HT201210 Iphone 4s will not update to iOS 7.  Says an error occurred.  I have to plug my phone into the computer also because it will not connect to home wifi.  All other devices will connect to wifi though.  I have enough storage to update also.

My iphone 4s will not update to ios 7.  I'm trying to update this through my imac because the iphone will also not connect to my home wifi.  I've tried several different things but nothing is working.  I deleted enough pics and apps so there is enough storage.  When i plug it in, it starts to bring all my photos to the imac. I cancel this because i don't want it.  It then says extracting software, backing up iphone, then i get the error message.  Do I need the iphone 5?

I just tried again, no code comes up on the imac.  Just says cannot back up this device with my "initials" because of an error.  It's weird because my iphone has been connected to othert wifi sources in the past. I've looked through these forums and have tried multiple things like resetting the phone, resetting network, shutting off modem and router, nothing works.  I have an apple airport extreme router too.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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