I have 2 Ipads (ipad2 and Ipad3) and 2 Iphones (4 and 4s) all under 1 account in itunes.  How would I split these into 2 accounts and still be able to share itunes music?

I have 2 Ipads (Ipad2 and Ipad3) and 2 Iphones (4 and 4S) that are currently  sharing 1 username for itunes.  How can I split 1 ipad and 1 iphone to another username and still use my music library in itunes?

Sign out of the iTunes, store, iMessage, and iCloud on the devices, then sign in with the account you want.
This simply changes the account the device is pulling content from.
Content can not be moved from one account to another.  Content is permanently tied to the account it was acquired with.
What are you really trying to accomplish?

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