HT5624 I don't want Icloud.  I believe it drains the battery of my phone.  How do I get the old operating system back on my new iphone 4G?

I just got a new upgrade iphone from a 3G to 4G.  My son updated the software with Icloud.  I do not like it, it drains my battery.  How do I get the old operating system back (without icloud).  Also, I don't know how to close an APP anymore and I think that could be draining my battery as well.  It doesn't work the same way when I doubled click and then touch the APP it doesn't give me a dash to close it up again.

Apple does not support downgrading the iOS.
As for icloud, go to   Settings>icloud, scroll to bottom of screen and tap Delete Account.
As for battery drain... 
Look through this...
Also, Settings>General>Background App Refresh:   turn off apps you don't want refreshing data - this can preserve battery life.
Also try a reboot:  press and hold the home and power buttons until the Apple icon is displayed, then let go.

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