How to update a table (CUSTOMER) on a Report Server with the data from the same table (CUSTOMER) from another server Transaction server?

I had an interview question that is:
How to update a table (Customer) on a server ex: Report Server with the data from the same table (Customer) From another server ex: Transaction server?
Set up steps so inset, update or delete operation takes place across the servers.
It would be great if someone please enlighten me in details about this process in MS SQL Server 2008 R2.
Also please describe would it be different for SQL Server 2012?
If so, then what are the steps?

I had an interview question that is:
How to update a table (Customer) on a server ex: Report Server with the data from the same table (Customer) from another server ex: Transaction server?
Set up steps so that inset, update or delete operation gets done correctly across servers.
I was not sure about the answer, it would be great if someone please put some light on this and explain in details about this process in MS SQL Server 2008 R2.
Also it would be very helpful if you please describe would it be different for SQL Server 2012? If so, then what are the steps?

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    Hello Gurus,
    I would like to delete or update the data in the MEAN to do it.
    Precisely I would like to change the status of Main EAN Indicator (field HPEAN).
    Kindly let me know ??

    programmatically, you may use [BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA|] [EAN|]

  • How to correct the data in the psa table?

    1Q. There are lot of invalid character in the infopackage of say 1million records. it takes lot of time to check each and every record in the data package(PSA)and correct it. i think there is an efficient way to reslove this issue that is going in the PSA table to correct all the records. is it right, if yes how to do it?
    2Q. If say there are 30 data packages in the request and only data pacakge 25 has the bad records. if i correct the data in the PSA and push it to the data target, its gone process all the data packages one by one that takes lot of time and delay our process chain job that has depedency on the load. can i just manually process this data package only. if yes how to do it?
    3Q. when i successfully correct all the bad records in the data package and push it from the PSA. the request dont turn to status green and have to manually turn this request to green in the data target after i verify all the data packages have on bad records and it is a delta update. is my process right? as it is a delta what are the pitfalls i have to watch for? and the next step after this is compress the request this is very dangerous because this basic cube have lot of history and it will take a long time probably weeks to reload it. how to take precuation before i turn it to stutus green in the data target?
    Thanks in advance! and i know how to thank SDN experts by assining points.

    1Q . Update the invalid chars in the filter table using tcode RSKC and also write a ABAP routine to filter out the invalid characters.
    2Q. For the incorrect data packet, you can right click on the data packet in the monitor details tab and say update manually. That way you don't need to reload the entire request again.
    3Q. When you reload the request or update individual data packet again, the request should automatically turn green. You don't have to turn it green manually. The pitfall is, if you turn a delta request green, you have chances of losing data and corrupting the delta. Best practise is never turn a request green manually.. Even if you compress the requests, you can use selective deletion to delete the data and then use an infopackage with the same selections, that you used for deletion to load the same data back.

  • Update the data in user-defined table

    Dear All,
    Is there anyway we can insert / update the data in user-defined table in a batch instead of update it from the interface one by one? Our customer has 1,000+ data need to be imported.
    They are on SAP2007A SP00 PL45, SQL 2005, CA localization. Thanks a lot.

    Dear Yuka,
    If it is UDT, you may use any SQL query to insert, update it. It is not under SAP support anyway.

  • How to view the date when the Customers credit limit updated in SAP-FSCM?

    How to view the date when the Customers credit limit updated in SAP-FSCM?

    OK you can look at field - LIMIT_CHG_DATE in the table - UKMBP_CMS_SGM via SE16
    I would assume you would want to run it based on a date range.

  • How to check the data of an archived table.

    I have archived a table created by me. I have executed the write program for the archiving object in SARA. Now how can check the data of my archived table.

    Hello Vinod,
    One thing to check in the customizing settings is your "Place File in Storage System" option.  If you have selected the option to Store before deleting, the archive file will not be available for selection within the delete job until the store job has completed successfully.
    As for where your archive file will be stored - there are a number of things to check.  The archive write job will place the archive file in whatever filesystem you have set up within the /nFILE transaction.  There is a logical file path (for example ARCHIVE_GLOBAL_PATH)where you "assign" the physical path (for example UNIX: /sapmnt/<SYSID>/archivefiles).  The logical path is associated with a logical file name (for example ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE_WITH_ARCHIVE_LINK).  This is the file name that is used within the customizing settings of the archive object.
    Then, the file will be stored using the content repository you defined within the customizing settings as well.  Depending on what you are using to store your files (IXOS, IBM Commonstore, SAP Content Server, that is where the file will be stored. 
    Hope this helps.
    Karin Tillotson

  • How can I select a radio button in a table regarding the data in the cells?

    Hi everyone
    This is the issue: I need to select the RadioButton which is in a table with data related to transfers in the cells next to it, so I need to select the correct radio regarding the data next to it.
    This is the whole process: First I go to the Add Recurring Transfer section and select the parameters of the transfer (Accounts, date, amount, months etc), then with VB code I capture those parameters from the page and store them into Global variables for further usage on my E-tester script.
    Right after that I need to select the radiobutton regarding the data of the transfer that I already created in order to delete it or modify it (Please see Attachment selectradio1.jpg)
    So How can I move along the table and compare each cell with the variables that I created with the transfer information, so when I finish comparing a row cell by cell and if all the comparison match well in that row, I could select the radiobutton of the row.
    Note: Second Attachment selectradio2.jpg shows the source code of the table...If you need more info please let me know
    Could you please help me with this problem?? I'm Kind of frustrated with this issue jejeje

    Here is an example. I uploaded mock html so that you can actually try this code. I think this does exactly what you are asking.
    Private Sub RSWVBAPage_afterPlay()
    Dim tbl As HTMLTable
    Dim tblRow As HTMLTableRow
    Dim tblCell As HTMLTableCell
    Dim strValue As String
    Dim rButton As HTMLInputElement
    ' ******** This would be your global variable. I put this so that values are seperated by a semicolin you can use what ever format works for you.
    strValue = "03/22/2008;03/22/2008;*************1977;*************1977;$25.25;Jan, Jun, Jul, Dec"
    ' Strip out the ; for inner text comparison
    strValue = Replace(strValue, ";", "")
    ' This will get the table but can be modifoed to be more specific
    Set tbl =, "TABLE")
    ' This loops through all the rows in the table until a match to the strValue is found
    ' then clicks the radio button. Findelements allows you to specify a root element
    ' once the correct root row is found, FindElemets can get the correct radio button
    For Each tblRow In tbl.rows
      If tblRow.innerText = strValue Then
        Set rButton ="account", "INPUT", "NAME", , , tblRow)
       End If
    End Sub
    I also uploaded the script I created. You should be able to run it and see how it works.
    This should get you going.

  • I cant seem to download and install the latest iphone software update. I have tried since the release and have been unsuccessful on more than 7 occasions and lost all the data on the process. Anyone have that problem an how do I fix this problem?

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    Thanks but I have tried doing the above - when I said 7 times I was modest, its more like 15 times.
    And I am referring to the 5.1 software update. I dont have wifi so I guess I will have to try that seeing that my husband also has the same problem - he has also tried downloading several times. It always times out en says that the connection is lost but yet there are always an internet connection and a decent signal once it stopped. Think it said error 32052 or something!
    I am disappointed because the update includes inprovement on the battery life - did you guys notice any difference?

  • How to validate the dates in the table control ?

    How to validate the dates in the table control ?
    Can I write like this ?
    LOOP AT it_tab .
    FIELD : it_tab-strtdat,it_tab-enddat.
    module date_validation.
    Module Date_validation.
    ranges : vdat type sy-datum.
    vdat-sign = 'I'.
    VDAT-LOW = it_tab-STRTDAT.
    VDAT-HIGH = it_tab-ENDDAT.
    WHAT CODE I have to write here to validate ?
    and If I write like this How can we know which is the current row being add ?
    It loops total internal table ..?

    I think there is no need to put chain endchain.
    To do validation you have to write module in PAI which does required validations.

  • How to check the data in a temporary table

    A procedure inserting data into a temporary table , data exists in the table now. so, how to see the data from the temporary table. Is it possible to see from the sqlplus by selecting, right now i'm not getting any data. .thanks Bcj.

    If you are referring to Global Temporary Tables, then the only way to see the contents of the table are to select from the table while connected to the same session that inserted the data into the GTT.
    Please note however that there is not a 1 to 1 correspondence between sessions and users (shcemas). A user may be connected to 1 or more sessions, but it is only the session that inserted the records that will be able to view the records.

  • How can we delete the data in e-fact table.

    how can we delete the data in e-fact table.

    You cannot delete the request individually but you can one of the following:
    1. Do a selective deletion from the cube. RSA1 -> Cube -> Contents -> selective deletion.
    2. Delete all the data in the cube and then reconstruct only the required request ids. This would work only if you have the PSA available for all the requests.
    3. Reverse posting is another possibility.
    hope it helps,

  • How to binnding the data in the adobe interactive forms for making a table?

    Hi, experts,
    Through the sharing context node between adobe interactive form and a WDA for ABAP, display the data of the sflight_node in the ADOBE.
    Acrobat Reader 8.1.0
    currently both of the SAP-ABA and SAP-BASIS SP level: 9
    ADS : Successful.
    The following is my action:
    1.     Create a interface (Z_SFLIGHT_INTF) with a attribute node (SFLIGHT_NODE) that type is "sflight"  using the transaction code "sfp"
    2.     Create a form (Z_SFLIGHT_FORM) using the transaction code "sfp" with the interface Z_SFLIGHT_INTF.
    3.     Trag the sflight_node in the Z_SFLIGHT_INTF to the form( Z_SFLIGHT_FORM).
    4.     Open the layout tab in the form(Z_SFLIGHT_FORM), and create a table(table1). Click the table created just now, select the binding tab in the object tab, and in the Default Binding, select the SFLIGHT_NODE under the Z_SFLIGHT_FORM.
    Problem 1:
    Do you tell me whether is right for binding the context SFLIGHT_NODE using this way? If bind 3 context attributes in the sflight, how can I do it?
    5.     Create a WDA for abap (ZZ_02_SFLIGHT), and create a view(MAINVIEW) using transaction code "se80" in the sap-gui with adobe interactive form. Set the templatesource(Z_SFLIGHT_FORM) in the  adobe interactive form properties and saved, and then, datasource is "MAINVIEW_Z_SFLIGHT_FORM" automatically.
    6.     But I only found the attribute SFLIGHT_NODE under the context node(Z_SFLIGHT_NODE), and  I don't found the NODE ( SFLIGHT_NODE ) context in the context tab in the WDA for abap so that I don't set data to the context NODE (SFLIGHT_NODE).
    Problem 2:
    Do you tell me what can I do it so that I get the node SFLIGHT_NODE rather than attribute in the WDA for setting the data to the CONTEXT NODE (SFLIGHT_NODE)?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,

    Hi, experts,
    You can reply back to me via e-mail if you think we should discuss this internally at [email protected] or [email protected]
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,

  • How to pass the  data to field of  table.

    I want to pass the data to the fields of table. I want it with codes.

    Hi sindu,
    First of all Welcome to SCN.
    I hope you need to Read the [Rules of Engagement|] before posting more.
    There are lots of resources available already here, so have a habit of searching before posting a question.
    Also while posting a question ensure that you include the following details;
    1) what is your requirement?
    2) How you are doing it?
    3) Where are you struck?
    4) What have you done to overcome the problem?
    5) The part of code that needs troubleshooting.
    Karthik D

  • How to fill the data of two different tables into one?

    Hi Experts,
    I have two tables named CDHDR and CDSHW(structure). I have extracted the  data from these two tables through two function modules named CHANGEDDOCUMENT_HEADER and CHANGEDOCUMENT_POSITION. Now I have the data in to different tables.
    These two tables neither has relationship with each other through any field nor have any field which exist in both. Can anyone tell me in this case what should be the process to take the data of both the tables into one table. How can I match the record of one table to another?
    thanks a ton in advance.
    Edited by: Moni Bindal on Apr 28, 2008 4:16 PM
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 28, 2008 1:42 PM

    Hye Bindal,
      without a relation, it is not possible to club the data of 2 internal tables. More over it depends on the requirement as to y u should club to non related quantities in an internal table.
    if you wish to do so, one thing is it has internal table which includes the strucute of the 2.
    data: begin of ty_out,
              first type first_structure,
              second type second_structure,
             end of ty_out.
    data: itab type standard table of ty_out.
    data: wa type ty_out.
    loop into it1 into wa1.
    move corresponding wa to wa1.
    append wa to itab.
    loop into it2 into wa2.
    move corresponding wa to wa2.
    append wa to itab.
    now the internal table itab will have all the contents of it1 and it2.
    Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Apr 28, 2008 1:43 PM

  • How can i get the date of the last update of one PL/SQL package ?

    How can i get the date of the last update of a PL/SQL package
    named MYPACKAGE ?
    Thanks in advance ! ;-)

    to get the timestamp,last ddl time of object
    select timestamp,last_ddl_time from user_objects
    where object_name='<package name>';
    this will give you last transaction time ,date of object

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    I m using JDeveloper 11g : How to display the Input text box when the data in the table is empty or by using the dual table.
    Since there is no record in the table, screen is displying only the lable. not displying the Input text box.? Any property is there to enable?.
    One more case i tried by using dual (eg Select '0' as name from dual) created one view object and dragged in the JSF screen as input combo box with list of values.
    In this case also it is not displaying the combo box.Just displaying the Lable name and 0 only.
    Bijesh K

    I didn,t get you.Could you please explain. I am not choosing the ADF table. Selecting and dragging ADF form only.
    Bijesh K

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    Hi All My app is trying to retrieve data from a MSDE sql datetime field in this way: DateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"); Date fecha = rsServicios.getDate("fecha"); System.out.println(sdf.format(fecha).toString());But it retu