Htc incredible 2 voice dial issues

I have the htc incredible 2 and I enjoy listening to music on it, however, I use head phones, so everyonce in a while it would switch over to a handset device and activate my voice dial and call the last number that is on my call list.. why? How can I stop this??

i just called  (on my landline)  800  922 0204  and the guy said there was not a problem in the area, I told him there most certainly was because I drove around for 5 miles and all as I had was a little 0 instead of the 3G and just 3 little bars...
I can't say that I was real confident in the guy and I think the problem is going to return because it is a connection issue out in the cyber world I 'think' , but anyway, he had me turn off wifi and turn it back on and it worked. I did the same thing before calling so I have no idea why it worked while he was on the phone. Before I called, I reset the entire phone, turned it off and on, did the wifi off/on that he did and then I decided it had to be an outage.  so if you have a landline you can call that number above on you may be able to get more of an answer that is not a random solution, because I think my solution is random and it will go down again.  there seems to be several links that are referring to outages tonight. He said there is outages in VA but not here, WRONG, i told him.
good luck

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  • Droid 3 voice dialing issues with bluetooth

    I just received my Motorola Droid 3 on Monday.  I'm having issues using voice dialing with my Samsung WEP590 bluetooth headset.  No trouble activating the voice dialing on the phone but it never dials the correct name.  I did the voice training on the phone but it didn't help.  Yes, English is my native language.   Saying "call home" made the phone ask if I wanted to "email" someone.  Very frustrating since I travel for my job and voice dialing over bluetooth is essential. 
    I tried to do voice dialing without bluetooth and had the same issue.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a third party app I can use?
    thanks for any help.

    Good Afternoon, dtownfb!
    I researched bluetooth information about the device and the headset. I found no related concerns from other users. It would appear to be a hardware related issue on either the phone or headset. Have you been able to use another bluetooth with the device successfully? Have you tried the bluetooth paired with another phone and used the voice dialing feature successfully? We can eliminate the issue by asking these two questions. The problem lies in where we can duplicate the problem. 
    Please advise your findings. If it is deemed an issue with your Droid 3, please feel free to PM me so I can assist further with options to correct the issue.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  • 4.3 Update - Car Stereo Issue, voice dialing not working with Bluetooth

    I've seen some similar issues reported, but they were for specific cars/stereos, and the symptoms were different, so I'm posting about mine:
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII, Android 4.3.
    Car Stereo: Pioneer AVH-X2500BT
    This is a stereo I bought and installed myself. All of its features worked fine, and I was enjoying making calls using voice dialing via the stereo. Then, I installed the 4.3 update to the Galaxy SIII. Ever since (literally, I made a call that day before installing it, and tried shortly after), I cannot use the voice dialing feature. Any attempt to use voice dialing or voice commands via the car stereo will fail. Here's what happens:
    I do a long press on the car stereo's Home button to initiate voice dialing. On my phone, S-Voice starts up, and a Toast (little message) pops up briefly that says "Check in-car audio". When I talk, the little animation on the microphone button in S-Voice does not happen, meaning it's not hearing anything. The car stereo shortly cancels out of voice dialing mode, as though it timed out, or something.
    I've tried switching to Google voice, but the same thing happens. I've tried all kinds of configuration on both devices. I've unpaired and re-paired. Nothing.
    Also, turn-by turn directions from Google Maps appears to not work. The app thinks it's giving them, and when I turn the car off, the voice suddenly works from the phone, but it just won't come out the stereo.
    All other features work fine, including Pandora, and streaming Bluetooth audio. I can even make phone calls, by accessing the contacts and recent call list from the car stereo. The calls work and come through the stereo fine. Literally voice dialing and Google Maps are all that doesn't work.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

        There could be any number of factors that may be affecting this, byounie. It may be that the firmware on your car stereo headunit may need to be updated. My direct recommendation to check first would be to access your bluetooth submenu, and next to paired info for the Pioneer AVH-X2500BT, you should see a little cog wheel/settings icon. Please select this, and start unselecting everything available there. Work your way up, and enable and test these different settings one by one, to see if there is a conflict between Google Maps and Voice dialing services. Let us know what happens, byounie.
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  • HTC Incredible Dials last number dialed too easily

    The only thing I don't like about my HTC Incredible is the design of the phone dialing screen.  Is there a way to change the layout so it isn't so easy to re-dial the last number dialed?  The green phone button is on the bottom of the screen, right next to the "back" arrow, so if I hit the phone button in error, it dials the last number I dialed.  Any ideas?

    A replacement dialer application, maybe? There are a couple of them in the Market. I am trying one now, but haven't decided yet if it is a keeper.

  • HTC Incredible Network issues?

    I have only had issues with my HTC Incredible here and there. The issue is that sometimes I will not receive text messages or phone calls. There's one specific person I am having problems with and they have Sprint. They say that they called me and texted me and I have received nothing. This isn't the first time it has happened.  The day this happened, my phone sounded the notification sound of a message 3x but nothing was there. So I rebooted and it did it again but again, nothing.  Anyone out there know what could be the problem or help me fix it? It is really important that I stay connected to this person. Thanks!! 

    Thanks for the information Ann154. Your correct, the issue is more than likely with the other persons carrier. Additionally , it could also be a routing issue with your account if you have recently changed mobile numbers or ported your number in to Verizon Wireless from a different carrier. 
    I would have the other person check with their carrier first then if the issue continues, you can contact us to perform further trouble shooting. 

  • Transfer Footprints from HTC Eris to HTC Incredible 2

    I switched from HTC Eris to HTC Incredible 2.  I want to transfer my Footprints thumbnails and data to HTC Incredible 2.  On the HTC Eris there is a folder on the SD card called .footprint that contains the footnotes.db file and folders for thumbnails and voices. The thumbnails for the footprints I have created are in the proper folder.
    On the HTC Incredible 2, the footprints folder is on the SDcard as a subfolder of the .data folder.  That folder has a footprints.db file and footprints.db-shm and a footprints.db-shm files in it.  It also has  "thumbnails" and "voices" folderswhere the pictures and dictated audio that are created with the app reside. 
    I have copied the HTC Eris .footnote folder over to the HTC Incredible 2 SDcard.  The footprints application has a menu item to import pictures and data.  The pictures have to be imported individually.  While the pictures import and retain the address and GPS information, they display the current date and time, not the date and time when the footprint was orginally created.  When you try to import a database, it says no database found.
    I tried copying all of the Eris thumbnails into the Incredible 2's thumbnails folder and replacing the footprints.db on the Incredible 2 with the one from the Eris but the app would not display the existing footprint pictures and the app would no longer save and display footprints created even though the pictures taken were in the correct folder.  I restored the Incredible 2's  footprints.db  and solved that problem. 
    If anyone has ideas, I would be interested to know.  My guess is the Footnotes app on the Eris is a different version so the data is not transferable.

    If I had to guess I would say that the issue is because of the different versions of Sense, I have noticed that some of the old files stored from a HTC Sense application doesnt always work on the updated version..

  • N73 Voice Dialing - Poor pronunciation and volume

    The N73 is fantastic. However, the pronunciation of contact names is not clear English. "T's" Cell sounds like the beginning of chinese "thank you" i.e. "ts"ia tsia, rather than "tees" or "teas" cell. And, the command "General" is hardly recognizable since the r is very weak. Also, when I try to use voice dial with the Motorola IHF-1000, the sound is very, very weak ...and, mispronounced. The limited instruction in the handbook really don't cover how I can "retrain" the pronunciation. Please, any help fixing this issue would be appreciated. Cheers! David (1Sensei)

    The only thing I can think to suggest is that the voice recognition adapts to your voice, so keep trying it, and try the 'next' option, if it gets it wrong.
    I found it a nightmare to begin with on my N70, but it soon learns to recognise you
    Nokia History: 3110, 5110, 7110, 7110, 3510i, 6210, 6310i, 5210, 6100, 6610, 7250, 7250i, 6650, 6230, 6230i, 6260, N70, N70, 5300, N95, N95, E71, E72
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  • Siri is prompting to unlock Iphone 6 when pressing home button for voice dial of existing contact

    Just upgraded me to an IPhone 6. I restored my new phone from recent back up so all contacts, etc. are there. Also updated to latest OS.
    If I depress the home button Siri is now prompting me to unlock my IPhone.
    Depress Home button to activate Siri
    Say "Call Home:"
    Siri responds "You'll need unlock your IPhone first"
    Unlock IPhone
    Siri responds "Just to confirm - you'd like to call home".
    I used to be able to just say "Call home" and it would just confirmation.
    What's changed? Is there a setting I need to tweak?
    Running iOS 8.1.1

    Hi teturner,
    I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your new iPhone 6. If you are unable to voice dial from your lock screen, you may want to see if the setting to disable Siri when the phone is locked is enabled, as is noted here:
    Prevent access to Siri when iPhone is locked. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone models with Touch ID) or Settings > Passcode (other models). You can also disable Siri by turning on restrictions. See Restrictions.
    Siri settings - iPhone
    - Brenden

  • Bluetooth Speakerphone with Voice Dial?

    Hi All,
    Because the iPhone does not support voice dialing, I am looking for a speakerphone that does it by itself. I have found the Parrot Minikit Slim, which attaches to the visor, and downloads the contacts from the phone. Then all I have to do is press a button and say the name of the person I want to call. The kit's voice recognition finds the contact, and dials it. It even asks, "Home or Cellphone" if I did not specify. This part works very well, and I am very pleased with it, but the call quality does not seem to be that great.
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any other bluetooth speakerphones that will do this. It must be able to download the contacts and do voice dialing on its own, as this is the only reason I want to replace my Jawbone II which has excellent call quality.
    Thanks for any suggestions or reviews.

    I have 2 Parrot Minikit Slims and really like them (one in each vehicle). The connect to the iPhone with no problem, and download the contacts, then you can do voice dialing from the kit without touching the phone at all. Call quality is pretty decent, the reason I started this post was to see if there were any others that did this and might be better. We use them all the time.
    I haven't had any issues with disconnections. If you walk out of range, the kit will turn itself off in a fairly short amount of time... 5 minutes maybe. I just got into the habit of touching the power button whenever I get in the truck. A single touch turns it on, and if it is already on, it does nothing.

  • 755p Voice Dial with BlueTooth

    I've searched all over the place for help with my quest to make my Treo 755p "Smart" phone have bluetooth voice dial capabilities.  What seems to be out-of-the-box functionality for many normal phones (no "smart" in their name) is apparently difficult to achieve with the Treo 755p, and apparently with all Treos from what I've seen so far.  Here's the conclusion that I'm coming to, but I just can't believe it, so I'm posting this here in the hopes the experts (that's you guys) will either correct my misunderstanding, or (hopefully not) confirm that I'm on the right track.
    Voice dial capability is not part of the Treo 755p; one has to install a 3rd party program or service to gain this functionality.  There are a few good options out there, but they do cost additional money.
    Voice dial programs apparently work pretty good with the wired headsets that come with the Treo package.  Apparently (although I have not tested it yet) pressing the button on the side of the treo or one the wired headset can be configured to activate the voice dial software, and the user can speak into the wired headset microphone to dial by voice.
    Extra digit dialing is apparently not supported by most (if any) of the software I've seen that works on the Palm platform.  (This is hard to tell exactly, because some software works only for the windows platform, which I don't have.)
    Bluetooth headsets configured in hands-free mode will launch the voice-dial software, but I've found that the treo does not connect the voice dial software to the bluetooth headset, so instructions are not heard through the headset and the headset microphone is ignored for voice dialing.  Others have apparently had the same issue, from what I've seen posted in this forum and on other fora as well.
    The only method I've heard of anyone successfully using a bluetooth headset for voice dialing with a Treo is to bypass the Treo Bluetooth Handsfree mode, purchase an extra bluetooth adapter meant to add bluetooth capabilities to non-bluetooth phones, and then pair the headset with that adapter.  This adapter typically costs $10-20, but is sort of big and must clip to your phone or to your belt.  This adapter plugs itself into the treo's headset jack and simulates a wired headset.  Apparently this mode works well, for yet more cost and additional bulk with makes it difficult to fit the phone into standard casings and/or take the phone out to work with the PDS without unplugging it.
    One such adapter is the Cardo "Node" (, but you can't buy it from their website anymore so I'm looking for other options.
    I've heard that Jabra also has one, but I'm not sure of the model number, price, or form-factor.
    Am I on track with this?  This just doesn't sound right to me.  I've seen postings that users have had this issue from the earliest Treo models, so I would have thought that Palm would have addressed it by now.  I've always thought of Palm as a reputable and responsive company, so I'm hoping I've missed the "silver bullet" solution.  Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Many thanks.
    Bob Smiley
    Post relates to: Treo 755p (Sprint)

    I hope Palm is listening.
    It was good to see others as frustrated as I am about the Treo’s glaring deficiency – kind of a support group.  I kept thinking I must be wrong because I traded up from a dumb phone and couldn’t believe my new palm is incapable of Bluetooth voice dialing. 
    The voice dialing companies all say it’s a problem with the Treos. I have asked the people at Palm and, though they are very nice, they haven't been able to help.  The people I spoke with didn’t seem to understand what I wanted and then spent a great deal of time trying to find the answer.  In the end, they confirmed:   you can get Bluetooth with a Treo, and you can get voice dialing with a Treo, but you can't get voice dialing over Bluetooth.  They didn't know if a solution was in the works.
    I am really puzzled about this problem.  How hard can this be?  As Bob Smiley said, you can get a Bluetooth adapter to simulate a wired headset, and any one of us could superglue it to the Treo, but why?   
    It seems to me that this is such a basic function that, especially with all the upgrades, they should be able to fix it easily.  My impression is that no one at Palm is working on this and that no one is scheduled to work on this, but I hope I’m wrong.
    Post relates to: Treo 755p (Verizon)
    Post relates to: Treo 755p (Verizon)

  • Unity Connection Voice Mail Issue

    I have a weird Unity Connection Voice Mail issue and would appriciate any help i can get. Many thanks in advance.
    I have Unity connection 7.0 and CUCM 7.0 integrated in a lab enviroment and here is what happens.
    When I place a call internally say from 2001 to 2002, things work as expected, 2002 rings and it goes to voicemail where I can leave voicemail and listen to it from 2002.
    However, if I place call from the PSTN to the same number 2002 (or any other number in other sites etc) the call again rings in 2002 and goes to voicemail, unity cnx plays the greetings for 2002 and says record your message as usual. Everything up to point is fine, then when the time on the PSTN phone is showing around 14 seconds into the call unity starts playing, "to send this message press one", if I press one nothing happens.
    I have rebuilt unity and cucm, even just configured the bare minimum in the lab and still getting the same result. I tried calling from E1 connection and T1 connection but with the same results.
    I have run out of ideas...
    Here is a call trace from an internal call:
    CallData, 1, CallerId=2003, CalledId=2002, RedirectingId=2002, Origin=16, Reason=4, CallGuid=8B7859FD6C16417A9A07F507418DD25B, CallerName=, LastRedirectingId=2002, LastRedirectingReason=4, PortDisplayName=PhoneSystem-1-001
    Application, 1, 2003, AttemptForward
    State, 1, 2003, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 2003, PHTransfer
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [TrueEvent]
    Application, 1, 2003, PHGreeting
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
    Display, 1, 2003, Call answered if needed
    Display, 1, 2003, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    Display, 1, 2003, No DTMF received
    Display, 1, 2003, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [RecordMsgEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!RecordMsg
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!RunEditMsg
    Application, 1, 2003, -->MessageEditing
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgMenuOpt
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [EditMessageMenuEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!PlayEditMenu
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgLength
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [ManyEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!SendMsg
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [TrueEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!ConfirmSend
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    Application, 1, 2003, <--MessageEditing
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    Display, 1, 2003, Idle
    Display, 1, , Dialing (MWI) '2002'
    Display, 1, , Idle
    and here is a trace from an external (PSTN) call
    Trying, 5000 ... Open
    CallData, 1, CallerId=911, CalledId=2002, RedirectingId=2002, Origin=16, Reason=4, CallGuid=CA3DFD90846C4FE7B0D68298A7698287, CallerName=PSTN Emergency, LastRedirectingId=2002, LastRedirectingReason=4, PortDisplayName=PhoneSystem-1-001
    Application, 1, 911, AttemptForward
    State, 1, 911, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 911, PHTransfer
    State, 1, 911, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
    State, 1, 911, Event is [TrueEvent]
    Application, 1, 911, PHGreeting
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
    Display, 1, 911, Call answered if needed
    Display, 1, 911, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    Display, 1, 911, No DTMF received
    Display, 1, 911, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    State, 1, 911, Event is [RecordMsgEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!RecordMsg
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!RunEditMsg
    Application, 1, 911, -->MessageEditing
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgMenuOpt
    State, 1, 911, Event is [EditMessageMenuEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!PlayEditMenu
    State, 1, 911, Event is [HangupEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgLength
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 911, <--MessageEditing
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!AfterMsg
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Display, 1, 911, Idle

    Sounds like one way audio from PSTN to your Unity Connection, couple of things to check:
    1. ensure your protocols are bound properly on the GW, i.e. SIP/H323/MGCP
    2. Make sure IP routing is OK between Unity and the voice gateway

  • HTC Incredible reboot fix that works and does NOT require hard reset

    Like many of you unfortunate souls out there I have had my HTC Incredible go into a rebooting loop over the last month or so. The following recounts some observations and and a solution which appears to work.
    First off, my son and I both have the same phone and software versions and apps. He does NOT get email on his phone because he does not want to. I do. His phone has NEVER rebooted. Mine has done so numerous times. My business partner also has the identical phone and software version, lives within 200 yards of me,  and uses the email and has had numerous reboots and has gotten them even sooner than I saw them at first. My partner and I have set up email attachments and downloads to go to the SD card. So much for background info. Here is what I did to fix the problem followed by some other observations:
    Open up the case of the phone and remove the battery
    Remove the SD card from the phone.
    Put it into an adapter that allows you to access files directly on your computer. In my case this was a Windows PC running Windows 7.
    Mount the SD card in your computer and open up the browser to see the files on the SD card.
    Look for a folder called ".Mail"
    If your phone is like mine you will see hundreds of files, some of zero length. This was even though I had deleted most of the emails I received on my phone.
    Proceed to directly delete any of the zero length files. For that matter, you may have other files like jpg's laying around of uncertain origin. I got rid of these and other strange files that seemed attached to no documents at all.
    Remove the SD card and reinsert into your phone. Put the battery back in and the cover on then restart the phone. Your phone should run properly and you should not see any negative consequences from the files you deleted previously.
    Some other observations relevant to this solution that bolsters my theory that this problem has something to do with the email application and also a problem with file system corruption on the SD card as a consequence of it.
    I had previously seen the email application put some mail from a different account I was using into my main account. The files could not be deleted and even trying to do so would cause the mail app to force close.
    My son has never seen the problem despite being in the same environment with the same phone and software. Relevant difference to me was that he was NOT using email and I was.
    The email app clearly has bugs if it is leaving behind hundreds of files even if you delete the emails. Why? As a software engineer my first instinct would be to look to see if the file system locks were properly synchronized when the email app is writing to the flash file system. I am not conversant in Android OS programming nor the app code itself so this is speculative on my part. I would also look for a timeout on reboots if file system enumerations take too long. Lots of files on a system might trigger a premature timeout and reboot. Once again, this is speculative on my part but I sure wish I had the code to debug this myself.
    These issues seem to coincide with a rapid rise in network traffic most likely because of the iPad 2/iPhone support by Verizon. I wonder if this additional traffic load on the network is opening up timing holes in the software because of backoff and retry intervals for certain apps. Once again I suspect the email app especially because it is vulnerable to network traffic issues as it tries to get email account updates.
    I could be wrong about my theory as to why the problem is happening. My solution seems to work. As far as pulling the battery and putting it near your AC in the car, that did NOT work for me at all. Leaving the phone out of its protective case also had no effect. Only screwing with the files on the SD card mattered.
    I hope this helps. 

    This problem has been seen for MONTHS now by people besides myself. My business partner is about to put a bullet in his phone because this has been happening for far longer than mine. I have little confidence in a fix anytime soon because this problem has been persistent for some time and there is a lot of denial in the field by Verizon. Verizon has to depend on HTC and Google besides themselves for fixes. How much would you like to wager on how this business relationship is working out? The first step in any solution is for a company to take some responsibility for it and so far no company has.

  • No "Voice Dialer" prompting after GB Update

    Has anyone else had an issue with the stock "voice dialer" no longer working properly since the recent OTA to 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)?  I have the same "won't appear / won't disappear" issue with the voicemail notifications, but I have one other issue, and that is that the voice dialer no longer works for me with voice prompting.  I installed the Google text-to-speech data download (which I had to do last update as well), but it has not solved the problem.  This is especially troublesome if I want to make a hands-free call with either my Bluetooth headset or the link in my car.  I did the OTA on the first day (Wed late afternoon) and am now finding the broken voice dialing prompting to be a major hangup.  I push the button and hear nothing.  It will record what I say and then I have to push a button on the screen to confirm the dialing, but without voice prompting, I have no idea if it got the number correct or not.  I read elsewhere from one other forum where an individual had this same problem and a few users suggested using the free "Vlingo" app from the Android Market instead.  I gave it a try, but it behaves oddly with the bluetooth connection (e.g. prompting doesn't come through my headset, but the phone's speaker, though it will use the mic from the headset).  I want my stock "voice dialer" to work again.  Help anyone?

    I solved my issue today within minutes of knocking at the VZW store's door to roll me back to Froyo.  Ready folks?
    1.  Turn off your phone.
    2.  Remove the backing, battery, and sd card
    3.  Leave it sit for a bit
    4.  Reinsert the battery and sd card
    5.  Perform a restart (hold in the power button)
    Phone restarted.  Connected to the car bluetooth.  Now pressing the button to dial brings the voice prompting for dialing back again!
    I have restarted the phone since then and the setting has been retained.  If you lost your voice dialing prompting, please try these steps.  Don't know why they worked (when a restart did not), but it did!
    Now I just have the broken VM prompt that everyone else is experiencing...  Hope a fix is soon.

  • I've given up on the HTC Incredible

    I thought maybe FROYO would make things better, but it didn't.  The HTC Incredible was a super everything-else-but-a-phone smart phone.  I just couldn't hear some folk who I talked to on the phone; they were usually on another cellphone. Sometimes words got dropped, or the sound quality as too shrill.  All landline calls, and bluetooth earpiece managed calls, were excellent (although reception inside buildings was not terrific).  But since most folks I know used cellphones, I couldn't take it anymore and had to give up.  I used one of the other upgrade plans in my family plan to get a Samsung Fascinate.  Its only has 2.1 but, as a phone, it is great.  I have no regrets dumping the Incredible other than the money that I wasted.  I even had to have the original Incredible I purchased replaced because of memory issues. 
    My RIM Blackberry Curve was probably the best phone I've ever owned, except that the internet experience was just awful. But as a  phone, nothing was as good...even the Samsung.

    I feel the same about my former Blackberry Bold and 8800. Blackberry knows/knew how to build a good solid handset.

  • Bridge CS5 doesn't recognize my HTC Incredible 2 smartphone.

    When I configure my HTC Incredible 2 smartphone to connect to my Windows 7 OS as another drive and plug it into a USB port, it recognizes the drive as a camera or card reader but produces the error message: "Failed to obtain thumbnails from the device. The device is not connected or is busy." The Get Photos button is also grayed out. When my smartphone is first connected to the PC it gives me an option to install drivers and asks to insert disk, but I do not recall getting a driver disk with the phone and, when I visit the HTC web site, I have no idea what download might address this particular issue. The bottom line is that without Bridge's recognitioon, its features are unavailable and I can only copy and paste when I want to download photos. Would appreciate suggestions.

    Thanks for your suggestions. Changing the JPG file association to Photoshop
    and using Adobe Photo Downloader, which Bridge does, made no difference.
    Still get the same error message about failing to load the thumbnails which
    terminates the download process as far as Bridge is concerned. I also talked
    to someone at HTC and it appears to be a third party driver issue; i.e.
    There is no driver addressing the issue I raised. I can manipulate the phone
    s photo gallery like any other disk, so rather than customizing in the
    download process, it will just take another step or two for Bridge to do its
    magic after download. Thanks again.

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