How well does Qmaster via Compressor work with FCP 7?

How well does Qmaster via Compressor work with FCP 7?

It works wonderfully as long as you are running (at least) OSX 10.5.6 + QT 7.6 on a serious intel mac.

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    I am currently working with Aperture 2.1. I understand from the Apple one-to-one trainers that I would get improved editing if I installed Adobe Photoelements 6. Yet, when I had Adobe Phototoelements 5 on my Leopard, it crashed iPhoto and iPhoto crashed it. I now have both iphoto and Aperture 2.1. No one I called at Adobe Tech support had a clue as how Adobe relates to Apple Computers; it was really amazing. Does anyone out there have experience with Aperture 2.1 and Adobe Photoelements 6 together as editors? Many thanks for your time.
    Levittown, NY

    I've only had Elements 6 a couple of days and haven't done much with it but have had no problems passing pics back and over to it from iPhoto or Aperture.

  • How well does the TomTom app work?

    Let's hear it, how well does the TomTom app work compared to a dedicated GPS device? Are you using TomTom's special cat kit? Is there a way to load TomTom binary files (POIs) onto the iphone?

    I have used a Garmin Nuvi760 for about 2 years and have been very pleased. When TomTom had a sale for $50 and now seems to be $60, I bought it. I also bought a kensington car mount. ( I like it. with my 3GS, there is no need for the amplified TomTom car kit. The speech quality could be better but it's loud enough. I do like the on screen presentations a bit more than my Garmin. I'm still getting used to the interface. It's a real good thing that I can use my contacts file to set destinations. My next step is to go on an 800 mile trip this month and compare the two systems side by side. So far, TomTom has not always made the best route choice and once sent me to the right address in an adjoining city. (This is southern Cal) Not good, but these are map issues which will always be evolving. Is it worth it? Yes. At $100, maybe. The good thing is that my phone is always with me and so is my GPS. I does put a drain on the battery, so it should be on charging while using in a car.

  • How well do displays over 20" work with macbook?

    Im thinking of getting a cinema display or similar at about 20" or so. how well does the macbook handle large displays since the gfx card isnt that powerful? im not expecting to play World of Warcraft at full size but will any applications take a hit? i have the lowest macbook model but i put in 2gigs of ram. thanks.

    I just got a macbook and it works fine with my dell 2007fpw. For that matter, my g3 ibook works fine (if a little slow for some operations) with that monitor at full resolution (1600x1050) (after screenspanning doctor). The graphics card may be weak compared to other current laptop offerings, but it is by no means bad, and for any 2d task it is just fine.
    ibook g3/macbook white 2ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Does Magic Bullet Looks works with FCP X?

    Hi guys, does magic bullet looks or mojo work with FCP X?

  • How well does the calendar feature work?

    i know some people had some problems early on. how well is it working now. what about the printed results? appreciate any feedback.

    The new iPhoto 6 .0.3 update is supposed to fix the calendar problem. The first thing I created with V6 was a calendar and it turned out great. With the fix in the new update, it should be very useable.

  • How well does mac read and write with FAT32

    Hi there,
    I have heard that an external hard drive formatted in FAT32 from a windows machine will work with a mac. Is it a seemless read and write while using an application. i have both a pc and a mac and want both to use the same harddrive.

    as brianking said, you won't be able to boot from it, but for an external drive fat32 works like a charm. I share three 250 GB external drives with my colleagues at work and we only once had a problem of destroyed FAT which might have been caused by the Mac, but was never examined since it did not happen again.

  • How to get ASF format to work with FCP

    I have a Neuros 442 DVR that I’m trying to pull footage from and play in Final Cut Pro. The thing is that the format that the DVR records in is ASF and Final Cut Pro will not read that. I have put it in a Windows (yes I know I’m sorry) and it would read it but would not convert it without hesitations it the video. If anyone knows how to do this pleas let me know thanks.
    Villi Olafsson

    i did what you said and dowloaded that from flip4mac and it worked on letting the ASF files work with quicktime but the other thing that we are having a problum with is the glitching in the clips after convertion. (we need to conver to MOV from ASF and we are getting hesatations in the clips. which our clients will not like at all. if you now anything else that would help me out that would be great thanks
    Villi O.

  • How well does a GPS camera function with Places in iPhoto?

    I am considering buying a GPS camera (Nikon Coolpix AW110 to be exact). Does anyone know how this functions with Places in iPhoto?

    As long as the camera writes the data to the correct fields in the Metadata of the image, it will work. I would expect that the Nikon should do that.

  • How well does MS Remote Desktop work?

    For those that have used Microsoft's Remote Desktop client,, have you found it satisfactory? Does it work fine with either Vista or XP?
    Does the Windows machine need anything special installed or is this the counterpart to the Windows version of Remote Desktop?


  • How well does Final Cut Studio run with 3gb of ram? Macbook Pro 2.33mhz

    I have a 2.33mhz (Model a1211) Macbook Pro. I've maxed out the ram to 4gb but because of the motherboard restrictions (that I still don't quite understand) it can only use 3GB.
    I've read on the FCS specs that the minimum is requirement is 1GB but Apple recommends 4GB.
    I cut mainly short 3 to 5 minute pieces with AVCHD video decoded with up to 60-90 minutes of footage.
    Will I have any serious issues with any of the Final Cut Studio Programs that I should be aware of?
    I'm obviously not expecting Mac Pro results but If it doesn't run very well with 3GB, I might have to rethink my purchase. If it is just a "hiccup" now and then with waiting for video to start or such, I will deal.
    <Edited by Host>

    Motion is gfx intensive. Meaning that the lower the gfx card, the lower the performance. You should expect little-to-no realtime performance from Motion on the system mentioned with even basic-to-remotely-intermediate animations. CPU RAM will make a difference in the amount of total frames that you can render in a RAM preview, but it will not affect realtime performance. With your proposed system: add a particle, a lower third text, a replicator with 5,000 points, a light with some shadows, and a reflection (and this is one of each mind you, not multiple instances) and expect around a * less than * 1-3 fps playback in draft quality with %50-%25 playback resolution. Then expect to wait up to a minute or more with the beachball of death for each parameter change. No joke either. Good luck fine-tuning your moderate-to-even-remotely-complex animation with your desired system.
    If working in Motion is your desire, then focus on the graphics card. Unfortunately you can not upgrade your gfx card on the MBP, so you should consider selling your MBP and investing in a Mac Pro. You can upgrade the gfx card in the Mac Pro and obtain optimal performance from Motion. Otherwise you'll literally be stuck in the mud with your animations.

  • How well does the Mac Mini look with an LED Tv?

    I'm considering a Mac Mini over an iMac to cut costs, especially because I already have a 32in LED 1080p Samsung HDTV. Would I connect it with a thunderbolt cord or with an HDMI cord from the Mini to tv? Currently my 13" MBP, early 2011 plugged into a 40in HDTV looks terrible with the Thunderbolt to HDMI. Do you get a better display output? Thanks

    It will be easier to connect via HDMI since Minis have HDMI out and your TV certainly has HDMI in. You can use Thunderbolt but would need a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, so I don't see the point of doing that unless you have a second HDMI display you wish to use simultaneously.
    I find the output quality to be fine. Of course, TVs vary widely in quality. And you must remember that 1080p equates to 1920x1080 resolution, which is not particularly high resolution for a desktop monitor nowadays.

  • How well do the new earpods work with small ears?

    My wife has a hard time with earbuds because she has small ears. Just curious if the new earpods would work better for her or not. Anybody have experiance with these yet to know?

    I just got a macbook and it works fine with my dell 2007fpw. For that matter, my g3 ibook works fine (if a little slow for some operations) with that monitor at full resolution (1600x1050) (after screenspanning doctor). The graphics card may be weak compared to other current laptop offerings, but it is by no means bad, and for any 2d task it is just fine.
    ibook g3/macbook white 2ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • How well does Compressor 4 work with Final Cut 6?

    How well does Compressor 4 work with Final Cut 6?

    The short answer is that there is no interoperability between them. Of course, you can certainly export a QT movie from FCP and bring it into C4.
    Honestly, I'm not sure it's worth it for someone already has C3. There is very little that C4 can do that C3 cannot. The major differences are that C4 has certain presets like  MPEG 4 h.264 and 1080 Apple TV; it can also create simple Blu Rays and DVDs. Qmaster is integrated, but I'm not sure whether that is a gain.

  • How well does the wireless "Wild Charge" pad work with the iPhone?

    how well does the wireless "Wild Charge" pad work with the iPhone?

    I have tried similar things, and no, it has not become corrupted. So it should be fine

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