HT4914 How does the payment method work for iTunes Match?

How does the payment method work with iTunes Match. For example, if you have a gift card, does it take it out of that. Or is there tax? What if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the year, does it take the money for that year or not? If someone could answer those questions it would be greatly apreciated. And if anyone has their own questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.

Hi HLFrank,
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You can opt for monthly payment in a yearly contract or pay at one go for an year.
Please check the option at

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  • How does the payment system work for CC subscriptions?

    I really like the USD49.99 pm deal, but do I really have to pay the entire 12-month total before I get started? Or can I pay this off over the one-year period? This is the only question keeping me from jumping on the bandwagon.

    Hi HLFrank,
    Welcome to Adobe Forum,
    You can opt for monthly payment in a yearly contract or pay at one go for an year.
    Please check the option at

  • How does the .accept() method work?

    I have checked the source code of the ServerSocket implementation that comes with the jdk.
    I tought I was going to find some type of loop. However I found nothing like that! so how does the accept method work.
    I mean when we call the .accept() method, the thread in which the socketServer is initialized gets stoped untill a new client connection is recieved! how is this actually managed?

    At a guess, the accept call that Java makes, relies on the OS system call through JNI. accept would then block until a new connection is present if you are using blocking.

  • How does the return method work?

    how does the return method work?

    What do you mean by "return method"? Methods return a value (or void, but that's still a "value" of sorts).
    Returning a Value from a Method

  • How does the substring method work

    hey folks, does anyone know how the substring method works

    Then you want to use String.split using regular expressions:
    public String[] split(String regex)
        Splits this string around matches of the given regular expression.
        This method works as if by invoking the two-argument split method with the
    given expression and a limit argument of zero. Trailing empty strings are
    therefore not included in the resulting array.
        The string "boo:and:foo", for example, yields the following results with these
            Regex      Result
            :      { "boo", "and", "foo" }
            o      { "b", "", ":and:f" }
            regex - the delimiting regular expression
            the array of strings computed by splitting this string around matches of
    the given regular expression
            PatternSyntaxException - if the regular expression's syntax is invalid
        See Also:
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  • How does the security model work for external USB disks attached to an AEBS

    I've attached a USB disk to my AEBS after partitioning it first on my MBP using Disk Utility. I created a single partition with a GUID partition table covering the entire disk. Next I deselected the "Ignore ownership on this volume" checkmark and assigned myself and my wife read/write access, my group read access, and the rest no access. Next, I hooked it up to the AEBS and created some test files. I noticed in Terminal that the files I created all had rwx access for user, group and others. Trying to chmod that into something less open, like rwx for me, rx for the group and nothing for others didn't work. Also I noticed that when I was logged in the files I had created had my name as the owner, but when my wife logged in, those same files were owned by my wife.
    What is happening here ? Who is the actual owner of the files on the external USB disk on my AEBS, and what are the real access rights (as they seem to depend on the actual user). On my AEBS I've setup "File sharing", "With accounts" and created accounts for both me and my wife, as well as disabled guest account access.
    I get the impression that the owner and access rights seem to depend on the actual user connected to the AEBS, but I'm not sure.
    Can anybody please enlighten me on the subject of AEBS access rights/ownership for USB disks ?
    With kind regards,

    All that I can provide is what has worked for me for years.
    The Time Capsule is setup as the router for the network, connected to a simple Zoom 5431J cable modem.
    Static Internet IP connection from the cable provider is 12.34.567.89
    By default, the Time Capsule is at on the local network
    Port Mapping setup for the Time Capsule is......
    Public UDP Port 8884
    Public TCP Ports 8884
    Private IP
    Private UDP 548
    Private TCP 548
    The hard drive on the Time Capsule is accessed from a remote location at afp://12.34.567.89:8884
    The AirPort Extreme is connected by Ethernet to the Time Capsule and is it setup to operate in Bridge Mode
    The AirPort Extreme always receives a reserved local IP address of from the Time Capsule
    The Port Mapping setup (on the Time Capsule) looks like this for the AirPort Extreme.......
    Public UDP Port 8888
    Public TCP Port 8888
    Private IP
    Private UDP 548
    Private TCP 548
    The USB hard drive connected to the AirPort Extreme is accessed from a remote location at afp://12.34.567.89:8888
    If you are still having difficulty, I would delete all of Port Mapping settings on the Time Capsule and Update the Time Capsule. Then, go back and setup the Port Mapping for the Time Capsule, check that to make sure that it is working, then setup the Port Mapping settings on the Time Capsule for the AirPort Extreme.

  • How does the round robin work for WLANs in the WLC?

    We recently added two more RADIUS servers in the enterprise for redundancy.  Our main WLAN had only one RADIUS server for PEAP authentication.  We have Prime configured to email us with mostly the default notifications.  I recently started getting these emails:
    I started digging into one of the controllers and I found these messages:
    Notice how, if you start reading up from the bottom, you can see failed to authorize user "unknown" and the controller then deactivated that radius instance and shifted to the next one.  Then... after a while, another "unknown" user tried to authenticate, and again, the controller then abandoned that radius instance and then went to the next one in line.  That process keeps repeating itself after it cycles through all three of the radius instances, then starts over.
    Is this normal behavior, or do you know if I have misconfigured something?
    Thanks in advance!

    There can be cause to adjust the EAP timers....but check if you are set to radius aggressive failover or not.
    show radius summary
    Vendor Id Backward Compatibility................. Disabled
    Call Station Id Case............................. lower
    Call Station Id Type............................. Mac Address
    Aggressive Failover.............................. Enabled
    Keywrap.......................................... Disabled
    Fallback Test:
        Test Mode.................................... Off
        Probe User Name.............................. cisco-probe
        Interval (in seconds)........................ 300
    MAC Delimiter for Authentication Messages........ hyphen
    MAC Delimiter for Accounting Messages............ hyphen
    if you are, then one failure will cause you to move to the next radius index.
    config radius aggressive-failover disable  <-- three consecutive users need to be ignored by AAA before the next indes is moved to.
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  • How does the JSF lifecycle work for stateless HttpSessions?

    Ok, so just trying to get my head around this. The JSF architecture stores a lot of UI info in the session. Now this can be stored client or server side but the server side is default. I am wondering what would happen if the serlvet HttpSessions were stateless?

    But they aren't. They are associated with an IP address, port, and jsessionid. All of that is state.

  • How does the copy button work in safari for ipad (copy button under facebbok share button)?

    How does the copy button work in safari for ipad (copy button under facebbok share button)?

    On a website ...  
    Tap the Action icon bottom of that window. (white square with a right facing arrow) then tap Facebook.
    You should see the following depending on the what content the website can share.
    Copy / Mail / Message / Twitter / Print  / Bookmark

  • For the iPod Classic, in settings, how does the volume limit work? After setting a limit, how to re-set to a new volume limit?

    For the iPod Classic, in settings, how does the volume limit work? After setting a limit, how to re-set to a new volume limit?

    This thread - with a quote from an LR4 Beta thread - says that all 6 central Basic controls in PV2012 (Exposure thru Blacks) are now image-adaptive, as were Recovery, Fill Light, and Clarity in previous versions:
    Whether they are suitable for creating a Timelapse sequence without significant flicker is entirely subjective and up to you - and of course, dependant on your specific images & how they change over time.  Sorry, not much advice beyond try PV2012, and revert back to PV2010 if you get too much flicker.

  • How does the Delta functionality works while updating Infocube from PA

    Hi Gurus
    How does the Delta functionality works when you send forecast to the Info cube from the Planning Area.
    As I have weekly based planning, every week we have to update the forecast into the Cube. If I update  every week into the Cube , then the values are going to append  in the Info cube.
    Shall I create ODS in between the Planning area  and the Info cube .
    Any other method ?
    Please Suggest.

    Hi Preetham,
    Data Extraction from planning area to infocube usually its supports for full update only, when u r going to load the data from planning area to cube ,it deletes the previous data and u vil get the fresh data, this is the best method performance wise,
    if u want to use the delta functionality u can go for planning area to Dso, Dso to cube, it vil supports the delta functionality, but it vil degrades the system performance,

  • APP Error : none of the payment methods defined for these items

    I have posted a vendor invoice using F-43.
    P.key 25 vendor account
    P.key 50 bank account.
    I have selected the payment method as Check.
    So what I have posted is a vendor invoice for outgoing payment using T.Code F-43. Doc date -- Posting date -- B.line date entered - 08.06.2008
    Now I want them to be cleared using APP. So I have created an APP run to be scheduled on 10.06.2008 and which takes up all documents posted upto 09.06.2008. I have selected paying company code, payment method , vendor maintained print program RFFOUS_C variant.
    Now when I am doing the proposal run and then simultaneously the payment run. It is showing error that "none of the payment methods defined for these items" . Why is it so.
    and no payments are being posted.
    I checked in FBZP also that the paying bank is defined and in payment methods for that country check is there.
    Please reply asap..
    Thanks and regards,

    Hello Ghosh,
    Please check the following things
    1. Define pay method at country & co.code
    2. Assign pay method to your vendor masters
    3. Define bank determination with the combination of pay method
    4. Have u assigned pay methods while positng business transactions
    APP run:
    1.Give your pay method
    2.If u have any exeptions, pl edit the proposal and reallocate your correct pay method and rerun
    this will helps you, if u have any querry pl revert

  • How does the newest Iphone work with Ford Sync?

    How does the new Iphone work with Ford Sync? I was thinking of purchasing the 4s but may go elsewhere if there is a better phone for the equipment in my vehicle.

    That would be a NO.. I should have done my homework before I switched to IPhone because the Bluetooth just does not want to sync with my Ford Truck. Its such an inconvience. But I see from other posts that Ford isn't the only car experiencing problems. So Hopefully Apple fixes this problem QUICKLY!

  • How does the follwoing query work?

    Want to know how does the follwoign query work??
    For every row in flsp
    the subquery is going to get executed or is it just one time execution of the subquery??
    UPDATE flsp
    SET (DURATION, sdr, inr) =
    (SELECT SUM (tot_charges), SUM (tot_charges_sdr),
    SUM (tot_duration)
    FROM t
    WHERE t.sender_pmn = flsp.sender_pmn
    AND t.recipient_pmn = flsp.recipient_pmn
    AND t.imsi_min = flsp.imsi
    AND TRUNC (t.call_date) = TRUNC (flsp.call_date)
    AND t.call_type = flsp.call_type
    AND t.service_code = flsp.service_code
    GROUP BY sender_pmn,
    TRUNC (t.call_date),
    Edited by: user8731258 on Sep 27, 2010 2:54 AM

    user8731258 wrote:
    the global session table is going to hold data for one sessions where as the table flsp is going to hold data for the entire day.During a session there could be say 10 thousand records.Sounds like a bad idea.
    user8731258 wrote:
    ANd there are goign to aroung 100 such sessions.Continues to sound bad.
    user8731258 wrote:
    I have to update the flsp continually.Just got worse.
    user8731258 wrote:
    How do i make this fetch fast??This still makes no sense to me.
    Why are you moving all this data around and utilizing temporary tables instead of directly querying the underlying data on an 'as needed' basis?
    I think you have undertaken entirely the wrong technical approach to whatever business problem you are attempting to solve (though it's hard to say for sure as we still know little of what you've got going on).
    So back to step number one like i asked before.
    Can you explain (from the very beginning) WHY you are attempting this type of set up?

  • How does the sync functionality work with large libraries on small devices?

    How does the sync functionality work with large libraries?
    Say I sync 100gb of photos with the new Photos app and turn on sync on a 16gb iphone. Will it fill the device up to 16gb? Can I tell it to limit to xgb so I leave room for music and apps? How does this work? Will it slow down my phone if its trying to sync 100gb across smaller devices?

    "Will the Apple TV now read directly from the Time Capsule?" ATV does not 'read' from the TC. It connects to the Mac and itunes library associated with the Mac. Of course the itunes program can 'point' to a library on the TC. You'll still need to have itunes open and the Mac powered on and not sleeping with the TC mounted to the Desktop to use ATV properly. So bottom line the use of TC just adds one more step to view files on the ATV.

Maybe you are looking for