HT4993 how can I sync my itunes account with my iphone?

how can I sync my itunes account with my iphone?

What do you mean by sync your iTunes account?

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  • How do i sync one itunes account with two iphones, one ipod touch, and a nano?

    I need help in how to sync the one itunes account we use as a family with the two iphones my wife and i have and an ipod touch that my son has and a nano that my daughter has. Please help.

    That article applies, as far as I can tell, to all things called iPod X where X can be nano, touch, classic etc.
    We don't have two iPhones in the family as yet but as I understand it each device can have separate settings for syncing calendars and contacts. For example my iPhone syncs these over the air with the Exchange server at work so if/when my wife gets an iPhone it would be easy to have hers sync to our computer
    To make sure your apps don't inadvertently merge turn off Automatically sync new apps from the apps tab when you connect your device.
    The Apple support document How to use multiple iPods with one computer suggests a number of ways for managing the media content. I use method two (Sync with selected playlists) with a slight twist. Rather than regular playlists I set the grouping field to indicate which users should receive which tracks and create smart playlists based on the content of this field.
    "Alice's Tracks" is "Grouping contains Alice" + "Kind contains audio"
    "Bob's Videos" is "Grouping contains Bob" + "Kind does not contain audio"
    Tracks that both Alice & Bob want on their iPods have the grouping set to "Alice/Bob"
    I currently manage our family's five iDevices using this system, each getting a different selection to suit their tastes and the capacity of their device. An advantage of using the grouping field is that it is stored in file tags (for non-wav audio files anyway) so that it is relatively easy to recreate the playlists should the iTunes library get trashed and need rebuilding. Also useful if you move files about manually as playlist membership is preserved when you delete & re-import the tracks.

  • How can I connect my iTunes account with PayPal?

    How can I connect my iTunes account with PayPal?
    In the payment method page (I access it by iTunes for Mac) there's no PayPal button!
    PS: I live in Italy

    What do you mean by sync your iTunes account?

  • How can i sync my iTunes library from my iPhone with my new mac mini

    Recently my hard drive failed on my mac mini.  I had burned a bunch of CDs on the old mac mini and then sync'd it with my iphone.  Now the CDs are on my iphone but not on the new mac mini.  How can I sync my itunes library from my iphone to my new mac mini?

    The iphone is not a backup device.
    You need to copy everything from the backup copy of your computer computer to your new one.

  • HT1209 My Itunes Library and iPhone have fallen out of sync on music over the yearsare - how can I compare my itunes library with my Iphone  to see what songs are missing from my library so I can then bring my Library up to date

    My Itunes Library and iPhone have fallen out of sync on music over the yearsare - how can I compare my itunes library with my Iphone  to see what songs are missing from my library so I can then bring my Library up to date

    Hello Solid Buck,
    Thank you so much for providing the details about the duplicate song issue you are experiencing.  It sounds like you would like to remove the duplicate songs that will not play on your iPhone, but when you connect it to iTunes, iTunes only shows you one copy of the song on your iPhone. 
    In this situation, I recommend deleting the individual songs that do not play directly from your iPhone.  I found the steps to do this on page 61 of the iPhone User Guide (
    Delete a song from iPhone: In Songs, swipe the song, then tap Delete.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • HT203433 How can I delete an iTunes account from my iPhone so it's no longer associated with my device?

    How can I delete an iTunes account from my iPhone so it's no longer associated with my device?

    If you mean that it has the 90 day association :
    then you can either wait for the 90 days to complete, or you can try contacting iTunes Support and see if they can remove the association : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page

  • How can I access my iTunes account from my iPhone.

    1- I can't access my iTunes account from my iPhone.
    Do I have to sync them or can I download the songs I bought without connecting with my macbook?
    Last time i connected the two, all my music got deleted. Must have done something wrong, but have no idea how to prevent that from happening again.
    2- My "preferences" panel in iTunes, only shows apps and books, not music- Why?
    3- I can't save any music on iClod.

    i followed your link on how to delete content from all things Apple, and nothing removes books, movies, music... it just gives said device(s) the iCloud/download icon on top of the book, movie...  not sure what the 'hide' purchase actually does - after X'ing/hide, everything STILL appears across all devices using that account.  could you clarify this any further?
    if i am understanding iTunes correctly, then EVERYTHING we download (free or purchased) will be FOREVER accessible with zero way for us to control what is filling up this mysterious vault called the cloud?  (creepy- apple is keeping EVERYTHING, what happens when the cloud gets full?)
    since we have and it shows our "stuff" that we iCloud sync from our devices such as notes, contacts, calendar... then why doesn't apple provide an tab that shows ALL of our purchases so we as CONSUMERS control/delete what is in our account? 
    we download ALOT of apps to try and then delete them off our devices.  that works fine, but movies and books are always there.  maybe a glitch?

  • HT1918 How can I use my iTunes account with apple tv??

    How can I use my iTunes account watch alpple ????

    Welcome to the user to User Technical Support Forum provided by Apple.
    For your issue... Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • Can I sync my itunes account with an external hard drive to save memory on my computer?

    I have a computer with limited space, so I transferred my itunes library to an external hard drive.  Now my problem is syncing my itunes account on my computer with my itunes library on the external hard drive.  Can someone explain how to sync these two up?

    When iTunes launches it looks for a iTunes Library .XML file in your Music/iTunes Folder, if it's not there, then it creates one.
    So you got the entire iTunes Folder on the powered external drive (you also should have a backup someplace too)
    Now launch iTunes and then quit it.
    Look in your external drive iTunes Folder for a iTunes Library .XML file, copy that and replace the new one in your iTunes Folder on your boot drive.
    Now open this .XML file in a Text program that has "Find and Replace" ability, you have to take all the old pathnames to your content and replace them with the new pathname.
    For instance \Windows\Users\Mark\Music\iTunes Folder
    should now be something like this:
    \DriveB\MusicFolder\iTunes Folder
    Get the idea? your replacing all the partial pathnames to match the new drive.
    You need to have the external drive mounted and ready, then launch iTunes which will look for the .XML file in your boot drive >iTunes Folder, then when you click to play a song, instead of it finding it in your boot drive iTunes Folder, it's in your external drive iTunes Folder.

  • TS4083 How can I sync all email accounts to my iphone?

    There used to be an info section in iTunes that allowed you to sync email accounts from your iMac to your phone but this option seems to have been removed now from iTunes. Has it moved to iCloud somehwere? If so, how can I sync the accounts from my iMac? Thanks is advance for your help!

    Thanks! I knew how to do that already :/ Just upgraded to a 5s and didn't want to manually enter my accounts and server settings again (there are 10 email accounts) as I actually don't remember most of the passwords. I backed up settings from my old iPhone 4 before swapping the sims over and have managed to restore the 5s from that backup which copied over all of my email accounts, great success! However, just had to access cpanel for all accounts to reset the passwords as they are not copied over.
    Thank you for your prompt reply!

  • How do i sync my itunes account with outlook exchange

    I have recently upgraded to a 5s from my 4s.  I have synced my mail accounts with my exchange and i can send/recieve emails no problem.
    However when in itunes my outlook account will not show (as it used to) so i am unable to sync callenders and contacts.  I have tried deleting the old phone from iTunes/iCloud and find my iPhone incase this was causing conflict but it does not seem to have worked.
    Please help

    You're welcome.
    You didn't mention that slightly important info.
    If a Windows sufferer.
    For a Mac.

  • HT1727 Can I sync old iTunes account with a new iTunes account?

    I have a previous iTunes account with purchased music but the email address is no longer active.  Is it possible to move that music to my new iTunes account?

    No, you can't move content between accounts nor merge accounts - all content will remain tied to the account that downloaded it. You should be able to update the email address on the account (you can't use an address that is in use on another account), either via the Store > View Account menu option on your computer's iTunes or via

  • How can I sync my iTunes library with Sansa Rhapsody?

    I'm trying to sync my iTunes library with a Sansa Rhapsody, but the music player is not being recognized by iTunes. Is there a way to use iTunes with the Sansa?

    Although I suppose it's possible that there are some third party plug-ins (about which I know nothing), iTunes "out of the box" will not recognize a Sansa. It's worth noting that the Sansa doesn't support even unprotected AAC.
    I have one myself and they're not bad, other than the AAC thing.

  • Can I use one itune account with two iphones

    I now have two iphones can you have one itune account and keep your contacts separate, I dont care about apps

    Yes you can, iTunes will identify your phone by serial number and phone number.
    Best if you can to set different name to your phone under SETTINGS/GENERAL/ABOUT/Name and to name like e.g. iphone3G and the other iPhone 4s.
    So everytime you sync, itunes will backup your phone's contents and data and you will be able to identify from the backup files correctly in future.

  • How can I sync my new iPad with my iPhone and Gmail?

    I just purchased an iPad air.  I want to sync the iPad with my iPhone 5c and my Gmail account.  Everytime I go to add go to add an email account it tells me my gmail password is wrong.  How can I sync these devices?  Thanks Jenni

    When you add the account to the pad it should work just fine.  You are doing somethjing subtly wrong with the password as you are setting the account up.
    Try again, and pay real close attention to not only the password, but the other entries as you set up the account.
    If you get frustrated, simply go to google, and reset your passwoird to something new that you will easily remember, then use that password.  You will need to change the pword in your other devices as well to match the new one.

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