HT1918 I forget the answer for questions scurity apple ID how I change the answer

I forget the answer for questions scurity apple ID how I change the answer
Where can I go,,

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  • I changed by apple id and password on apple web site but when I try to sign in on my touch it asks me to enter the password for my old apple id, how do i get icloud to recongnize my new id?

    I changed my AppleID and password on the Apple web site but when I try to sign in on my touch it asks me to enter the password for my old Apple ID, how do i get ICloud to recognize my new ID?

    Hi appledapple1964,
    After changing your Apple ID information, you may need to manually sign out and sign back in on your devices so that they may recognize the update. You may find the following article helpful:
    iOS: Changing the signed-in iTunes Store Apple ID account
    - Brenden

  • I modified the budget categories on the numbers template so now the transaction tab does not communicate with the budget tab. I figured out how to change the drop down options but how do I get it to reflect on my budget sheet? Please help.

    If you are familar with the Numbers Budget Template it has two tabs 'Budget' and 'Transactions'. If you use the template as it is designed when you input expenses on the transaction tab it will automatically add that amount into the selected category on the budget tab. I have madified my budget tab to reflect the caegories that I need, which included adding several to the template. I also added to the table so it reflects my income and expenses so I can track where I am at with a glance. Since I did this, I can't get my transactions tab to communicate with the budget tab. I figured out how to change the options in the drop down box for category but I con't figure out how to get it to reflect onto my budget tab. I'm sure that it is an easy fix, however, I am just not well versed in Numbers. I appreciate your time in helping me with this issue.

    My guess is that while you added catetories to your Budget Sheet by adding new lines and filling in the category column, you didn't also add the formulas to these new budget lines.
    The proper way to add those lines would have been to select a cell in the line just above where you want to add a line and type Option/Alt-DownArrow. This would have copied the formulas into the new line. Maybe you did this, and maybe not. You didn't give details on how you added the lines.
    Select C2 and D2 and Command-C to copy them to the Clipboard.
    Select all the cells of Columns C and D except for the top and bottom rows and Command-V to Paste.
    If I have properly guessed the problem, you should be in business. This assumes that your Categories are exaclty the same as the entries in your Pop-up menus. Spelling counts, as does case.

  • Create apple id how to change the country

    create apple id how to change the country from united states to uk

    Welcome to Apple Communities
    Open Settings > Store and Settings > iCloud > Delete account to change the account

  • How to change the iphone apple Id, how to change the iphone apple Id

      How to change the apple Id on the phone, cause just change my apple Id on my computer but somehow it doesnt sync with my iphone

    Welcome to Apple Communities
    Open Settings > Store and Settings > iCloud > Delete account to change the account

  • I have an IPhone 5 with 2 email accounts and I can't seem to change the sound for my primary account. When I change the sound it is for my secondary email account which I hardly use. How do I change the sound for my primary account?

    I have 2 email accounts on an IPhone 5 and can't seem to change the sound for my primary email account.

    Try going to Settings>Notifications>Mail, tap your primary account, then tap New Mail Sound and set as desired.

  • Apple TV how to change the country?

    Hey there! How can I change the country for the I-Tunes store within Apple TV? Thank you!

    Those would be the albums that were recently added, there is no way to change that.

  • Can I change the screen saver on my apple tv? or change the display to the awesome equalizer while i stream my music?

    I am trying to find a way to change the screen saver for my apple tv while I stream my music. Anyone have a solution? Besides my photos, can i show the awesome equilizer? Or can I show the album artwork screensaver that the macs have? I feel like this feature is much needed on the Apple TV while I stream my music to the Apple TV 2nd generation!

    Hi byee322!
    If you are using devices that meets these criteria:
    iPhone 4S (or later), iPad 2 (or later), iPad mini, or iPod touch (5th generation)1
    Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)2
    Wi-Fi (802.11a/g/n) network
    iMac (Mid 2011 or newer)
    Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer)
    MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer)
    MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer)
    you may want to try using a feature called Airplay Mirroring to show whatever you'd like on the screen while your music is playing. We have a couple of articles about that online that can tell you more information about Airplay Mirroring. The first one here is about using Mountain Lion to mirror the display from your Mac onto the TV to which the Apple TV is connected, and can be found here:
    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
    The second is an article with more information about Airplay Mirroring in iOS, and can be found here:
    iOS: How to use AirPlay Mirroring
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!

  • How to change the text of a user defined field in dynamic selections?

    Logical Database PSJ is used by t code CJI3 - we added a couple of user fields into the dynamic selections of CJI3.
    Now - how to change the text of this user filed (USR01 of structure PRSP_R in logical database PSJ)?
    Found an OSS note - 86980 - that tells that this is not possible.
    But when we read the documentation on the user field (CJI3 - dynamic selections  - double click on user field - F1), it shows the following text:
    User-defined field in which you can enter general information with a length of up to 20 characters.
    The names (key words) for  user-defined fields depend on the field key.
    Now the question is where to change the field key..

    Madhu - you did not get the question I think.
    Anyways - I found an OSS note 1266643 - this code change should take care of the issue - it will then reflect the details maintained in custoizng at transaction code OPS1..

  • Portege S100: How to change the RAID in the BIOS

    Changing the BIOS setting for Portege S100 from JBOD to RAID0, I hit space on Exectute Creation and enter the string key in the manual and press "enter".
    The settings then return to existing settings and not the new RAID0 setting I selected.
    I have been at this most of the day / evening looking at various posts, but I can see nothing wrong with the details entered.
    It is the same as recorded in this link:-
    [How to Change the RAID configuration|]
    I am now at the end of my tether, I only wanted to install new WD HDD and do fresh install of XP Pro, is that too much to ask?

    Maybe its a silly question but; did you install the second HDD in the Ultra Slim Bay?
    The RAID feature is ONLY available when a second HDDD is installed in the Ultra Slim Bay.
    If the second HDD has been inserted then you could change the RAID in Windows OS.
    There should be a Toshiba RAID Console.
    You can use this console to create or manage a RAID array.
    To start the utility click Start, point to All Programs, point to Toshiba, point to RIAD and click RAID console.
    Its possible to change RAID1 (mirroring) from a non-RAID configuration (default).
    But note; when RAID1 is set, you cannot change your settings unless you completely restore your preinstalled software.

  • How to change the font dynamically in SAP script

    There are three fields for a line item to be printed in SAP form (Through Script). The font of one field has to be bigger than rest of the two.
    Can anybody tell me how to change the font of a specific field in a line of an SAP-script?

    Its like any other character format. you can have any field with a character format.

  • How to change the Hello Portlet in Jetspeed2 Demo

    hi ppl,
    I am having a big problem..
    I can't change the portlet title, hello portlet, in the jetspeed 2 demo.
    The strange things is that i am able to change the title of the pickANumber portlet.
    @ Portlet.xml
    <portlet id="PickANumberPortlet">
    <display-name>Pick a number game</display-name>
    <title>Change TITLE</title>
    See.. i just replace that data in the portel-info/title.. and it changes the title in the pickANumber portlet change..
    But strange! i can't do the same way for the hello portlet
    Can someone tell me how to change the title in the hello portlet...
    Pls help.. i am running out of time!

    The hello portlet uses the title string in property file, thus you may need to modify the file "demo\WEB-INF\classes\org\apache\jetspeed\portlet\helloworld\resources\" to change its title.

  • How to change the defaultCellEditor to a JFileChooser

    i am currently making a table that require input of a file name. for the sake of easy use, i plan to use fileChooser to replace default hardcode editor. when the user click on a cell, fileChooser (my CellEditor) will popup automatically to prompt user to choose a specific file type. As the topic, i am not quite sure how to change the defaultCellEditor to implement as a JFileChooser. So can anyone help me a bit, thx a lot!!!

    i am currently making a table that require input of a
    file name. for the sake of easy use, i plan to use
    fileChooser to replace default hardcode editor. when
    the user click on a cell, fileChooser (my CellEditor)
    will popup automatically to prompt user to choose a
    specific file type. This is covered in the Java Tutorial.

  • How to change the text in your image?

    How do I change the font in my image without changing the image itself?

    When you create text in photoshop and save the resulting image in psd or tiff, the text stays live. Allowing you to edit it later on, which is why it is recommended to save to one of the two formats for archival purposes.
    If your text is live, all you have to do is doube click on the icon in the text layer, that will highlight all of the text for that layer. You can then change the properties of that text. Draging across the text will also highlight only what you want selected, and only that portion will be affected by any changes in its properties.
    If you save to a format like jpg and that is the only copy, you then have to use the selection tools to seperate the text from its background. Once the text is selected, you then need to find away to replace what was underneath, hopefully it a solid color, but only you know, since there are no screen grabs to look at.
    If the background consist of multiple colors, you may have luck using the clone tool, or healing brush, etc. to try to mimic the area around the text. If you have CS5 or CS6 you may even have luck with the content fill feature.
    All I can say is if the text is not live, its going to take time and patience to make it look good. And use this as a learning experience for both learning how to do it the hard way and to save as a psd from now on.
    Good luck.

  • How to change the image dynamically depend upon the input parameter

    Hi All
    I have one report running depend upon the Organization specific, I have 15 operating unit and 15 different logo for each operating unit.
    How to change the Logo dynamically depend upon the input passed by the user.
    If I have three or four logo i can add in my layout using if else statement and its works fine but i have more that 10 logos so its no possible to keep these in My RTF Template.
    Is it possible to change the logo according to the input without keeping this in Template.
    I have seen this link but its not working fine

    I have not completed fully,so sorry i cant able to share the files, could you please give me some tips and steps to do.
    Without having the logo in RTF if it possible to bring the logo depends on the user input (Ie Operating unit).

Maybe you are looking for

  • Memory Upgrade for Satellite Pro L10

    Can i add 512MB to the 256MB memory already on my laptop? And also what is the name of the memory supported by Satellite Pro L10. Thanx Femi

  • Key Bindings using the arrow keys

    Following is some code that allows you to move a component around the screen using the arrow keys. I've noticed a problem and I'm just wondering if its Java or my keyboard. Lets start with an example that works: Press the down and right keys. Then pr

  • Pages 4.2 no Small Caps can be activated

    I use a lot Pages for texts, flyers and posters. There seems to be a serious bug within Pages 4.2. if you open the typo panel and activate the Small Caps feature or Opentype fonts they though they can be clicked Pages does not transform the marked te

  • New Ipod's and Old iTunes?!?

    I am going to buy a new iPOD and sell my old one. Will my iTunes songs transfer to the new iPOD?!? Will I be able to put the songs on my iTunes to my new iPod?

  • Procudure to count all the rows in a all tables in the schema

    When I run the following store procedure to count all the rows in all the tables I crash my sql Plus editor: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE TC_TABLEROWCOUNT(OWNER IN varchar2) IS row_count number; cursor get_tab is select table_name, num_rows from all_t