Go to Settings>iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID to create your account if you haven't already done so, turn Contacts on and choose Merge with iCloud when prompted.  If you are syncing contacts from an external account (Gmail, Yahoo, exchange, etc.) you will need to take additional steps to add them.  Let me know if that's the case.

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  • HT5824 How can I delete all my contacts from icloud with a single command?

    I would like to delete all my contacts from iCloud so when I synchronize with my other devices, the one I already have don't be duplicated or deleted

    If you delete all your iCloud contacts, then enable contact syncing with your other devices, the empty iCloud contacts are likely to overwrite the contacts on your other devices and you will lose them.
    Do you have a master list of contacts on one of your devices that you are trying to replace the iCloud contacts with?

  • How do I sync all my contacts on my iPhone to iCloud?

    When I sync my iPhone to iCloud not all my contacts on my phone are uploaded, where are the rest of my contacts and why won't they upload.  Also my contacts won't sync to my Outlook anymore when I sync my phone.  The list on Outlook matches the one from iCloud though.  What am I missing?

    DON'T! too many ppl are reporting losing all data. Wait until a second version (or 3rd). I wish I had.

  • How can i transfer all my contacts from my old phone to my iphone4s

    how can i transfer all my contacts from my old phone to my new iphone4s

    Read here:

  • How can I back up my contacts from my iphone to my computer?

    How can I back up my contacts from my iphone to my computer?

    Hi Khuram1981 - thank you thank you thank you!  All sorted!  dont suppose you know how to fix another problem I have??? for weeks now, since updating to ios5 I think, for some reason every time I have tried to log onto app store it says CANNOT CONNECT TO ITUNES STORE.  It's nothing to do with my computer, and I've been to the Geniius bar but they couldnt help and nothing I seem to do lets me update my Apps and even worse, I cant even buy any more.  Any suggestions?
    Again thank you SO much for helping with other problem = a real relief.
    Chatterwind xx

  • How can I delete all my music from my iPhone 4s

    How can I delete all the music from my iPhone?

    I finally went to Apple Care tech support (the best!) for help.
    Plug your phone into the computer.
    I-Tunes should open.
    Toward the top left of the page, click on the small I-Phone icon.
    Select Music in the sidebar.
    In the right window, your music should appear.
    De-select what you don't want, then click Sync.
    I am running Yosemite 10.1.1
    I-Phone 4S  8.1

  • How can i sync my iTunes library from my iPhone with my new mac mini

    Recently my hard drive failed on my mac mini.  I had burned a bunch of CDs on the old mac mini and then sync'd it with my iphone.  Now the CDs are on my iphone but not on the new mac mini.  How can I sync my itunes library from my iphone to my new mac mini?

    The iphone is not a backup device.
    You need to copy everything from the backup copy of your computer computer to your new one.

  • How do I delete all the contacts from my iPhone 3?

    How do I delete all the contacts from my old iPhone 3 without having to do each one individually?

    If you've already deleted "everything else"...then plug your phone into a power source and: Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content & Settings.
    Make sure you plug into a power source first...not your on an iPhone 3G, this can take some time. When finished, all data will be gone.

  • How can I delete all my contacts from the icloud?

    I've been working with Apple's sometime, and now I have been forced to use iCloud after MobileMe.
    After syncing a couple of devices, some things went quite wrong. My iCloud contacts are now a complete mess. I have lots of duplicates. And over 8000 contacts.
    What I want to do is, is do a cleanup, and clear all the iCloud contacts, and import a new 'clean' address book from 1 mac to the icloud, which then in it's turn can be synced to all the devices?
    Is dit possible? I've noticed deleting manually is a pain, because the browser doesn't really allow more then 50 contacts or so at a time, before the browser freezes.

    Go to your Contacts on your Mac - if more than one pick the most accurate; delete any contacts you don't want. Select all the contacts, and from the File menu choose 'Export...'>'Export vCard'. Save the resultant file safely: it will be your 'master' list.
    Now delete all the contacts from whichever device has the most in it. Sync with iCloud. If necessary repeat with different Macs. The result should be that the deletions sync to iCloud and in the end you finish up with empty Contacts lists everywhere.
    Now you can import your saved file to one of your Macs. Make sure you import it under 'iCloud' not 'On My Mac'. Then it should propagate iCloud and any other devices. Keep the saved file at least until you are satisfied that all is in order.

  • TS4083 How can I sync all email accounts to my iphone?

    There used to be an info section in iTunes that allowed you to sync email accounts from your iMac to your phone but this option seems to have been removed now from iTunes. Has it moved to iCloud somehwere? If so, how can I sync the accounts from my iMac? Thanks is advance for your help!

    Thanks! I knew how to do that already :/ Just upgraded to a 5s and didn't want to manually enter my accounts and server settings again (there are 10 email accounts) as I actually don't remember most of the passwords. I backed up settings from my old iPhone 4 before swapping the sims over and have managed to restore the 5s from that backup which copied over all of my email accounts, great success! However, just had to access cpanel for all accounts to reset the passwords as they are not copied over.
    Thank you for your prompt reply!

  • How can I sync my Contcts list from my iPhone with my iPad?  My contacts are my life, and I usually keep my phone the most up-to-date. I need both to be the same.

    How can I sync the Contacts list on my iPhone 5 to my iPad? 
    As a businessman, my Contacts are my life, as well as containing a lot of personal information. I usually keep my phone
    up-to-date, only taking my pad on trips, but it's essential that I have both the same.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Sync your iPad with computer iTunes.
    Note: your contacts should be in computer Outlook (Windows) or Contacts (Mac) application.
    If you have iCloud configured in iPhone, do the same for iPad.
    Setttings > iCloud >
         Account: your Apple ID
         Contacts: ON
         Documents & Data: ON

  • HT4527 My home computer with my iTunes library has crashed. How can I transfer all my music from my iPhone to my new computer

    My home computer which has my iTunes library on it how can I transfer all of my music from my iPhone to my new computer

    The sync is one way - computer to iphone.  The exception is itunes purchases:  File>Transfer Purchases.
    It has always been very basic to always maintan a backup copy of your computer for this very occasion.  Use your backup copy of your computer to put everything back.

  • How can I remove all the music from my iPhone?

    I want to remove all the music from my iPhone 5 (Current iOS) and then load a completely new set of songs from my Mac (Current OS).
    How do I do that ? 
    Even when I define a specific new playlist and tell it to apply only that it still does not remove the unwanted songs.
    Thanks !

    I feel I've explained plenty what you must do but you aren't getting it.
    All music on your old iPhone should be in your iTunes library on your computer. Transfer the music from your iTunes library on your computer to your new iPhone in the same way it was transferred from your iTunes library to your old iPhone - via the iTunes sync/transfer process.
    Since you prefer the manual way, you must manually drag and drop the same 377 songs from your iTunes library to your new iPhone - in the same way the 377 songs were manually transferred from your iTunes library to your old iPhone.
    Or you can sync which provides more options overall. Create an iTunes playlist for the 377 songs. Select Sync Music under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes and choose selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Select the iTunes playlist below that includes the 377 songs followed by a sync.  

  • HT201269 How do I sync my mail contacts from my iPhone to my iPad?

    My mail contacts are currently synched from my laptop Outlook to my iPhone.  I've added Att/Yahoo mail, and am going to get rid of the laptop and Outlook.  I bought a new iPad Air and have Yahoo mail on it, but my contacts didn't sync over when the Apple technician synched the two devices.  I do get my Yahoo mail emails on both devices, but my iPad doesn't have the contacts.  How can I sync the contacts as well as the emails?

    If you go into settings, mail, contacts and calendars. Then tap on the name of your yahoo mail account, you'll see the option to sync contacts, calendars, reminders and notes associated with that e-mail account.
    Another thing to do would be to go into the settings, iCloud and enable iCloud syncing of contacts across the devices. (meaning you'd have to enable it on both  your phone and ipad.

  • How can i transfer all my photos from the iphone to be transferred to the PC

    Hello there ,
    Can anyone be of guide ? I have albums on the IPHONE 3Gs in the photo's category . How can I transfer all these to the Itunes or PC without selecting
    each one at a time & transferring to the email. Also the itunes i10 version does not show where to synchronise photos & notes etc ..

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Connect it with a USB cable and use your photo application on your computer to import them.

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