I am so angry!!!

I have a Verizon phone purchased at Walmart.  I purchased this because we live in a rural area that has no coverage (cell towers) and use it when we are in a service area.  I have had $15  credited to this account for several months.  Recently my credit card was expired when they tried to do the transaction.  I happened to be on a ride in the outback but got the message that my credit card was declined.  When I returned home the next day I immediately went online and updated the information.  I watched my bank account online and this was honored.  When I traveled out of town to yesterday I discovered they had honored my $15 but took away the $148 plus that I had accumulated.  When I called their support and helped by an agent named Valerie she checked with her superior and reported back that  she could honor  50% and credit it back to my account.  I didn't accept that and told them I thought it was a scam for them to make more money.  I want to add that I was in the process of taking my very sick mother to the doctor and could not talk with them (she had just had a fall) when they wanted to assess how my call went.  At this time I have tried to get some response online and have failed each time.  How do I ever get to them to get this straightened out?  My next step will be to call KHQ Connect with Klect who handles these type of situations.                     

I think you are a mite confused. Or maybe something changed I was not aware of?
Prepaid plans are by month to month, they are not cumulative. So I buy a pre paid phone, I use $15 to fill the device for that month. Then next month I need to purchase it again and again. This is the way I believe it functions.
And as it states at the $15 amount it expires in 30 days. So in this case you are mad for no reason. You just don't think because it was not used it was adding up. It does not. You use it in 30 days or lose it. Pay again and etc.
Good Luck

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  • When I synced my iphone 4 to upgrade to version 5, the levels of games such as angry birds have gone and put me back to basis first level?? How did I get it back to where I was??

    When I upgraded my iphone to version IOS5, most of apps are gone also for some games. The games such as angry birds has gone back to basis level one not where I was!? Help!!

    Back up your device if needed
    Connect your device to your computer.
    Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes. Select the Summary tab, and click the Restore button.
    Click Restore.
    After a restore, the iOS device restarts. You should then see "Slide to set up". Follow the steps in the iOS Setup Assistant.

  • I am so angry - there has to be a misundering.  my Itunes was disabled as there was a charge that I did not authorize and I cannot find the phone

    I am so angry - there has to be a misunderstanding.  my Itunes was disabled as there was a charge that I did not authorize and I cannot find the phone number for security and the dingbat girl who I'm emailing send me a link that does not work.  And I am extremely frustrated.   Please help.  I need a phone # to contact security.

    Contact Apple Support here:

  • Hello  I don't know who to complain to as you do not appear to have a complaints department, despite searching the web, I trust you can pass this to relevant department for action, as I'm very angry over my recent repair.  Following my issue relating to a

    I don't know who to complain to as you do not appear to have a complaints department, despite searching the web, I trust you can pass this to relevant department for action, as I'm very angry over my recent repair.
    Following my issue relating to a blank screen 2 weeks ago, your advisor arranged for my iMac to collected by Amsys, for repair and return, this was done and it was returned to me last Tuesday, onWednesday I set up my iMac again and instantly realised I had problems, much worse than before. I called Amsys to inform them of the issue of the computer being very very slow and unable to open iPhoto and pages, and document listing would not show up, plus I had no sound on the mac.They informed me that they had only replaced the video card and what they had done would have not affected the computers performance. He suggested I reinstall OSX again which I did, but this made no difference to the programs, so I called you.
    Your technician on the phone was very good as they have always been, and made an appointment for me to go into the Milton Keynes Apple store the next day at 1 pm, which I did.
    The gentleman on the Genius Bar was very good and was able to run tests on the iMac in my presence, and diagnosed immediately an issue with the sound problem, and advised me that this could not be fixed while I wait and I would need to leave it for repair. I made him aware of the previous repair, and he was able to see via your system, the list of logged issues I have had with this since purchasing in September 2012. I'm sure you can see from the way you record all calls and issues the problems I have had.
    Today I called to ask if my iMac would soon be ready for collection, I was told the repairs had been completed and it was being tested. However to my dismay, I learned of another serious issue relating to the repair carried out by Amsys. I was informed that 6 screws were missing from the the iMac internally, which caused me much distress and concern, they also told me I had to wait even longer as the screws had to be ordered and installed on arrival before I could collect it.
    My issues here are: I trusted the Amsys repairer as it was arranged and recommend by you, it is very evident they are not competent to repair, as they have caused more problems with my iMac on its return, despite enclosing a checklist, fully ticked showing everything working well, it clearly wasn't ! Plus the issue of missing parts (screws) during the repair, I have already expressed my disgust with Amsys, by email and had a response, within the hour, apologising and told me they were looking into this.
    This where I stand on this, I have not had my iMac for  almost two weeks and I do not know when I will get it back. I'm also very worried about what other damage has been caused by Amsys and the quality of my iMac now. I want to know what you, Apple is going to do about this ? I have already been very inconvenienced by this and until now I have been a very loyal apple customer with 2 iPads, and 4 iPhones in our household, not to mention the iMac.
    I feel I have been very let down by this experience, on my iMac, which cost a lot of money, I have also lost a lot of money with lost work and unable to carry out my business without it, and I will be seeking compensation.
    I trust you will take this complaint seriously and pass it to the relevant department for action.
    Yours sincerely
    Des Withey 
    Sent from my iPad
    On 26 Feb 2014, at 11:44, Apple Support <[email protected]> wrote:
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Thanks for contacting Apple Support. If you need more help later, you can open the case below or start a new support request online.
    Case ID:
    Open this case
    Apple Support
    Get help online
    Visit Apple Support to learn more about your product, download software updates, and much more.
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    Call Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-275-2273.  Ask politely & firmly that you want to be transferred to Customer Relations.  Tell them exactly what you stated in your post.
    These are user-to-user forums where everyday folk (volunteers) post questions and offer answers (technical support) to each other.  

  • How do i sync and get Angry Birds from the itunes library to ipad?

    I am not able to transfer Angry Birds which i bought from the itunes to the ipad 2? Pl help.

    Plug it into your computer and locate it in iTunes. Select the App section of your iPad and make sure that app is checked to sync. then sync.

  • Lion produces weird trackpad behavior in Angry Birds

    I upgraded to Lion this week. I know there are all sorts of new trackpad features, but the probem is that it messes up a lot in Angry Birds. For example, the various finger-swipes have unpredictable results; instead of resetting the screen, it might activate launchpad. Or it might jump you back to the "play" splash screen. The pinch and expand gestures might randomly activate mission control instead of zooming the way it did in pre-Lion Angry birds. And quite often, I'm finding that the trackpad stops responding at all! No matter what gesture I use, the bird sits there in the slingshot, unmoved, unless I restart the app. It's weird.
    I've adjusted the trackpad settings in Settings as much as possible to accommodate gameplay, but AB still responds unusually to gestures, without regard to either the specified setting or to its pre-Lion performance. It seems like Apple put way too many features into every slight gesture on a trackpad, so it's become LESS intuitive because gameplay gestures trigger spontaneous resets and screen modifications instead of, well, game interaction.

    Works for me and thanks i just try to see because i didn't play in Lion and the level that i was stuck in i pass it in the first try so thank you it works for me.But is true playing that game you can't do much gestures same thing happening before lion,just open it play it and close it.

  • On my iPod touch 3rd generation, why won't Angry Birds let me in?

    So, I tried to play Angry Birds a few weeks ago, once it hit the "Rovio" screen, it booted me out!!! I have tried the "Turn off", but it still won't work, should I update the app?

    Yes, I would update if one is availabe.  Also see:
    iOS: Troubleshooting applications purchased from the App Store

  • Attempt at web store purchase has left me more than angry

    Yesterday I tried to purchase a Dv7tqe from the HP webstore, I'm currently in the US for a month or so before returning back to New Zealand. My previous laptop (HP Dv5) died so I required a replacement.
    I Found out the hard way that the HP webstore requires you to have a US billing address, since i'm only here temporarily I don't have a US billing address tied to my credit card.
    I contacted support about this issue asking them if there was A way I could purchase the machine without the US account, the reply was not to dissimilar to politely {Content Removed: Language Filter Evasion} It was suggested that I either move my bank acct to the US or get someone from the US to buy it for me.
    I don't really think i'm about to put an ad in the paper for someone to purchase a $1600 computer for me on the off chance I will pay them back.
    I told the rep it was quite urgent that I get the laptop, it was obviously in HP's best intentions to reccomend I buy it from the NZ store (a very handy reccomendation) which is great, because i'm in the US right now, nowhere near NZ, whats the point in buying it there? in fact you don't even offer the machine in NZ. And whats even more great is the NZ site doesn't even WORK. how handy is THAT??
    So I was basicly told, we do not give a flying {Content Removed} about the fact your company really requires a laptop, how about you go to a site that doesn't work, based in another country and try and buy it there while I sit and laugh at your pitiful attempts at life.
    I also emailed them earlier (since chat was offline) 28 hours later, and still no reply. You claim that in 24hrs a rep will reply, it seems that is a lie (and also contradicts the email you sent saying within 48 hrs)
    So unless someone in HP feels like most graciously rectifying my prediciment I feel that I will never look twice at HP (since I can't get them from the NZ store anyway) i'm not sure what i'll get next because although you don't want to sell me your product I kind of need to buy it because they are generally relatively good. still it seems that I won't be buying an HP any time soon unless this gets fixed.
    Kindly digruntled regards
    M McCardle
    PS, on a positive note, since everone is so angry (me included) around here. at times support has been great, big thanks to the guy who talked at great lengths about processors for Dv5's
    PPS, i'm still really pissed off about the whole issue though, please fix it

    Welcome to the HP Consumer Support Community. This is a peer-to-peer community for customers to connect and share solutions regarding their HP products. If you have additional or direct feedback for HP about their products or services, please use the link below.
    If you have other questions and concerns, please feel free to send me a private message.
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  • Am I the ONLY person who's angry that mobile hasn'...

    Hello.  Am I the ONLY person who's angry that my mobile hasn't lasted for several years?  Am I the ONLY person who's had problems on and off throughout the last two years with his / her Nokia, AND had it replaced twice by Nokia Care, and now that it is out of warranty, require $292 to be repaired?                                                    
    Bought the Nokia 6110 on a typical 2 year plan 2 years ago, and it just hasn't ever been faultless.                
    But even though it kept going 'funny', at least I could use some of the features, and Nokia Care have replaced the 'innards' of it from Nokia Asia somewhere, which took ages,  And the 'loan fones' have been just aweful.  And 'no', the loan fones were not able to hold Contact numbers from the 6110.              
    But when my Nokia 6110 started to just 'drop out' and say "Insert SIM Card", I knew I had a big problem.  At first 'they' said it was because I didn't update the Nokia firmware upgrade properly.  Then they said ....................................................  Then they said I needed to get a new SIM card from my Telco because some times the SIM cards "go bad".
    However yesterday Nokia Care finally dropped the 'big one' - my fone can be repaired for $292.  That's almost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Tell me, how much is a new Nokia.
    Oh, and I am STILL waiting to hear from Nokia Care about when I can go back and pick up my 'dead' phone.
    Did I tell you my 2 year contract ran out three months ago?  Did I tell you I now can get another fone, with whichever Telco I chose, and I can pick any fone I want to go with another contact?   So like you, I am doing HEAPS of 'reviewing' of fones on every website I can find, and I am asking people, and doing FaceBook, and Twitter, and ...................
    And guess which brand I will not ever get again??  And guess which brand I am telling everyone about??
    Oh, and I have written quite a few times before to Nokia - and I am still waiting for a reply...............   That's what makes telling everyone how I feel SO much easier.
    Nokia, you have lost your 'edge'.  You care so much about 'selling', that you have forgotten its also about OWNING and SERVICING.  Gosh, you do it bad.  The products are hit-and-miss; your support is lousy; and your communication just sucks big time.
    Have a nice day.

    Hi Disappointed_Nk ,  
    Kindly take note that the boards here are for user-to-user support only.
    If you want to provide any feedback directly to Nokia, you should use the 'Contact us' link at the top of the page to contact your local Nokia team. 

  • I just bought a (used) Iphone 3gs for wife and it had angry birds and $89 Navigation on it (I paid extra for it).  Once updated and logged into my I-tunes it no longer works? How can I make those apps work?

    I just bought a (used) Iphone 3gs for wife and it had angry birds and $89 Navigation on it (I paid extra for it).  Once updated and logged into my I-tunes it no longer works? How can I make those apps work?

    Apple doesn't have anything to do with this other than enforcing the DRM protection. The developers of this content expect to be paid if someone wants to use their content. When you purchase content in the app store, you purchase a license to use the content. This license does not permit you or anyone else to resell or give this content away. The individual you purchased the phone from simply does not have the right to sell or give away any purchased content on the phone. You were deceived.

  • I can not control my cursor with the trackpad.  It moves randomly. It began after an Angry Birds update.  Anyone else have this problem?

    I have a late 2011 OS X Lion 10.7.4 that is only 6 months old.  For the first 4 months I had no problems, but then about 6 weeks ago I downloaded an Angry Birds update from the Apple App Store, and my problems began.  When playing Angry Birds the the new Angry Birds update for the first time the cursor began to jump around, moving on it's own as if someone else was controlling it.  After a few moments I became obvious I could not control the cursor with the trackpad. When I placed the tip of my finger gently in the center of the trackpad to try to hold the cursor still it becan switching from the game (desktop) to launchpad and mission control.  I then put the computer down so I was not even touching it, walked several feet away and the cursor still moved on it's own.
    I've done a lot of research over the last few weeks on related articles and realized this is a common problem with numerous different causes: PRAM settings,
    screen sharing, remote settings, having fingers accidently touch edges of trackpad, writst resting too close to trackpad, swollen battery, etc. and I don't think it's due to any of those issues.
    The problem came out of nowhere.  My computer stays at home, and is not used by anyone else.  At first it was just Angry Birds, but now it can happen at any time.  Sometimes hours or days go by when this does not happen, sometimes it happens so much I can't use the computer at all.  It can get so bad that I won't be able to click out of whatever I'm doing on my desktop, and I'll have to shut it down by holding the power button. 
    Has anyone else had this issue after updating Angry Birds?

    try a new/fresh apple brand cable and make sure it is the only usb cable in use. this worked for me, i noticed i had no problem with a lighting cable. i did a restore from scratch and from backup and it did not help me...and if you cant sync than you wont be able to get anything but apps back after the restore

  • Dead after 2 years 4 months, should I be angry?

    I posted my woes elsewhere but it's true, my hard drive is fried. I had a long chat in Japanese with an Apple Support staff and all he could do was appologize and tell me that if Apple does the repaire that it will cost apron 500 USD; he gave me the number for a couple of other companies that can repair the disk and said I should shop around.
    Here's my beef: I had used a Sotec computer for 6 years without incident, leaving it on 24/7 and the cost was nominal. The iMac was 2800 USD and breaks after 2 years. Yeah, maybe I should have bought the Applecare but, honestly, if you're spending that much money on a computer don't you expect that it should be okay for 2 years? Should I be angry?
    My first thought is that Apple doesn't make the hardware but then I checked a little here and read, "Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system, and many applications, Apple products are truly integrated systems". So, whose fault is it? I leave my computer on pretty much 24/7 in an air-conditioned room; I do word processing, surfing and a good bit of FB'ing and that's it. Two years seems exteream.
    Costwise I should be fine. I have two warranty options from the store I originally bought it. It just takes time; it's a trust issue, too.
    So, tell me if I should be angry at Apple. I honestly won't know until I speak with the English customer service rep and hear their explanation.

    SirWalterScott wrote:
    My parents still use the tube television they bought in the late 60' in one of their guest rooms and it works just fine. It's that kind of longevity I'd like to expect from a product but this age things are too complex, they're obsolete in a much shorter time span, so I guess it makes sense that it could die in two years.
    A lot of it has to do with consumer demand for inexpensive products, especially high tech ones. I have some old "enterprise class" 2 GB SCSI hard drives that probably will outlast any of the SATA ones in any of my current Macs. But they were insanely expensive by current standards, about $70 per GB of capacity, & maybe a tenth as fast as even the cheapest SATA drive on the market today.
    Something similar applies to that old TV: in terms of resolution & picture accuracy, it probably cost several times what a contemporary one costs today.
    Almost no consumer would accept that kind of price/performance ratio today; in fact, we demand that the price/performance ratio constantly improve or we just won't buy new stuff. For years Apple tried to remain totally aloof from the highly competitive commodity market this creates, & it almost killed the company: Macs lasted practically forever but became just too expensive for most people to afford.
    Today, they offer very competitive price/performance ratios; & their unique combination of close hardware/software integration, user friendliness, excellent esthetics, & all the rest of it keep them from becoming just another commodity computer; but consumers still won't pay much of a premium for that, much less for the far less tangible & quite expensive benefits of very long average life expectancy.

  • Thoroughly angry and frustrated. I've run out of room and need to make more to add more songs. Once and for all, how do I, if I even CAN, delete music from my iPod Nano WITHOUT losing them from iTunes?

    Thoroughly angry and frustrated. I've run out of room and need to make more to add more songs. Once and for all, how do I, if I even CAN, delete music from my iPod Nano WITHOUT losing them from iTunes?

    You should take the time to familiarize yourself with the documentation that is available.  You can "uncheck" a song in iTunes, and then do a manual update.

  • If I upgrade an app? Say Angry Birds, what happens to my saved data?

    App store is telling me there's an upgrade available to my paid version of angry birds, new levels etc included. Question though: if I upgrade, will I lose my progress? Having dedicated far too much of my life to this game already, I'm not sure I want to take the risk!!!

    You will not lose any of your data upgrading the app.

  • I have the 10.6.7 update, bought Angry Birds Rio (thinking I was buy Angr   uying just Angry Birds.  I fixed the crash problems, but now I don't know what to do with this game.  Nothing seems to work--can't even find the curser.  Can I get my money back-?

    I purchased Angry Birds Rio thinking I was buying Angry Birds.  Are there any directions on what to do with this game?  Also my track pad does not respond so I really can't use this game.  Can anyone shed some light on this--first it crashed, now it doesn't respond so--can I get my money back??

    Contact apple here about a refund
    http://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/contact.html?form=account&topic=Mac%2 0App%20Store%20Account%20and%20Billing

  • MBP is angry when iPhone is plugged in or Flash, Safari, or Fusion open

    By angry, I mean, close my 'notebook' (not LAPtop) if I am in class and wait for the fan to shut off due to embarrassment.
    Any of these things trigger it...
    If an iPhone is plugged in whether it is syncing or just charging.
    If I am surfing in Safari, especially with Flash.
    I used to be able to boot and use XP in Fusion for light tasks, now, simply booting it reproduces this.
    3D Games.
    Not even all of these things at once, sometimes just one of these can cause loud fans.
    I shouldn't have to use SMCFanControl.
    Here is what my Activity Monitor looks like now, I only have Safari, Activity Monitor and the Finder open, and it is not currently showing off the loud fans. I recently did a clean install of Leopard without any Migration or Application transfer, started that from scratch. (I changed my shortname to user for this post).
    649 Activity Monitor user 5.4 5 20.43 MB 847.57 MB Intel
    145 AirPort Base Station Agent user 0.0 3 4.16 MB 780.90 MB Intel
    440 AppleSpell.service user 0.0 1 4.37 MB 601.71 MB Intel
    154 ATSServer user 0.0 2 4.05 MB 635.78 MB Intel
    50 autofsd root 0.0 1 668.00 KB 585.62 MB Intel
    49 blued root 0.0 1 1.93 MB 596.61 MB Intel
    14 configd root 0.0 3 1.83 MB 587.19 MB Intel
    159 coreaudiod root 0.0 2 2.69 MB 588.93 MB Intel
    67 coreservicesd root 0.0 4 17.61 MB 608.86 MB Intel
    11 DirectoryService root 0.0 5 3.42 MB 588.84 MB Intel
    45 diskarbitrationd root 0.0 1 996.00 KB 585.69 MB Intel
    15 distnoted daemon 0.0 1 756.00 KB 585.59 MB Intel
    362 dmnotifyd user 0.0 5 1.75 MB 588.56 MB Intel
    158 Dock user 0.0 3 15.04 MB 796.57 MB Intel
    43 dynamic_pager root 0.0 1 712.00 KB 585.61 MB Intel
    164 eapolclient user 0.0 2 1.88 MB 586.55 MB Intel
    162 Finder user 0.0 8 28.73 MB 854.97 MB Intel
    41 fseventsd root 0.0 10 1.38 MB 607.52 MB Intel
    40 hidd root 0.0 2 604.00 KB 586.11 MB Intel
    359 iTunes Helper user 0.0 2 2.64 MB 731.00 MB Intel
    38 kdcmond root 0.0 2 1,024.00 KB 585.73 MB Intel
    0 kernel_task root 4.3 60 182.43 MB 1.81 GB Intel
    37 KernelEventAgent root 0.0 2 648.00 KB 585.68 MB Intel
    10 kextd root 0.0 2 1.20 MB 586.19 MB Intel
    70 krb5kdc root 0.0 1 1.39 MB 586.05 MB Intel
    110 launchd user 0.0 3 532.00 KB 585.74 MB Intel
    1 launchd root 0.0 3 576.00 KB 586.74 MB Intel
    358 Lighthouse user 0.0 4 10.28 MB 791.43 MB Intel
    143 Little Snitch Network Monitor user 0.4 3 4.77 MB 769.44 MB Intel
    144 Little Snitch UIAgent user 0.0 3 6.30 MB 803.79 MB Intel
    36 loginwindow user 0.0 3 5.34 MB 755.12 MB Intel
    55 lsd root 0.0 2 2.27 MB 598.73 MB Intel
    16 mDNSResponder _mdnsresponder 0.0 2 2.25 MB 587.93 MB Intel
    35 mds root 0.0 17 71.96 MB 783.43 MB Intel
    771 mdworker nobody 0.0 3 2.28 MB 599.12 MB Intel
    108 mdworker user 0.0 4 10.14 MB 611.19 MB Intel
    12 notifyd root 0.0 2 488.00 KB 586.18 MB Intel
    26 ntpd root 0.0 1 852.00 KB 586.12 MB Intel
    153 pboard user 0.0 1 588.00 KB 586.69 MB Intel
    650 pmTool root 1.1 1 1.30 MB 595.68 MB Intel
    624 Safari user 0.0 11 118.83 MB 927.30 MB Intel
    21 securityd root 0.0 2 2.25 MB 587.39 MB Intel
    51 socketfilterfw root 0.0 3 1.78 MB 585.93 MB Intel
    150 Spotlight user 0.0 6 28.22 MB 906.53 MB Intel
    13 syslogd root 0.0 4 732.00 KB 587.46 MB Intel
    30 SystemStarter root 0.0 1 668.00 KB 585.61 MB Intel
    161 SystemUIServer user 0.0 8 11.83 MB 805.52 MB Intel
    54 uc root 0.0 4 2.75 MB 599.05 MB Intel
    29 update root 0.0 1 288.00 KB 585.57 MB Intel
    361 usbmuxd nobody 0.0 2 1.11 MB 587.12 MB Intel
    151 UserEventAgent user 0.0 2 2.23 MB 599.57 MB Intel
    107 vmnet-bridge root 0.0 1 392.00 KB 587.68 MB Intel
    105 vmnet-dhcpd root 0.0 1 248.00 KB 590.36 MB Intel
    94 vmnet-dhcpd root 0.0 1 252.00 KB 590.37 MB Intel
    83 vmnet-natd root 0.0 1 460.00 KB 590.84 MB Intel
    100 vmnet-netifup root 0.0 1 156.00 KB 587.68 MB Intel
    96 vmnet-netifup root 0.0 1 156.00 KB 587.68 MB Intel
    126 VNCPrivilegeProx root 0.0 1 624.00 KB 586.62 MB Intel
    71 WindowServer _windowserver 3.0 5 41.43 MB 826.85 MB Intel
    What else... I use the newest beta (yes, I know, BETA) of Fusion with XP SP3. All system sw is updated on Mac and Windows. With Fusion, I have it set to only use one core, sometimes I see the CPU usage spike to %110 so maybe that is the problem there.
    Flash I guess hates iPhone and it hates Mac with nearly the same passion.
    Why on Earth does my MBP hate my 1st gen iphone?
    Thanks ahead of time for any insight and suggestions.
    <Edited by Moderator>

    Are you using a proxy server? There are some problems with data syncing to iphones and mobileme with automatic proxy servers.

Maybe you are looking for

  • "Data" tab no longer working

    Version Build MAIN-53.58, running on Mac OS X 10.5.2 All of a sudden, the "Data" tab for editing table data is no longer working. Clicking on it does nothing at all - no change in the icons, no apparent network activity - its as if you were

  • Need advice on Upgrading to OSX 10.5 and Adobe CS3

    Hi everyone, My wife is a graphic designer she runs her G5 on Tiger. She's been using CS2 for years, she now wants to move to CS3. I was wondering if I could have some feedback from you guys using Tiger with CS3. In your opinion, is the upgrade to Le

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    I seem to have a complete crossdomain.xml that should work fine. However, I am in a situation that hopefully can be fixed. Here at the U we share the www2.med.umich.edu with other departments. Our IT department is throwing a fit about putting the cro

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    I lost my pass for iCLOUD account, did a new ID with a different mail but i can't change because need it the last password ID.

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    I installed Mountain Lion a couple of days ago. Now I'm not able to print from Adobe Acrobat or MS Word. I am using MS Office 2011 and Acrobat Pro  9.5.1. Both programmes crash when I try to print a doc. This never happened before. I can still print