How to update\insert data into a NVARCHAR column using ODBC API

I am trying to update a Sybase table via Microsofts ODBC API. The following is the basics of the C++ I am trying to execute. In table, TableNameXXX, ColumnNameXXX has a type of  NVARCHAR( 200 ).
SQLWCHAR updateStatement[ 1024 ] = L"UPDATE TableNameXXX SET ColumnNameXXX = N 'Executive Chair эюя' WHERE PKEYXXX = 'VALUE'";
if( ret = SQLExecDirect( hstmt, ( SQLWCHAR* ) updateStatement, SQL_NTS ) != SQL_SUCCESS )
// Handle Error
The Sybase database has a CatalogCollation of 1252LATIN1, CharSet of windows-1252,  Collation of 1252LATIN1, NcharCharSet of UTF-8 and an NcharCollation of UCA.
Once this works for the Sybase ODBC connection I need to get it to work in various other ODBC drivers for other databases.
The error i get is "[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Syntax error near 'Executive Chair ' on line 1"
If i take out the Unicode characters and remove the N it will update. 
Does anyone know how to get this to work? What am I missing?
I wrote a C# .net project using an ODBCConnection to a SQL Server database and am getting "sort of" the same error. I means sort of as this error contains the Unicode Text in the message whereas the Sybase ODBC error has "lost" the unicode.
static void Main(string[] args)
using (OdbcConnection odbc = new OdbcConnection("Dsn=UnicodeTest;UID=sa;PWD=password")) // ;stmt=SET NAMES 'utf8';CharSet=utf16"
//using (OdbcConnection odbc = new OdbcConnection("Dsn=Conversion;CharSet=utf8")) // ;stmt=SET NAMES 'utf8';CharSet=utf8
string queryString = "UPDATE TableNameXXX SET ColumnNameXXX = N 'Executive Chair эюя' WHERE PKEYXXX = 'AS000008'";
OdbcCommand command = new OdbcCommand(queryString);
command.Connection = odbc;
int result = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
if( result == 1)
catch(Exception ex)
"ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'Executive Chair эюя'."

Your error comes from Sybase, so I suggest you post your question to a Sybase forum.  And be aware that Sybase does not use the same tsql dialect as sql server, so you must use their dialect (if, indeed, there is any difference in this particular situation). 
One note - there should be no space between "N" and the Unicode string literal to which it applies in tsql.  E.g.,
= N'Executive Chair эюя'
= N 'Executive Chair эюя'

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    I have found a solution to my problem and thought I would share it here in case there are others who are struggling with the above scenario. If you have a better way, I would love to hear about it since my way is a bit tedious.
    In a nutshell, in order to have an SSIS package put data from an OLE DB Source into a SharePoint List Destination Lookup Column, you need to pass the ID of the value that is being looked up, not the value that is in the “master” OLE DB source.
    Rough explanation, OLE DB Source value for column “Approp” is “4005” --> SQL matches “4005” with the ID in the new lookup table (“4005” = ID “5” as defined in the SharePoint lookup list) --> “5” gets passed into SharePoint List destination lookup
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    There are three tasks that need to get done in order to get data from SQL into a SharePoint lookup column assuming you have already set up your SharePoint lookup lists:
    1. Create new lookup table(s) in SQL that has the IDs from the SharePoint Lookup list and the values coming from the “master” OLD DB Source. You can see the ID column in SharePoint by toggling it on in a view.
    2. Create a SQL command that JOINs all the databases and tables so that the ID is passed and not the value into the SharePoint lookup column
    3. Change the “Data access mode” to “SQL Command” instead of the “Table or view” in the OLE DB Source and paste your command into the “SQL command text:” area.
    Other helpful info is that you may also need to add additional columns in the new lookup tables in SQL for the scenarios when the data is not unique. You can see this two times in my SQL command example for Units and JobTitles:
    /* pps.CheckDistNm,*/
    Check_Distribution_id = COALESCE( d.ID, 0 ),
    Fund_id = COALESCE(, 0 ),
    Appropriation_id = COALESCE(, 0 ),
    ActionCode_id = COALESCE(, 0 ),
    SpecNumber_id = COALESCE( jt.ID, 0 ),
    /* pps.Fund,
    Unit_id = COALESCE( u.ID, 0 ),
    x_PPS.aReportVw.pps_screens_active AS pps
    LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.DistributionNumbers AS d ON
    pps.CheckDistNm = d.Check_Distribution
    LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Units AS u ON
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    pps.Approp = u.Approp AND
    pps.Unit = u.Unit
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  • Cannot insert date into numbers 3.1 using ctl shift d

    can no longer insert date into numbers 3.1 using control shift d

    Hi Gerald,
    If you are inserting the current date a lot, and want a simple keyboard combination to do it rather than fiddling with formulas in Numbers, here is an easy way that takes advantage of some neat functionality built into every Mac that is much easier than it sounds.  It requires the investment of just a few minutes of time to make a one-time setup of an "Automator service."  Thereafter inserting a date is just a menu pick or keyboard combination.
    1. Open Automator (in your applications folder) and choose Service as document type:
    2. Drag 'Run AppleScript' action from the left over into the right pane:
    3. Copy the following script and paste it into the right pane (replacing all of the default text in the pane):
    on run
              set date_ to ((current date) as string)
      set the clipboard to the date_
              tell application "Numbers"
                        tell application "System Events"
      keystroke "v" using {option down, shift down, command down}
                        end tell
              end tell
    end run
    4. At the top of the right pane choose 'no input' for 'Service receives' and '' for 'in'. (On my machine I have the old Numbers renamed to Numbers09 so the script doesn't get confused).
    After you click the hammer icon (to "compile") your right panel should now look like this:
    5. Name the service "Today" or similar and move it to the Library > Services folder. (If it doesn't save automatically to that location you can File > Export in Automator, choose the 'Desktop' for 'Where', then in Finder open a new window and hold down the option key and choose Go > Library > Services, and drag Today.workflow from the Desktop into that folder.)
    That's it. The service is ready to go. Thereafter, whenever you want to insert the current date, just pick Today from the Services menu:
    6. Or, to make this even easier to access, choose Services Preferences and assign a keyboard shortcut to the service:
    Troubleshooting notes:
    This should "just work." But if it doesn't for some reason, try one or more of the following:
    - Rename the old Numbers (the one in the iWork '09 folder under Applications) to Numbers09 or similar.
    - Check to make sure you aren't using the same keyboard shortcut for something else.
    - Remove 'Day of the week' from your "Full" date format in System Preferences > Language & Region.
    - Try revising permissions under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility > Privacy.

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    Small example:
    [email protected]> create table t(id int, id2 int);
    Table created.
    [email protected]> insert into t values (1,2);
    1 row created.
    [email protected]> insert into t values (2,2);
    1 row created.
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    Table altered.
    [email protected]> select * from t;
    ID ID2 ID3
    1 2
    2 2
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    2 set id3 = 10
    3 where id = 1;
    1 row updated.
    [email protected]> select * from t;
    ID ID2 ID3
    1 2 10
    2 2
    Best Regards
    Krystian Zieja / mob

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    The attributes(fields) that are present in the strucutres of API are downloaded into CRM system (by executing the Inbound proxy that is created based on the Message Interface created on XI) by calling the functions present in the API.
    And for those fields that are not present in CRM, but need to be downloaded into CRM, I'm creating the Set Type attributes in CRM, which get appended to the API.
    My query is:
    There are fields in CRM into which I need to insert the values. But they are not listed in the API. So, how can I insert(/download) the values into these standard fields?
    Regret the long description. Intended to be clear.
    TIA. Points will be awarded.
    Edited by: Kris on Jul 21, 2008 8:00 AM

    he INSERT program throws exception???
    can any one help me how to insert data into tabel.I have never used the jdbc driver to access, but what do you think that the flag READONLY=true means? An insert is not a read.

  • How can i insert data into DB from my page programatically in Oracle ADF..?

    Hai, this is praveen.
    I have created  an EO and VO, when i have inserted data by dragging and dropping from DataControl -->Operations-->Create. I have successfully inserting data. But how can i do it programatically. What are the pre-defined steps that i can use over there to insert data into table programatically. Could u plz help me?

    You have to create an action Listener in the bean for any button.
    Then call an AM method.
    In that you have to do the following
    ViewObject yourVO = getYourVO();
    Row r = yourVo.createRow();
    r.setAttribute("Column1", value1); //the name of column should be as it is in your vo attribute.

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    on the INSERT program throws exception???
    can any one help me how to insert data into tabel.

    he INSERT program throws exception???
    can any one help me how to insert data into tabel.I have never used the jdbc driver to access, but what do you think that the flag READONLY=true means? An insert is not a read.

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    Hi All,
    Can anyone help me to insert data into the BLOB data type column?
    The table structure is
    I want to insert data in the DATA_FILE column. and this insert statement will in inside a procedure.
    Please help me as soon as possible as this is very urgent for me
    Thanks & Regards,

    i tried like this
    sql> insert into tbl values(1, utl_raw.cast_to_raw('D:\pictures\pic2.bmp'));
    1 record created.
    sql>select * from tbl;
    sp2-0678:Column or attribute type can not be displayed by SQL*PLUS
    is this saving only path or bmp file on that path?
    if it is saving bmp file, in which format and how can we retrive it?
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    I'm using the toolkit to insert data into two separate worksheets in Excel using named cells. The problem is that it tends to favor one sheet or the other. In other words, one sheet will have data and the other no data and vice versa. (Sometimes I get data in both sheets.) Is there something I can do to clear this up or is what I'm trying to do unreasonable? I would like to use two worksheets so one sheet receives text and data. The other sheet is used to format the data into a printable report. (i.e. using Excel's CONCATENATE function) The second (report) sheet is also used to receive plots (JPEG files) from LabVIEW. I'd send the plot images to the first sheet, but I can
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    You can use the "Excel Get" under All Functions >> Report Generation >> Excel Specific >> Excel General to specify a particular worksheet as the current worksheet. Then, you can specify which worksheet you want to write to in your VI.
    Let me know if you have any further questions and good luck!
    Kileen C.

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    I am new to ABAP, Actually I have made a Ztable now I want to insert data by using the module pool programming. In which there are all field in the first screen and there is a save button. So when ever i press SAVE button it shud update the Ztable with new entries.But actually I am not getting How can i update that??can you please send me the code for inserting data.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Check this thread...
    Custom Table updation thru table control
    ALso check this..
    Dialog programming

  • How to updated the data into Database table

    Hi Guy's,
    Please help me Using Tabstrip control how to updated the related infotype records into related database table.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Guy's,
    Please help me Using Tabstrip control how to updated the related infotype records into related database table.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Inserting data into Ms Access via jdbc odbc connectivity

    Can anyone help dictate what's wrong with this below method which is supposed to be adding new record(append) into my ms Access Table. This is giving me a hell of problem, I thought I have everything well. The module is branched via a Swing ui. Can you debug this ? and send a new code to try?
    public void Query3(){
    //while( )
    stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO pupRegister_Table1 " +
         "VALUES ('1001', 'Simpson', 'Mr.', 'Springfield', '2001')");
    //stmt.executeUpdate ("INSERT INTO pupRegister_Table1 " +
    // Close the result set, statement and the connection
    rs.close() ;
    stmt.close() ;
    conn.close() ;
    } catch( SQLException se )
    System.out.println( "SQL Exception:" ) ;
    Thanks. Note I have done all the DriverManager stuff already and other modules like for displaying the records, do work fine.

    Thanks a lot,
    that contribution really helped but I realised that I Missed adding the
    that did the trick and it works fine now
    Yet another issue is about inserting the current date into the date field having data type as date. Hence I am using the Jdbc stuff. I am having problem here
    any further help?

  • ORA-22275 inserting into the CLOB column using ODBC input parameters

    Hi all,
    I'm having problem with INSERT into the CLOB column via bound input parameters.
    After calling SQLExecDirect() I'm getting following error:
    [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-22275: invalid LOB locator specified
    Adding defaults to the table definitions does not help. If I embed parameter values into the SQL statement - everything works just fine.
    I use Oracle 9.2 with latest Oracle ODBC driver under Windows XP.
    Any ideas appreciated...
    Code looks like this:
    SQL statement looks like this:
    insert into tst_table (id,str_fld,clob_fld1,clob_fld2) values (50, ? , ? , ?)
    Table looks like this:
    CREATE TABLE tst_table (
         id          number (10,0)     NOT NULL ,
         str_fld          nvarchar2 (50)     NOT NULL ,
         clob_fld1     nclob          NOT NULL ,
         clob_fld2     nclob          NOT NULL ,
         CONSTRAINT PK_tst_table PRIMARY KEY
    I tried to add defaults to the table, but result is the same:
    CREATE TABLE tst_table (
         id          number (10,0)               NOT NULL ,
         str_fld          nvarchar2 (50)               NOT NULL ,
         clob_fld1     nclob     default EMPTY_CLOB()     NOT NULL ,
         clob_fld2     nclob     default EMPTY_CLOB()     NOT NULL ,
         CONSTRAINT PK_tst_table PRIMARY KEY

    You need to provide the data at execution time (i.e. SQL_LEN_DATA_AT_EXEC(0) in the SQLBindParameter followed by a series of SQLPutData calls). If you go to Metalink
    Top Tech Docs | Oracle ODBC Driver | Scripts & Sample Code
    has some sample code that shows you how to do this.

  • How to insert data into a CLOB column

    In UIX XML I used a bc4j:textInput control for a CLOB column and I cannot type any letter in this field....Why ?

    Hello again !
    Here are my findings (Content is a CLOB column; I use UIX XML + BC4J):
    1.If I put:
    <inlineMessage prompt="Content" required="no" vAlign="middle" >
    <bc4j:textInput name="Content" attrName="Content" columns="162" rows="5" />
    I cannot type any letter in the text Input field !!!!!!
    2. If I put
    <inlineMessage prompt="Content" required="no" vAlign="middle" >
    <bc4j:attrScope name="Content">
    <textInput name="Content" columns="162" rows="5">
    <boundAttribute name="text">
    <bc4j:attrProperty name="value"/>
    I can type in the textInput field, but I cannot save the text after a certain number of characters. Also I cannot see the saved text. I receive :
    Servlet error: Renderer failed: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -35</PRE></BODY></HTML>
    inside the textInput field.
    Please help me ...

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