How to use RESTFUL web services in SMP 3.0 Appbuilder?

Hi All,
     I want to develop an application using RESTfull service. I have already developed REST service,I want to use that service in Appbuilder Application for SMP3.0. How can I call the REST services into our SMP 3.0 Appbuilder application? If i directly call the services(GET method) from Appbuilder, It is working but ODataQuery is not working for filter.
     1.How to access the POST method in Appbuilder?
     2.where should I provide the username and password for the login URL in our appbuilder for POST method URL?
     3.How can I convert those REST service to ODATA services?

     In this discussion i found the solution for this issue. But Appbuilder supports the REST services i to used the REST service with GET method, I don't know how to use the POST method directly in Appbuilder?
Can any one suggest me
     1.How do i querying the GET method of REST services?
     2.Is there any other procedure to call the REST Service with POST method in Appbuilder?

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  • How to use RESTful Web Services provided from BO Enterprise

    Hi Experts,
    i am trying to use the Web Service "BIPLATFORM" provided by BusinessObjects Enterprise. As I have trouble reading the WSDL i tried to use the REST interface.
    Unfortunatally I cannot find any Docu about that in the internet.
    Does anybody have experience in using the BIPLATFORM web service?
    Thank you in advance

    Thank you very much for your instant answer and help!
    I got it now: "no rest in biplatform service"
    What made me think REST is possible was only the following entry in ...\webapps\dswsbobje\WEB-INF\conf\axis2.xml
    "<!-- Our HTTP endpoints can handle both REST and SOAP. Following parameters can be used to distinguiush those endpoints
    - <!-- In case of a servlet, if you change this you have to manually change the settings of your servlet container to map this
    - <!-- context path to proper Axis2 servlets
    - <!-- <parameter name="servicePath">services</parameter>
    - <!-- <parameter name="restPath">rest</parameter>
    - <!--  Following parameter will completely disable REST handling in Axis2
      <parameter name="disableREST" locked="true">false</parameter>
    - <!-- POJO deployer , this will alow users to drop .class file and make that into a service
    Anyway I was only hoping to get REST work as the WSDL provided by BusinessObjects Enterprise is not valid to be parsed by SAP Netweaver ABAP SOAP Runtime...
    I regret but i have to add: The fact that the web service is only meant to work with certain consumers shows that the people responsible have little to no understanding what the idea of SOAP, SOA and WSDL really is. On the one hand SAP was always pushing their ESOA idea but on the other hand we got this strange limitations like "only for these clients..."
    This is exactly the opposite of the SOAP-idea:
    "The framework has been designed to be independent of any particular programming model and other implementation specific semantics." -

  • How to call Jive Search methods using REST Web Services from ADF

    Can someone provide me an example to call JIVE Search using REST web services from Webcenter ADF.
    As we have the similar facility to call UCM Search from WebServices DataControl.
    Do we have anything similar like this for JIVE Search?
    JIVE 5.1 is deprecating SOAP style web services and so I am planning to use REST.
    Any suggestions on this is much appreciated.
    Many Thanks

    so what exactly is the problem here?
    what is not working?

  • How to consume Sharepoint web services in SMP 2.3?

    I want to create jQuery Mobile application in which i want to call Sharepoint (SOAP) web services like (getListCollection, getListItems etc) through
    SMP 2.3 Can any one tell me in detail how to consume Sharepoint web services in SMP 2.3 so that i can use data in my jQuery Mobile Application?
    For example my web service is http://xxxxx:xx/___/Lists.asmx?op=GetListItems

    Hi Harshada,
    Any good reasons to integrate Share point Jquery mobile application with SMP ?
    because Share point web services can be consumed directly in the Jquery mobile applications.
    Please look at the below examples to achieve it.
    Sample Codes :
    Read List Items using Sharepoint Web Services and jQuery | Robert Kuzma on SharePoint,  HTML, CSS &amp;amp; JavaScript, …
    Pro-Grammar: Calling the SharePoint 2010 GetListItems web services with Jquery
    javascript - Getting list data from SharePoint 2010 site using Jquery - Stack Overflow

  • Report Repointing using RESTful Web Services

    With respect to this link: Changing Dataproviders for a Webi Report using RESTful Web Services
    Cosider the following scenario:
    You have an automation code using which, you accepts 20 report id and their respective Current universe id and New universe id.
    If suppose, you have user input prompts in 10 reports and you don't know those 10 reports, how will you provide values to those prompts at a single execution of the code?
    Is there any function using which you can provide associated random value to those prompts?

    Hi Raghunath,
    Looking at your macro, most of the functionality would be available with REST SDK. With BI 4.x REST is now only SDK which provides APIs to work with webi report. With .NET or Java SDK we could not eeven schedule a webi doc with prompts.
    With BI 4.1 REST APIs include.
    refresh report, schedule report, save report, export which is done by your macro.
    For detailed tasks, such as saving and modifying the report for specific users and send to schedule, you would need to play around with REST Urls to understand the workflow.
    For starters take a look at the devleopers guide for REST here:
    Here is the doc which compares the availability of SDK APIs with different BI versions.
    For any Enterprise level tasks, you could always use .NET or Java enterprise SDk and comibe it with your REST app.
    - Bhushan
    Senior Engineer
    SAP Active Global Support
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  • Can we use REST web service as Data source in SSRS? !!!!NOT SOAP!!!!

    We have requirement to use the REST web service as the Data source of SSRS.  Tried with XML as Data Source, but unfortunately I could not succeed because the query expects SOAPAction which is not available in REST Service.
    Do we have any option to use REST Service, if so please provide some basic example, so that I can try out some options.
    If not, do we have any alternate solutions to handle these situations?

    Hi Vinay.
    After looking on it for some time, I am afraid currently there is no document to talk on how to use the REST web service as a data source.
    You can use the link for a renference.
    From a support perspective currently this is really beyond what we can do here in the forums. If you cannot determine your answer here or on your own, consider opening a
    support case with us. Visit this link to see the various support options that are available to better meet your needs:;en-us;offerprophone 

  • How to register Rest web services in Cold Fusion 9 administration console?

    I am building a Rest web service using Cold Fusion 9 and Cold Fusion Builder 3 and now I want to register it on Cold Fusion 9 admin console, but I didn't see any option there as in CF 10 and CF 11 Data Services ---> Rest Web service. So, please tell me how to register my Rest web service in CF 9 either through admin console or through code?

    Simple answer: you can't.  REST services were a new feature released with CF10.  Alternatively, you can use a community-supported framework to provide REST services, such as:
    Taffy (a dedicated REST framework)
    FW/1 (an MVC framework with REST capabilities)
    ColdBox (an MVC framework with REST capabilities)
    -Carl V.

  • How to register Rest web services in Cold Fusion 9 ?

    I am building a Rest web service using Cold Fusion 9 and Cold Fusion Builder 3 and now I want to register it on Cold Fusion 9 admin console, but I didn't see any option there as in CF 10 and CF 11 Data Services ---> Rest Web service. So, please tell me how to register my Rest web service in CF 9 either through admin console or through code?

    You've posted this question twice.  Please delete this one and people can respond to the other one.
    -Carl V.

  • How to call restful web services from BPEL

    How do we call create partnerlinks for calling RESTful web services in Oracle BPEL.
    Any ideas ?

    1. To consume WebService in Flex you don't need FDS at all.
    2. AFAIK, you need crossdomain.xml at WS host or System.allowDomain("ws-host") or System.allowInsecureDomain("ws-host") on Flex side. Check Flex documentation.
    3. Better to discuss this topic in some other forum -- say WebAS General. It's not related to WD
    Valery Silaev
    SaM Solutions

  • How to use a Web Service Response

    In the snps_users documentation it seems to be really easy but in fact...
    After invoking my web service I retrieve a XML file which is my response then we would like to use it.
    As written in the documentation I Export Response in XSD file, I create my XML Model but How to reverse the XSD ???
    There's 4 references to XSD into all the snps_users documentation but no one talking about.
    Moreover it's written See Creating and Reverse-Engineering a
    Model for an XML file for more information and that's what I'm doing but no way...
    So without the XSD I m trying to use the Response file like an XML file but I always have an error which looks like :
    java.sql.SQLException: No root found in the DTD file
    The Web Service Response XML File use NameSpace could the problem come from here ???
    If someone ever use it ...
    Thanks in advance.

    When I specify the XSD It raises another error,
    my URL is :
    Error message:
    java.sql.SQLException: A SAXException was caught while reading the model saying [Element value has no type]
    The XSD and the XML are generated by ODI after invoking a Web Service...
    Any idea ???

  • How to use a Web Service after creating the reference

    I created a Web Service reference and APEX 3.1 and it recognizes it.
    The WS has a list of customers. The XML file (WS result) has XSD then the customers data.
    The only thing I can do inside APEX is to create a form based on WS with a field that has a dump of the WS result.
    I do not know how to use the XML data in the WS to show the customers data in APEX.
    I appreciate it, if you can point me to any article or documentation taht show to consume WS in APEX

    My post above does not make sense because the browser converted the "lt" and "gt" that I saw in the form when I copied and paste to < and > as it should do.
    below I will attach the XSD
    &lt;?xml version = &quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot; standalone=&quot;yes&quot;?&gt;
         &lt;xsd:schema id=&quot;VFPDataSet&quot; xmlns:xsd=&quot;; xmlns:msdata=&quot;urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-msdata&quot;&gt;
         &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;VFPDataSet&quot; msdata:IsDataSet=&quot;true&quot;&gt;
                   &lt;xsd:choice maxOccurs=&quot;unbounded&quot;&gt;
                   &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;curCustomers&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot; maxOccurs=&quot;unbounded&quot;&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;customerid&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;5&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;companyname&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;40&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;contactname&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;30&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;contacttitle&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;30&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;address&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;60&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;city&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;15&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;region&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;15&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;postalcode&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;10&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;country&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;15&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;phone&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;24&quot;/&gt;
                                            &lt;xsd:element name=&quot;fax&quot; minOccurs=&quot;0&quot;&gt;
                                                      &lt;xsd:restriction base=&quot;xsd:string&quot;&gt;
                                                           &lt;xsd:maxLength value=&quot;24&quot;/&gt;
                        &lt;xsd:anyAttribute namespace=&quot;; processContents=&quot;lax&quot;/&gt;

  • Anyone know how to use Exchange Web Service API in PB Classic 12.5

    Trying to figure out how to use the api/dll's of the EWS.  I am new to web services in pb so I seem to be going nowhere fast.  If you have used it I would appreciate some guidance or better yet code/instruction on how to use/access it/setup.  I need to be able to get to exchange (in this case using an office365 test account) and read emails/calendar info etc..
    Thanks for any help..
    Dave V.

    Hi Matt,
    I find an article about Overlay a SharePoint calendar with a calendar from Exchange or SharePoint, for your reference:
    However, if you want to use SQL Queries and HTML, please contact to Exchange Development Team to get more professional advice.
    Best Regards,
    Allen Wang

  • How to use HTTP Web Service action of SharePoint 2013 Designer to get UserProfiles?

    Dear all,
    I've tried several methods to get the user profile, but still in vain.
    I do search the solutions from the forums and Google.
    Because the above link is still not work for me, I arise a question here.
    Actually, I would like to get a user's manager, thus I use the rest api:
    [%workflow content:current site URL%]_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetMyProperties/extendedmanagers
    However, I always get unauthorized error.
    {"error":{"code":"-2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException","message":{"lang":"zh-TW","value":"拒 絕存取。您沒有執行此動作或存取此資源的權限。"}}}
    Below screenshots are my web service settings.
    1. Build a dictionary and set Authorization, Acception, Content-Type.
    2. Call web service and set the RequestHeaders.
    And, I can use the rest api in the browser to see my manager (logged in).
    <d:element>i:0#.f|membership|[email protected]</d:element>
    <d:element>i:0#.f|membership|[email protected]</d:element>
    Could anybody help me to clarify this issue?
    Thank you!

    Stuck in the same problem with visual studio, here is the uls error
    Exception occured in scope Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PeopleManager.ctor. Exception=System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access Denied: This application does not have the required permissions to access profile information.   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager..ctor(UserProfileApplicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy, Guid partitionID, Boolean IgnoreUserPrivacy, Boolean isWithinProfileSync, Boolean assumeProfileAdmin)   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager..ctor(UserProfileApplicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy, Guid partitionID, Boolean IgnoreUserPrivacy, Boolean isWithinProfileSync)   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager..ctor(UserProfileApplicationProxy userProfileApplicationProxy, Guid partitionID, Boolean IgnoreUserPrivacy)   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ProfileLoader.get_UserProfileManager()   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ProfileLoader.EnsureUserProfile(Boolean bCreateIfNotExist)   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PeopleManager..ctor()   
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.PeopleManagerServerStub.InvokeConstructor(ClientValueCollection xmlargs, ProxyContext proxyContext)   
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ServerStub.InvokeConstructorWithMonitoredScope(ClientValueCollection args, ProxyContext proxyContext)
    I can see this issue posted like year ago so if any one solved it please help me , I appreciate this much.

  • How to use a Web Service Proxy from a different DC?

    Hi developers,
    In EJB DC "dc1" I have imported a wsdl and generated proxies and service group.
    In public part "compilation" of dc1 I have added all the generated proxy classes and the wsdl from META-INF/wsdl folder
    EJB DC "dc2" depends on this public part (also on the mcjar public part which should hold info on the Service Group).
    Here I would like to use the proxy classes defined in "dc1" to invoke the WS in my WSConsumer StatelessEJB like this:
    public class WSConsumerBean implements WSConsumerLocal {
         ZWSWORKSHOP1 service;
         public ArrayOfString testWS() {
              ZWSWORKSHOP1ViDocument port = service
              ArrayOfString retVal = port.doOperation();
              return retVal;
    After deploying the EAR with both the proxy and the ejb, when I try to invoke the EJB injection fails: JAX-WS deployable proxy is instantiated with 'new' instead of been injected. Cannot find WSDL URL for service [class zws_workshop1wsd.ZWSWORKSHOP1]
    Can someone help?
    Thanks, regards

    A solution is to use JNDI lookup in EJB.
    Instantiate a InitialContext and lookup the JNDI entry with the lookup String you can find in NWA -> JNDI browser
    Have fun!
    Thanks, regards

  • RESTful Web service in ECC without using netweaver gateway

    Can anyone explain how to create RESTful Web service in ECC without using netweaver gateway?

    Follow this link.
    Mobilize ALV Reports - Part 1 Create RESTful service

Maybe you are looking for

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