HT201272 Purchase history in itunes on pc does not show audio books that I have downloaded. How do I download them to my itunes library?

I have the current version of itunes on my pc and my wife had downloaded a few audio books to her i phone under the same account. Her phone was damaged and was replaced. I had backed up the phone and restored the new one but her audio books were not put on the new phone. When i look in my itunes library on my pc the book does not show up. In the purchase history I can find when i purchased it and the order number but there is no option to download it. Then under the "purchased" area it gives the options of music movies tv shows apps and books (not audio books) but audio books are no where to be found. If i can get any help figuring it out i would appreciate it.

Hey innerev2003,
Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
If, while searching through your past purchases, items are unavailable to download and show a "Purchased" button, they are still on your computer. It may be best to search your iTunes library by clicking Music, then use the search bar at the top right.
If you are completely sure the items are no longer in your library, try signing out of the iTunes Store, and then back in.
iTunes 11 for Windows: Manage your iTunes Store account
Matt M.

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