How to use isLast() method of Resultset ??

When I use the isLast() method of Result, there is following error
What should I do ? and how to use isLast() method ?
Thanks a lot :-)

Really need your help, thanks again

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    Could anyone tell me how to use protected method in jsp code ...
    I declare a Calendar class , and I want to use the isTimeSet method ,
    But if I write the code as follows ..
    Calendar create_date = Calendar.getInstance();
    if (create_date.isTimeSet) System.out.println("true");
    when I run this jsp , it appears the error wirtten "isTimeSet has protected access in java.util.Calendar"

    The only way to access a protected variable is to subclass.
    MyCalendar extends Calendar
    but I doubt you need to do this. If you only want to tell if a Calendar object has a time associated with it, try using
    cal.isSet( Calendar.HOUR );

  • How to use the method for field-exit to trigger the workflow?

    Dear all,
         I want the workflow to trigger , when ever the check box for DELIVERY COMPLETED is checked in ME22N .
         I have developed a method in SE18 for the corresponding field and defined function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE with BOR bus2012 and event CHANGED.
        Now how to use this method to make my workflow to trigger?Shall I create an event in delegated bus2012 and can I call this method?
    Thanks and regards,

    You want to place your method which is defined for particular filed.right?
    For that you can go for BADI. First you check whether any badi is getting called form that tcode ME22N. Then to place your method, implement that BADI.  So whenever that BADI is getting called, it will call your event. Through Event workflow will be getting triggered.

  • How to use the method "getChildrenRemoved()" declared in ElementChange?

    How to use the method "getChildrenRemoved()" declared in DocumentEvent.ElementChange?

    I have tried to use it,but the code below alway say "Yes"....
    I really have no ideas about why ec is always a null.
    public void removeUpdate(DocumentEvent ee) {
           DocumentEvent.ElementChange ec = ee.getChange(doc.getDefaultRootElement());
           if(ec == null)

  • How to use secondary method in workflow?

    Hi friends,
    can anyone plz let me know how to use secondary methods in workflow? it would be helpful if u explain with an example..
    thanks and regards,

    Hi Arun Kumar,
    The Sec Method can be used in the user decision step. The secondary methods are executed along with the user decision step. You have 3 options. Either execute a secondary method before executing the user decision step or after execution of user decision step or while executing the user decision.
    For this define the methods either in Methods before execution of workitem execution to execute it before user decision step or Methods after execution of workitem so as to execute it after the execution of user decision.
    In order to execute a method along with user decision step execution use secondary methods (amodal call.)
    Let me know if you have any queries.

  • How to use this method in JSTL?help me please!

    I know I can use "<C:set >" like as
    <c:set var="clabel3" value="${portalCustomizeBean.portalPage}"/> ,
    but now I want to use one method of portalCustomizeBean object not a attribute of it !!!!!
    who would tell me how to use?
    this is wrong in my code:
    <c:set var="clabel" value="${portalCustomizeBean.currentPageLabel}"/>
    <c:set var="clabel3" value="${portalCustomizeBean.toEntitiesExceptSpaceEscape(clabel)}"/>
    but how to use "toEntitiesExceptSpaceEscape" method in JSTL?????

    Why can't you just assign the method's return value to a variable and then print that? A bit of scriptlet code will do the trick. (As much as we all hate to use scriptlet code.)
    I believe you'll be able to do what you want in the 1.1 standard JSTL, but for now this will suffice. - MOD

  • How to use getContent() method in custom JSP Provider to display a HTML Pag

    If anybody knows how to use getContent() method to use in custom jsp providers (developed by ourselves) so that it can be used to retrieve a jsp page (a simple html page) ..
    I want the code in the provider java file to for the getContent method...
    Pls. get back to me asap....if any body has implemented a custom jsp it's urgent...
    I have alreday placed the JSP file in the directory structure /etc/opt/SUNWps/desktop/default/channel_dir..But still the jsp is not being displayed..
    Pls get me the getContent() method code to retrive the JSP file..

    You don't have to do anything in the custom JSPProvider's getContent method except the call {  return super.getContent(request,response); } . If all you want is just to show your jsp, then create a channel from the default JSPProvider, and edit the property contentPage of that channel from samplecontent.jsp to your jsp name, save the changes and login again. You should see your JSP.

  • How to use a method in sequence diagram from a class diagram

    Hello, can someone tell me how to use the method from class diagram in sequence diagram? so far i only can add a classifier to the object lifeline but i still cannot add the method from the class...

    Now that Web Services is around, I'd look at possibly implement a Web Service call in your applet, which can then be given back any object(s) on return. Set up your server side to handle Web Service calls. In this way, you can break the applet out into an application should you want to (with very little work) and it will still function the same

  • How to use these method of class CL_GUI_PDFVIEWER

    how to use these methods in the class CL_GUI_PDFVIEWER


  • How to use native method

    how to use native methods

    Download and read Sheng Liang's book,
    Read the JNI specs on site ( )
    Beware with the JNI tutorial on the site - it is slightly outdated, and the samples need modifications to compile
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  • How to use addPasswordToPasswordHistory method

    Can some one please tell me how to use the method addPasswordToPasswordHistory from the class WSUser.I have a requirement to add user password to password history whenever user changes his password through my custom password change workflow.Custom workflow changes the password in idm but it will not add the previous password to the password history.
    It will be helpfull if you paste the code to use this method
    Karthik P

    Hi Amar
    Thanks for the reply
    I tried setting the password through setPassword method but its giving an exception ==>java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: java.lang.String.setPassword(com..waveset.util.EncrypteData)
    Then I decrypted the password but no luck getting ==>java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: java.lang.String.setPassword() exception.
    Am i missing something i need to pass the encrypted password in byte array format? if yes how to do that.
    Here encrypted password is coming from a form.
    karthik p

  • How to use protected method of a class in application

      will u please tell me how to use protected method of class in application. (class:cl_gui_textcontrol, method:limit_text)
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Prabha,
    You can set the maximum number of characters in a textedit control in the CREATE OBJECT statement itself.
    Just see the first parameter in the method . I mean MAX_NUMBER_CHARS. Just set that value to the required number.
    data: edit type ref to CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT.
    create object edit
        MAX_NUMBER_CHARS       = 10
       STYLE                  = 0
       WORDWRAP_POSITION      = -1
        parent                 = OBJ_CUSTOM_CONTAINER
       LIFETIME               =
       NAME                   =
        ERROR_CNTL_CREATE      = 1
        ERROR_CNTL_INIT        = 2
        ERROR_CNTL_LINK        = 3
        ERROR_DP_CREATE        = 4
        others                 = 6
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
               WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    In this case, the max: number of characters will be set to 10.
    I hope your query is solved.

  • How to use set_encoding method to set encoding in ABAP Mapping

    Hi All,
      Can anyone please let me know how to use set_encoding method in ABAP Mapping to set encoding.
      Any help would be greatly appreciable.

    Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for your info. Let me try in ABAP Forum.

  • How to use " toFront() " method in java application and in which package or

    How to use " toFront() " method in java application and in which package or class having this toFront() method.if anybody know pl. send example.

    The API documentation has a link at the top of every page that says "Index". If you follow that and look for toFront(), you will find it exists in java.awt.Window and javax.swing.JInternalFrame.
    To use it in a Java application, create an object x of either of those two classes and write "x.toFront();".

  • How to use getTaskId() method in xpress language.

    how to use getTaskId() method in xpress language.
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    The API documentation has a link at the top of every page that says "Index". If you follow that and look for toFront(), you will find it exists in java.awt.Window and javax.swing.JInternalFrame.
    To use it in a Java application, create an object x of either of those two classes and write "x.toFront();".

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