HT1461 transfer space from mac to windows

I want to transfer disk space from Mac to windows. We use Bootcmp and the space on the computer is available to the Mac side only. Please help.

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  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 transfer license from mac to windows

    In 2011, I bought a license 'adobe Creative Suite 5.5' (students) for a mac.
    My Macbook crashed again and I want to switch to a PC.
    Is it possible to switch my license from mac to windows?

    No. that only applies to "current" versions, meaning CS6. You will have to buy the commercial CS6 upgrade and make the switch or just buy a new license if you are still eligible for S&T pricing.

  • Transfer virus from Mac to Windows?

    My work computer running Windows XP just got a virus/trogan. It's called Antivirus Live and apparently it's transferred via pdf files. The only pdf I've opened in recent memory is one from my partner who was using a Macbook running Snow Leopard. She does not have Windows installed on her Mac. The pdf was created on the Mac from a Pages file and had not been edited on any other computer before she sent it to me.
    So, can Macs be a 'carrier' of viruses and infect Windows machines? If so, how do I get rid of it on the Mac so that it doesn't continue to infect Windows machines?

    Antivirus Live infections are not transferred via PDF unless there's a very new version of this malware that I haven't seen nor heard about.
    Did you respond to any "virus" warnings on your Windows system recently? Antivirus Live (and it's many, many sibling versions) is contracted by a Windows user who while surfing the web sees the fake "virus warning" that the developers make pop up by hacking or tagging onto other web sites. The user, being fooled by the popup into thinking their system has viruses, then mistakenly downloads and install this "antivirus software" which is in and of itself is malware. The only way a PDF file could be involved would be if someone were to disguise the installer as a PDF file and so entice to get the user to run it.
    Macs be a 'carrier' of viruses and infect Windows machines?
    Only if a Mac user were to deliberately send an malware file to a Windows user. This could be done by trickery, making the user thing that the file was something another user might want, but as of today there have been no confirmed reports of any virus (other than the Word macro virus) or worm that can infect Mac OS X, much less transmit themselves to a Windows system.
    Hope this helps clear things up.

  • How Do I Transfer File from Mac to Windows?

    I have a 5GB video file on the Mac that I would like to transfer to a Windows laptop.  Windows can not read my external mac drive and a 5GB file is to large for a FAT drive.  Is there an easy way to do this?

    Thanks for the quick reply, I am not familiar with ExFat, but I do have Windows 7.  Will see if I can figure out how to do that then.  I have a 16GB flash drive that I can try this on with.  I assume ExFAT does not have the GB limit that FAT drives have then.

  • Is transfer from Mac to Windows via external HD possible?

    I have been using my mums macbook pro and now I'm moving to town for school and only have a HP laptop can I transfer my music over to an external HD from mac to windows and authorise as well? I will visit often and want to have my purchased itunes music on both. If I buy a song on my HP will it update the mac one automatically or do I need to use my external HD every time? And lastly if it does update automatically, what about music not purchased on itunes, will it transfer those as well? I am a mac noob so please keep your answers easy
    Thanks any help would be appreciated.

    Yes it is possible.
    Connect the external drive to the MacBook Pro
    Copy the entire iTunes folder from the MacBook Pro to the external drive.
    Open the iTunes folder on the external drive
    Rename the file iTunes Library as iTunes Library.itl
    Delete the files iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library Genius.itdb
    Connect the external drive to the HP laptop
    Install iTunes if you haven't already, close it if running
    Click the icon to start iTunes and immediately press and continue to hold down the shift key until asked to choose or create a library
    Click Choose, navigate to the iTunes folder on the external drive and select the file iTunes Library.itl
    Authorise the laptop to your iTunes account
    If you are based in the US then music purchases made on one machine can be set to automatically download to your other libraries and any iOS devices. The rest of the world, at present, is limited to downloading apps and iBooks purchased from the store. Coming soon is iCloud which will, for a fee, also allow non-store-purchased music to be backed up and synced to your computers or iOS devices via the cloud.

  • Converting file names from Mac to Windows.

    I am an Apple tech at a university that uses both PCs and Macs. We have found that we run into some problems when transferring a user's data from one platform to the other.
    When transferring lots of files, what do you experienced Mac techs use for safely converting file names from Mac to Windows?
    From Windows to Mac?
    We've tried NameCleaner and ended up with bad results.
    Please let me know if there is something good out there for these conversions.

    The problem looks like this:
    1. User wants to switch from Mac to Windows.
    2. We back up the data from his Mac to a server (an X-Serve RAID).
    3. We log into the server from Windows.
    4. We try to pull his data from the server.
    During this data transfer, it quits with an error stating that it can't finish copying the data. I wish I had the exact text, but I don't. It does this repeatedly, and stops on different files from different locations.
    In essence, without "cleaning" the Mac file names, data transfer to Windows cannot successfully complete. It quits on certain Mac file names. In the past, NameCleaner has worked sometimes, but now we have had some issues with NameCleaner (which don't matter in this discussion). The goal is to find a better solution than NameCleaner.

  • I want to use migration asst to transfer stuff from our old Windows...what do I not want to transfer?

    Iwant to use migration asst to transfer stuff from our old Windows PC to this new IMAC. What do I not want to transfder?

    QuickBooks for Mac has been available again since at least 2004 (Intuit before that had done nothing with it for years). The current version is QB for Mac 2014. It's pretty much the same price no matter where you look.
    The Mac version data is not directly compatible with the Windows version. Sending your data out to your business tax accountant and getting it back in is not at all easy. It's such a pain, our accountant comes here to finalize the books at year end.
    There is still also a lot of Windows features for QB Pro which have never been added to the Mac version. They're all on the higher end side that larger businesses would need. I've never run into anything with the Mac version I couldn't do.
    If your accountant wants ease of data transfer, then you'd be better off purchasing Snow Leopard Server and run that in Parallels. Then run the Windows version of QB in that.

  • Can not transfer contacts from Nokia 1020 Windows ...

    Can not transfer contacts from Nokia 1020 Windows Phone to Mercedes C. Windows Phone states that it is only voice connection when trying to transfer data, and if sharing, Mercedes will not show up as bluetooth device at all. However Merceds show Noika as a device. I tried other phones and they work, smart phones and not smart phones. What to do?

    Hi! Can't upload contacts from my nokia n8 to SkyDrive via nokia suite 3.8.48. i choose Instruments - upload to skydrive. then i log in my account, then click "yes" for accses to my data and... nothing happens. initail "copying to skydrive" blue screen with only "later" button available. reinstalling nokia suite, rebootng my phone doesn't help.

  • How do I change my Ipod from mac to windows format??

    How do I change my Ipod from mac to windows format?? My Imac is not working at the moment, but I want to use my Ipod on my PC. How do I get my Ipod(mac formated) to get work on my PC??

    Use iTunes on the PC to restore the iPod, or install XPlay on the PC without changing the format. Restoring the iPod will erase everything on it.

  • Copying files from Mac to Windows-invalid file names

    Unfortunately, my boss likes Windows more than Macs, so we have puchased some new Dell computers to replace older G4 Macs.
    I'm having trouble copying existing files from a Mac (OS 10.4)to the shared drive on the Windows XP computer. I'm getting an error message:
    "You can't copy the item 'filename' because the name is too long or includes characters that the disk can't display." Sometimes it doesn't give a filename, it gives a similar message "Some items couldn't be copied..."
    I assume the person has used some "illegal" file names such as "Meeting minutes 10/7/07" Or maybe we have too many folders inside of folders.
    QUESTION: Is there a correct/better way to copy large quantites of files/folders from Mac to Windows? Or is there a program that will look at the Mac files and alert me to wrong or too long files names?
    Other ideas to copy these files?

    You can use a freeware utility like Renamer4Mac or BatchRename'em both of which have built-in filters that will rename files for Windows compatibility.
    Thank you... This sounded to me like it would fix the problem, so I downloaded both and looked at them. However, the manual/help file is very sparse, so I don't know if it will do what I want to and how it would do it.
    1. I couldn't find any option in either program to: Look at all files in selected folder, and list any invalid file names for Windows.
    2. There doesn't seem to be an option to "rename files without bad Windows characters" or "Remove invalid for Windows characters"
    I just couldn't find any explanation of how it was offering to rename the files. I can't rename all files to sequential names, that would make it hard to find a file later.
    Thank you,

  • Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

    Hey guys, how can i password protect my files in external hard drive? I want to access those files both from mac and windows PC!

    If you want a cross-platform solution that doesn't require the use of third-party software, use an external drive with hardware encryption. The device will have either a physical key or a numeric keypad. I don't have a specific recommendation.

  • How to transfer files from mac to ipad without using itunes

    how to transfer files from mac to ipad without using itunes ???
    as i want to use my ipad for official use as well...please suggest..

    well to be 100% technical, no you didn't but that aside, it good to know there are ways for people to transfer music into the default apps without iTunes, if they have a need.
    I tend to use 3rd party apps for documents, like your mentioned iExplorer etc, which are handy.
    I see from a search the two "apps" you mentioned are not iOS apps, which I had assumed, SyncPod and FreeSync are apps for your computer, that would explain their access to the default Music/Video apps.
    I had wondered how Apple had allowed iOS apps in the store that could get around the sandboxing in iOS of apps.
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  • Transfer photos from Mac notebook to iMac

    Best way to transfer Photos from Mac notebook to my imac

    There are several different ways....
    see > Mac Basics: File Sharing
    or > How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac
    But to be honest, I prefer just copying the Photos onto a Flash Drive or Hard Drive and import them into iPhoto on the other Mac.

  • Switching library from mac to windows

    I was wondering if anybody knew how to correctly switch the library from mac to windows. my problem is i have been using the ipod on my wifes mac laptop, now i have a new pc with windows xp. when i plug in my ipod i see my songs but i cannot edit them or play them. any ideas,,thank you in advance and have a great day.

    i figured it out,,,i had the lock set on the ipod. typical male in me..

  • Mapping fonts from Mac to Windows in CS4

    What is the most efficient process to map fonts in multiple documents opened from Mac to Windows?
    Currently we are working on 600+ documents that we need to convert to Windows from Mac. Every time we open a new document, the missing fonts dialog comes up. We replace the fonts. However, it appears there's no provision to automatically do this for every new opened document without manually going through this process each time!
    Couldn't find any reference to this issue in Help, KB, forum. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    OK guys, here's where we are now: apparently there's no way to batch process multiple documents without going each time through the "missing fonts" dialog. However, we were able to make this process as short as possible by using "load character styles" for each document when opened.
    And it's possible to do this across the network.
    Going through "load character styles" and synchronizing two documents [the saved one and the latest opened one], we are able to at least map the fonts consistently from doc to doc. This operation is still time consuming, especially considering the large number of docs we have to process.
    I'm going to look into the scripting option if there's a way to automate this process.
    The same synchronization process could be done by using the "book" option. But that involves again manually adding documents to the book one-by-one.

Maybe you are looking for

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    hi All, we are experiencing problem,lost root password on Solaris 10 Sparc T5120, with mirror root, and we found the solution from, has anyone have try this?? here list capture the file system : Filesystem size used avail capacity

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