HT4943 How can I delete free magazines apps from the newsstand?

I installed some magazines into the newsstand and need to know I can get rid of them from the newsstand.  Just bought my ipad3 and still learning how to use it.

Canceling a Digital Subscription on/
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  • How can I delete un lite apps from my I pad

    How can I delete un lite apps from my I pad,I just upgraded my I pad 2 to ios7, now I have so many non working apps I try to delete them but they don't go away someone please help me?

    Have you tried syncing with your usual computer?

  • How can I delete stuff like apps from my iCloud account?

    How can I delete stuff like apps from my iCloud account?

    Select what you want to back up in iCloud (tap to enlarge image)

  • How can I import not only apps from the old iphone to the new iphone, but also the content of the apps?

    How can I import not only apps from the old iphone to the new iphone, but also the content of the apps?

    You can sync apps as you normally would, but I do not believe this copies over app specifc data (i.e. saved game status/scores).
    You can always restore your new device with a backup from your old device.

  • How can I delete hidden video files from the iPad?

    How can I delete hidden video files from the iPad?  These files were created on my MBA and when I changed the media type to iTunesU and then copied it to my iPad via iTunes, they did not appear.  I can see them using 3rd party software, but they don't have delete functionality.

    Interesting note:  I can see the files when I use the search function, but when I tap either file, I return to my home screen.  The video does not open.  I can transfer the file to my MBA, and it plays fine, but I cannot figure out a way to delete them.

  • How can i delete or clear video from the youtube most viewed?

    How can I delete or clear video from the youtube of "most viewed?"

    The 'most viewed' can't be edited - it is the videos on YouTube that have been watched most, so apart from the video being taken down from YouTube, or other videos getting more viewings, they will remain in that list.

  • HT201359 How can I delete my card details from the account to prevent my daughters ordering apps on the account when they don't realise they have to pay for them!!??

    My daughters keep updating apps from istore and they do not realise they are being billed for them.  I want to change my card details held on my account so that they can't do this without going through me first.  Does any one know if this is possible??
    many thanks

    Updating apps don't cost anything. If they have iOS devices, they're probably making in-app purchases. Many apps, particularly games, are free for the base game but charge for additional features such as levels, "coins" and other such add-ons. To prevent this from happening again, turn off "In App purchases" in the Restrictions settings on your device. You may also want to turn off the ability to install apps, to prevent purchases in case the child gets hold of your iTunes Store account information, and set the password to be required immediately.  For more information, see:
    As to changing your account information, see:
    but I'd suggest just setting up the parental restrictions on the iOS devices and in iTunes on your computer, if applicable, so they just can't buy anything on their own.

  • HT201322 How can i delete hidden unwanted app from my itunes acc..?

    I need to delete some app, It is not enought with hidding them, i need to deleted it from the history, and hidded app. can anyone help me on this?

    It's not currently possible to permanently delete them, all you can do is hide them so that they are less visible.

  • HT201272 How do I delete previously downloaded apps from the Cloud?

    I have already deleted the app from my devices, and from iTunes on my Macbook, but when I look at the app store on my devices under Purchased Apps Not on my Device, it still shows apps that I no longer want.

    You cannot delete it from your history, as it is a complete history of your purchases.
    You can hide it:
    iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases

  • How can I delete old email addresses from the "From" drop down menu when sending emails?

    I have some old email addresses, I think may be aliases that show up in the drop down box  in the "From" in email messages that I send.
    They don't show up anywhere in the Preferences/Accounts panel at all.
    Very perplexed at this one.

    From the Mail menubar, click Window and select Previous recipients. In there you can delete old email contacts.

  • How can I delete all my contacts from the icloud?

    I've been working with Apple's sometime, and now I have been forced to use iCloud after MobileMe.
    After syncing a couple of devices, some things went quite wrong. My iCloud contacts are now a complete mess. I have lots of duplicates. And over 8000 contacts.
    What I want to do is, is do a cleanup, and clear all the iCloud contacts, and import a new 'clean' address book from 1 mac to the icloud, which then in it's turn can be synced to all the devices?
    Is dit possible? I've noticed deleting manually is a pain, because the browser doesn't really allow more then 50 contacts or so at a time, before the browser freezes.

    Go to your Contacts on your Mac - if more than one pick the most accurate; delete any contacts you don't want. Select all the contacts, and from the File menu choose 'Export...'>'Export vCard'. Save the resultant file safely: it will be your 'master' list.
    Now delete all the contacts from whichever device has the most in it. Sync with iCloud. If necessary repeat with different Macs. The result should be that the deletions sync to iCloud and in the end you finish up with empty Contacts lists everywhere.
    Now you can import your saved file to one of your Macs. Make sure you import it under 'iCloud' not 'On My Mac'. Then it should propagate iCloud and any other devices. Keep the saved file at least until you are satisfied that all is in order.

  • How can I compile an AIR app from the Flex-OEM Compiler?

    Hi all.
    As i've read in, you should run amxmlc or pass +configname=air param to mxmlc in order to compile an air application. Is there a way to do this with the OEM Compiler?

    I ran across this article, however it's for an earlier version of AIR. A version that used publisherID, however that is not required in the new air versions. on/
    I tried creating this app without the pub id, didn't seem to work. I've got to get a certificate and get the pub id from that.

  • How can I delete a tv show from the icloud?

    I don't mean hide them, I want to completely remove them. I saw that you need and I was wondering if there was another way because my iPod is too old to be connected to so I can't use that

    You cannot delete them from icloud at all.
    Most of your purchases are stored in icloud.  That is what icloud does.  It allows you to redownload most of your purchases.

  • How can I delete unwanted mail addresses from the auto fill list in e.mail

    When I go to type a mail adress on my ipad I get a drop down list of previous mail addresses including all the typo's and used once. There doesn't seem to be a way of deleting unwanted one's. Unless anyone knows better?

    No, it can't be done. There have been many requests for this.
    All you can do is send feedback to Apple on it at

  • How can I purchase items for app when the app was loaded on another ID before? I has to Chang my AppleID and also transferred an app to new phone. I can't purchase items for app because it wants me to buy the app through new ID. The app was free.

    How can I purchase items for app when the app was loaded on another ID before? I has to Chang my AppleID and also transferred an app to new phone. I can't purchase items for app because it wants me to buy the app through new ID. The app was free.

    All apps (and other content from the store) are tied to the account that downloaded them, whether or not they are free. To do in-app purchases in that app you will either need to log in with the account that downloaded it, or delete it (which will delete its content) and download it with your currently logged in account if you want to do IAPs on that account.

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    I took photos with my iPad.  Shared with iMac so I could edit them.  Edited them and want to publish them on my gmail blog.  Only the unedited version shows on my blog.  Can the edited version be visible? Thank you.

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    Hello, We are finalizing the sizing of our future BI.7 environnement. As designed, the BI7 server capacity will be determined by the SAPS/memory quicksizer results. But in addition to that, to be on the safe side, we have also to keep in mind that ou

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    Hi, I have a few ASA's configured with multiple interfaces and multiple sub-interfaces. With many different subnets behind these interfaces. Is there any easy way from the command line to work out which interface from a specific IP is coming in on. e

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    How can I install Java 5.0 in OS 10.6. It comes with Java 6.0 and won't let me download an earlier version. Will an earlier version corrupt or damage the OS? Thanks Les

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