I deleted my original email account which is tied with my original apple id account. If I create a new Apple account will I lose all of my music,videos, and apps?

I deleted my email account that is tied with my original apple account. I created a new apple Id and I'm afraid that I will lose all of my previous purchases. Please help.

Sort of.
- Apps and other purchases are locked to the account that purchased them.
- You have to log into the account opd do certain things with the purchases like transfer then to your computer.
- To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.
Try recovering yur PS for the first axccount so y can change the email address.
How do I change or recover a forgotten Apple ID Password?
If you've forgotten your Apple ID Password or want to change it, go to My Apple ID and follow the instructions. SeeChanging your Apple ID password if you'd like more information.
I no longer have an email address that was also my Apple ID. Can I still use the email address as my Apple ID?
Apple recommends you change your Apple ID to your current, working email address. This will not create another Apple ID, it will only change it to your working email address. See Changing the name you use for your Apple ID if you'd like more information.
Note: @mac.com and @me.com Apple IDs can not be renamed.  If you no longer use the .mac or .me email address be sure to add your valid email address as an additional email address.

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