How to view generated pdf file

hi ,
I have generate d pdf file from jasper & i store it on cdrive. but i don't how to view it from program.
i had given
JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfFile(jasperPrint,           "c:\\rpt_Invoice.pdf");
JasperManager.printReportToPdfFile(jasperPrint, "BasicReport.pdf");
this code. it generate pdf file & viw jasper , but is there any method to view pdf file .

Search forums?
Search jasper API?
Google java pdf viewer?

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  • How to view a PDF file

    Hey, i was wondering if anyone knew how to view a PDF file in Java? I'm trying to make a button that will open a PDF file. Is there any other way without downloading an extension?

    Kandyman wrote:
    The thing with downloading extensions is that they are not free. Some are trial version. iText and Jasper are probably free and stable to a great extent. Plus they allow you to play with PDFs, Excel, Bar charts, Pie charts, CSV etc etc without the hassles of the heavyweight Swing.
    - Vaibhav Beohar

  • How to view aspx PDF files in Safari 4.0.3

    Using Safari 4.0.3 on os 10.5.8. I'm trying to view PDF files that are supposed to be viewed and editable within the browser (this is how the site works on a pc using internet explorer). When I click the relevant icon on the site, the site asks me if I'm sure I want to view that file (this is normal), and I click accept. Then Safari simply downloads the aspx file into the downloads folder. To the extent I could open the aspx manually using Reader (I can't), it wouldn't help anyway because the file is meant to be edited within a web browser, and within the pdf there are options to "save," "save and close," etc. I need to be able to open and view this file from within Safari.
    I have the latest Adobe reader and made sure the settings allowed for opening of PDFs from the internet.
    Any thoughts?

    I concur with Kirk Olson1's comment above, and have been unable to solve this 'til reading this post.
    Change the .aspx extension of a saved file to .pdf and presto, Preview opens the doc for reading without complaint. This may not solve the problem the user has with editing the file within their browser. But the .aspx file, without a doubt, is in fact a file of "some" sort that is readable by Preview. As to the properties of editing the file, I can't speak to that. Since I am using this to read and save my bank statement, I would hope that the ASPX file is a signed document that can't be edited without the change being detectable... otherwise, what purpose is served by introducing a new filename extension ASPX for PDF files???
    I've had the same "Browser can't view/open ASPX file" problem under Mac OS 10.5.* and Safari and Firefox. A bank provides me with "PDF" files (so they say) that download (to view, or file-save-as) with the .aspx filename extension. Firefox 3.5.* doesn't handle them. I've not downloaded Adobe products to my Mac and have avoided doing so because I don't want Adobe mucking with the way Preview works, etc.
    In an experiment, I am unable to coerce Preview to open a copy of the same file while it had the .aspx extension (via Ctrl-Click the aspx file, Open_With, Enable All Applications to Open). Preview just sits there without opening the file, no error dialog, and I don't see any telltale warnings in the console log either. The same file, with a filename extension changed, no problem opening and viewing.

  • How can we generate PDF file by passing a query from package to RDF?

    Hi Everyone,
    I am beginner as SQL Developer, I am stuck in one issue , that is regarding generating PDF or Excel file according to user parameters passed.
    Detail of Requirement :
    I have created one package it contains 2 functions and 1 Procedure .
    Also created xx_report.rdf for generating in PDF .
    getQuery Function Returns Query as output.
    getExcelFile function gets query as input and generate  and return CLOB file as OUTPUT.
    xx_Report  Procedure will take input CLOB file and export it to EXCEL file and save under a DEFAULT Location.
    When User Pass Excel as parameter we can generate the file , but now if User Passes the Parameter for PDF FILE then  client wants  to invoke RDF  passing same query(getQuery) to xx_Report.RDF and generate PDF from it .
    We have already Created the RDF for xx_Report
    How it is possible? to invoke RDF from PL SQL Package.
    (We are doing like this as in future if there are any changes in query we dont have to change in RDF or in Package )
    If not then please let me know the other way where i can get the PDF or EXCEL file as output according to users choice from RDF.
    ( We are not using XML PUBLISHER nor 3rd party tools)
    Only Oracle Reports Developer 11g 1.2.3.
    Please help me in this ....its urgent.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Harshil .

    Hello Narendra,
    (Specific to SAP POS General Merchandise)
    A  Tlog is binary file created by selling items via SAP POS. The file must be converted into ASCII by the use of a utility called cvtlog.exe or trickled to other systems. Once the tlog is converted to ASCII it contains all the information required to feed downstream systems such as ERP, POS DMu2026.etc.
    Hope that helps
    For detailed information on SAP POS dataflow and TLOG Formats  please see this link
    or navigate to  and follow the below links
    Documentation -> SAP for Industries -> SAP for Retail

  • How to view a pdf file as a slideshow in iDVD

    I have created a document in PAGES that I have saved as a pdf file. I would like to have this as a chapter in a family movie that I want to burn as a DVD.
    I have done this before but cannot remember how.! I think I went through iPhoto and iMovie and ended up in iDVD but cannot find the right sequence of commands

    I often forget this procedure when it's time to do this also. Sure would be nice if apple added an article to their knowledge base on how to do this (as opposed to having to sort thru dozens of posts to find this info). Anyway, glad you are up and running with this.

  • How to view server .pdf file in WDP

    I want to open/view the file(.pdf) in WebDynpro which is attched in SAP CRM transaction as document.
    Can anybody help me in this.

    Hi patel,
    check this link,it's very useful
    Opening a PDF File from WebDynpro
    Re: UI element for interactive Form
    Re: PDF file on my view
    displaing the pdf,
    Displaying PDF file in browser
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            Vinoth Raja.V

  • How to view the pdf files stored in client side using  forms 10g

    Hi All,
    I am using webutil to upload and download the blobs from database. I susccessfully uploaded/downloaded the blobs from database to client(d:\
    Now I want to view the download pdf through form.
    Can anyone help me regarding this?

    I have tested the sql and found that there are no records in the table in which iam uploading the file
    In the form, I am joing tow tables mapping with rpt_num
    Even after adding information for the image table like image_no,image_name and
    when i click on upload to db icon. it gives me the same error WUT-113
    I think I need to save this basic information first and then upload the file
    can you please advise where can i add this code to save the data first
    below is the code iam using to upload the file from database
    l_success boolean;
    l_success := webutil_file_transfer.Client_To_DB_with_progress
    (clientFile => :images.file_name
    ,tableName => images'
    ,columnName => 'RPT_IMAGE'
    ,whereClause => 'RPT_NUM = ''' || :PVT.PVT_SA_RPT_NUM || ''''
    ,progressTitle => 'Upload to Database in progress'
    ,progressSubTitle=> 'Please wait'
    ,asynchronous => false
    ,callbackTrigger => null
    if l_success
    message('File uploaded successfully into the Database');
    message('File upload to Database failed');
    end if;
         when others
         message('File upload failed: '||sqlerrm);

  • ~~~how can i view a pdf file in a servlet?~~

    i just need to view the .pdf files in a servlet page.all the pdf files are stored in my web module(i am using the glassfish server).can anybody tell me how to do it?
    thanks a lot....

    Provide a link? I mean, linking a PDF in an HTML page is hardly a Java programming problem.

  • How to generate PDF file through reports using forms 6i

    Hi all,
    I am using oracle 10g with forms 6i and reports 6i.I need to generate pdf file where clicking a button a report should be called and the report should be generated as a .pdf file in the source i have specified(ex. d:\...).Is this popssible with forms?.how can i achieve this.Kindly help me with suitable answers.Thanks :)

    regarding report, there is a dedicated report forum. you should post there.
    but answer for your question is form is nothing to do with the pdf generation. you can call the report from the as usual.
    In the report you should set the properties like
    destype to 'file'
    desname to 'path with file name'
    desformat to 'pdf'

  • How can I disable viewing of PDF-files in browser in Adobe Reader XI?

    Hi everyone
    After I have upgraded to Adobe Reader XI, I not longer can find the checkbox under settings>Internet, where I can disable that Adobe Reader XI viewing PDF-files in my browser.
    If I instead press on the button, I can see in the dialog box Adobe refers to an article there give me instruction to turn off the viewing of PDF-files via my browser settings. When I follow these instructions, I can see that the plug-in to Adobe is disabled when I not viewing PDF-files in my browser, and enabled when I viewing PDF-files in my browser.
    1. Why has Adobe removed the checkbox where I can disable viewing of PDF-files in my browser?
    2. How can I now disable and enable viewing of PDF in my browser?
    My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit, and my browser is Internet Explorer 8.
    Very thanks.

    Hi again
    I have read the article, but I can still not find the plugin I should
    disable in Internet Explorer 8.
    If I see a PDF-file in my browser, I can select and disable a plugin called
    PDF Adobe Reader, but next time I open Internet Explorer 8, I not can see
    the plugin.
    Another method is between the guide for accessibility
    (edit>Accessibility>Setup Assistant. On screen number 4, you can find the
    Since I am blind, I can find the assistant.
    For my interessting, it is possible for sighted users of Adobe Reader to
    find the same assistant?
    Very thanks.
    [auto-quote deleted by host]

  • How can I view a PDF file on my IPad? I only get the first page.

    How can I view a PDF file from my Ipad, both in email and Internet links? I only get the first page.

    Support for viewing PDFs in emails and web-pages is built in to the iPad. You need not have bought an app for that.
    There are PDF apps that provide more features than the built-in functionality, but for basic viewing of multi-page PDFs no app is required.

  • How to generate PDF file from HTML file using Acrobat API's

    I want to generate a PDF file from an HTML file on server side(C# .Net).
    Their is a COM interop called "AcrobatWeb2PDF" availaible but could not find any document regarding how to use it.
    I cant use "Adobe live cycle PDF Generator" as we just have license for Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.
    Please help...
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anand Mahadik.

    > It is hard to believe that Adobe doesn't provide a toolkit for generating PDF files, so many web based applications have vector based content that needs to be converted to PDF!!!!
    They do, it's just not free (A company in business to make money? I'm sure IBM would never think this way... ;)). As mentioned you have Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator, which you can customize and extend with Java. You also have the Adobe PDF Library SDK, which is written for use with C/C++ although if you license it from Datalogics (the only company in NA Adobe allows to license the PDF Library) you will also get .NET and Java interfaces (part of the DLE - DataLogics Extensions).
    > There must be a way to generate PDF dynamically on a server or from Javascript!
    JavaScript? Not really, no. As far as I'm aware JavaScript has no file system access capabilities without some form of intermediary (like sending the data to a webservice that writes it out to file). How would you create a PDF file with JavaScript?
    The PDF Standard is also in ISOs hands now (ISO 32000-1:2008), it is no longer owned by Adobe - you can download a copy of the specification from them and write your own library based on that as well.

  • How can I store and view a pdf file ?

    I have an iphone 3GS 32Gb and want to store a pdf file on my phone so that I can view it later.
    Email is the only way I have been able to view my pdf file, but I dont really want to do it this way.
    On previous phones I could save a file on the phones memory card and then open the file in the necessary app.
    This is something I know the iphone doesnt do, but I was wondering if there is a way around it or an app.

    sky_rat wrote:
    Which is the best of those apps, can you recommend any ?
    [File Magnet| 61?mt=8] is pretty good.
    I did find one app (I cant remember the name, thought it was Air Share) and it said Apple had told them to change the app so that you cant transfer files over USB, only Wi-Fi.
    I think that was [FileApp| 97804694?mt=8], (previously File Aid).
    Apple dont like people being able to use their phone like this.... bloody control freaks.
    You can vote with your feet remember.

  • When I  Generate  PDF file(In Hindi Word) then Output is Blank only Englis

    When I Generate PDF file(In Hindi Word) then Output is Blank only English is coming.
    So can u suggest me ,How to show PDF file in Hindi word.I am using jasper report and Jasper report internally Jasper viewer output is showing all format.But PDF is not showing..
    I am using jasper report 4.0.1.
    Plz help me..

    searched your post for keywords "JDeveloper" "ADF" "JSF" but could not find them. So are you sure you are posting to the right forum?
    If you have an issue with MS WOrd and PDF then Microsoft and Adobe are the ones to call for help. Jasper Reports also is not owned by Oracle, which is another area you want to investigate

  • Mavericks 10.9.1. Freezes or trackpad becomes slow and unresponsive when viewing downloaded PDF files in Preview.Help!

    The earlier post was my first attempt at posting and had some typos. Repeated with typos corrected.
    I have a Macbook Pro Retina 13" Late 2013 with preinstalled Mavericks.I now have the 10.9.1 update. Almost from the time of purchase in Nov '13, I have been experiencing freezes and slow & unresponsive trackpad. I have more or less narrowed this symptom as happening when viewing downloaded PDF files. The only option is to force eject, if available or shut down. I spoke to Support as I thought it was a RAM issue and they told me that in Mavericks RAM showing almost full was normal as it uses RAM differently. They took me through some resets and cleaning up which has helped a little but freezing stll happens. This never happened with my Macbook AIr running Lion. Any suggestions?
    Macbook Pro Retina 13" Late '13-Mavericks 10.9.1
    Macbook Air 13" Mid '11-Lion
    Macbook Aluminium 13" Late '08-Snow Leopard

    So a PDF file that you can view in Preview on your MBA causes your new MBP to lock up and/or slow down. Is this right? Also you say more or less narrowed down to PDFs with Preview but does the computer exhibit this behavior with other programs and if so under what conditions? And how much free hard drive space do you have?
    Viewing memory use in Mavericks is different than with previous versions of the OS. Today it looks like we need to pay attention to what Apple calls Memory Pressure which is gauged by the bar graph in Activity Monitor and to the Virtual Memory being used. When the memory pressure graph bar gets too high it turns red and that's bad news. Looking at how much memory is being used doesn't help - I have a 16GB computer and with almost nothing running it still shows something like 15.79GB used but the memory pressure graph is just a think green line. So unless you see the memory pressure bar turning red lets not worry about memory usage at the moment.
    If among the things AppleCare had you do was reinstall Mavericks then I recommend a trip to the Apple store - and take a problem PDF file with you to demonstrate.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi I need an example of the DTD and the xml file delivered by Oracle XML Gateway which i can present as an example for a customer. Does anybody knows where to find those or if someone coulld mail them to me ? [email protected] Thanks in advance /Drag

  • Starting up oracle fusion Middleware.

    g'day guys, i was hoping if anyone is having the same issue as me. I have upgraded discoverer 10g to 11g. I am hoping what i have installed or the way i installed this is correct. I have installed weblogic server and discoverer i am