Hp photosmart C7280 says "stopped" in print queue and won't print!

I just bought an hp photosmart C7280 today. It was a pretty simple setup with the actual printer and network and all. i download the updated driver from the hp website and all seemed kosher there too. now i click "print" and on the print queue page it says "stopped" and won't print!
ahhh please help? is this a good printer with macs anyways? it seemed kinda loud during the setup...

I too have gone through most of the problems described here but have finally been able to get the c7280 working properly, yet I'm still not very happy with the solution.
For connectivity reasons, I wanted to connect the aio to my network via ethernet cable directly to my router. While my computers will access the network wirelessly, I wanted the printer to have a solid connection. Unfortunately, I was never (and still can't) get it to work properly using this connection. What finally did work was using the wireless connection in the printer to connect to the network.
Why this would work wirelessly and not while directly connected is something no one has been able to explain. I still have the printer right next to my wireless router to interference doesn't seem to be a problem and it seems fast enough, but the fact that I can't get it working properly with a "less technically challenged" method, really bothers me. What if I didn't have a wireless network? While wireless is great, if there was an easy solution to have all my desktops connected via ethernet, I'd prefer it (easy being not having a bunch a cables around and perhaps a pre-wired network in my home!)
Anyway, I hope everyone who has this machine gets the problem worked out. Unfortunately, knowing what I know now, I don't think I would buy this one again unless the software was rock solid. Physically the unit works well, but is a little loud I admit and went through my black cartridge pretty fast even though I used in saving settings such as fast draft, etc.
Just as a side note, the HP support guy in Canada was fairly annoying. When we still couldn't get it working properly via ethernet, he insisted it must be a problem with Apple or a conflict with a program I have installed, etc,etc. and told me that every one of his customers that has Leopard also has this unit working 100% properly. I politely told him he needs to add me as his first failure!
OK, enough rant. Try connecting wirelessly and see if that works. I would uninstall the current printers as suggested, but also clear out the printer cache. Do this by right clicking in the add a printer box area and choose reset printing system. If all else fails and you upgraded to Leopard from Tiger, then......gulp...... uninstall Leopard and revert back to Tiger. Under Tiger, both my macs worked perfectly connected via ethernet printer connection. Good luck.

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    Thanks Jamieson.  I really appreciate your assistance.  I uninstalled the printer software per suggestion #1 and then re-entered my printer and all seems to be working fine now.

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    My printer is only 5-6 months old, and refuses to print because it says the Yellow cartridge is depleted. I know it has not dried up and that it is still printing fine because I signed up for an app that prints out recipes every weekday (in color) and the page printed just this morning looked perfectly fine - the yellow showed up totally normal. The estimated ink level for the yellow cartridge does say that it is depleted, but how can that be when I have proof (from this morning's printout) that I still have yellow ink?  And, according to the manual, the printer will still print if one of the color cartridges is depleted, as long as the black is not depleted. The black is only half-used, so why is the manual giving false information and my printer still refuses to print anything? Very frustrated....

    Hey BoydJones, I see you are having an issue with your Officejet 6700 Premium and have a few questions.  There are 2 major types of ink systems for inkjet model printers: IPH (integrated printhead) and IIC (individual ink cartridges).  Many older model printers used the IPH style cartridge system: Tri-Color and Black.  Most newer printers use the IIC system, but not all. There was a reason for the paradigm shift in the ink systems.  The tri-color cartridge contained all 3 colors used in color printing: Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.  If any one of the 3 ran out, then you had to replace the cartridge no matter how much of the other 2 remain in the cartridge.  In the IIC system one can change only the individual color that is out. As to the reason your color is draining from what appears to be little color usage:  The printer uses ink in many ways.  Ink is used when cleaning the printhead to ensure proper performance in print jobs, a small amount of color ink is placed below black ink to ensure a full rich black color and a long lasting printout, and ink is used to perform other preventative maintenance in the printer.  For more information on how ink is used in HP printers please click here. The reason one has to change the cartridge in the IIC style ink system is to prevent damage to the printhead of the unit by ink drying in the ports of the printhead.  The printhead in the 6700 premium is a stationary/permanent printhead and any damage of this nature could prevent the unit from printing at all.  In the 2 cartridge, IPH, system the printhead is contained with the cartridge and replaced with each cartridge change.  Thus, if one runs out of color and waits to replace the cartridge there will not be an issue of dried ink in the ports as the printhead is changed with the cartridge. I hope this helps to explain and clarify.  As well, I saw your post and forwarded it to the right people for their review. You should hear back from someone shortly via private message on this Forum. Jason

  • Print Jobs Disappear from the Print Queue and Do Not Print

    As the title say, It sends to the spool, says printing, disappears, and I cry, because nothing is printed.
    HP Deskjet 1513 - Windows 7
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    The ones that came from the CD, OR the ones online. No response from the printer.
    I can clean the printer, align cartridges, print test page, scan documents, but cannot print documents.
    Not from word, not from pdf, nor a web page, neither notepad.
    The printer IS the default printer.

    Solution: disable bidirectional support on the Ports section

  • HP 7280 all-in-one says ink cartridges are empty and will not print from PC, but it copies fine.

    Replaced 2 ink cartridges in hp 7280 but still says both cartridges are empty and will not print from PC, but it will copy fine.  When I try to print I get a error box that says "Ink cartridges empty - replace black and yellow ink cartridges to continue."  They are brand new - just bought them - expiration date Sep 2015.  Have tried rebooting and disconnecting and reconnecting everything.  Same error, but it still will do color copies fine - all cartridges are working.  Help?! 

    Hi tfmartin,
    I understand you have a Photosmart C7280 that you are unable to print to from your computer. I'm sorry to hear about this, but I will certainly do my best to assist you in resolving this issue.
    Before I can offer any suggestions I do need to know which version of Windows or Mac that you're using and how the printer is connected (wireless or USB). Once I have that information I should be able to help you better. In the meantime, if you're using Windows, please download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor to see if it can assist with the issue at hand
    Hope to hear back from you soon! Have a great day
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  • Hp 3915. vista 32 "print queue issue" and i have to clear print queue and redo print.

    hp 3915.  vista 32 "print queue issue" and i have to clear print queue and redo print.  I think it may be a driver issue. Is there a driver for 3915 using Vista. Mine says only 2000 and XP. Thanks.

    Hi there ken4863,
    Try downloading and running the print and scan doctor located here:
    It can fix a lot on its own and if not give a better idea of what is going on.
    Best of Luck!
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  • Cannot clear a document from printer queue, and it is preventing printing, i have rebooted

    HP G72 notebook printer
    Wifi networked to Lexmark Pro 205 printer
    I have a document which is stuck in the print queue and will not cancel and remove. I have rebooted the computer three times, the printer three times and the network. It is blocking printing by the printer.
    How do I remove and clear the queue?

    Hi this might work as well
    1. Click start and go to the control panel and next go to printers.
    2. Doubleclick your printer icon.
    3. In the new screen click on the word printer in the top left corner en set a check mark with "use printer offline".
    4. Disconnect the unit from the computer.
    5. Click on the word printer again in the top left corner and choose "cancel all printjobs". Wait until this happens.
    6. If this not happens restart your computer and check if the printjob is gone now. If it does happen skip step 6.
    7. If the printjob is gone reconnect your printer and click printer in the top left corner again and remove the check mark with "use printer offline".
    8. Try printing.
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    I was changing my desktop screen saver in system preferences>screen protection.  Now it says it is "Loading Images" and won't stop.  The Colourful wheel goes around for ever and It does not stop. Can anyone help me?

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    I have seen a lot of cases like your issue, and it's easy to solve.
    First, open Disk Utility, select Macintosh HD in the sidebar and repair permissions. Sometimes, a permission can be damaged and it makes that an application doesn't work properly.
    If that doesn't work, open Finder, select Go menu > Go to Folder, type ~/Library/Prefereces, delete "com.apple.desktop.plist" and "com.apple.systempreferences.plist" and restart



    In order to print from your I-Pad or I-Phone you would need to be connected through wireless. Air Print works when your printer and device ( ipad or iphone) is connected to the same WI-FI network.
    Here is a link to a post with a lot of good information concerning Air Print.
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  • Why does my printer say "offline" sometimes and won't print?

    Why does my printer say "offline" sometimes and won't print?

    Hi - Try following the steps in this document.  It should help resolve the issue.
    Hope that helps.
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  • Officejet 6700 Premium - Pauses print job and won't resume

    I recently bought this printer and set it up. It was working perfectly. I unplugged it for a few days when I went out of town. And now, after powering it back on, it won't print anything. It immediately pauses the print job and won't resume.
    I checked to make sure it was still set up to my wireless and it says that it's connected. I'm printing from my MacBook.
    I have no idea what the problem could be. Not really a techie so please describe solutions in "laymen's terms".

    Hi DeniseT,
    Welcome to the HP forums!
    You have an Officejet 6700 that is paused and won't allow you to resume on your Mac? This techie would be happy to help you get this working again
    What I'd like you to try DeniseT is to reset your printing system and then re-add the printer. This Mac OS X: How to reset the printing system document from Apple will explain step by step how to reset the printing system. Once you've added the printer back you should be able to print without issue.
    Hope to hear back from you soon with a success story
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    I set up the account to only allow certain email accounts to send to eprint but I am getting messages from them all saying the email looks like spam and won't print it.
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    I will need a little more info to help. What email server are you sending the ePrint job from? What file types/ attachments are you sending?  Since it is failing on some level; make sure that when sending email to the printer that the Printer is the only recipient listed. If that is not done it will fail the job as spam. Make sure not to Cc anyone on the emails. Also, turn off your signature on the email if it is automatic and try the job again. 
    I am a former employee of HP...
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  • What's the difference between HP Wireless G Print Server and HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit?

    What’s the difference between HP Wireless G Print Server and HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit?
    I found two things as follows.
    1. MAC support
    2. USB dongle
    Is there anything else?

    Now I’m clear!!
    But there are descriptions for each on your home page over view tab. Due to this forum restriction; I cannot put the URL here.
    They say for each as follows.
    HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit --- Retain full all-in-one wireless functionality: print, fax from your PC, scan, and access photo memory cards access and PC status
    HP Wireless G Print Server --- Get the same functionality with your all-in-one: printing, scanning, photo memory card access, PC faxing, and printer statusSo I got confusion, that’s why I did not get the difference for them.
    And I found wrong description on your HP support document page. I recommend that you correct it, because it put consumer into confusion and break to buy this product.
    The title is “HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit - Setting up the HP Printer with the HP Wireless Printing Upgrade Kit in Windows .”
    The wrong description is “NOTE:  You must turn on the computer with the computer adapter in order to print to the wireless product” at last line of “Step two: Configure other computers to use the printer. “
    You can erase this line!!

  • Updated my MacBook now it says my password is wrong and won't let me log in?

    Updated my MacBook now it says my password is wrong and won't let me log in?

    Have you tried booting off the Installation DVD then dropping into the Utilities to Reset Password? It may have got corrupted, just set it back to the one you are familiar with.

  • HP 7520 - Printer in Use - won't print from MAC

    I have installed the the HP7520 on my MAC computer.  I am connected wirelessly.  When I attempt to print I get the message that the 'printer is in use'.  I can access the printer from other computers in the house (non-Mac) and I can also print a test page from the Mac.   I don't know how to solve this to get the printer to work from this computer, any help would be very much appreciated. 

    Hello Hiker01,
    If you will use the printer on wireless router you have to ensure that the your routers bonjour specisification is on or added. Then go to add printer button and select the printer with bonjour name Please..

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