I am having problems with my old computer so syncyed my ipod to my new computer. all the appliance/games synched but not my music. I have somehow manged to wipe all my music from my ipod and it will not synch with my music libary from my old computer

I am having problems with my old computer so syncyed my ipod to my new computer. all the appliance/games synched but not my music. I have somehow manged to wipe all my music from my ipod and it will not synch with my music libary from my old computer. Any suggestions.

? Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Student edition from Best Buy and it will not download. It made me download an installer  and then when I went back to download it from the Best Buy digital library and clicked on "Download," nothing happened

    I have done both of those and still no luck. I have tried this download on Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox and its the same story on all of them. I have a Windows, also, if that helps

  • TS1389 All of the options above have failed.  I purchased 14 Jimmy Buffett "Fin City" songs and four will not play.  I get the same authorization message, but nothing works.  Please help!

    Purchased 14 Jimmy Buffett songs from "Fin City" and four will not play.  All remedies suggested on Apple Support have failed.

    If only some of the tracks from the album are throwing authorisation errors at you, that suggests that the tracks are damaged.
    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copies of the tracks and try redownloading fresh copies:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
    Log in to the Store. Click on "Account" in your Quick Links. When you're in your Account information screen, go down to Purchase History and click "See all".
    Find the items that are not playing properly. If you can't see "Report a Problem" next to the items, click the "Report a problem" button. Now click the "Report a Problem" links next to the items.

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    I have Firefox 3.6 on my Mac OSX 10.6.5 and it will not save settings for igoogle or my password for googlemail or hotmail. Can you help?

    Very weird day in Firefoxland
    First on a Powerbook G4 running 10.4.11 I respond to an invitation to upgrade to Firefox 4 (like a lot of others). Long story short, I wind up losing the browser altogether -- including all bookmarks. Why? Because neither the Firefox homepage (or CNET downloads) makes it clear that 4.0 is for OS 10.5 only! Amazing!
    Then I try to register to post a reply in a thread that crits Firefox for not making this System Requirements info upfront clear. But the Register page I’m taken to (https://support.mozilla.com/bs/users/register) is in SERBO-CROATIAN!!
    Then I try to log into Chat a couple of times and when it’s not CLOSED its a long line waiting and THEN it closes.
    WOW!! Are the wheels off the wagon here or what!?!

  • HT1414 my ipad mini will not charge from wall socket and it will not show itself on i tunes via my pc... i have also substituted my power charger from my i-phone to no avail.

    my daughter's i-pad mini will not charge up from the wall socket and it will not show itself on i-tunes via my pc... i substituted the power charger from my i-phone to no avail with the wall socket... seems like i read that the earlier i-pads have some problems with the lightning socket but can not remember exactly...there is no apple retail shop in the small city where i live but would travel to one if the fix is relatively quick or easy...otherwise, what can i do for diagnosis and repair?

    Most likely your cable is bad and you need to get a replacement.
     Cheers, Tom

  • My iphone 4s deleted all of my books, music, and podcasts from my phone and now will not allow me to put them back on there.

    As stated in the title, I was redownloading old purchases. After transferring a tv show onto my iphone it would not allow me to transfer another one. I wasn't able to locate the show on my phone, so then I checked my music. All of my music and podcasts were missing. My books were showing up at first, but then as soon as I closed out of one that I was reading and clicked on a different one they all vanished as well. I tried dragging on a song, a book, a show, and I kept getting the circle with the line through it. I have no idea what to do. My phone has always been set up to manually manage music and videos. When I selected to sync all music it still wouldn't do anything.
    I've also recently, within the past 4 hours, uninstalled and reinstalled itunes because it kept crashing when I was trying to download my old purchases. I've done it before and haven't had any issues with it deleting anything before. I'm in the process of restoring my phone in the hopes that this will work, but I don't know if it will.
    Anyone out there that can help me?

    iPhone 3G is Old technology. When it was launched it had iOS 2.0. Currently, the highest it can go is iOS 4.2.1 and therefore can not handle many newer applications. As you have recorded, it is giving good service for which it has been designed.
    Needless to say, if you want to use applications as stated, you must have at least 3GS, whose current is iOS 6.1.2. On the lighter side; Rather than updating iOS they are asking you to update iPhone (Technology). Cheers

  • I just bought an iphone 4s from a friend and it will not sync to iTunes

    I just bought an iphone 4s and the phone will not sync to itune. I have the music that I bought from itunes but not my other music. And when I do plug the phone up to my computer it will say that the phone is hooked up but iTunes will not show my phone like my ipod shuffle shows up on iTunes.

    Go through this support document
    iOS: Device not recognised in iTunes
    Windows: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

  • I downloaded an album from iTunes store and it will not play on my iPhone

    Hi All,
    I downloaded an album from the iTunes store. It will not play on my iPhone 5. How do I contact the iTunes store to get this problem corrected?

    Delete it and redownload from here:
    Open iTunes Store app > More > Purchased > Music

  • I dropped my iphone 4s from 2ft up and it will not turn on.

    My phone was recently shattered but i got he sreen fixed 2 weeks ago.  I had that charging case, the Mophie, on it and it fell out form 2ft up.  if i plug it in, it'll vibrate but it wont turn on.  the screen isn't cracked at all.  When the phone fell, it made a loud noise, the kind you hear when it shatters.  the back of my phone is already cracked but not too bad.  when i picked up my phone, no new cracks, just simple wouldn't turn on.  I don't have any money to get it fixed or to get a new one but i need my phone

    set it to charge wait a half hour, hold power button down for five seconds, if it not work do it same again but hold also the home down (in 20 sec) (it will delete everything on it)
    or set it to itunes and wait.

  • I am trying to shut down my MacBook Pro but mail is preventing it from shutting down and it will not allow me to quit mail

    Does anyone know of a way to force quit Mail.  It is preventing me from restarting or shutting down my MacBook Pro running Maverick iOS 10.9.

    You're having the same problem? Do you ALWAYS have to Force Quit Mail or will it sometimes just Quite when you select Quit? Which model MacBook Pro do you have (e.g., "15-inch Late 2011"), which version of OS X are you running and which version of Mail do you have?

  • When I try to install abode - it will download but says i have to close firefox before it will install. also i try to open a word document from a website and it will not open - it will only download

    i install abode - it will download but not install and indicates i have to close firefox before it will download. Also, I try to open a word document from a website - it will download but not open.

    You need to close Firefox to install many plugins, including those from Adobe.
    As for the Word downloads, see the changing downloads action section of this link - https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Managing+file+types

  • I have an "!" next to songs that i have imported from a CD and they will not load on my apple products. How do i fix?

    please help

    I've about had it with this iTunes thing.
    If you are looking for MP3s, I don't know why you've been shopping at the iTunes Store at all.  They do not sell songs in MP3 format, only AAC.
    Why not look at other online music download retailers such as Amazon MP3 or Google Play who sell MP3 music.

  • Trying to update Flash Catalyst from pre-release and it will not install

    I had Flash Catalyst pre release. Then I purchased CS5 Web Premium (for Mac) when it first was released. I tried to use Flash Catalyst today for the first time since my Premium install and it told me that the license had expired due to it being pre-release. So I used the license that came with Web Premium and it accepted it (with the green checkmark) but when it actually tried to run, it gave me the error again. So I went to Adobe Downloads and downloaded Web Premium again, assuming it would update the FC. Instead it told me it was already installed as pre-release software. So then I moved the FC application to the Trash, cleaned the Trash, restarted my machine and did the whole process again. It still says FC is there - and it spends one minute doing I don't know what, but it is not installing the software - I can't find it anywhere on my machine. HELP - I wanted to use this for a presentation next week.

    Hello Mettiuss,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities
    It sounds like you are unable to uninstall iTunes so you can install a new updated copy, and if so, I recommend taking a look at this article named Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7 found here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923
    Take care,

  • HT1349 I got an itunes card from my hubby and it will not work it says the code is wrong:(

    I got this gift card and it keeps telling me the code is wrong on the card so I do not know how to redeem it?

    Try here >  iTunes Store: Invalid, inactive, or illegible codes

  • What has happened to my mozilla if the home page has been shrunk down and all the content has gone to thumbnails? Plus I have no tool bar at all

    I was looking at a u tube video when all of a sudden when I tried to click the video off, the cursor started creating a circle around it and was moving all over and before I knew it, the google home page has shrunk down to a very small size all of the google eg web, video, etc details are in very small thumbnail rows on the left top of the screen and my tool bar is completely gone

    Try [[How to clear the cache|clearing your cache]] that may well solve the problems on web content.
    To get the tool bars back use Alt or F10 in your keyboard, then View -> Toolbars
    * you will probably be able to just click on the relevant toolbar option such as the navigation toolbar to get it back
    * if that fails you may need to consider the customise, and either drag items back, or restore the defaults
    See also [[Back and forward or other toolbar items are missing]]

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