HT201991 What is the character limit for length for video or song reviews?

What is the character limit for length for video or song review?

One other thing I found... It was still doing the spinning clock and locking up, but it took a while after boot for the problem to crop up.
I pulled the media card and found that there was a media sync folder under Blackberry\System that had some files in there that were pretty big.  The artwork file was over 150MB and some other files were largish.
I deleted the entire media sync folder and now it seems to be behaving itself.  No more spinning clock and it seems to be slowly returning to normal.  (Besides all the messages it deleted during the whole process)
If anyone else runs into this I would say you should clean the folder off the media card along with disabling the sync.  Seems the BB still reads that folder and processes it if present.

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    I don't want 2 monitors, so a single 27inch model just what I need... plenty of room for PPro, or I can have a Word document and a Text file open and side by side
    That is personal taste and there is no discussing taste. However, from my perspective, and that is personal, I prefer 3840 x 1080 resolution with dual monitors over 1920 x 1080 with a single monitor, but that is because I very often have Firefox, Filezilla, Dreamweaver and some other applications open at the same time, switching between the Adobe forums, Gmail accounts, Notebook results from the PPBM5 data submissions, PPBM5 form submissions, MySQL access, phpadmin pages to update the database, the PPBM5 results pages and various DW .php pages for the maintenance of our database and switching back and forth between various versions of PR. I occasionally really run out of real estate with all these applications and could not consider a single monitor with only 1920 x 1080 resolution, even if it were a 105" screen. In the future I would even like to have a four monitor setup (with MPE hardware support) in a two by two configuration, so that I can freely move my application screens around.
    If that happens, notice I say if and not when, my preference for a monitor would be something like 4 Samsung F2380 monitors. Small bezel, great display and panel, affordable.

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         CREATE_USER_ID                         NUMBER(10)          NOT NULL,
         EDIT_DATE                              DATE,
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    It is restricted only by the space on your disk drives.
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    Gints Plivna

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    is it 64gb ?

    It depends on whether you're on 32bit or 64bit platform.
    On 32bit platform, maximum virtual space is 4G. (2^32)
    And on 32bit Windows, 2G space is reserved for OS kernel and another 2G space is reserved for a process.
    So the maximum memory space that jvm can use is 2G.
    Excluding some native os specific memory, generally the maximum java heap available for "one" java process is around 1500M.
    In your case this limit seems to lie between 1.1G ~ 1.5G.
    Every 32bit platform has similar limit. 1G ~ 3G range is reasonable. It dependes on OS, not JVM version.
    PS) There is "/3GB" option on Windows, which expands the 2G limit to 3G. I've never tested it myself. If you have a change to give it a try(google will tell you how-to), let us know the result, Ok?
    And AWE functionality for Windows enables the memory address far more much than 2G. But unfortunately JVM does not support AWE API. :(

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    I may not simply be a matter of size, it may also be a matter of resolution.
    In the past, I have tried to send a video which was not able to be sent because it failed to meet the size restrictions of the texting app. I tried repeatedly to shorten the video until it was not worth sending. I then lowered the resolution of the phone when taking another video to a lower resolution and was able to send the video even though the file size was larger then the size of a higher resolution video I had previously tried to send.
    I believe I had to lower the resolution to 640x480 in order to send the video attached to a text. Whether or not this is still the case, I do not know as I rarely send video MMS.

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    You can activate the SIZECHECK compiler option for interactive compilations only. Once enabled, the compiler option remains active until disabled. This option is automatically disabled for batch compilations.
    Enable the SIZECHECK option prior to compiling a program unit to raise an alert if the size of a program unit source is approaching an operating system limit for memory allocation. If the size of the source is close to an operating system limit, the compiled state of that source will probably be larger and may exceed the operating system limit.
    The SIZECHECK option also raises an alert if the compiled state of the program unit is approaching or exceeds an operating system specific limit for memory allocation.
    If the source of the program unit, or the compiled program unit exceeds an operating system-specific memory allocation limit, you may wish to break the program unit into smaller program units.
    Check your operating system documentation for the memory allocation limit on your platform.
    You can temporarily remove a compiler option using the DISABLE command.
    Tehzeeb Ahmed

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    What is the error message? What OS? What version of Word? What version of Acrobat? Which method do you use to try to create the pdf from the Word file.

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    AppGeeker will do the job.

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    I'm in the market for a new DSLR.  Obviously I want beautiful photos, but the video is almost more important.  I would love to get the 7D, but I'm interested in whether there is a more budget friendly option that is just as good.  What about the 60D?
    Or perhaps a Rebel T3i or T4i?
    Thanks for your suggestions!!

    If video on a budget is your primary desire, the T3i or 60d with Magic Lantern would be my choice. ML will give both cameras essentially the same functions (which are IMMENSE with ML on board), but the 60d is going to have a few extras you may prefer in a stills body (plus little things like ease of swapping batteries on some tripods because of battery door placement). That said, if you can get a refurb T3i for $360 vs a 60d for $600 (black friday prices), I would get the T3i hands down. That is a LOT of camera for the money at those prices. Too bad it shows T2i out of stock, but at >$300 it's obvious why!!!
    Lenses make a difference in stills quality, but for video not as big, especially for what you want to do. There is NO reason you need to spend $1000 on a lens for video. An HD video image is about 2mp. A still will be 18mp. So obviously the quality of glass will have more affect on IQ for stills than video. Basically, any lens that is good enough for stills will be good enough for video. Not necessarily the other way though. That's why people like to use old MF lenses for bargain finds for video. There are other things to consider such as focus ring placement and smoothness for video use. For example, the 50 1.8 is perfectly fine for stills but the focus ring is in a bad spot for racking focus for video use.
    I don't see a substantial enough reason to get a T4i over a 60d/T3i when it costs more than either. There is AF in video mode but after seeing it in real life action it isn't as impressive as it is on paper, and not worth the extra cost considering what the other two can be had for IMHO. I don't see the 7d as being a good choice for what you want.
    I suggest the 60d and T3i because if you're doing video, that swivel screen will pay for itself immediately. I reach for my 60d over my T2i for video every time because of the swivel screen. Heck, I grab my SX20 for video (if I'll be outside or in good light) over the T2i BECAUSE of the swivel screen alone.

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    Yes, there is a maximum length for the URL but if you use POST with a form the parameters do not appear in the URL... They would if you'd use GET however.
    Still, I guess it is just too much. And if that's a form a user would be supposed to fill out (usually they are supposed to do just that) they'd probably get tired and quit after the first 100 fields... 500 fields on one page is definately too much. I'd say try splitting it up to have about 10 fields on a page but then you'de have 50 pages to go through, which is less that good...
    May I ask what the 500 fields are for? What data is the form supposed to process? There might be a more practicable way to solve this.

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    It is restricted only by the space on your disk drives.
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    Gints Plivna

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    ORA-19011: Character string buffer too small
    How can I solve it??
    Beside, I try to search some smaller XML documents, I can get the XML data using extract() in SELECT clause, but I still have ORA-19011 error if I using extract() in WHERE clause.
    Thanks a lot!!
    Thomas Lam

    By default in Firefox 4, a site can use up to 50MB of IndexedDB storage. If it tries to use more than 50MB, Firefox will ask the user for permission:
    In Firefox for mobile devices (Google Android and Nokia Maemo), Firefox will ask for permission if a site tries to use more than 5MB:

  • What is the quantity limit for custom ringtone can be keep in iPhone 4

    Hi, I just brought a new iPhone 4. I only can add two custom ringtone in it. Is that the limit?

    There is no limit that I am aware of.
    I have 186.

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