HTTP Receiver Adapter - HTTP client code 110 reason error when sending

I am getting the following error when using the HTTP adapter as a receiver to perform an HTTP Post in a destination system :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
- <!--  Call Adapter
- <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
  <SAP:P2 />
  <SAP:P3 />
  <SAP:P4 />
  <SAP:AdditionalText />
  <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
  <SAP:Stack>HTTP client code 110 reason</SAP:Stack>
Does anyone know what causes this error and more importantly how to trace it ?

hi Colin,
Check in SMICM if your HTTP service is running.  Also in RFC destination one of the parameter (SSL client Certificate) might be wrong which could also cause this problem.
Also check this thread:-
XI Error when upgraded to SP14 (Error Code 110) CLIENT_RECEIVE_FAILED
Have a look into this SAP Note - 897583

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  • Code 110 Reason Error in HTTP Receiver adapter

    I am having proxy to HTTP Receiver scenario in which i am calling the target application URL through HTTP Receiver Adapter. This interface is async interface and hence i am not expecting any response from the target system.
    When i execute my interface the target system receives data from XI but in SXMB_MONI it sets the status of the message as "<b>Automatic Restart</b>" with the error description as "<b>HTTP client. Code 110 reason</b>"  in HTML Code area <b><SAP:Code area="PLAINHTTP_ADAPTER">ATTRIBUTE_CLIENT</SAP:Code></b>
    This is causing multiple messages stuck in the queue and presently i am manually clearing all the messages.
    i checked the quality of service of the incoming message which is correctly setted as <b>Exactly Once</b>.
    Is there any configuration missing?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Rajeev,
    1.)Check in SMICM if your HTTP service is running or not.
    2.)If its running fine then you can check whether your SSL certificate is configured properly or not.
    Also follow the below mentioned links :
    HTTP 110
    HTTP Receiver Adapter -> HTTP client code 110 reason error when sending
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  • Error in scenario "FILE to HTTP(with SSL)" - HTTP client code 110 reason.

    Hi friends,
    Our scenario is as follows:
    We are trying to send XML file from our SAP-XI to external tool "COMMunix XC" (a multi-protocol EDI platform tool).
    We have configured " FILE TO HTTP(with SSL)" scenario (trying to connect HTTPS/port)
    1. We have created RFC destination of type G and refered the same RFC in Communication channel (Adapter type: HTTP)
    2. We have send the SSL Server certificate to other party and ensure that they have imported at thier end.
    3. We have included the certificates from other party in our SAP XI STRUST under SSL Client (Standard) node.
    4. We have tried " CONNECTION TEST " in the RFC destination created in type G (in STEP 1) and it shows the GREEN TICK at bottom, no other message nor any error message
    When we trigger the communication we recieve the error: HTTP client code 110 reason in SXMB_MONI.
    Please let us know if we have missed out some step.
    What does error message indicate,

    Hi Rehan,
    I see that the PROCTIMEOUT was already at a very high value.
    Does this occur for messages of a particularly large size?  If yes, you could increase the parameter
       icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB = 2097152
    This would need to be done in the sender/receiver system as well as XI.
    Otherwise you could try reproducing the issue and checking the dev_icm log in the work directory, or go to SMICM -> Goto -> Display trace file
    check for errors like NIECONN_REFUSED or "no service for protocol HTTPS" which can often be related to this type of issue.
    Kind regards,

  • HTTP Client : Code 110 reason

    when i try to send a IDOC to XI to HTTP Receiver.
    The flag shows red in the SXMB_MONI and the error is HTTP Client : code 110 reason message.
    I am using a HTTP adapter for a HTTPS url as a receiver.
    If i test the xml from a WFETCH i get a response saying no cXML Sent but there is cXML that i am adding in the Header body.
    I have not used HTTP Client.
    Any tips.

    Hi Tirumal,
    you were going correct man ...
    The 400 error that you are getting can be because of :
    The verb used in the request is invalid.
    The requested URL is invalid.
    The requested header name is invalid.
    The requested hostname is invalid.
    The request contains an invalid carriage return and/or line feed as a terminator.
    The request contains an invalid content length header or invalid entity chunk length.
    The cumulative length of the headers in the request is longer than the maximum allowed.
    The header field in the request is too long.
    The request header is too long.
    Check on these lines and see if your problem is solved.

  • PI/XI: "HTTP client. Code 110 reason" for XML PO transmission

    PI gurus,
    We use XI to convert PO IDOC to XML message and send the XML message to our vendors.
    We got the error message "HTTP client. Code 110 reason" for two POs while other POs went to the same vendor successfully.
    We also have no problem for sending XML POs to other vendors.
    Is this error caused from the sender or the receiver and how can I fix the problem?
    Thanks in advance!

    Below link will help
    HTTP client code 110 reason
    For reference check the below links too
    Message not reaching Integration server
    HTTPS Receiver Adapter with POST and query String

  • Hi! I need steps for HTTP Receiver adapter

    My scenario is like this:
    HTTP(HTTP Sender adapter)->XI->File(File adapter).
    For this Iam sending the data as payload in the body of HTTP. Now What am i going to do is the opposite of above scenario:
    File(FileAdapter)->XI->(HTTP Receiver Adapter)HTTP.
    I would like to know what are the steps to transfer a file(xml) from File adapter to XI and from there to Http.
    How to send the data using File adapter. Please suggest me some steps.
    Hoping a quick response!!!
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Datta,
    For a HHTP -> XI -> FILE Scenario:
    1. Create DataTypes for source and Destinations. Create elements for all the text fields of your HTTP Client so that they can all be mapped into the destination file
    2. Create MessageTypes for the two datatypes.
    3. Create Message Interfaces. The One for HTTP is the sender, Asynchronous ( as no response is expected) and one for File is receiver, asynchronous.
    4. Do the mapping. It will be mostly a one to one mapping of the fields.
    5. Create the Interface Mapping.
    1. Import your Business System under your Configuration Scenario.
    2. Create 2 communication channels. One for Http as a sender and one for File as a receiver.
    Check these links for the configuration part.
    3. Do the Receiver Agreement for file. HTTP doesn’t need a sender agreement.
    4. DO the Receiver Determination and Interface Determination.
    Weblog which talk about the same scenario:-
    /people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - although this weblog is
    aimed at explaining the sync-async bridge.. Sriram has taken http-to-file scenario as the example
    (use case) and explained it...
    Check this SDN tv demo, it has detail of HTTP adapter setup.
    Refer to this link for adapter settings.
    You should also have a HTTP client to send message to XI. In the connecting parameters to XI u have to use the URL in the pattern mentioned by Alex. U have to give all the configuration details in the URL.
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  • HTTP client code 400 reason ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED

    when using an https receiver adapter in PI 7.11 I get the error message
    "HTTP client code 400 reason ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED".
    The server I am trying to connect to is running and I have activated all services under sap -> xi in SICF.
    The ICM log shows this:
    WARNING => Connection request from (38/18489/0) to host: https, service: 80 failed (NIEHOST_UNKNOWN)
    AP-T38, U18489, 001 ALE_K01, , 15:45:37, M0, W9,     , 1/0 [icxxconn.c 2222]
    On the PI Integration Server the outbound queue (smq1) is empty.
    However, the message seems to be sitting in the inbound tRFC queue (smq2)
    Function Module:  SXMS_ASYNC_EXEC                
    Queue Name:  XBTO6___0002        
    Status Text:  Transaction Recorded
    I also get the error message in the inbound tRFC queue:
    It does not help to chose "save LUW" on the erroneous message in the queue.
    In the http receiver adapter I entered these values:
    Addressing Type: URL Address
    Target Host:
    Service Number: 443
    Path: /******/BTSHTTPReceive.dll
    What should I do to make it work?

    In the http receiver adapter I entered these values:
    Addressing Type: URL Address
    Target Host:
    Service Number: 443
    Path: /******/BTSHTTPReceive.dll
    If you want to enable HTTPs, you should use HTTP to RFC destination using SM59 (for the RFC destination) and STRUST (for the SSL authentication). Also, do not specify the http:// or https:// parameter in your target host. The correct parameters should be:
    Target Host:
    Service Number: 443
    Path: /******/BTSHTTPReceive.dll
    hope this helps,

  • HTTP client code 402 reason ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT

    Hi Experts,
    My Scenario is RFC-XI-HTTP syncronous and was working fine for some period.
    after that when am sending request to XI it is processinig successfully till technical touting and in call adapter step under response am finding error as <SAP:Code area="PLAINHTTP_ADAPTER">ATTRIBUTE_CLIENT</SAP:Code>
                 <SAP:Stack>HTTP client code 402 reason ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT</SAP:Stack>
    and i gone through relevent SAP notes and configured the parameters in ICM monotor and Visual admin for the same.
    and still am getting the same  error as mentioned in above.
    Could you please any one help me out in this regard ?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Raj,
    Thanks for your reply,
    I already gone through the mentioned link nd followed the steps.
    still am facing the same problem for this scenario. and some other scenarios of same type RFC XIHTTP  are working fine.
    and could you please let me know is it throughs the error that i mentioned  in case when the Target system  wont give response to XI ?
    why because am finding the Time out error that mentioned under Response message.
    Kindly help in this regard.

  • HTTP client code 405 reason ICM_HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR

    Hi Experts,
    Getting the below error in the RWB could any one look at this and help me out.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlnsAP="_" xmlnsOAP="_" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
    <SAP3 />
    <SAP4 />
    <SAP:AdditionalText />
    <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
    <SAPtack>HTTP client code 405 reason ICM_HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR</SAPtack>
    Venkat Anil

    Hi Venkat,
    Just check eith your basis team had they restatred the j2ee engine proprely or not ,are all the nodes working fine in visual admin.

  • HTTP Receiver Adapter

    I am working on a scenario, where I am posting xml message on https url, for which I am using HTTP receiver adapter.
    I have created RFC destination of type 'G' in sm59 to make an https call, where I have provided following details:
    In Technical Settings:
    Target Host - <Hostname>
    Service No. - 443
    Path Prefix - <url path>
    Logon Security:
    SSL - Active
    SSL Client Certificate - Default SSL Client (Standard)
    UserName - <Username>
    Password - <Password>
    I have used this RFC destination in 'HTTP Destination' of HTTP receiver adapter.
    When I test this interface, I am getting this error.
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>HTTP client. Code 110 reason</SAP:Stack>
    Can you please help me resolve this issue. Please let me know, if I am following the right steps.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi -
    Since you're using the http destination option in the channel, you just specify the user/pwd in the destination.
    Regarding the issue, first, for the Logon/Security option in the destination, unless you'll be using a client certificate to authenticate, you should choose option ANONYM SSL Client (Anonymous) - you still provide the user/pwd in the Logon section.  Make sure you have imported the root cert of the CA verifying the server's identity into the client certificate list within STRUST (node SSL Client (Anonymous)).
    Also, for some hints on the issue, look at the ICM trace - tcode SMICM->Goto->Trace File...     you may need to increase the trace level - SMICM->Goto->Trace Level...    After resolving the issue, make sure to set the trace level back to default.

  • ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT error in HTTP Receiver adapter

    I am doing HTTP Receiver adapter and File Sender adapter for my scenario.
    I am getting the following error in SXMB_MONI.
    - <!--  Call Adapter
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>HTTP client. Code 402 reason ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT</SAP:Stack>
    Help needed,

    Hi Ganesh,
    Check this weblog...
    Check this thread with similar issue...

  • HTTP Sender and HTTP Receiver adapter. Pls advice urgent

    Hi All,
    There is one Third Party that wants to send XML data and receive XML data with XI.
    Please let me know can I use HTTP for that.
    How to use HTTP Sender part?
    How to use HTTP Receiver Adapter?
    Pls send blogs/doc for that
    Thanks and Regards

    Check this thread for the code for a HTTP Client,
    /message/266750#266750 [original link is broken]
    Also, check these blogs. They use HTTP adapters for their configuration,
    Check these links for the configuration part.
    Weblog :
    /people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - although this weblog is
    aimed at explaining the sync-async bridge.. Sriram has taken http-to-file scenario as the example
    note:reward points if solution found helpfull.....

  • How to set HTTP header field "cookie" with http receiver adapter?

    I am using http receiver adapter (not axis) in a scenario. I could not set a parameter with key cookie in http header. Is there some kind of restriction to set it? I am able to set others like connection and create custom fields using ASMA and dynamic key configuration via UDF on mapping.
    Could you please comment on, is cookie http parameter special or noneditable by PI's http adapter? I am looking for a solution without editing any abap code...

    I believe it is possible since axis adapter provides very same functionality. Let me summarize my scenario may be it helps:
    I am trying to call series of webservice lets say in a BPM. First service (login service) will provide me with a session id (in http header with key Set-Cookie) then I will call another service which has that session id in its http header with key cookie then I am going to logout. So I am testing the second part now, but it doest let me send cookie http header parameter.
    I hope I clarified a bit more my problem.

  • Adapter specific properties (http receiver adapter)

    does anybody know the technical name for the HTTP destination of a http receiver adapter.
    The documentation lists only the names URLParamOne to URLParamSix and HeaderFieldOne to HeaderFieldSix.
    Neither the technical name for URL nor for a HTTP destiantion are mentioned.

    Hello Moorthy,
    I know this part of the documentation.
    So I set the indicator within the communication channel.
    Now, I have to fill the dynamic configuration during my mapping. My code looks like following:
    DynamicConfigurationKey keyURL =  DynamicConfigurationKey.create("", <b>XXXXX</b>);
    // access dynamic configuration
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) param.get (StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    // set value
    conf.put(keyURL, url);
    So what has to be filled instead of XXXXX ?

  • HTTP Receiver Adapter : Dynamic URL

    I have a scenario where I wish to build a dynamic URL for the HTTP Receiver Adapter. The URL will contain a customer number which is present in the mapping.
    The help seems to suggest that this is possible :
    <i>If you want to use an HTTP destination or URL set by the mapping, set the URL or HTTP Destination indicator. (The indicator displayed depends on the Addressing Type you selected above). If you set the indicator, the URL or HTTP destination set dynamically is called by HTTP.
    If the message header does not contain the URL or the HTTP destination, and you have set the Fail If Adapter-Specific Message Attributes Missing indicator, the XI message is set to status System Error. If you do not set the indicator, the URL or HTTP destination defined statically in the communication channel is used.</i>
    However, it is not very clear where the URL needs to be set dynamically.
    Does anyone know how to achieve this ?

    hello to all,
    We have a unique issue with one of our customers that is limited to 100 character URL.  The current url is
    Is there a way to have a URL like
    and then somewhere in the process add... &interface=AITInventoryCheck_Abs&service=HTTP_AIT_InvChk&QOS=BE&sap-client=010&sap-language=EN
    So the data comes to an F5 through the DMZ to the SAP webdispatcher then to the SAP XI system.
    Any ideas if this is possible or how you could start with a shorter URL?

Maybe you are looking for