I can't use thunderbird 31.2.0 to send attachement from a pdf file with Acrobat PRO XI

I can't use thunderbird 31.2.0 (Mozilla) to send attachement from a pdf file with Acrobat PRO XI. Each time, Acrobat replies (in french) : "il n'y a pas de client pour la messagerie par défaut". Thunderbird is indicated as "by default" in the list of programs of Windows.
Even if I type my e-mail address, etc. in the account of Acrobat, it doesn't change. Each time, I have to record a PDF file in a folder and return to Thunderbird to send it as attached. It is a too long process,  compared with Windows XP with Acrobat Reader or Acrobat 5, I had before.
Would you please help me to explain the process. My OS is Windows 8.1.
Thank you

Thank you for your answer.
What i want to do : to send PDF files as attached documents in a message
generated by thunderbird by my e-mail address [email protected] or
another one I have.
When I introduce my e-mail address under Edit-Preferences-Email
Accounts, Acrobat ask the e-mail account, the password, the IMAP for
ingoing message (and I use POP) and SMTP for outgoing messages. Even I
introduce all the datas, it doesn't change, Acrobat is unable to send
the message. And the process is not convenient, because I need all my
outgoing messages be documented inside Thunderbird.
So, I repeat my request : how can I use thenderbird as program by
default from Acrobat or any other software ?
Thank you for your next message.
Jean-Luc Rongé
Le 21-10-14 14:24, ANAND8502 a écrit :
      I can't use thunderbird 31.2.0 to send attachement from a pdf
      file with Acrobat PRO XI
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    Acrobat and Reader comes with a series of annotations that look like rubber stamps. There is a special category within these stamps that is categorized as "Dynamic" and these stamps have form fields within them that are either automatically populated or the user is asked for the required input, but once these 'stamp' or annotations (comments) are placed this data is flattened or baked into the image and can not be changed.
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    Hi there,
    Does anyone know how to use built in dictionary in Mac OS X lion on PDF file with out using trackpad? Thank you.

    I don't know what to tell you, it works perfectly for me...
    My expertise ends here... Hopefully someone else comes along with useful suggestions and tips.

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    You don't. There is no version of Thunderbird for tablets or smart phones.

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    thank you,

    If you got someone else email than that's a BIG error and it has nothing to do with whatever client you are using. You send your credentials to gmail and they connected to another account, not even Google would like to do that.
    Either you send the wrong credentials and then you happend to have the same password as this other account. Try using webmail on that account.
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    Here is a Screenshot:
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    click the menu item "Aktionsassistent" of menu "Werkzeuge" of menu item "Werkzeuge" of menu "Anzeige" of menu bar item "Anzeige" of menu bar 1
    Butr then I cannot reach "OCR this".
    If any body has a hint - either for clicking "OCR this" or to sript  an OCR on an opened pdf.file with applescript this would be great.

    AppleScript is documented in the Acrobat SDK. But there is no method for this.

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