HT2477 How do I select multiple images without clicking on each one? Is there a way to select duplicate photos to delete them?

How do I select multiple images without clicking on each one? Is there a way to select duplicate photos to delete them?

Consider adding the delete symbol to the Finder window tool bar.  This way you can highlight all the photos you want to delete at the same time then hit the "delete" symbol.
Open a Finder window/View/Customize Toolbar - follow the directions in the customized pop down window.

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  • How To Place/Open Multiple Images Into Separate Layers For ONE Document?

    I've been searching for the answer for a long time so I figured that someone here has to know.  I have PS Elements 9. 
    So I would like to make GIFs and I know how to do so, the problem is placing in those tens of files in layers (it's tedious).  Is there a way to select multiple image files to place into a single document?  And for them to be place into its own layer?  I've tried dragging and selecting from the Open/Place menus (won't allow), SHIFT + Direction Key from the Open/Place menus (won't allow), tried opening them to drag on the Organizer and to drag from the Project Bin (again won't allow), and I've read tutorials where they say to use scripts and actions but I'm not sure what to download them in order for them to work and the links are broken anyway.
    An example of what I'd like to do:
    Open and place in 15+ screenshots into layers but in just one document.
    Each screenshot would be one layer in said document. of GIF process...
    I feel like there's an easier way to get this without placing in each one at a time.  I remember being able to do this on a old PS (though not Elements).  Thanks for any help.

    The quickest method is probably opening all images together from Full Edit:
    File >> Open
    Then navigate to the folder and use shift+click to select a block of files.
    The images will appear in the photo bin. Drag and drop each one into the main editing window and a separate layer will be created for each.

  • How do I identify my Duplicate Photos and Delete them?

    Don't ask me how it happended but I have managed to get a LOT of duplicate photos in my iphoto library.
    How can I identify those duplicates and then delete them automatically.
    An example of a duplicate would be: IMG12345.jpg and IMG12345_1.jpg etc

    Duplicate annihilator

  • Downloading whole Podcast directories without clicking on each one ?

    Just got my first iPOD video and I'm going podcast nuts at the moment which means a lot of catching up on some large podcasts.
    Is there a way of selecting a whole bunch of them using the SHIFT or CTRL keys and then asking iTunes to download them all ?

    Not that I been able to do. When I get into a new podcast I like to listen to older episodes also. What I end up doing is clicking the Get button for all the ones I want then going away for awhile. iTunes will work its way through the download queue.

  • How do I delete large numbers of photos from library and hard drive without clicking on each one individually?

    For instance by dragging across them like you would do to move a block of type. Or any other way. I'm editing about 5,000 images.

    The Short answer is the Same Way you select multiple files on the computer system of your choice. Windows would be to click on the first image then hold down the Shift key and select the last image or if they don't run concurrently select the first, hold down the Ctrl key and click the individual files. Once that is don't hit the Delete key and select whether to delete from the just the catalog or Remove from Disk.
    On Mac it is the same except the hold down key for selecting non concurrent images and there really isn't a Delete key on a Mac. IIRC you hold down the shift or command key and hit the Backspace key which is labeled Delete.

  • Lost ability to select multiple images easily in Organizer

    I have always been able to select a range of photos by clicking on the first and then Shift-clicking on the last photo in the range.  Everything in MS Windows and almost all Windows apps work this way.
    Suddenly, I can no longer even select an image by clicking it in Organizer.  The only way to select is to drag a rectangle around the particular photo until it's selected.  The only way I can select more than one is to hold down the CTRL key while dragging selection boxes around additional files.  The only way I can select a range of photos is to laboriously CTRL-drag-select each one individually.
    What in the world happened?  I cannot see anything in Preferences that applies to this situation and searching on the keywork, "select" turns up nothing applicable.

    Hi Ron
    Open Organizer and press Ctrl+K to bring up preferences.
    Along the bottom row of buttons try clicking the one to the left “Restore Default Settings”
    Close the program and re-open it. See if that works.

  • How do you delete multiple email messages without checking off each one at a time?

    Looking for help to figure out how to delete emails previous to certain dates or in large quantity without clicking on each one.  Already held down control button and tagged multiple emails...yet want to delete previous emails in large quantity.
    Thanks in advance for help...

    Click on the first one you want gone then
    1) hold down the Shift and click on the last one you want gone when they are consecutive, then Right click and select Move to trash or Delete
    2) Hold down either the Option or Control or Command key (Sorry I forget which key is used on the Mac for this, It is Control on PC) then click on the individual mails you want gone then as above.

  • I am trying to import photo's on i photo.  It downloads all of the pictures on my camera, how do i only select the photos i want?  Is there a way to do this without selecting one photo at a time? is there a way to select multiple images?  thanks!

    I am trying to import photo's on i photo.  It downloads all of the pictures on my camera, how do i only select the photos i want?  Is there a way to do this without selecting one photo at a time? is there a way to select multiple images?  thanks!

    To select consecutive images click and drag the cursor over multiple thumbnails to select all at once.
    To select multiple images that are randomly located hold down the Command(⌘) key and click on those images you want to select.
    Or to select consecutive images from a list of images that are together hold down the Shift key and and click on the first photo you want to select and the on the last photo you want in the list.

  • How can I select multiple photos without tapping on each one individually

    How can I select multiple photos without tapping on each one individually?

    Op: without tapping on each one individually
    tap all the photos you want to delete.
    Note what the OP is asking.

  • When selecting multiple images in LR 5.2 on Mac, how do I delete all selected photos?

    Based on I decided to add each question seperately:
    Hello, I'm quite interested in buying Lightroom 5.2. I tried the RC which ran out now. Yet, I have a several questions that I can't really find good conclusive answers to, that I'd like to get answered before buying LR. Please don't write maybe like this or that (assumptions), since I don't want to start my whole workflow and then realize that I have to change everything around, so please answer, if you know for sure that something works and you are, preferably, using that method too.
    When selecting multiple images in LR 5.2 RC on my Mac, using the Filmstrip view, how do I delete all selected files using a shortcut (as opposed to the right-click context-menu > remove selected photos)? Details: Using backspace asks me if I want to delete it, I choose from disk, but it just deletes individual photos, so if I have 3 selected, I need to do this 3 times.

    Many users (including me) will thank you for saving us the trouble of looking for this description in the manual. Seriously!
    However, if something performs unexpectedly, if it's not a bug, it's at least a user-inconvenience.
    When an unexpected result like this occurs in a product, often the documentation writer is given the task of writing the workaround into the docs. That's not a great way to fix bugs permanently, even if it does help in the short term. So, it's probably a good idea to point to where in the documentation it seems that the product-performance problem is smoothed over, when filing the report/request.
    Feature enhancement requests and bugs are filed the same way. And, developers do listen to requests. Many features in many Adobe products originated in feature requests. However, product managers and, financial-management folks above them, who have some power to decide where to expend resources, set the priorities. Adobe's new subscription model is supposed to release some of the pressure on developers to meet a new release deadline every-so-often, where a whole bunch of product improvements is revealed, and instead, under the idea of making constant improvements available through more-frequent updates, users will get results sooner.
    dj_paige wrote:
    peter at knowhowpro wrote:
    Have you considered filing a bug report or feature enhanacement request (depends if the develoopers think it's a bug or "as designed") here: LR-WISHFORM
    As far as I know, this is not a bug, this is a feature of Lightroom (although I can't explain why anyone would want Lightroom to operate this way). You can find text in the Lightroom Manual that clearly explains tha operations performed on selection of photos in the Filmstrip is different than the same operation performed on photos selected in the Grid.

  • How do I select multiple images in pages

    In Apple works drawing it was simple to select several images by click and dragging a box over some images and they were all selected at the same time. Now I only get a pointer arrow when over an object at all other times I get an I bar. Am I missing something?

    Thanks Peter,
    That works fine , however as it was simpler in Apple Works with only one hand needed, I had wondered if it could be done in pages. I still have Apple Works on a desktop and it is a pleasure using it for class room posters and the like. Pity was that pages (which I love) does not have all the functionality that AW had

  • Shift click on iPad with blue tooth keyboard doesn't select multiple images

    i have my iPad running iOS8 on Safari with a blue tooth keyboard In a WordPress slideshow website. The WP plugin does allow me to select multiple images on the computer but not on the iPad.
    IS there a way to make this work?

    No. There is not 'shift click' on an iOS device with our without a wireless keyboard.

  • MDM: Search for images in the dialog window "Select Multiple Images"

    are there possibilities to search for images in the dialog window "Select Multiple Images" (if you want to add a image to a record)?
    I know the possibilities to sort the images and the possibilities with the data groups. But I don't know a possibilities to search for a single image.
    Thanks for any help!
    Best regards, Melanie

          From the question you asked; its not much clear what your clear requirement is; but if its what i get then the solution is:
          How is that you want to select the image? With Image view or By viewing the image itself ? For it when u select "Select Multiple Images" you can find two as "Available Images" and "Selected Images" and in between u can find some buttons, after "All, Add, Remove and None" you can find two buttons "Thumb Nail" and "view Details". I think you can use these buttons for your solution.
          When you select "Thumb Nail" button you can see the image in real and select the image.  OR you can select "View Details" and check the file name or path or the requirement as required.
    Lead, follow or Get out of way

  • Issues when selecting multiple images in LR6.

    I've noticed a few changes to how LR6 behaves when I select multiple images.
    First, if I select a few images in the Library view, I am only essentially "stuck" in those images when I press the left or right arrow keys. In previous versions of LR, hitting the left or right arrow would move to image on either side of the selected images. Now I'm only able to endlessly scroll through the selected images and I have to press the up or down arrow to get out of the selected images. Is there a way to change it back to how it used to work?
    Second, and I think this is related to the first issue, I used to be able to select all images in a collection, press the down arrow and I'd end up at the last image in a collection. Now, it no longer works.
    Anyone else notice either of these things? Have you found a way to change it back to how it's always been?

    Interesting. I just went back to LR5.7 (Mac) and confirmed that it behaves just like I originally said, but LR6 does not. Maybe Windows has always been this way? Regardless, any input from Mac users?

  • Selecting multiple images at once

    I am having trouble figuring out how to click and drag the "invisible box" that usually shows up in other apps. I'm wanting to select multiple images and this would make it much easier since sizing and placing makes it difficult to select each image. Hopefully this makes sense as I am unsure what to call it. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

    It's okay, I answered my own question. For those who may have the same problem, you have to click on the image before holding the mouse button down and dragging while pressing the command key.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Small patch for New-IsoFile

    I made a slight change in how New-IsoFile creates the temporary file if needed. The original used a timestamp for the filename, but I wanted to use the real GetTempFileName-call. The two changed parts are bolded below. I would appreciate any feedback

  • Drag and Drop between two list boxes

    Hi all I am working over Drag and Drop .. i have to implement Drag and Drop between two list boxes .. both list box exist in same page ..each list box have number of rows.. please give me some idea ... as i am new for JSP and Servlet... Thanks in adv

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    Dear Experts, I use oracle thin client. How can my application keep retry of login to database at startup if the database host shutdown? (e.g. ds.setURL("jdbc:oracle:thin:@invalid host:15111:locdb"); If I can create connection pool and execute sql st

  • One Query or Two liinked Queries

    hi experts i want to know what is the better in performance in the report builder is to create one single query with join 2 master and details tables or create 2 queries one for each table and link them by datalink thanks

  • Scanner scans document but refuses to load the file into photoshopo 9

    After scanning and saving over 60 documents and pictures into a tagged folder in Photoshop 9 the program stopped allowing the saving of new files as the on screen instructions said the image already existed and that it was not a supported file. The i