HP Photosmart C6300 printer/scanner not working after Snow Leopard install

HP Photosmart C6300 printer/scanner not working after Snow Leopard install
Reinstalling etc does not work - does anyone else have the same problem or a clue as to how to fix this?

I got a C6280 and the scanner does not work anymore. I am for 6 days in contact with HP. The last printer driver install form the apple web site does not open the image of HewlettPackardPrinterDrivers.dmg because of an invalid checksum. The skipping of the validation gives and error in the install.

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  • TS3479 quick time not working after snow leopard install?

    Made video's on my iphone and loaded them to my imac. Video did not work in iphoto.  No Quick time pop up. what happened? Snow leopard install. 

    You need to re-install iPhoto because it's missing bits of itself:
    Library not loaded...
    Reason: no suitable image found.
    Looking at the missing files it's possible that it's missing from the OS. But start with re-installing iPhoto, and if that fails you'll ned to re-install the OS.
    To re-install iPhoto
    1. Put the iPhoto.app in the trash (Drag it from your Applications Folder to the trash)
    2. Go to HD/Library/Receipts and remove any pkg file there with iPhoto in the name
    3. Re-install.
    If you purchased an iLife Disk, then iPhoto is on it.
    If iPhoto was installed on your Mac when you go it then it’s on the System Restore disks that came with your Mac. Insert the first one and opt to ‘Install Bundled Applications Only...’

  • DVD Drives not working after Snow Leopard install

    Hello all. I'm having problems after installing Snow Leopard. Om my MacBook Pro, my DVD drive doesn't even read discs anymore. It keeps it spinning for a while and then ejects it.
    Coincidentally, the drive on my iMac 3+ GHZ is not accepting my discs into the DVD drive. It's not sucking in the discs anymore.
    Both of these things started happening right after the Snow Leopard installation.
    Can anyone help?

    Have been running without trouble and had total ability to burn disc images to DVD until SL installation. after installation, every burn attempt fails to complete, give me an unrecoverabl, unable to restart error. I does burn data to the disc, but fails at some point near the end of the burn wich renders the disc a "coaster". I put my spare HDD back in wich was running 10.5, the problem exists with that drive also. My next step was to load a fresh drive with 10.5, even then the problem exists. I find it hard to believe that the drive failed exactly when SL was installed, more likely that the installation changed a hardware setting, or installed a firmware update which cause the problem. As I am a repair tech, I have done a ton of reaserch on the subject, and I find that litterally 10's of thousands of people have had the same issue after the SL upgrade. Come on Apple, I always heard you were better than Microsoft, but as everyone can see there is a problem. Get working on the fix and patch it just like Microsoft.

  • Aperture will not work after snow leopard instalation,

    I have avoided upgrading to Snow Leopard but my children bought me the upgrade for Christmas as they want me to use Face Time. So I did, now aperture will not open and it says contact the originators of the program. I am a pro photographer and all my current work is on Aperture and I have a wedding in two days time and so this is somewhat disturbing as all my post production in done in Aperture. Can anyone help me I have done all the software upgrades etc.....

    Are your images files managed in the Aperture Library, or Referenced? Do you have an external disk drive in the configuration, and if so, is it formatted as Mac OS Extended?
    If you hold down the Option key while clicking on the Aperture Icon in the Dock, do you get the dialogue that allows choosing between different Aperture Libraries, or even creating a New Library?

  • Safari will not work after Snow Leopard Install

    Safari does not work. It opens briefly, then closes. I get a message to "click reopen to open application again," but the same thing happens. Please advise.

    Quit Safari if it's open.
    Locate this file. com.apple.safari.plist
    /Users/YourName/Library/Preferences. Drag that file from the Preferences folder to the Desktop.
    Launch Safari. If it launches without crashing, then that .plist file is corrupted. Drag it to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your Mac.
    If Safari still crashes...
    Go to ~/Library/Caches/Safari and delete all the sub-folders within that one.
    Go to /Users/YourName/Library/Safari and delete Home/Library/Safari and delete any of these files you have there:
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  • HP 8150N Printer still not working with Snow Leopard

    I went to the Hewlett Packard page for a new driver and was told the new driver for my printer was included in the Snow Leopard update. I'm sure it is, but my computer can't find the printer. I've used advice from other discussions and tried what I could with the "Print & Fax" feature on my computer, but so far, nothing works. The printer to a network with two other computers in my office. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    I believe this to be a "generic" statement since the support agent did not know what your problem was. I have double checked, and there are no known issues with the driver for the 8150n (at least none that engineering has been informed of and is working on).
    I fully believe the problem you are experiencing is due to the lack of AppleTalk in Snow Leopard.
    First print out the IP address of your printer by printing the configuration page. You may also be able to get this information on the front panel if you dig.
    Second, open up the print and fax control panel and click the + button to add a printer. In the add printer window that opens, select the IP button at the top, choose the protocol of HP JetDirect - Socket, and then type the IP address of the printer. If the OS automatically selects the right printer driver (and not Generic PostScript) you are good to go. Click Add Printer and happy printing.
    If it doesn't auto select the right printer then your printer probably does not have an IP address that is routable from the Mac. The easiest way to get the printer to grab a new IP address is to cold reset it. Cold Reset the printer by powering it down and then powering it back up while holding down the GO button.
    This should force the printer to grab a new IP address. Follow the above steps again to add the printer, and away you'll go.
    One drawback of this method is if you have a network that keeps changing and a DHCP server that doesn't reserve IP addresses for devices it is possible that the printer at some point in the future updates its IP address and is no longer reachable. If this happens, simply repeat the steps and you'll be all set. The other alternative is to assign a static IP address to your printer, but that takes a bit more work.
    Just trying to help.

  • Can't get some websites to work after snow leopard install, java maybe?

    I'm a day trader. I use TD Ameritrade every day to work on. I believe the real time streamer and level 2 quotes are all java based.
    This past weekend I did the Snow Leopard install on my computer. Until this morning it seemed like all was well.
    I go to ameritrade and try to log in and it keeps saying it doesn't recognize my log in. I called them and they are able to log into my account so its my computer. I went to the java preferences and there use to be a lot of java types there now there are just 2, could that some how be it?
    Any suggestions?

    Safari is a 64 bit application, is it worth starting the app in 32 bit mode and testing if it is any better.
    use finder and highlight Safari in the applications directory, do a get Info (cmd i) and tick the 32 bit mode box and restart Safari.
    If it does not help remember to revert back to 64 bit mode.

  • Canon 495 printer scanner not working after upgrade to maverick

    I am sorry I upgraded to Maverick.. My Canon printer/scanner does not work.  I upgraded the drivers, etc. I get an error message and the icons drop out as soon as they come up to auto scan or photo.

    What is the error message?
    Try resetting the printing system.
    Reset Printing System


    To anyone with an HP printer/scanner device,
    After being frustrated with my HP Photosmart C4580 not being able to scan for over an hour (scouring the forums, HP's website etc), I've come to realize my problem. Note that this has only been tested on a device that is plugged in DIRECTLY to your mac. I have not tried this over the network and do not plan to since my house is not set up for that.
    Anyone who is having any issues with their device, UNINSTALL the HP software. The software is simply incompatible with SL and will mess up your devices! HP even says so on their website (see link below)!
    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01846935&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en &product=1153481
    This is easily done by going to your applications folder > Hewlett Packard > HP Uninstaller. After using the uninstaller to uninstall HP's apps from your computer unplug your scanner from your computer and power supply. Now to make sure there are NO printers registered with your computer that could possibly mess up the fresh driver install, go to System Preferences > Print & Fax. Right click anywhere in the left pane (where any printers you have/had installed will be located) and click "Reset Printing System". This will wipe out any traces of a printer so you can start a-new.
    Now, restart your computer. After it is restarted, plug your printer into the power source, then when it is fully booted up you may plug it into your USB slot. Then, go to System Preferences > Print & Fax. Click on the "+" (which will give you the interface to add your printer), select your printer (which you should note will say "USB Multifunction" instead of "USB" which is what showed up with the HP software still installed), and click "add". Your mac will do the rest (installing the drivers and such) and you should be able to print & scan as usual.
    Note that you will need to scan using Preview, Image Capture, or your Printer Queue due to the changes with Snow Leopard (see the HP link above to learn how to use these). Your device should now properly show up when you use these applications to try and scan now.
    -Mike S

    @lakewood - there is nothing specifically in Software Update if you upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard. For me anyway..seems like thats the case for everyone though.
    @ruger - so it won't even let you hit the '+'? For me, I had to hit the '+' to get it to install which in turn automatically downloaded the proper software/drivers for my device. if i were you, i'd see if i could get that to happen and hit '+' to install it. also - make sure you don't have any of the HP software on your computer also (use the uninstaller provided!)..that was really what did the trick for my machine. HP has come out and specifically said to not use the device manager, but that didn't quite do it for me. i had to uninstall everything that came on that CD (its all located in applications > Hewlett-Packard and, like i said, can be uninstalled easily using the provided uninstaller).
    if all else fails, what i've also heard helps is just to reinstall snow leopard. that'll make sure everything is fresh. i'd delete all your printers like i outlined in my first post first THEN reinstalling it if you wish to go that route. however, it really does sound like the driver is messed up if its pausing and works fine with time capsule. idk how old the printer is, but sometimes with older models, the support blows. i apologize if none of this helps whatever the reason for your troubles may be, though.
    Good luck,
    -Mike S
    PS: printers are always terrible to upgrade on everyone's end. consumers, operating systems, and manufacturers. it stinks that nothing can be generic and run similarly anymore =/

  • Airporter does not work after snow leopard upgrade

    I upgraded my old macbook to snow leopard, and the Time Capsule can not detect the disk drive on the Airporter.  The laptop has no problem using airporter to get to the internet, and the airport utility can see the disk drive.  After the install of snow leopard, I saw the time capsule, and it asked if I wanted the file recovered from the time capsule. This seemed to work perfectly, and made the upgrade painless except my time capsule does not work anymore.

    I have the metadata.mds.plist but I do not have the Spotlight.plist as well. Regarding a fix, I had a similar issue with Spotlight's index when I upgraded one of my iMacs. A clean install, properly resolved the issue. I'd be curious if a reinstall of Snow Leopard would take care of the issue, as the A&I feature isn't there anymore I've yet to determine what exactly the install of SL over SL would do. My understanding is that the A&I is performed, it's just not called as such.

  • ISight not working after Snow Leopard update?

    I just realized my iSight isnt working. I dont see it in System Profiler and I remeber prior to the Snow Leopard upgrade the iSight was working fine.  This was three months ago, since the update i never had to use it until now.  I tried resetting the SMC, I tried the command + option + p + r and still nothing.

    •  If you have not already done so, restart Mac and
        try again.  If the iSight still does not work, continue.
    • If Apple's http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2090
       suggestions do not help you, (are you certain that you
       used the correct "reset" procedure?), yours may be a
       hardware problem that will require a professional fix. 
       Unless you have a current backup, make one now.
      Then consider the final "Troubleshooting" suggestion:
    "... contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service."
    • If I understand correctly, you are now using Snow Leopard.
       If you want to try one more thing on your own before
       seeking professional help. use Disk Utility to repair permissions.
       Then download and apply the latest Combo Update
       for your OS.  The latest SL Combo Update at present is here:
    • Repair permissions again immediately following the system restart
       that completes the Combo update.
    Properly applying the Combo version of updates
    can sometimes correct problems like yours.

  • MPEG-2 Playback not working after Snow Leopard upgrade

    Something I need all the time is MPEG2 playback in Quicktime and to ability to convert from MPEG2. in MPEG Streamclip.
    What I have found out is Snow Leopard deletes the file in library/quicktime when you install.
    I have followed the instructions to go back in the time machine, get the file, restore it back into the library/quicktime file
    Done all that, rebooted etc....still nothing
    I have also found the quicktimeMPEG2 components installer and that doesn't work either
    I desperately need this to work as my business relies on it.
    Any help appreciated

    What error message do you get with the dmg installer? I have just tried an MPEG2 file, after upgrading to SL, QT reported it required the meg2 component. I found the original dmg file I purchased and it installed OK and works with QT 10.
    Before trying to install again it may be worth repairing permissions on you disk.

  • Aperture PS CS3/4 Aperture, not working since Snow Leopard install...

    Since installing Snow Leopard today I have been unable to export/edit from Aperture to Photoshop CS3/4 and back again!!!
    I have tried it with both CS3 and CS4 as I have both installed. Aperture corrupts the thumbnail on export to both apps, they then open the file in both versions of PS but when you go to save after editing you get a message saying the file is open and you can't save it!!!
    It seems to me it's an obvious Snow Leopard issue as it worked perfectly before I upgraded but now I am screwed for editing until a fix is sorted, any suggestions???

    I am not having that problem. I can edit with CS4 an image that was previously edited with CS4 and also one that was not previously edited at all.
    Did you upgrade Aperture to 2.1.4 before Snow ?

  • Iphone not detected after snow leopard install

    I just upgraded to snow leopard (and did a clean install so I deleted everything) but now iTunes isn't detecting my iPhone. When it's plugged in it charges but it doesn't show up in the iTunes sidebar. I already did the "authorize computer" thing and it didn't work
    Please help!!

    I basically have the same issue... i have an iPhone 3G and a Macbook:
    - was running Leopard - ran software update
    - installed Snow Leopard
    - tried to plug in my iPhone to my Mac
    - iTunes started up and got the neverending pinwheel
    Noticed the following:
    - iPhoto sees my iPhone fine.
    - Remote app for my iPhone interfaces with iTunes fine.
    Only have the "not responding" message with pinwheel after connecting my iPhone to my Mac with the USB cable. Not sure what's going on... hope the devs get a solution running soon!

  • Mac will not boot after Snow Leopard install

    I recently had a HD crash.  Replaced the HD and installed Snow Leopard from a image file on an external HD.  Install went great.  I copied over data files and things seems just fine.  My first reboot after the install and the Mini won't boot.  I am stuck with the Apple Logo and a spinning wheel.  I ran disk utility and the new HD checks out fine.  When I boot with the external HD, it still sees my Mini HD.  I tried restarting with Command/Option/P/R but that didn't do anything.  Any advice?

    I'm in a slightly similar spot- no crashes, but-- What I want to hopefully do is run my Tiger ppc apps (3) for CAD on my New- 5 weeks old) Lion Factory Installed machine. The ( November) First Aid Issue of Mac Life mentions a way
    way to get external boots, UNLESS they are the Factory installed ( Lions). In the meantime----

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