How to user E4200 as router with WAG120N as a modem ONLY

I've both WAG120N and E4200, I want to use WAG120N as ONLY ADSL modem (no DHCP server or any other setting) and let the E4200 to the rest.
What option should I select in E4200 Internet connection type to make this?

The setup that you want may be possible but please add more info like who is your ISP and from what region. The reason for that is to identify as well if you can set the ADSL gateway to just a plain modem. It totally depends also on your ISP settings. In the meantime you can check this article from the Linksys KB site:
Setting Up an ADSL Gateway with ADSL Internet

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    Hi darylm32102489,
    Which account are you referring to? I see that you have an Acrobat subscription--is that what you're asking about? Or are you referring to your online storage account?
    If you're referring to an Acrobat subscription, please see this FAQ for information regarding licensing: d_83547
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  • How To Use Your Own Router with Out Loosing Verizon's FIOS Services

    How to use your own router with Verizon’s FIOS Service
    First, you need a basic understanding of how FIOS works but unfortunately there are two types of FIOS systems out there. All of the systems utilize a fiber optic cable to bring TV, phone and internet to your location over one optic cable. In addition these systems provide interactivity including widgets, remote DVR, movies on demand and so forth via an IP (Internet Protocol) signal.  Your STB (Set Tip Box) requires both a video and IP signal. The IP signal is necessary for all of the aforementioned interactivity.  The fiber cable terminates at the Optical Network Terminal or ONT for short.  The ONT converts the optics into a digital signal that can be utilized by ones equipment.  From the ONT your video, phone and internet are provided to the location.  This is where things can differ as the internet signal can be provided via a coaxial (MoCA or Multimedia over Coax Alliance) or RJ45 Cat5 (Ethernet) cable.  It is important to identify and understand the differences of these two setups.  In my case I have my internet entering via Ethernet cable, which in my humble opinion makes things a heck of a lot easier.
    How does one tell the difference? In most cases it’s rather simple; just look at the Verizon’s router WAN (Wide Area Network) Port.  Does it have a RJ45 (Ethernet) or Coax (TV cable Cord) going to it? If the router’s WAN port doesn’t have a coaxial connector then one will need to convert the MoCA signal into a usable Ethernet signal that routers understand. The easiest way is to use Verizon’s router as a bridge. In this method the Verizon’s router simply converts the signal and passes it along to your own router. The challenge is to try to maintain the interactivity that FIOS TV provides. Because of this one needs to supply the IP routed signal back to the FIOS router.  There are multiple methods for doing this and I would recommend investigates which one make the most sense.   
    In my particular case the IP signal was provided by Ethernet.  Again there are various ways of installing one’s own router. The hardest is to utilize Verizon’s router as a bridge.  This setup requires configuring Verizon’s router as a bridge and also creating a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networks). In addition one needs to set up their own router so it will work with the various routing tables and networks. For me this is too complex for the average person and it can be difficult to trouble shoot if something goes wrong. Please consider that Verizon will not support utilizing third party routers.   
    The easier method is to request an Ethernet signal (if you don’t already have one) from their ONT.  I would highly recommend getting your hands on a NIM or Network Interface Module. This device is used to convert Ethernet to Coaxial so it can be fed back to your STBs.  These can be purchased online and Verizon technicians can be a valuable resource with these sorts of acquisition.  At the very least they can point you to the right direction.  Once you have a NIM the rest is rather simple.
    Log into the current Verizon Router.
    Located the router’s MAC address and copy it down.
    Go to the port forwarding section and copy down the Applied Rules. 
    Network Computer/Device:
    Application & Ports Forward:  Application UDP Any -> 6347  
    Note: There may be up to three entries for each one of your Set Top Boxes.
    Look at your current device list, typically found on the home screen. Copy down your STB MAC and IP address.
    Connection Type: Ethernet
    * IP Address:
    IP Address Allocation: DHCP
    *MAC Address:                07:73:fFe:ad:8b:3f
    * Things you will need to write down
    Go to the network section and look for the main Ethernet connection.  Select this and then select more setting, typically found at the bottom. Release the current lease.
    Remove the Verizon router
    Install your router
    Connect the NIM by plugging in an Ethernet from one of the routers LAN (Local Area Network) ports to your NIM. Then connect the coax cable, the same cable that was used by Verizon router.
    Set you DHCP routing IP pool to accommodate Verizon’s STB IP’s  (note their IP’s start at
    Go to DHCP section and reserve the STB IP’s by inserting the IP’s and MAC addresses. This shall ensure that nothing else utilizes the same IPs as the STBs thereby preventing IP address conflict.  
    Add the port forwards from Step 5 above.
    Clone Verizon’s Mac Address utilizing the info from step 2
    Finish setting up the router in typical fashion.
    Unplug and re-plugin your STB’s and test functionality.  It’s best to try using a widget or Movie on demand function.
    Note: if the new router can net get an internet signal contact Verizon’s support and have them release the IP and reset the ONT.  
    EVERYTHING should be working at this point.

     3 Go to the port forwarding section and copy down the Applied Rules. 
    Network Computer/Device:
    Application & Ports Forward:  Application UDP Any -> 6347  
    Note: There may be up to three entries for each one of your Set Top Boxes.G
    Your display obviously is not like mine as mine does not dosplay the port associated with the ip address
    whatever, the STB's start at and icement by 1 for each
    the port addr's will be 63145 alo incrementing by 1
    there is 1 entry for each in my pf list
    however each ip addr also has a port entry starting at 35000 also incrementing by 1 for each ip addr
    For some unknow reason these are duplicated e.g I appear to have 11 entries exaactly the same for each stb and as the fios services rules have no action switc there is nowhere to delete the extraneous garbage.
    Why do you clone the mac addr??

  • How can I see shared pc with firewall set to allow only essential services?

    How can I see shared pc with firewall set to allow only essential services?
    So far if I set it as above then shared does not show up? I have to set the firewall to set access to specific applications and services to get access to my windows based hard drive.
    Mike R

    Ok I solved it myself. Not an ideal solution as I have to connect it manually each time but it will do... Unless anyone has a way to have it auto connect when I start the mac.
    Mike R

  • How apply cgi on Linksys router with safari

    I'm having issues of setting preferences on a Linksys router with Safari and a Mac. Am I missing a setting on Safari to allow cgi?

    I want to set how many users allowed on my small local network. I can use a different browser to accomplish this but would like to use Safari. From time to time I do maintenance on the router and need to access the router preferences. Also at this time trying to trouble shoot the router for not allowing PC's to show up on the network FInder, a completely different problem and off topic.

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    I'm working on a form which needs to provides three options for the user out of a drop down list. When the user chooses one option, only that subform is to be visible. Two of the three subforms are text fields, and the third subform is a series of fields which are editable by the user.
    How do i create a dropdown with three options in it, so that in each instance only one subform is visible? This needs to happen in the same space on the main form.

    Hi Nellie,
    Here is the form back to you. There were three main issues:
    In order for dynamic behaviour, like showing and hiding, the form must be saved as a Dynamic XML Form in the save-as dialog.
    While you can use a minus sign when naming objects and subforms, it will cause scripts to fail. I have changed the name of the subforms so that they now use an underscore.
    The dropdown had specified values in the Object > Binding palette (1, 2, 3), so the script needs to use these in the if statements.
    When sharing forms on, the best option is to select the file in your workspace and then click Publish. This will make it available to anyone who has the published URL.
    I hope that helps,

  • Is it possible to use an Airport Extreme router with AT&T 2Wire modem/router?

    My AT&T 2Wire modem/router does not have great range, speed, or compatibility with my Macbook and iMac.  I bought an Apple Airport Extreme to try to remedy my problem, however, I did not realize it was purely a router.  Is it possible to use the 2Wire modem/router as just a pure modem and connect it to the Airport Extreme?  Would it be more beneficial to purchase a new modem that does not have wireless functionality?  I have looked at previous posts but couldn't find any definite answers.  Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!  Thanks!

    The easiest route to take here would be to simply turn off the wireless function on the 2-Wire modem/router and then configure the AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode to provide a dual band wireless network.
    If the 2-Wire performance shortcomings are the result of other wireless interference issues at your location, unfortunately the AirPort Extreme may not perform any better, wireless wise.  It's not possible to know things like this in advance....more of a case of you won't know until you try.
    In theory, it might be possible to configure the 2-Wire product as a simple modem...but I doubt that AT&T would be willing to tell you how to do this or provide support in the event of problems.
    It's getting to be hard to find a simple DSL modem these days, and even if you do, it will have to be re-configured as a Bridge to work correctly with the AirPort Extreme, so that complicates things as well.

  • WRT610N with netgear DG834gt in modem only mode - HELP!!!

    Hi all,
    As the title suggest, I need some help configuring the 610N to work with my previous modem / router DG834gt.
    So far I’ve tried:
    Setting the DG834gt in modem only mode.  It connects to my ISP no problem.  I’ve then connected it to the internet port on the 610N and set it to PPOE.
    I’ve set up the user name and password correctly and hit connect….Nothing.  It seem strange that I have to config the modem with the user / pass and the router, should I try to set it up as static or dynamic IP.
    What am I doing wrong???

    Hi... thanks for the reply and sorry for the bad explanation.
    I've set the connection type on  WRT610N as PPPoE.  The Netgear has a modem only mode accessed through a hidden menu ( ) When in this mode it's apparently invisible.
    There's no DHCP or wireless, it literally makes the connection and nothing else. 
    You have to add the login credentials for your ISP into the modem, the modem makes the connection - my problem is working out how to configure the 610N to connect through the modem, if at all possible.
    Hope you can help - thanks.

  • How do I lock my router with a password?

    Having trouble finding out how to keep unwanted people from using my internet. Thanks for any help

    Secure your wireless.
    Log on to your router and click on wireless tab.  Change the ssid to something other than Linksys example: Newfie.  Click on Save.  Now click on wireless Security.  Set Security mode to WPA Personal.  Set Algorimths to AES. Set passphrase in WPA Share key Examble 1a2b3c4d.
    Now go to the computer with a wireless adaptor.  Click on view wireless network  You will see your network.  Example Newfie Secured network click on your network.  It will asks for the key use the passphrase you setup in your router.
    Message Edited by richard804 on 01-03-2009 06:06 PM
    Message Edited by richard804 on 01-03-2009 06:06 PM
    Greetings from Northern Ontario, Canada

  • How register user defined listener name with OEM

    [[email protected] ~]$ lsnrctl status
    LSNRCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 06-SEP-2010 10:03:46
    Copyright (c) 1991, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Connecting to (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=)(PORT=1521))
    TNS-12541: TNS:no listener
    TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
    TNS-00511: No listener
    Linux Error: 111: Connection refused
    [[email protected] ~]$ lsnrctl status LISTENER_LIMCAMP
    LSNRCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 06-SEP-2010 10:04:03
    Copyright (c) 1991, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Version TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
    Start Date 03-SEP-2010 19:42:11
    Uptime 2 days 14 hr. 21 min. 52 sec
    Trace Level off
    Security ON: Local OS Authentication
    Listener Parameter File /ora10gsoft/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/network/admin/listener.ora
    Listener Log File /ora10gsoft/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/network/log/listener_limcamp.log
    Listening Endpoints Summary...
    Services Summary...
    Service "LIMCAMP" has 1 instance(s).
    Instance "LIMCAMP", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler(s) for this service...
    The command completed successfully
    I am able to connected thru listener.
    But my OEM database control showing
    Host localhost.localdomain
    Port 1521
    Oracle Home /ora10gsoft/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
    Status Down
    Host localhost.localdomain
    Port 1521
    Oracle Home /ora10gsoft/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
    Location /ora10gsoft/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/network/admin
    Details TNS-12541: TNS:no listener
    My OEM taking the default LISTENER( which is not running). how to register OEM to take the listener (LISTENER_LIMCAMP).

    # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
    # that require network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost.localdomain
    would you please have a look into the below link which is the issue on the same server.
    Heartbeat failed to connect to standby : archive files not transfering....
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  • BEFW11S4 v2 router with prestige 645 dsl modem

    I had them setup but then i got hacked and the person changed all of the settings and now it wont work. I never saved the guide i used to set it up or i deleted it i dont remember which. could anyone direct me on how to set these up.

    well dats Appreciable ,
    now on the set up screen u will find some options .
    and do as wat is posted here as -
    under Wireless- it shld be enable.
    SSID- ur network name - U can customize it with ur name even
    SSID broadcast - enable it
    Channel - U can try 11 .
    WEP - disabled -
    WAN connection type- obtain an ip automatically.
    Once done with these settings - click  apply
    u shld be back on the same page , within a few seconds
    now ,
    Ull find one more option as ...
    LAN IP address : which is
     change it to -
    again apply ...- it may happen u wont be able to see the set up screen again don worry.
    just ,follow the steps -
    strt>run>cmd> ipconfig /release
    strt>run>cmd>ipconfig  /renew
    ull get to see a new ip address -
    somethin lyk dat
    den ..connect ...ur Modem into router's internet port as well or shld i say WAN port.
    and power cycle
    chek if u able to go online now?
    let me know the status?
    ~~~Nobudy's Perfect , i try To Be So ! Each n every moment of maH LYF , AND I THINK dat wats make Me "Different" From others....~~~

  • Upgrading to Mt.Lion - How do I ensure no problems with ownership of files while only copying some documents over?

    I have a macbook pro 2011 and I'm planning to upgrade to Mountain Lion when it is released. I currently have time machine backed up on an external hard disk. However I do not want to do a full restore after upgrading to Mountain Lion, but i do want to extract certain files from the time machine backup. Is this possible?
    The last time I tried copying files from a time machine backup from another mac to this mac, I had permission issues with files. How do I prevent these issues? I read online about something called setup assistant but does this just copy over user accounts? Does it copy the home folders too?
    Thanks for the help

    The setup assistant copies the entire user folder. You can't pick and choose.
    A "Clean" install is generally a complete waste of time. Depending on what you want to leave behind, it might be simpler to just remove that stuff after the fact. No issue with permissions that way.
    But, if you really feel like doing that, you'd have to do the Browse Other Backup Disks thing with Time Machine and restore what you want. Just restore to the Shared folder, then move to your home folder. That should mark them as owned by you, and not the old user. I've only done single files, so I don't know what might happen with folders full of stuff, like the iPhoto Library.
    Having erased the drive, you'll have to reinstall all of your software. The iLife apps come with a Mac, so they won't get installed with Mountain Lion. You'll have to reinstall those from the App Store or Disk if that is the case.
    I don't know what happens when you try to restore your bundled iLife apps, but this article indicates it is possible:

  • How do I connect to internet with Alltel Huawei (WAN) modem?

    I'm trying to connect my brand new MacBook OS 10.5.2 to the internet through an Alltel cellular wireless modem. Model: Huawei EC228. I have activated the modem successfully through the supplied "Quicklink Mobile" software and I have signal bars, but I can't get it to connect. I get the following message (in Quicklink software): "Status: Error- Connection failed"
    I have called Alltel tech support and they are USELESS for Mac. I have found one forum with info, but I still couldn't get it to work on my MacBook after trying their recommended fix
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If you can set up an Ad Hoc wireless network from your laptop, you could use it that way. Once again VZ Access Manager will not enter into the sharing part.
    Plug these search terms into Google:
    set up an ad hoc network
    You'll find lots of instructions.
    Best of luck.

  • How can I sync my Reminders with my Calendar using iPad only?

    Hi, I'm using an iPad 3 and trying to sync my tasks to do in Reminders with my Calendar over iCloud, but it just doens't work. I have iCloud configured in Settings to sync both my calendar and my reminders, but the thing is that I want my Reminders to show up in my calendar so I don't have to swap between both apps.
    Thanks in advance,
    Juan Sebastian

    Based on reading the forum notes, the feature is not available anymore to sync outlook to iCal.
    So has anyone tried to sync outlook to gmail to ical?

  • Having trouble setting up a linksys WRT54GS router with v...

    Having trouble setting up a linksys WRT54GS router with verizon DSL using a westell 6100F modem. the modem works fine by its self  but the router will not connect  to the internet when installed like the cd tells you to.
    online help and phone help has been less than helpful,  anyone have any Ideas?

    Ok I found " Installing the liksys wireless router with a westell 6100 modem" in the verizon troubleshooting guides. printed the instructions so I would'nt forget. step 1 open your web browser and enter in the address field.  PROBLEM it comes up with a login screen that I don't know how to sign into. tried the obvious stuff. cannot get past the login screen. I knew this sounded to easy to be true. anyone have any ideas? 

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    Hello all. I Have a Mac Mini mid 2011 with Mountain Lion 10.8.5. connected to Wi-Fi network with Time Capsule, with back to Mymac enabled as well as ssh. The power save is set as default to wake up on lan, put to sleep the disks as nedeed. It works f

  • Address book does not launch and does not sync to iphone

    When I had upgraded to 10.5.4, the permissions from my user profile got corrupted. Since then I have created another profile and rebuilt permissions. Now the address book is not launching, it just bounces in the dock and nothing happens. Also when I

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    Hi Guys, My scenario is RFC - SOAP synchronus. In the response mapping, i have a field from the 3rd party WSDL which basically returns the status codes like 100, 200 etc. If 100 i need to map the message as "success" to a particular field in RFC. I h

  • Problema de actualización de iOS 8.1

    Necesito saber cual podría ser el problema en mi iPhone, porque al actualizar el sistema operativo colapso y para poder utilizarlo tuve que restaurar la configuración de fabrica mediante iTunes, es un teléfono nuevo y sin golpes.