HT1904 Unable to create temp folder when file already exists Error 183

Unable to access itunes store. Checked all trouble shooting hints on apple site.  The administrator account works, but none of the other users are able to access the itunes store, since updating to the latest version of itunes.

Could you walk us through what happens when one of the non-admin accounts try to connect to the Store, please?

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  • EXPDP generates new dmp file and reports "file already exists" error

    Hello everyone,
    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I got some problems with datapump expdp It would be appreciated if you could provide some advice. Thanks in advance.
    I newly created a database. The database can startup and be connected via Toad without problem. I can also use impdp to import some data to the new database. But when I'm trying to use expdp to export a schema from the database, I got the following errors:
    expdp parfile=expdp_scott_mfp1.parExport: Release - 64bit Production on Monday, 26 December, 2011 22:10:49
    Copyright (c) 2003, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    With the Partitioning, Real Application Clusters, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
    ORA-39001: invalid argument value
    ORA-39000: bad dump file specification
    ORA-31641: unable to create dump file "/u02/exports/mfp1/expdp_scott_mfp1_12262011.dmp"
    ORA-27038: created file already exists
    Additional information: 1
    Every time I run the expdp, it just creates the dmp file (expdp_scott_mfp1_12262011.dmp) specified in the parfile under the EXPORT directory and reports "file already exists " error.
    Your advice is highly appreciated.
    Edited by: 904668 on Dec 27, 2011 8:47 AM

    i thought I found the problem. Used same file name on dump file and log file. How stupid of me. Sorry for bothering. Thanks and happy new year!

  • Database Adapter Configuration Wizard "File already exists" error

    I'm uding JDeveloper on an XP machine running Java 1.5.0_06 and having trouble editing SOAOrderBooking.bpel as part of the tutorial.
    The tutorial calls for me to drag a new Database Adapter onto the diagram, select the "soademo_ssn" database and, on page 3 of the wizard select "Perform an operation on a table" and have only "Select" checked.
    When I click "Perform an operation on a table", the 5 tickboxes enable and are checked but the mouse pointer remains as an hourglass. If I press "Next" without doing anything else, the Wizard title changes to "Select Table" but never draws its controls, aside from the "Back" etc buttons along the bottom and the decorative graphic to the left. If I do try unchecking boxes to have only "Select" selected, every check box state change generates the error "File already exists" and the path of the .mwp file whose name I specified earlier. The file does exist, but it didn't before I entered the wizard.
    I've tried with three different filenames, and with two different database connections- both of which check out fine when I do "Test connection" in their property pages from the Connection Navigator.
    If I delete the file after each check state change, I can stop the errors appearing after I untick each checkbox, but the wizard still hangs on pressing "Next" whether the file is there or not.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I am facing the same issues.
    I want to pick the new files and retain the files after polling.
    Any idea on this would help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Help! unable to create a worspace when no workspace exists yet

    I have I APEX 402 on which I want to create a workspace.
    At that moment, through the APEX console, I see that I only have the INTERNAL workspace.
    When I try to create a new workspace, I get the error:
    ORA-20001: error 28th ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object
    Error provisioning WSQUETZAL2
    There is no such workspace at that moment.
    Can someone help me to identify the problem?
    Thanks by advance for sharing your experience.
    Kind regards

    user8058501 wrote:
    I have I APEX 402 on which I want to create a workspace.
    At that moment, through the APEX console, I see that I only have the INTERNAL workspace.
    When I try to create a new workspace, I get the error:
    ORA-20001: error 28th ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object
    This error suggests that there is a database object exists with that name.
    try running this sql and you will find out:
    SELECT *
    FROM all_objects
    WHERE object_name = 'WSQUETZAL2';

  • Unable to create shared folder when creating distribution list

    I am trying to create a new Distribution List in ECC  using T-code SO23.
    The system is not allowing me to create a new Shared Folder (step in creating the DL).
    Instead, I get a message saying 'Folder does not exist' (message code :SO 005)
    I do not have this issue in either the  000 client or in the quality system. I check the authorization objects and general SAP Ofiice settings. Everything looks identical between the systems.
    I would appreciate if any of you have any suggestions/advice?
    Thanks you

    The following errors occurrd on our D* & Q* system, and SAP recommended that I run program RSSOPRRP (Check and repair the SAPoffice profile SOPR.).  It resolved our issue. 
      WK308 - Folder Shared folders is no longer available
      SO005 - Folder does not exist
    You might give it at try.  If you still have an issue, open a OSS message.

  • Error message: unable to create temp. folder. Error 5 - Access is denied.

    This comes up every time I boot up Windows 7 (64 bit) Is it something I should be concerned about? How can I get rid of it.
    Everything seems to work OK.

    Forgot to say I'm using Acrobat 9 pro

  • I keep getting this error in Dreamweaver when I am trying to upload my website?  Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  here is the error message: /html - error occurred - Unable to create remote folder /html.  Access denied.  The file may not exist, or

    I keep getting this error in Dreamweaver when I am trying to upload my website?  Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  here is the error message: /html - error occurred - Unable to create remote folder /html.  Access denied.  The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.   Make sure you have proper authorization on the server and the server is properly configured.  File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not completed.  Files with errors: 1 /html

    Nobody can tell you anything without knowing exact site and server specs, but I would suspect that naming the folder "html" wasn't the brightest of ideas, since that's usually a default (invisible) folder name existing somewhere on the server and the user not having privileges to overwrite it.

  • XML Files in %TEMP% folder when CONNTRANS is ran in Mobile Sales

    Hello Mobile gurus...
    Hope someone can help, I have had a couple of users who are not getting data they should be, for example Opportunities:
    When I have investigated their client it appears that there are a number of OPPORTUNITY_WRITE****************.XML files in the local users\Temp folder, these files contain the information that should have gon einto the IDES database and be viewed on the client.  I have not come across this before...
    I have re-extracted the subscription after deleting these but some, not all, re-appear and don't sync into the client database.
    I have alos uninstalled and re-installed the client software SQL etc.
    Can someone shed some light on what these files are and what is going on...???
    This is not only Opportunities but also Customers/Contacts and Activities - all listed as XML files
    Kind Regards
    Barry Dixon

    Hello Barry,
    In your registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP\MSA\MW\TL check if you have these settings :
    TL_TRACE = 1
    TL_SOAP = 3, helps in formation of <BDoc_GUID>.xml files
    SPT_IMPORT = -1 , This entry ascertains that if there are errors in BDoc processing by Conntrans, it would stop.
    RCV_TRACE = 1
    Maintain these settings and do an extract and run conntrans again. I feel the import phase of conntrans causes issues, so you can check the log file TL_TRACE.dat.
    Another thing you can check is with the RootConfig.cfg file in Bin.Net. Just make sure that the first application mentioned in this config file with tags 
          <Path>C:\Program Files\SAP\Mobile\App.Net\MSA</Path>
    is proper and runs perfectly. Verify the path names as well.

  • When I try to download mozilla it says "can not create temp folder archive"

    I click 'run' and after it is done loading a window pops up saying 'can not create temp folder archive' So basically it won't let me download mozilla. What do I do to fix this?

    Interesting. I tried one more time - instead of saving it to my hard drive, I ran it directly off the Mozilla site and it installed....
    Something is definitely wrong with the Mozilla "save as" and THEN run process....

  • Unable to create virtual folder. Too many folders

    We are getting this error while trying to create new folder in UCM (even trying directly from UCM throws same error)
    oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ServiceException: Unable to create virtual folder. Too many folders
    Has anyone experienced this? If yes, please let us know how you resolved it.

    You don't "store" anything in contribution folders. They are just webdav access points. I recommend zero folders personally.
    If you want to upload files using webdav, then I suggest using one staging folder, where files can enter the system. When the document is workflowed and/or verified, it is moved out of the folder. It's more likely however that you'll need a few access points for various types of content as each folder enforces specific metadata.
    Now I imagine you are after a way to store all the HR bits and pieces of one person together as a unit. Some people use Content Folios. Personally, I'd just use a metadata field that contains the ContentID of the person's master record. Any new content for that person just gets the master ContentID stamped on it. Just search for that ContentID to get all their stuff.
    Regarding best practices, there are lots of quality blogs floating around. Stellent/Oracle don't talk about best practice because each system is used by their clients in a unique way... well, that's what they say.

  • Unable to create remote folder

    When I attempt to go to the data bindings on an ASP form I
    have, I get the following error:
    Unable to create remote folder 550 _mmdbscripts: Access
    The form works fine, but I can add any new fields to the form
    because I get this error when I attempt to update the field list
    under server behaviors.
    Any suggestions?

    Does your FTP hang on all sites? Or this this the only one?
    How many sites
    do you have? Does it hang with all folders or only these
    specific ones?
    What happens if you create a new folder in the site and try
    to upload that?
    Such curious FTP problems in DW are almost ALWAYS the result
    of an
    interference from your local firewall - are you running one?
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    Adobe Community Expert
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    "hfeurstein" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:fe7uu9$34r$[email protected]..
    >I am so glad you are out there - this is the most
    responsive forum I have
    > experienced:)
    > Essentially I am trying to upload my site from my hard
    disk to the ftp
    > server
    > using DW.
    > Each time I make an attempt, it will copy a few files
    and then I will get
    > the
    > error message as described in my initial posting. First
    I thought that it
    > had
    > to do with my file and I deleted an entire folder from
    my hard disk. Upon
    > my
    > next attempt to upload, the same error message occurred
    with a different
    > folder. And each time I attempt to upload the same thing
    will happen with
    > "a"
    > folder...
    > In the last two hours while having this correspondence,
    I have switched to
    > FireFTP - a free FTP by Mozilla and the entire site is
    uploading swiftly
    > and
    > without any error messages - I am only half way through
    but the three
    > folders
    > that have given me errors in DW have already been
    uploaded successfully.

  • Unable to create the test suite file

    I imported a BPEL project to my JDeveloper ver When I clicked on the <project name>.bpel, I got the
    "unable to create the test suite file" error and all the partnerlinks have a bang sign (!). None of the partner link works.
    Please help,

    Probably you might want to post it in the BPEL forum.

  • Unable to create the test suits file!

    Dear Experts!
    Getting the "Unable to create the test suits file!" error while opening .bpel file in JDeveloper Also, all the partner links showing warning symbol. When I click on them, getting the following error:
    ERROR:WSDLException: faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: Invalid XML in document at: Start of root element expected.
    Looks like partner links are not mapped correctly. Could you please throw some light, where I need to fix the issue.
    Appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    I had similar issue sometimes back, error was because sample xml my test was using wasn't conforming to my code. In my case, I didn't write test suite so deployment was successful and was getting error while testing post deployment. In your case, test suite will execute.
    Try to follow your xslt mapping or any xpath statements within bpel flow, it must be having direct mapping of some element from source but your sample input xml might not be having that element and hence resulting in error. Try iterative debugging by adding more elements in input xml.

  • Cannot rename DC, "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

    A long time ago we used a domain controller named jacob.mydomain.lan.  It was removed, possibly in a 'dirty' way, and now we cannot re-use that name for another domain controller.  In the meantime we have upgraded to Win 2012 domain controllers
    now, and when I enter this to rename:
    netdom computername ourdc.mydomain.lan /add:jacob.mydomain.lan
    I get the error:  "Unable to add jacob.mydomain.lan as an alternate name for the computer.  The error is:  Cannot create a file when that file already exists."
    If I enter: 
    netdom computername ourdc.mydomain.lan /remove:jacob.mydomain.lan
    I get: "The command completed successfully", but it still refuses to add jacob.mydomain.lan
    After each attempt to add a forward zone dns record 'jacob.ourdomain.lan' has been created.  I always erase this manually afterwards.
    What is the problem? How can I search to find the offending 'file' named 'jacob'?
    Thanks a lot for help on this.
    regards Tor

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  • HT1449 new folder greyed out, unable to create new folder, anybody know why

    trying to transfer Itunes to a new External drive, unable to create new folder on new drive as detailed in Apple instructions, anybody know why.

    Unless you have a utility that will let you R/W NTFS they as noted - reformat to a +HFS file system - aka -
    Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - using Disk Utility.
    The Mac OS can read/write +HFS and FAT 32 but can only read NTFS.

Maybe you are looking for

  • I am having a problem with requesting new service, I am hoping someone with verizon can assist.

    We are in transistion to a new home. Back on 8/9 I registered for service for a temporary residence that I was expecting to be at the time. Unfortunately plans changed at the last minute. I am now in the final stages of closing on my new home, and wi

  • Displaying graphic on different systems on a smartform

    Hi I have a graphic that I want to display on our Development and Test system but not display it on our Production system.  I know I need to put a condition in the conditions tab of the graphic but I am unsure what variable to put there. any ideas?

  • XML Form Builder-How to access data saved from a form?

    Hi All, I created a form in XML Form Builder. This form include checkboxes and input fields. Also i include a Save button. I used this form in a iView. Many users will access this iView and save their input data. So, after the user Save this data, in

  • Labview 8 crashes when using Read Labview Measurement File

    Hi All, I am a new user for Labview. I installed Labview 8.0 from the CD (evaluation copy). I was just testing the sample code provided by NI. I opened the "Load from File and Display" example and I was trying to open the properties for the Read Labv

  • Moving Back from External

    I have been using an external HD with my old iMac. I now have a new Mac and it's using the same library but I've been having a few weird issues while syncing iPad etc. Plus it still shows up on Apple TV as "27" iMac Library". Since we have to keep so