I am using Chrome as a browser. When I shop, for example, on Amazon, items I'm looking for then appear in ads on other web sites. How can I stop that?

I am using Chrome as a browser. When I shop on Amazon, for example, items that I'm shopping for then appear in ads on other sites that I am browsing later. How can I stop that from happening?

You probably picked up some adware from a "shady" download site. Please see this:
Adware Removal Guide
If that does not help you find the adware, please download and install this free utility:
It is secure and written by one of our most valued members to allow users to show details of their computer's configuration in Apple Support Communities without revealing any sensitive personal data.
Run the program and click the "Copy report to clipboard" button when it displays the results. Then return here and paste the report into a response to your initial post. It can often show if any harmful files/programs are dragging down your performance or casuign browser issues.

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