HP Deskjet F 300 going 'Offline' and not printing

What is the simple solution to my HP DeskjetF300 often going 'Offline'
Howcan I stop this happening?
How do I get it back?

Hi kencorn,
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I noticed that your HP Deskjet F300 keeps going offline, and not printing. I am happy to help!
For further assistance, I will need the following information:
The Product/Model Number of your printer. Follow instructions in this link. Finding Your HP Product Model Number.
If you are using a Windows or Mac Operating System, and the version number. To find the exact version, visit this link. Whatsmyos.
If the printer is connected, Wireless, Ethernet, or USB.
If the printer is able to make copies.
If the power cable is plugged into a surge protector, or directly to the wall outlet. Issues when Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply/Power Strip/Surge Protector. This applies to Inkjet printers as well.
If you are using Windows, please try our HP Print and Scan Doctor, and let me know what happens!
Hope to hear from you soon!
I work on behalf of HP
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  • Deskjet 6940 keeps going offline

    I have a Deskjet 6940 connected directly to my router and both PC's run Vista.  Often, the printer goes offline and the only solution that I have is to reinstall the printer.  Any solutions?

    Just to be clear, you have a LAN cable connecting your Deskjet 6940 to your router, right?
    When the printer goes "offline", can you access the printer's internal web page by browsing to its IP address?  You can get the printer's IP address by pressing the check-mark button to print out the network status.
    When the printer goes "offline", does power-cycling the printer help?
    Finally, we can manually install the printer.  This might work better.  Here's the sequence for Vista:
    Click >> Start >> Control panel >> Printer.
    Click the 'Add Printer' icon. The 'Add Printer' dialog box opens.
    Click 'Next' button on the 'Welcome to the Add Printer' Wizard dialog box.
    Select 'Local printer' in the Local or Network Printer dialog box.
    Under Select a Printer Port option, select "Create a new port" and select "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "Next" button.
    In the "Welcome to the Add Standard TCP/IP printer port wizard" make sure that the printer is turned on. Click "Next" button.
    Under "Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port" enter the printer's host name that is printed from the printer's netwotrk configuration page.
    Now, select HP (not Hewlett-Packard) from the list of manufacturers, select Deskjet 6900 from the list of Printer models and click 'Next' button.
    The Printer name will be highlighted on the next window. Click 'Next' button.
    It will ask for the Printer name -- leave the default value.
    Click 'Yes' for making the printer default. Click 'Next' button.
    The Print Test Page box appears.
    Select 'Yes' to print a test page.
    Click 'Finish' button to complete the installation. 
    It should print a test page. 
    Regards / Jim B / Wireless Enthusiasts
    ( While I'm an embedded wireless systems engineer at work, on this forum I do not represent my former employer, Hewlett-Packard, or my current employer, Microsoft )
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  • SOLUTION to your HP printer going offline and/or constantly disconnecting from the network

    If you are having a problem printing, scanning or faxing with any HP Printer because of it going offline and constantly disconnecting from the network, here is the fix!
    I figured this all out after many unsuccessful attempts with HP Support, my Internet Service Provider and various troubleshooting tasks including reinstalling HP software over and over and over.  Well, through self teaching on the internet and 6 grueling months of research, I FINALLY figured it out.  OMG!  I am a Paramedic (not IT) and somewhat computer literate but by far no expert.  I here all of you!  Nobody seems to have the answer but I am 97% sure that I do.  Either way, please reply back and let me know that this did in fact work for you!  :-)   
    It doesn't matter if your printer is installed wirelessly or wired.  Don’t worry about reinstalling your software, no recycling your printers’ power or your Router/Modem.  The reason your printer is unstable on the network and continues to either go offline or disconnect from the network is NOT because the software is glitched, it’s not a firewall problem per say, it’s not a router problem, there isn’t a problem with your power cord, it’s because most networks use a “range” of IP addresses and for security purposes, it sort of “cycles” the various devices’ IP addresses to decrease the chance of an attack.  A printer is no threat but the “network” doesn’t possess human intelligence so it doesn’t know this.  Below are my step by step instructions on how to basically make your printer hold its IP address (static IP) instead of changing back and forth through a cycle therefore dropping your printer off the network or disconnecting. 
    Funny, if you are someone who has had items in your print cue, they won’t print, and you turn your printer off and then back on and suddenly your documents print…well, join my club.  The reason this works is because when you first turn on the printer, it starts with the same IP address before it cycles.  If you are someone who sits there for a while and suddenly your documents print without you changing anything…this is because through the IP cycle change, it hits your printers IP address and the network will allow it to print.  Not very funny, I know.  It took me forever to figure out why my printer would print sometimes but not all the time.  Since I figured this out, I can SCAN, PRINT and use all of the features of my installed HP software such as HP Solution Center, Photosmart Essentials.   
    On your printer, go to menu/setup/network and press OK.  Inside the network menu, print a "network configuration page" so you can see the IP address and other settings for your printer.
    Now, go back to main menu on your printers’ screen.  Or you can go to your web browser and type in the IP address using the decimals too and this will take you to your printers’ web page.  Choose: setup\network and press OK.  Look for IP settings and press OK. Choose "manual" instead of "automatic". Enter the IP address there manually as well as the default gateway which you can see on the network configuration page that you printed earlier.  Note: If you manually set the printer's IP, make sure that it is outside of your router's DHCP range. Otherwise you may run into an issue with duplicate IP's on your network. (If you don’t know how to do this, write back and I will explain).  Don’t forget to click “save changes”.  Now, restart your computer and print anything you want.  :-) 
    A trick I often use with printers in DHCP networks:
    In Printers and Faxes right click on the printer and select “properties”.  Click add a new port.  Choose standard TCP/IP port configured to the printer host name. Read the hostname from the printer's network configuration sheet.
    Using my method means that you always connect to the printer even if its IP changes (which may happen with dynamic configuration). This does not jeopardize your network security.  It just tells your printer to stay put and stop traveling the IP address highway.  :-)
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    The DHCP range is the range of IP addresses the router hands out automatically as devices join the network.  The DHCP range is determined by the router and each brand has a range set at the factory (that can be changed by you).
    Your D-link's DHCP default range is to  So, outside the DHCP range is .2 to .99 and .200 to .254.
    Attached is a handy cheat sheet.
    You can change this range by entering the router's settings page - type the router's IP address into a browser, enter the login info and navigate to the DHCP settings area (varies based on router, hunt around).
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    I am employed by HP
    Router Facts.pdf ‏25 KB

  • Skype Going Offline and Online Randomly?

    Hi, my Skype keeps going offline and offline very quickly, not even offline then a few seconds later, online, as in every second it's on and off and on and off... etc. Also, if I try to message someone while it's doing this it gives me a really far-off date like February 5, 2020, but it's only when this is happening. In addition, it sometimes drops me from calls and it randomly tells me it's like, five of my contact's birthdays at once. I'm running Windows XP and I'm sure I have the latest version, as I just uninstalled then reinstalled Skype. I'd like to know if this is my internet or Skype freaking out, thanks for reading
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    You have the well known "time-travelling" bug on your Windows XP computer.
    Try this:

  • After recent upgrade to IOS 7 i an seeing systems rebooting very frequently. it just goes offline and comeback online after some time. IS this hardware issue or others also facing the same

    After recent upgrade to IOS 7 i an seeing systems rebooting very frequently. it just goes offline and comeback online after some time. IS this hardware issue or others also facing the same

    Hello there, Kishoresaraogi.
    The following Knowledge Base article provides some great steps to troubleshoot your issue:
    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting
    Will not turn on, will not turn on unless connected to power, or unexpected power off
    Verify that the Sleep/Wake button functions. If it does not function, inspect it for signs of damage. If the button is damaged or is not functioning when pressed, seek service.
    Check if a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is activated or there are signs of corrosion. Learn about LCIsand corrosion.
    Connect the iPhone to the iPhone's USB power adapter and let it charge for at least ten minutes.
    After at least 30 minutes, if:
    The home screen appears: The iPhone should be working. Update to the latest version of iOS if necessary. Continue charging it until it is completely charged and you see this battery icon in the upper-right corner of the screen . Then unplug the phone from power. If it immediately turns off, seek service.
    The low-battery image appears, even after the phone has charged for at least 20 minutes: See "iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive" symptom in this article.
    Something other than the Home screen or Low Battery image appears, continue with this article for further troubleshooting steps.
    If the iPhone did not turn on, reset it while connected to the iPhone USB power adapter.
    If the display turns on, go to step 4.
    If the display remains black, go to next step.
    Connect the iPhone to a computer and open iTunes. If iTunes recognizes the iPhone and indicates that it is in recovery mode, attempt to restore the iPhone. If the iPhone doesn't appear in iTunes or if you have difficulties in restoring the iPhone, see this article for further assistance.
    If restoring the iPhone resolved the issue, go to step 4. If restoring the iPhone did not solve the issue, seek service.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Apple mail will not recieve emails without delay. Going offline is not working. Connection Doctor is successfull. Mail check set to every minute.

    I am using Apple mail on my Imac. My emails are coming in but always late...the delay varies from 15 minutes to over an hour. 
    Im using imap...email hosting is via Godaddy. (imap.secureserver.net)  I would normally blame Godaddy, but I use the same account on my Iphone... yet their is no problems whatsoever. I set them up using the exact same information.
    - Mail check is set to every minute.
    - Connection Doctor successfully connects right away for both incoming and outgoing.
    - Closing the program and reopening does not work... Nor does going offline and checking for mail.
    - Check mail button does nothing...literally nothing.
    Currently using Yosemite 10.10.2
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)

    Delete the GoDaddy account from Internet Accounts (make sure to select Remove All)
    Locate the Cached folder, after you find the com.apple.mail folder, delete everything inside the cache (all folders and files)
    Restart your machine
    Re-add your email account from within Apple Mail: Mail - Accounts... - Add Other Account
    Fill out your account info fully,  re-launch Mail

  • Mac OS X Leopard Mail SMTP server keeps going offline and won't come on

    My SMTP in mail on my email accounts keeps going offline and I can't work out how to get it working again. My internet connection is fine. I am receiving emails. I was able to send earlier on my business email account but now my .mac account has gone offline and then my business on went on me.
    I only started using my business email account in mail today and loaded the account into mail. Does anyone have any answers for this as I can see there have been some other people who might have had a similar problem but I can't see any fixes?
    I have deleted and reloaded both my .mac and work account a couple of times now and restarted my computer but still no good.
    Can anyone help?

    I have that offline mail smtp server when I try to send emails from work with my macbook. I've always been able to send emails away from home using the login and password in the smtp configurations. It's a real pain since I use one email account for work and personal business. I can receive email but cannot send any. Everytime I have to answer an email while I'm working, I have to go to the browser, go to my provider's mail page, login and send from there my emails.
    Do we have the same problem?

  • Mail program goes offline and can't send any email

    for couple of weeks ago i had a problem with Mail program and then it started to miss up entire system which even my apple id didn't work so i delete my entire keychain and then i add all again it start to work but now i have a problem with mail program which goes offline and i quit the program and leave it for couple of minutes and then i run it again it worked for 2 second and then goes offline again this is problem number one in other hand i can't send any email from program my emails go to the Outbox and after couple of minuts asking me to resend it which i usually don't do it and send it directly from website any suggestion i can fix this ? i called apple support afew weeks ago the guy didn't respond correctly and told me he has to call the engineer or something like that and after that because it took a lot of time one of my friend fix the problem for me but now i still have problem with this
    any suggestion ? or i should give up using this softwear ?

    More information is required for a meaningful reply. Do you have an email account? Are you settings correct? Can you receive emails on the iPad? Have you another device on which you send /receive emails? Is it working OK?

  • "these clips were left offline and not divided into separate clips"

    After a Maxtor brand hard drive crash, I am trying to recapture footage that was lost. I am using the exact same tapes and source deck as I did originally. In the process of recapture, repeatedly, I get "Batch capture encountered timecode breaks in sequence items. To protect your edits, these clips were left offline and not divided into separate clips." The result is, after spending whatever the time for each clip to capture I get nothing.
    How do I turn off whatever unnecessary protection mechanism is in place? How do I recapture my clips?

    I've already tried both "create new clip" which created NO clip. The I tried "Warn After Capture" and it can't find the last second of video on the tape, so results in nothing.
    I'm now into a new subject. I have created an EDL of the finished project and have tried to re-import that EDL into FCP for recapture. But every attempt to bring the EDL back in results in "Error Importing EDL" and I'm still screwed. Yes I have stripped the recapture information down to the most basic, cuts only, no effects, no filters EDL and it still won't work--I've made dozens of attempts. That may become another query on here: How do you make an EDL that will re-import into FCP? Stay tuned.

  • HP Deskjet all-in-one F4440 will not print

    My HP Deskjet all-in-one- F4440 will not print.  I have put in a new color and a new black cartridge.  It clanks loudly when it moves back and forth.  Finally it stops and then pulls plain paper through as though printing on it - does this two or three times.  then it pulls plain paper halfway through and stops.  I have to tug and carefully pull halfway paper back out towards front to remove.

    Hi there,
    Could you provide the community with a little more information to help narrow troubleshooting? Are there any error messages or flashing lights? What operating system are you using?
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  • Adobe Flash 11.9.900.152: objects not showing in print preview and not printing

    When I select print from Adobe Flash 11.9.900.152, objects are not showing in print preview and not printing on the printer.   I have tried to print from both MS Internet Explorer and Google Chrome--neither work.
    I am using:
    Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pak 1
    Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16618
    Google Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m
    How do I resolve this issue?

    What is it you're trying to print?

  • How come all my eprints are pending and not printing

    All my emails i send to my printer through eprint say they are pending and not printing.  any ideas?

    On my second day of this not working. I've tried sending just text and a small JPG. I have also tried removing the allowed user list so that anyone can send an email to the printer. The print jobs slowly appear in the queue but never leave a pending status.
    This is very frustrating because I'm trying to help my 84 year old father set this up from long distance. I had this working up until yesterday. Even more madening is that there is no online resource (that I can see) that lists the exact menu options for his printer. The PDF files are very generic so it makes telling him what to push nearly impossible. 
    It would seem the issue is on the HP ePrint side. Or maybe were software updates pushed that might need to be applied to the printer?

  • HP Photosmart B110a constantly goes offline and won't print via USB either

    Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8
    HP Photosmart B110
    I've connected the printer to my wireless network without any issues, but when I first tried to connect my macbook pro to the printer, it would keep disappearing from the network. Once I finally managed to connect it, every time I go to print something now, it will always say it is offline. Even when I try and bypass the wireless connection and connect via USB, it will still say it is offline. 
    I've have tried reinstalling the printer and driver many times, and I've tried connecting 2 other macbooks via the wireless and all experience the same issue. It is starting to get incredibly frustrating having to reinstall the printer over and over again.
    I would appreciate a solution that would prevent it from always going offline, even If I have to give up the wireless 'feature' and permanently print via USB. I do not have time to continuously fiddle with the settings every single time I need to print a document.

    Let's set a static IP address for the printer:
    - Print a Network Config Page from the front of the printer. Note the printer's IP address.
    - Type that IP address into a browser to reveal the printer's internal settings.
    - Choose the Networking tab, then Wireless along the left side, then the IPv4 tab.
    - On this screen you want to set a Manual IP. You need to set an IP address outside the range that the router automatically sets (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') to 250
    - Use for the subnet (unless you know it is different, if so, use that)
    - Enter your router's IP (on the Network Config Page) for the gateway.
    - Enter for the first DNS and for the second DNS.
    - Click 'Apply'.
    Now, shut down the router and printer, start the router, wait, then start the printer.
    After this you may need to redo 'Add a Printer' using the new IP address.
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  • Deskjet d4360 lights blinking and not printing

    I have a deskjet d4360 and when I am sending something to be printed all the lights start flashing.  The power and resume buttons are flashing very rapidly and the ink catridge lights are flashing at a slower rate.  Nothing is being printed.  if I press the power button it eventually goes back to no lights flashing  but as soon as I try to print the same thing happens.  If I press the resume button after lots of random flashing patterns it eventually goes to power and resume light flashing rapidly.  If I press the power button again it goes back to no lights flashing and ready to print.  But it wont print and goes through the same cycles if I try to print.
    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi Lisa, there's a document here for blinking lights on the DJ D4360 which may help resolve this problem...
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
    Twitter: @Ciara_B_HP

  • IMac OSX 10.9.5 Shows Brother MFC 8710DW Printer Is "Offline" and "Not Connected T

    I have a Brother MFC 8710 DW that I've had for the past 4 months. It works perfectly fine with my other devices (iPad, iPhone, Windows PC and Macbook Pro) but it doesn't work with my iMac OSX 10.9.5. I did the things listed below but it keeps on telling me that the printer is not connected to my computer and whenever I check its status, it keeps on saying "offline." I've tried to contact Apple and they said that it's Brother's problem and that I should speak with them. However, when I called Brother, they said that it's Apple's problem. I'm at lost on what I need to do. As much as I love my iMac, I am tempted to return it back. Please help.
    Things I've done so far but did not fix the problem:
    1. Unplugged the printer, iMac and router and plugged it back in after a few minutes.
    2. Removed the printer from my iMac and added it back.
    3. Reinstalled the software from Brother.
    4. Repaired the disk.
    5. Plugged the printer and router directly to the wall.
    6. Turned off and restarted my iMac and printer.
    7. Downloaded the most recent OSX software.

    It sounds unusual that you have been able to remove the Brother from Printers & Scanners on the iMac and add it back again, yet get a printer offline message.
    Since you mention a router, is the Brother connected to it via a physical cable, such as USB? Or do you have a wireless router and the printer is connected to it via WiFi?
    On the iMac, could you also open System Information (located in Applications > Utilities) and select Printers in the left column. If the Brother is the only printer on the iMac then its information will appear in the right pane. If you have more than one printer, then you will have a list of those printers in the top right pane. Select the Brother to see its information in the bottom right pane. Can you copy this information and paste back here. And since the MacBook Pro is printing okay, can you perform the same action on it so I can compare the setup for the same printer.

Maybe you are looking for