll have to translate the data element on CMOD.

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    Hi, I have met this problem very similiar with you.
    It tell me the language of package and logon are different, so I was unable to create package.
    I found a workaround to slove it..
    I change my package language from English to English(USA).
    Just a tip.
    I don't understand it.

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    You can't import media from one Home Sharing library to another by any other means except selecting the individual items you want to import. For example, you can't select a playlist and then click on the 'Import' button to import all the items in that playlist. You have to select all the items in the playlist before you can click on the 'Import' button. By extension, the playlist on the other Home Sharing computer will not be re-created on your computer. You can select more than one item using the 'Shift' or 'Command' keys.
    What you can do is create a playlist on your computer first, with the same name if you want, and then use drag and drop to copy the media from the remote playlist to your playlist. Note that the playlist on your computer cannot be a 'Smart' playlist it must be a regular playlist for drag and drop copying to work.
    Regarding 'Smart' playlists. If you create a 'Smart' playlist on your computer that uses the exact same filtres as the ones on the remote library when you import the media from the remote library they will show up in the same 'Smart' playlist on your computer.

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    When I use Home Sharing, I can see the library I want to copy under Shared, but I can't get it save on the computer under the regular library. I go to edit and "select all" but there is no import button that is in the right hand corner. Also, it will not let me click and drag the music. How do I get it from one computer to the other?

    Since both computers are connected via the network, you could simply copy the ENTIRE iTunes folder from one computer to another via the network.
    If both computers are running Windows, use the Easy File Transfer Utility built into Windows to move iTunes and all other user media/data.

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    Do you have scroll bars enabled in the System Preferences > General tab (MacOS X 10.7 or later)?
    Try, if setting this to "Show scroll bars > Always" will bring your scrollbar back.

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    Check Enhancment CCOWB001. If not then u can search the below list, all of which are called from the T-code.
    CCOWB001            Customer exit for modifying menu entries                    
    COIB0001            Customer Exit for As-Built Assignment Tool                  
    COZF0001            Change purchase req. for externally processed operation     
    COZF0002            Change purchase req. for externally procured component      
    PPCO0001            Application development: PP orders                          
    PPCO0002            Check exit for setting delete mark / deletion indicator     
    PPCO0003            Check exit for order changes from sales order               
    PPCO0004            Sort and processing exit: Mass processing orders            
    PPCO0005            Storage location/backflushing when order is created         
    PPCO0006            Enhancement to specify defaults for fields in order header  
    PPCO0007            Exit when saving production order                           
    PPCO0008            Enhancement in the adding and changing of components        
    PPCO0009            Enhancement in goods movements for prod. process order      
    PPCO0010            Enhancement in make-to-order production - Unit of measure   
    PPCO0012            Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data          
    PPCO0013            Change priorities of selection crit. for batch determination
    PPCO0015            Additional check for document links from BOMs               
    PPCO0016            Additional check for document links from master data        
    PPCO0017            Additional check for online processing of document links    
    PPCO0018            Check for changes to production order header                
    PPCO0019            Checks for changes to order operations                      
    PPCO0021            Release Control for Automatic Batch Determination           
    PPCO0022            Determination of Production Memo                            
    PPCO0023            Checks Changes to Order Components                          
    STATTEXT            Modification exit for formatting status text lines

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    Also after the video is done being played do I just put a stop(); at the end of the Actionscript so the video stops and the choices (text) appear on the screen for the next video sequences?
    I know how to link a button to a scene or frame but I don't know how to link a button to a video or many video/movie clips....
    Thank you
    Also I may have other questions just pop into my head so if I edit and repeat a lot I'm sorry...

    Thanks but what if the clips are long and quite big in size?
    Put all he files separately from flash in the same folder as your swf and let the FlvPlayback Component load them when needed.
    Can I play a movieclip basically by the press of a button???
    and does it have to be flv or can it be avi?
    you can use flv or f4v (f4v is recommended if the files are really long (+10 Minutes) no avi, mov or other container

  • How to: disable buttons in standard forms

    Hi all,
    does anybody know how to disable session date button from standard forms?
    I cannot find in forms (through Form Builder) the right data block / canvas where this button is.
    Thanks all.

    I'm not aware of any "session date button". A button on a form can be disabled using the set_item_property.
    Use the layout editor and double-click the button. It will tell you what button it is. The button will also be highlighted in the Object Navigator window.
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    Mark Roberts

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    "Copy" is normally used when connecting a camera or card reader.
    Simply copy or move folders from your external drive to your computer hard drive, then from the Organizer menu click:
    File >> Get Photos & Videos >> From Files & Folders
    Then navigate to the new location on your internal hard drive.

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    Somebody can tell me how to inactivate "Import All Request Button" in STMS transaction.
    We have installed ECC 6.0
    Kernel: Patch Level 99.
    SAP BASIS 7.0 Patch Level 10.
    Thanks for your help.
    Alembert Cardozo.

    On the domain controller, in STMS>overview>systems>(double click the one you want to change)>Select Transport Tool tab and click on change. Add Import_single_only value 1, import_single_strategy value 1 and no_import_all value 1. Save distribute and activate.

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    FPM_OIF_COMPONENT and Configname is DPVMS_CC_VD
    When i start configuration and open view : Web Dynpro Built in...
    i can see..
    ....TC MAIN AREA
    ......TOOLBAR TOP
    i can't able to see button names existed here...
    Can anybody guide me how to get button names here ....i want to hide few buttons on button container...

    Hallo Subba,
    You should not be in Webdynpro build in.
    I might be wrong ! i think you have started the wda component configuration and not the FPM application configuration->Component configuration.
    In Se80,Navigate to your application,open the application node, select the application configuration,open it.
    From there select the component and go to component configuration->press display button would lead you to the FPM configuration editor.

  • HT4527 I completed all of the steps to transfer my library from one computer to another through home sharing, but the "Import" button is faded like I cannot use it and it won't let me import and complete the final step. How do I fix this?

    Its in the title.

    Nothing in the instructions about transferring via "HomeSharing" states to use the Import button.
    Have you actually read the instructions?
    What specific step are you having an issue with?
    The article from which your question was posted provides details on how to transfer the iTunes library multiple ways, did you try one of the other methods?

Maybe you are looking for

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