HT1153 I've just put new batteries into my wireless mouse for my iMac and now it'll barely stay connected to my computer. It'll just keep disconnecting then reconnecting for a few minutes then disconnect again. Anyone have any ideas?

I've just recently put in brand new batteries into my wireless Bluetooth mouse for iMac and it continuously disconnects itself and will then reconnect itself for only a few minutes, just to disconnect again. It's become impossible to use my computer as my mouse smoky won't connect itself for long enough to do anything. Anyone had this problem before and could help me out?

It does not sound like a battery problem.
Try a couple of things:
1.          Reset the SMC
2.          Reset (if you can) the PRAM
If that does not help, delete the mouse in system preferences, turn it off, restart, and turn the mouse back on.
P.S.  I only needed it once, but I have an old USB mouse in case my Bluetooth one decides to quit. 

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