HT1710 password doesn't work after archive and install

I was advised to do an Archive & Install, without preserving info to see if it would fix a weird slowness issue.
I just did the Archive & Install, and when it restarted, it showed my name and photo, but it wouldn't accept my password. I can't login. All I can do is restart or shut down.
I rebooted from the install CD.  Same thing.
I rebooted in safe mode. Same thing.

Are you using Filevault?
Are you using Firmware password protection in Mac OS X ...
It would block usage of all the startup keys, like C, N, T, D, CMD+s, CMD+Option+p+r, CMD +v, Option, and Shift, as well as booting from anything but the Hard Drive.

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  • 3rd party plugins not working after archive and install

    i have a few 3rd party plugins in my logic pro, such as all the native instruments, waves diamond, ik multimedia plugins, atmosphere and a few more,
    i was getting an error on my g5 when i tried to run diskwarrior from the disk. it was the kernal panic message, it said i had to restart my mac, therefore i couldnt run diskwarrior from disk.
    i did a bit of research and a few people suggested doing a archive install, so i did.
    well what do you know, i had to re-install logic 8 again. other programmes such as transcribe, itunes idvd imovie etc were ok.
    but logic didnt load up, o i had to re-install logic again,
    also before i did that i checked to see if my 3rd party plugin were working in standalone, so i check all the native instruments and they seemed to work ok, T-racks deluxe works fine, so i thought they should all load up in logic.
    once logic was installed again and had to get all the updates all my 3rd party plugins did not show up on my AU validation.
    is there a way to get logic to see my 3rd party plugins or do i have to re-install all of them again.
    cheers for the help

    Then check if the NI AU components are actually where they should be:
    If not copy them over from your "previous systems" folder which was created on your HD during the archive and install process.

  • Finder not responding after Archive and install

    I recently encountered my first problem ever with my mac(new in '05) This is the first mac I have owned; I have worked on G3's and G4's in the past. After reading through many message boards and support pages I don't believe my problem to be similar but different to previous posts.
    My problem started off with an OS problem that I was able to diagnose in the "help" book I purchased when Leopard came out. It said I should Archive and Install to remedy the problem and keep my files. I ran the archive the install (it gave me no options to preserve user or network settings). After Archive and install my computer started up alright, but I got the permanent beachball and the finder does not work. it is constantly non responsive. I can relaunch finder, but after it restarts it goes non responsive immediately once again. So I can't actually access my "previous system" folder to move anything over. I checked my dock items and finder, they opened, but my itunes asked for an update. I list of update items came up; I did the non-restart items first. they updated fine, (my itunes old itunes playlists are viewable but not playable now) then I did the items that required a restart. That is when I found out that I could not shut down or restart my computer with std. procedures.
    Currently I can only access my spotlight or apple pull down menu if I am in a functioning dock program (safari or itunes, quicktime. etc.) after reading some more support pages it looked like the common thing to do was check permissions and verify disk. I did, I repaired two permissions and the disk was OK. I did look at the HD files, they were as I remembered, but unaccessible (greyed out) and the "previous system" folder was present. +It didn't look like I would expect. The HD looked same as it used to just with a previous system folder.+ After checking the permissions and verified the disk I tried a hard restart. It came back the same as before, unresponsive finder and only the few dock items worked along with spotlight. I checked permissions and disk verify again and everything was OK.
    Sorry to be long winded I am trying to be thorough...In short, My finder does not work after doing an Archive and Install to fix my original problem (which has been fixed)...the remedy for an unresponsive finder is to do an archive and install. Is another archive and install really going to fix my problem? Can I archive and install OSX 10.4 and work my way back up to 10.5.6?
    Secondly is there a way to restart my computer without doing another hard restart?

    It won't let me add a new account. I am locked out and when I try to unlock it gives me the beachball and becomes non responsive after it tries to authenticate.
    I looked at the log file, I am not sure what exactly to look for. I am no programer. I see an awful lot of negative wording. I see some errors like "error (-4956) locating menu extra but they are mostly under system preferences...I see some stuff in the loginwindow that says is not a full path... Otherwise, the only reference I see to the finder is when I have force quit the finder.
    2/8/09 8:59:55 PM[114] ([0x0-0x4d04d][304]) Exited: Terminated
    2/8/09 11:10:17 PM[114] ([0x0-0x57057][321]) Exited: Terminated

  • Where is mail stored after archive and install?

    Hello All,
    I need to know where my old mails are stored after archive and install. To give a bit of background... This is a work computer. Its a MacMini which came with 10.4 installed. Before I joined the company boss upgraded to Leopard and thats what I have been using all this time. Recently it blue screened and I had to do an archive and install after trying various other options.
    I only had the original install discs with 10.4 in them and not the Leopard discs. Since I needed to my computer up and running, I used those discs and did an archive and install.
    I have all my old documents, etc but I couldn't open mail from the previous systems folder because its a different OS.
    Is it possible to retrieve my old emails without having to install Leopard again?
    Any help is appreciated.

    When I started the computer up, instead of the login page with the account names coming up, there was just a blue screen. There are lots of articles that gave suggestions to try but nothing worked so I had to archive and install.

  • Cd inserted but unrecognized after "archive and install"

    After "archive and install" OS X.2 and clicking on "save settings", everything works fine, except sound cds are not recognized when inserted. iTunes works fine with the original files on hard disk, but doesnt see the cd (it did before).
    I repaired permissions. I deleted the "previous systems" folder. still nothing.
    I did notice that the "previous systems" folder has an "audio" file in it but the current "system" folder doesnt. I tried copying this audio file into the current "system" folder but I get the notice that it cant be changed.
    I need to hear cds on this computer. Any ideas?
    (It isnt a speaker problem as the itunes files play fine).
    John in Vancouver

    Hi John in Vancouver! And Welcome To
    Open System Preferences > CDs & DVDs.
    Adjust the appropriate setting there, and see if it
    Good Luck!
    ali b
    Thanks, ali, but I did that early on. Didnt put it in the post. On insertion of a CD I have it set to open iTUnes.
    I found a further problem which is that the midi set-up no longer locates my external keyboard. I will check the discussions under audio for this one, however. (I did check about the CD problem in the audio discussion but nothing there.)

  • Recover mail after archive and install

    Hey there good mac people,
    I recently archived and installed on my ibook g4. It was successful, my problem is that I forgot to backup all the mail I had in my osx mail app.
    The previous system folder (library<mail<mail accounts<com.mac.mailaccounts<English.lproj< file, but I don't know if this will help restore or not?
    Some of the mail is still on the server, but it is set to delete from the server once a week, and thus only a weeks worth at best is still on the server.
    Does anybody have any suggestions?
    In the future, what's the best way to back up mail?

    Hello art-is-work.
    I don't understand your problem. Archive and Install should have preserved all your data, unless you told it to do otherwise. Did you?
    Mail stores most preferences and all account settings in ~/Library/Preferences/ Everything else, including all your messages and mailboxes, is stored within the ~/Library/Mail/ folder.
    If the problem is that you told the installer to not Preserve Users and Network Settings, then Archive and Install should still have saved a copy of your entire home folder in /Previous Systems/Previous System N/Users/, where N is a number. The old Mail folder and preferences file should be there. You can just copy them to the appropriate location of your current home folder, or follow the somewhat convoluted procedure described in the following article to safely restore them:
    How to get files from a previous home directory after Archive and Install (Mac OS X)
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user's home folder.

  • Username and Password won't work after Archive & Install...?

    Can someone help me out here. I had to do an Archive and install on my sisters iMac G4 this evening, for Tiger OSX. She was getting continual Kernel Panics and could not boot to her desktop even once. So I did the Archive and Intsall, but after 2.5 hours and using both Disc 1 and Disc 2 for the process (like it had asked for)...and it all finished, a welcome screen pops up after the OS launches prompting me to enter the computer name, and password. We have this information saved, and always have, but the iBook is not accepting them?? Any thoughts or suggestions on what we should do next? The options I have on this screen are (sleep, restart, shutdown, or login...with the name and password fields above) Thanks everyone. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I did check those options to preserve the users and network prefs. Just put in the install disc 1 and ran change password, but the only option in the drop down was for the system administrator (root), and I put in a new password, and confirmed it, then...rebooted to desktop and same window popped up prompting me to enter the computer's username and password, and still...nothing worked. Any other ideas folks? Thanks,

  • Help--admin password not working after archive and reinstall

    I reinstalled leopard and did an archive and install...when it restarts it goes to the logon screen...and asks for my password... and it doesnt work. what should i do? i have all the data i need and also i have a time machine back ups.
    i dont want to go through a another hour or 2 re-installing leopard. im typing this off my boot volume on my external.
    what do i do about the password?

    use this [link|].

  • Doesn't accept User name + Password after archive and install

    I did an archive and install, when finished the install the computer restarted and came up with the login Name + Password screen. I type in every account Name + Password I know and the login window just shakes telling me its wrong. I don't know what to do from this point, I was thinking about reseting the admin password but I'm not sure thats the problem because we have two admin accounts and I know both passwords.
    I archive and installed 10.4.0 over 10.4.7. And currently on my backup install of tiger.

    I did an archive and install because I had no video, and sometimes could not turn on the IBook. I have had two logic boards that went bad and were fixed free by Apple. When I finished the install the computer restarted and came up with the login Name + Password screen. When I type in Name + Password the login window just shakes telling me its wrong, which it is not.
    It is possible that the administrator or other user on the computer were erased at some point when I thought to get rid of unnecessary stuff (mistake!)
    I archive and installed 10.2.0 over 10.3.7, because I thought the instructions were to use the original install disk.
    I have a backup of the info on this computer on a MacBook Pro that I use all the time, this IBook I only use for email, etc.

  • After "Archive and Install", my printer no longer works

    Powerbook 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4
    Mac OS X Version 10.4.11
    I recently had some issue with my password, so the Apple Genius people ran an archive and install, reset the user password, and got me back to my original state. However, I've had to run all these updates now, and can't figure out how to get the printer to work again. It worked perfectly fine before the archive and install, it was recognized right away.
    I have tried the following:
    I uninstalled and then reinstalled the printer software (Epson Stylus CX6000) from the installer CD. Didn't work. Unplugged and turned off power, then re-plugged and restarted everything. Didn't work. I have no idea what to do here. I downloaded any new updates to the software from the Epson website. Didn't work. Help?

    If the correct printer driver is missing, and the Print selection
    box says Any Printer, it may be unable to use that one.
    See if the printer can be used in a different user account.
    Sometimes if the system is messed up (even pros do it)
    there may be a way to see if the issue is system wide or
    if it is based in a problem in the admin user account.
    Some optional printer drivers may be available at the printer
    manufacturer's web site for downloads. Sometimes there is
    a newer one for the entire class of printer models, and so
    it may be for yours. Or there is GimpPrint/GutenPrint for
    other drivers; their web page shows supported printers.
    {Since you state that you've tried other driver options, then
    you may have to consider doing a new 'archive & install'
    and be sure everything is done right, and then update it.
    Or an all new installation on a wiped empty hard drive.}
    There should be a printer error log accessible through Console
    and perhaps it may shed some light on the basic problem...
    PS: Is this printer an Ethernet and USB printer? If so, have
    you tried whatever other connection/cable to see if it works
    when running on the other available protocol? The Ethernet
    printer would use an IP address or hardware MAC address
    and the appropriate cable, if the printer supports both.
    Good luck & happy computing!
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  • Can't Print PDF/Folders Need Password To Opem After Archive and Install

    I did a archive and install on my 10.4.11 eMac because of ever sluggish performance and Safari 3.1.1 and QuickTime 1.4 problems (gotta be a better way than all that!). First, maybe by my shakey hand or because of bills, I somehow did the archive and install twice in succession, ending up with 2 previous system folders. (The second one doesn't contain any personal goodies). But I've lost my prefs and happily I regularly Sync Firefox/Thunderbird separately so they weren't lost in the grand sweep-up. I dumped the library folder in the 1st Previous System folder into the "new" System folder's (blank) library one and retrieved most of my functionality. What I can't do now is Print PDFs and annoyingly, most every other system folder wants my permissions password before I can use it. This sneaky lock-out kept NeoOffice from booting for hours despite reinstalling it several times before I realized the NeoOffice folder in the library folder was locked. Unfortunately, Safari seems to choke when you type a password or characters into some input windows, like some kind of auto-fill was trying beat you and gets hung.
    How can I kill all these pesky permissions off and how do I recover Print PDF?
    James Greenidge

    Could you clarify this... seems to cover an awful lot of ground...
    Did everything standard in print what should be done.

  • I need help to recover/relink mail after archive and install

    I am helping my friend fix her 15" G4 PowerBook after memory failures caused many crashes. There was no recovering short of a reinstall via "archive and install". All that worked great, but now Mail doesn't recognize the accounts, mailboxes, signatures, etc. that are still located in the user/library/mail folder.
    What's up with that? I can't figure out how to relink Mail to this stuff.
    Here's more detail:
    1) After lots of prior debugging (Disk Utility, Disk Warrior, Apple Hardware Test, single-user commands per Apple tech notes), I did the A&I to 10.3.4 from the original disks.
    2) Per Dr. Smoke and The X Lab, I ran the 10.3.9 combo installer right away so that the "older" system would not get confused by the "newer" stuff in the Previous Systems folder.
    3) I Launched Mail and it started anew, i.e. didn't recognize accounts and wanted to start over.
    Thanks for any help.

    The account settings are stored in HOME/Library/Preferences/ It looks like that file became corrupt -- maybe its permissions went awry (Disk Utility cannot fix that) and Mail just deleted the file to create a new one.
    If your friend doesn't have a backup copy of that file, just set up the accounts from scratch all over again. If given the option to import existing mailboxes or something like that, don't. Just enter the account information and Mail will automagically rediscover the data in HOME/Library/Mail/ when done.
    You'll also have to re-configure most settings in Mail > Preferences. For spam-related security reasons, the first thing you should do is go to Preferences > Viewing and disable Display remote images in HTML messages if it's enabled.

  • Video podcasts won't play after archive and install

    I'm one of the folks having capture issues with FCP 4.5 and OS X 10.4.9. So I decided to archive and install to 10.4.8. Now it seems I'm having all kinds of video problems, including downloading and playing video podcasts in iTunes (7.2). When I download a podcast, say "Tiki Bar TV", the file downloads, but in the podcast screen, I get an error message which reads,
    "There is a problem adding the video to iTunes. The file might be corrupted, or a file type that iTunes cannot play." For the record, I have never run into anything like this before. And it's the same way with every video podcast.
    I had some similar wonkiness going on with QuickTime, too. But after I installed a divx plug-in, and flip for mac, everything seems to be okay with the QT. iTunes is still a mystery. Any ideas on what my next step should be would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
    PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   3GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, ATI9800XT

    There are files that are not brought along with Archive and Install.
    Some are invisible and not accessible without enabling "root" access and even then you have to know exactly which files have to be moved from the 'previous System' folder.
    Archive and Install never works with Apple's Pro apps.
    If Niel's suggestion doesn't work you'll have to erase your hard drive and reinstall everything making sure you first backup important data to another hard drive.
    (don't forget to save your mail and addresses)

  • Spell check issue after 'archive and install'

    after doing an 'archive and install', the apple spell check doesn't work no more. whatever program i use with the spell check activated will give me a failure notice as soon as i start typing "spell check could not be detected" (or sthg similar, i get the message in german). the result is a close-to-freeze of that program until i 'okay' the notification.
    anybody an idea how to properly (re-)instal the spell check so that my OS recognizes it?
    thanks and greets!

    Get Pacifist...
    then extract what you need from your Install Disk.
    Or try reinstalling like the last big Combo update...
    The combo update for PowerPC-based Macs...
    The combo update for Intel-based Macs...
    Repair Permissions afterwords, reboot.

  • No User accounts after Archive and Install ?

    Today I tried to salvage a 20" iMac G5 for a friend. He had done something that screwed up his hard drive. Disk Utility Disk Repair run of the startup partition always failed. Using an external FW disk, I was able to use Disk Utility Repair successfully, but drive would still not boot. Decided Archive and Install was the right way to go, did that and everything seemed OK but I found I could not log in to his account. Thought it was just a lost password, so tried using the OSX Tiger Install DVD to Reset Password. His *Macintosh HD* Startup drive shows only the "root" user available, neither of the two previous user account names appear.
    I can think of nothing to do to recover except an Erase & Install (I have his User files saved). Is there an alternative?
    I would assume performing another Archive & Install would yield the same result.

    I continued work on this issue today. First, I checked and the three User account folders were present in the Users folder along with the one new account created as part of the Mac OSX Tiger A&I. For some reason, not one of these 4 was accessible from the Login screen; it acted exactly if there were no user accounts.
    Purchased and installed DiskWarrior 4 on the FW drive and rebuilt the directory of the iMac's internal drive. Ran all other tests available w/ DW. Still no joy on logging in. I should NOT have had to see the Login screen at all if the new user had been created properly.
    Punted. Copied everything I thought I would need to the external drive, then did an Erase & Install of OS X Tiger. Applied all updates, no problems logging in. Copied all the original User/username files and folders and restored a few apps.
    Finally, after much wasted time, I have all but one App running and all data files, folders, pics, music restored.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 fails because I apparently failed to save a .plist file somewhere and now I learn too late that PE 3.0 will not install on a 10.4.x system. Sigh.

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