HT5621 I Have followed all the steps and still cant remove iCloud to my existing account and add to the new one, the old email account was changed a year ago and cant get that email plus the password don't work please HELP!!

I Have followed all the steps and still cant remove iCloud to my existing account and add to the new one, the old email account was changed a year ago and cant get that email plus the password don't work please HELP!

Welcome to the Apple community.
This feature has been introduced to make stolen phones useless to those that have stolen them.
However it can also arise when the user has changed their Apple ID details with Apple and not made the same changes to their iCloud account/Find My Phone on their device before upgrading to iOS 7, or if you restore from a previous back up made before you changed your details.
The only solution is to change your Apple ID back to its previous state with Apple at My Apple ID using your current password, you don’t need access to this address if it’s previously been used with your Apple ID, once you have saved these details enter the password as requested on your device and then turn off "find my phone".
You should then change your Apple ID back to its current state, verify it once again, delete the iCloud account from your device and then log back in using your current Apple ID. Finally, turn "find my phone" back on once again.
This article provides more information about Activation Lock.

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  • HT4437 I have followed all relevant steps, my iPhone5 and apple TV are connected to the same wireless network, but I still cannot use airplay. When I choose the airplay option on my phone, the only option I get is "iPhone"

    I have followed all relevant steps, my iPhone5 and apple TV are connected to the same wireless network, but I still cannot use airplay. When I choose the airplay option on my phone, the only option I get is "iPhone"

    Welcome to the Apple Community Willy.
    Try the following steps, check whether things are working after each step where appropriate, before trying the next.
    Check AirPlay is turned on on the Apple TV (turn it off and on if it already is)
    Check that both devices are on the same network (Settings > Wifi, on the mobile device and Settings > General > Network, on the Apple TV).
    Restart the Apple TV (Settings > General > Restart).
    Restart the Apple TV by removing ALL the cables for 30 seconds.
    Restart your router. (Also try removing it’s power cord for at least 30 seconds)
    Restart your mobile device.

  • I downloaded the i07.  My id had changed a year ago and I forgot my password and my answer to the security question was not accepted.  Tech support say nothing that can be done.  I can no longer access my iphone.  Any suggestions

    I downloaded the i07.  My id had changed a year ago and I forgot my password and my answer to the security question was not accepted.  Tech support say nothing that can be done.  I can no longer access my iphone.  Any suggestions

    I believe part of the recovery process is you get an e-mail allowing you to reset questions.  If that e-mail isn't correct either because your son set it up then you really have no option but to ask Apple again.  They are getting strict abotu security and given the number of "My iTunes account got hacked" posts here I can guess why.  They have no way of knowing you really are the owner of the account.  It's like me going to a policeman and saying, "See that car over there?  That is mine, can you open the door for me?" and the police opening it on that basis alone.
    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID - --> Can I change the answers to the security questions for my Apple ID?  --> Yes. You can change the answers to the security questions provided when you originally signed up for your Apple ID. Go to My Apple ID ( and click Manage your account.
    Forgotten security questions -  and
    More involved forgotten question issues -
    Kappy 09/2012 post about security questions -
    John Galt's tips (09&11/2012) - and
    If none of the above work, contact iTunes Support at and follow the instructions to report the issue to the iTunes Store.

  • After update iOS 8 some of the apps don't work please help me

    After update iOS 8 some of the apps don't work please help me As fast as you can

    There can be some of that. Unfortunately, it's up to the app developers to make their app work with the iOS.
    So checking for updates can help. You can also look at the reviews for the app, see if others have the same issue. If 8 has broken the app, all you can do is wait.
    In some cases, a reset can help. Hold down the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds. When you see the silver apple, let go and let it reboot and try again. (this can work if the app is fine with iOS8 but is just's a harmless reboot of the system)
    Another thing to try is to force quit the app(s) and force them to reboot. Double tap the home button. Flick the preview for the app up and off the screen to close it. Then single tap the home button to exit the mode. Try your app again. If it's just a glitch then this sometimes clears it up.
    I know once I updated my devices I then had several updates pushed out - updates that required iOS8 so weren't available before the update.

  • Speakers don't work, please help me...Ipad 2 new

    Speakers don't work, please help me...Ipad 2 new

    The User Guide is available at or downloadable from iTunes as an iBook.
    Under what circumstances? Have you tried a reset? I always worry when people talk about "speakers" - if you are referring to the bottom of the phone, there is only the one.

  • HT201210 i have followed all these steps and it still wont work.. any other suggestions? please help!

    Just trying to restore my phone, and i have followed all the steps yet none of them have worked. any other ways to do this?

    Placing your device into recovery (DFU) mode:
    Follow these steps to place your iOS device into recovery mode. If your iOS device is already in recovery mode, you can proceed immediately to step 6.
       1. Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but leave the
           other end of the cable connected to your computer's USB port.
       2. Turn off the device: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds
           until the red slider appears, then slide the slider. Wait for the device to turn off.
                  * If you cannot turn off the device using the slider, press and hold the
                    Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. When the device turns off,
                    release the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons.
      3. While pressing and holding the Home button, reconnect the USB cable to the
           device. The device should turn on. Note: If you see the battery charge warning,
           let the device charge for at least ten minutes to ensure that the battery has some
           charge, and then start with step 2 again.
      4. Continue holding the Home button until you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen.
           When this screen appears you can release the Home button:
      5. If necessary, open iTunes. You should see the following "recovery mode" alert:
      6. Use iTunes to restore the device.
    If you don't see the "Connect to iTunes" screen, try these steps again. If you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen but the device does not appear in iTunes, see this article and its related links.
    Additional Information:
    If you have a problem getting into recovery mode then try: RecBoot: Easy Way to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode.
    Note: When using recovery mode, you can only restore the device. All user content on the device will be erased, but if you had previously synced with iTunes on this computer, you can restore from a previous backup. See this article for more information.
    If the above doesn't work, then take it in to an Apple retailer for help.

  • Downloaded a new album but says some songs need authorizing. Have followed all Apples steps and no luck. Any suggestions pleaseeee!!

    Recently bought an album from itunes, all tracks downloaded but some require my laptop to be authorized, which it is.
    I have followed all the recommended steps by Apple Support and none have worked.
    Any help or suggestions very welcome.
    Thank you!

    Delete and redownload them if doing so is free in your country.

  • Facebook says I need to enable cookies, but I have followed all your steps.

    Facebook says I need to enable cookies in order to log in. I am using windows 8.1. I have followed all the steps in the support section and am still getting the same error message.

    Note that your System Details list shows that you have a user.js file in the profile folder to initialize prefs each time Firefox starts.
    The user.js file is only present if you or other software has created this file and normally it wouldn't be there.
    You can check its content with a plain text editor (right-click: Open with) if you didn't create this file yourself.
    The user.js file is read each time Firefox is started and initializes preferences to the value specified in this file, so preferences set via user.js can only be changed temporarily for the current session.
    You can delete possible user.js and numbered prefs-##.js files and rename (or delete) the prefs.js file to reset all prefs to the default value including prefs set via user.js and prefs that are no longer supported in the current Firefox release.

  • TS1538 When i plug my iphone 4s into my laptop it is recognised by my pc but not by itunes. I have followed all troubleshooting steps and everything is in order but itunes will still not load??

    please can anybody help??!!

    Hello EmilyLauren92,
    It sounds like your phone is not seen in iTunes on your computer but is recognized in My Computer. You have done an excellent job troubleshooting so far, and next I recommend these steps from the article named:
    iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes
    4. Empty your Temp directory and restart
    7. Remove and reinstall iTunes
    9. Update, Reconfigure, Disable, or Remove Security Software
    10. Deleting damaged or incorrect registry keys
    The title mentions the iPod, but the steps will be relevant for the iPhone as well.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • My iphone 5 is 32GB and I keep it backed up in icloud. A recent message suggested that I don't have enough icloud space so I have deleted all back up - it still says no icloud space - help!!! I am not a techy person and this is driving me mad!! :(

    Please can somebody help ....My iphone said not enough icloud space available, so I have delete all back ups and checked what apps are linked to my back up and it is only my photos. Since deleting all current back ups I have tried to back up  again and it still says not enough space when I have 5GB/ 5GB available.
    Can anybody help please? I'd be really greatful as this is driving me mad... why can't things just be simple x

    The problem could be that you don't have enough storage on the device itself, not on iCloud.  Go to Settings>General>Usage to see how much "Storage" you have available on the device.  Farther down the list is the available storage on iCloud.
    Also check:
    Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backups>Manage Storage; there, tap the device you need info on and the resulting screen lists Backup Options with which apps store data on iCloud as well.  Tap Show All Apps to get the complete list of apps and MB used for backup storage.
    A device needs many MB of storage in order to perform a backup to iCloud.
    Also see:`

  • If an email alias was deleted, is there any way to get that alias back?

    I was a .Mac and a MobileMe user and long ago I had created an email alias and subsequently deleted it. Is there any way to retrieve it for use now?
    As an anecdotal observation, I have wondered why so many providers do not recycle (or allow to be reclaimed) deleted user names, email addresses and email aliases. It seems a waste to permanently "retire" such valuable and limited resources. I admire Twitter for allowing such flexibility.

    There have been complaints of this sort from people trying to create completely new aliases: I don't know whether this is the same thing or is related to yours being a previously existing on.
    You could try MobileMe Support (I know you're on iCloud but there is no free support for that unless you happen to have AppleCare, and MobileMe Support have helped some people). Go to and select your country. In the next window click on a category to expand it, then on a subject to get a link to 'live chat'.

  • I have the new 5s and my fingerprints don't work - please help.

    Hi - I have entered different fingers for my fingerprint and they don't work - what is up with this - thank you for your help 
    I thought this phone was suppose to make your life easier.  thanks

    1. Try to delete and then re-add the fingerprint. Things to consider is make sure your finger is dry from any liquid or moisture. Also try to clean off the touch id sensor with a soft cloth and rescan your fingerprint. 
    2. Try to reset your settings and then go to settings-general-touch id and passcode and re-add your finger print. When you add the fingerprint make sure that you don't move it around too much until the first part of scanning your fingerprint is done. Then in the second part of the scan is where you wanna move the finger around.
    Hope this help! I have my iPhone 5S and it does help when the fingerprint sensor is working.

  • E1200 modem: Username and Password don't work! help!

    We cannot allow other devices (computers etc) on our network. the only one allowed is the one thats set up the network originally. I've contacted our internet provider, spyware and everyone else and they say its within the router. And the username and password on the laptop do not allow us in. Other devices say "authentication problem" or they are just not capable of getting onto the Wifi/Network. So, within our wireless network settings/properties we've gotten the name and pass key for going into our modem via the web...but it does not work. Need help with the username and password, the one we were given does not also, we do not have phone service where we live so calling and being on the computer is not possible....any email or forum step by step is the only capability. Thank you!

    Hello kreardon410,
    Try to check if you have the Cisco Connect Software installed on one of the computers. Router's default log in is admin for the password and just leave the username blank. If you won't be able to access it still, you may reset and configure the router again.
    Help, learn and share

  • I have iphone 4s i update to 7.0.3 after my wifi don't work please help me

    i have iphone 4s i update to 7.0.3 after that my wifi don't work . today i update with new iso 7.0.4 my wifi doesn't work again please help me
    when i go general my iphone freeze up than after min it work, than i go wifi and connect with router it connect but after 10, 15 min forget the password and freeze again and after 1 min when i go back to wifi the on and off button greyed out i think it a softwage problem. any help


  • Hyperlinks don't work, please help!! :(

    Hi all,
    I've created a new website and I would just like to know why my hyperlinks don't work? The facebook link used to, but ever since I posted the text under the menu icons in the middle of the site and then publish it won't activate any of them! This is really frustrating so I'm really hoping someone has an easy solution to this...
    My URL is

    It looks to me as though you have made your navigation menu using images places without a shape?
    If so, what he is saying is that this shape has got into your footer and is covering everything else and the whole page, which is why your links will not work. If your links are covered by anything, then they won't work.
    In iWeb select show all so you can see where things are on your site. Shorten your footer area and I would suggest that you remove the shape and then place it in the body of your site. To get your links to work you need to ensure that you send the shape to the back.

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