I have a handycam DCR-SR45 and windows 8.1 how do you make them compatible?

The drivers needed to connect your Sony camcorder to a computer and transfer files are already included in the operating system. You may install PlayMemories Home on your computer and use it to transfer, view and organize pictures and videos taken by your camcorder.
Please click on the following link for more options on how to transfer pictures or movies to the Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 operating system.
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Hi skinnaird,
Welcome to the Sony Community!
When you say that the camera is not recognized by PMH, does the same thing happen with the computer? Do you see the camera as a connected device on your My Computer folder? 
If you are not seeing the camcorder as a connected device, I suggest checking the USB connection to bothe devices first. It could be loose or not connected properly. Also choose the right option when connecting the USB, select the media that you want to import (HDD or Memory card).  We recommend using the supplied USB cable for transfer to avoid any issues. 
If the computer recognizes the connection but PMH does not, initialize the program. Make sure you are running the latest version of PlayMemories Home.
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    When I tried to respond to the urgent notice to update to Firefox 5.0 for security reasons I was stopped by a screen that said "Incompatible Add-ons Found" It identified two add-ons, Move Media Player and Real Player Browser Record Plugin 14.0.3 that would be disabled. It said that "as soon as they are "made compatible" Firefox will update and re-enable these add-ons" It is not clear who is to make them compatile. I have no idea how to make them compatible and I don't even know what they are for. I don't want to lose any functionality as the result of an update, so what should I do?

    Make sure that your IP address is not being shared. See the note at the top of this page.
    Port forwarding problems
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
    BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

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    my wife accidently disabled her f4 and f3 toggle keys, how do i reset them?

    On what Mac running what version of OS X?

  • I'm running the same version of Firefox on one computer in Windows 7 and on another computer in Windows XP. How can I make them look the same? Bookmarks is a button on the right in W7 and a tab at the top left in XP.

    I am already running Sync for bookmarks, but I don't understand how to make Firefox have the same format at the top of the screen. I don't want to Sync tabs, so I haven't tried that option.

    There is no bookmarks tab, expect you are referring to the bookmarks menu on the menu bar ("File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help") on your XP system.
    Once your restore your menus on you Window 7 system, you can get rid of the bookmarks button. After going through the 10 steps below your toolbars on your Windows 7 system will be more usable again and like your XP system, none of which has anything to do with Sync.
    You can make '''Firefox 6.0.1''' look like Firefox 3.6.*, see numbered '''items 1-10''' in the following topic [http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#fx4interface Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 4.0 thru 8.0, look like 3.6)]. ''Whether or not you make changes, you should be aware of what has changed and what you have to do to use changed or missing features.''
    * http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#fx4interface
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    *How do I customize the toolbars? | How to | Firefox Help
    <br><small>Please mark "Solved" one answer that will best help others with a similar problem -- hope this was it.</small>
    There is a lot more beyond those first 10 steps listed, if you want to make Firefox more functional.
    Before and after customizations, the following also includes [http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/firefox-problems.htm#fx4styles styling changes] besides rearranging toolbars and toolbar items.
    * http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/icons/fx4toolbars.png
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    *:Tab borders -- [http://userstyles.org/styles/24728 Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread (Fx3.6)] red=active tab, blue=read, green=unread, magenta(not shown)=loading

  • I have 2 iPads with the same log in and password details. How do I make them independent of each other so that contacts and calendar entries are not duplicated

    I have 2 iPads. When gifting one to my wife I did not change the log in and security details. Consequently any contacts and calendar entries are duplicated. How do I make the iPads independent so that the foregoing duplications are eliminated?
    Thank you

    The logins on the iPads, for example the iTunes store can be the same if you share an iTunes account, this will not effect the Contacts/Calendars unless you are using iCloud to sync Calendar/Contacts in which case just setup a new iCloud account for your Wife and change the iCloud settings on her iPad to this new account.
    Unfortunately the contacts if syncing with your computer will be the same as it can only sync from the given contacts on your computer.
    You can use a different login to the computer for your wife and she can then have her own contacts.
    If your Contacts application on your compuer has Categories/Grouping you can tell iTunes to sync certain Categories/Groups to each iPad, that way splitting up the contacts on your computer for each iPad.
    The same is true for the Calendar if you only have the one calendar it will sync it for both of you, the iPad settings in iTunes has the option to pick a Calendar if you have more then one.
    One option is to use an online calendar such as Google Calendar and sync to and from it with your iPad that way the Calendars would be individual.

  • I have an iphone 4 and I have just upgraded to iOS 5. I have lost my progress bar and song repeat function, how can I get them back?

    I have an iphone 4 and I have just upgraded to iOS 5. Unlike some people, I have not really had any problems but I am really annoyed with the new music feature. I have lost my progress bar abd song repeat function. Does anyone know how I can get them back?

    Glad to hear it all works for you.
    For future reference, if your iPhone misbehaves, always try a Reset. It's painless and often solves the problem.
       Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears (ignore the Slide to Power Off option that shows up first).

  • T410s with Windows 7 and additional internal Hard Drive with Windows XP. How do I make them work?

    Hi Everybody,
    I have had my T410s for 9 months and I love it. No problems at all. I was a contractor so I could use whatever laptop I wanted. Now I work for a big company that issued me a Thinkpad T410 with Windows XP. Now the T410 model has a huge heavy battery compared to the T410s. An ex-colleague of mine used to have a T60p with 2 internal Hard Drives one with Windows XP and one with Windows 7, and he could boot the computer with the Hard Drive of choice.
    Does anybody know how to do that? I already got the bay and the Windows XP Hard Drive inside the T410s.
    Thank you in advance

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)
    I tried that and I get an error message that says that it detected a possible virus.
    I tried that and I get an error message that says that it detected a possible virus.
    Spoiler (Highlight to read)
    Any other idea?
    Any other idea?

  • HT1495 I have 3 iphones, an ipad, and several ipods.  how do I give them seperate apple id's and create a master account.  This way I do not have to purchase music for each device individually.  For now we just share an id.  This no longer works for us.

    I need help!  I have multiple devices and would like everything linked to one master account, however, I need seperate IDs so that we can use imessage and facetime on each device individually.  How do I do this?

    I think I will do this.  I will use my apple ID and set face time and message to work independently.  That solves one problrem.  My other problem and maybe my bigger problem is that if I am using my apple ID, how do I iflter all of this so that my kids don't see my contacts, get my apps, etc. ?

  • Copied images from flash drive and they are invisible. how do I make them visible

    I have copied some image files (jpeg format) from a flash drive onto my imac. When I go to view the images they do not appear. When I try to copy them again, there is a message that I cannot modify invisible images. These images were originally downloaded to a windows-based computer and copied to the flash drive. Is there a way to make these image files visible? I am trying to use them for a website. Thanks!

    Open Terminal in the Utilities folder. Enter at the prompt:
    chflags nohidden
    After the word "hidden" put a space and type in the path to and name of the file. For example, if they are on the Desktop: chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/name_of_file. Include the file's extension. Press RETURN. If all the files have the same extensions, then use chflags nohidden ~/Desktop/*.jpg or *.jpeg.

  • Search and Spotlight in Leopard,,, how do you make it work?????

    Leopard fails to recognize folders and files all the time. Also lots of folders are hidden.
    This is extremely annoying and making it hard for me to run my business.
    Is there a simple way to get it all to work like it should work (like it did in Tiger)???
    Otherwise i'm seriously contemplating stepping down to tiger.
    Message was edited by: gizeh12

    This is unbelievable. What is wrong with these people that they keep f(*&^%$g up the operating system? Can't eject hard drives, can't do basic searches in a Finder window?? I could go on but I'm too ****** to think straight.
    They should have given away Snow Leopard for FREE to fix all this crap.
    (sorry for venting on you two... gotta let it out somewhere... now back to using yet another third party app to make up for Apple's f**&^^ups.)

  • Canon Vixia HF20 and "Progressive" frame rates: how do you edit them in PE7, or any PE version?

    My owner's manual is splayed before me: I have these options with my  Canon HF20 Camcorder:
    I can record video in: 60i (standard) - I guess they mean "default"
    I can also record in PF30 and PF24.
    It says this:
    PF30: 30 frames per second, progressive. Use this frame rate to easily edit your recordings, for example, to post them on the Web.
    (I do post my videos on the web: indeed that is all I do with them. The Web is a free storage closet that we get as a bonus, by paying for monthly Internet charges.)
    My manual also says this:
    PF24: 24 frames per second. progressive. (That is what it says - progressive.) Using this frame rate will give you recordings a cinematic look. When combined with the Cine Mode recording program, the cinematic look will be enhanced.
    I have noticed no interesting differences. And editing these .mts files is a pain, no matter what format one uses.
    I am wondering if anyone is in a similar situation, regarding AVCHD and editing problems using any version of PE.
    I constantly have trouble with artifacts - ghosting - combing - all manner of problems, which is enhanced by using the available HD. That is, in 1920x1080, the drop-frame system creates highly compressed, problematic files.
    These are hard to edit, but can be done decently using a kind of sleight of hand. I often downgrade 1920x1080 to 720p in editing, just to get the jumpy quality to look decent. This usually works.
    I wonder what others do. I really miss 8mm. ... sylvester

    The 60i setting should work best with PRE with the Full HD 1080i preset.
    As for performance that can be highly dependant on your system and how it is set up. By default most PC's startup with a whole load of cr*p provided by your supplier - all of which can eat into your performance. Anti-Virus software (especially McAfee) can cripple PRE. Try working through the steps in this article: PrE Hanging, or Crashing - Some Tips. If that doesn't solve your issue then this article lists the things we need to know about your system and clips - Got a Problem? How to Get Started
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  • ICal and Address Book fonts--how do you display them in their own font?

    I tried printing address labels from Mac's Address Book. It was pretty intuitive and straight forward. However, when I was prepping to print, I had the chance to change the fonts. The list of fonts was not presented with each font name in the font itself (does this make sense?).
    When I use Excel or Word and want to change fonts from Arial to Times New Roman, I go to the font chooser, and Times New Roman is displayed in Times New Roman font. If I want to be creative and pick something new, it's easy to see how it will appear, because the name of the font is displayed in the font its describing.
    Is there a setting I need to adjust in order to make this work in Address Book and/or iCal?

    On one hand they make Mail look stark, like the interior of a Porsche 911, gray, gray, gray, (boring)  and on the other hand they make iCal look like some 3rd party creation where they paid a graphic designer 250.00 to come up with a cool look.  Cheesy!
    Probably designed by some unemployed Windows XP graphic 'artist.' 
    As to Address Book.  Why complicate something that is already working just fine.

  • Thinkpad Yoga and UP710E stylus, how do you make them work together?

    So my work just got me a Thinkpad Yoga as per my request
    I have confirmed that in the Device Manager I do see: "HID-compliant touch screen"
    I have also gone out on my own and purchased the UP710E wacom stylus, as suggested at various points on this board and on other sites, as something that should work with the Yoga
    I've also purchased Manga Studios as an art program that is supported on this device (it seems to run fine) and with the pen.
    I turned on Manga Studios (and MSPaint for good measure), pressed pen to screen and... nothing.  Eraser to screen.. nothing.  Mouse?  Works fine.  Stylus that everything and everyone indicated should work?  Nope.
    So.... what am I missing?  Is there a driver I should be looking at?  Everything should be up to date.. some in-between program I need to install?  Try this when the wind is blowing south by southwest?
    Help please?
    Go to Solution.

    Here's how the support site describes your MTM:
    i5-4300U(2.9GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD, 12.5in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics,
    Wireless Option, Bluetooth, UltraNav, Secure Chip, 8c Li-Poly, Win8.1 Pro 64
    I'll defer to others who might know definitively, but it's my understanding that the 1366x768 LCDs are not Wacom digitizer-equipped, whereas the FHD panels are. That would be one possibility for what you're seeing.
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  • HT1202 I get how you can transfer purchases from a device to computer but what about the hundreds of songs on my iPad that were from CDs and non purchased? How can you move them from iPAd to computer if it wants to erase and sync?

    I am needing to transfer ALL content, not just purchased, to new computer and it wants to erase and sync because device is associated with another Library. Please help!

    What was the source to get that content onto the iPad?
    There has to be a middleman to get from CD to iPad - use
    backup of that to get content to new computer.

  • Multiple calendars have appeared on my Iphone and I am unable to sync all of them to my PC, running Windows 7 and Office 2010. How can I sync all the calendars to my PC, or, merge the calendars on the Iphone so there is only 1 calendar to sync?

    Multiple calendars have appeared on my Iphone and I am unable to sync all of them to my PC, running Windows 7 and Office 2010. How can I sync all the calendars to my PC, or, alternatively, merge the calendars on the Iphone so there is only one calendar to sync?

    If the hard drive that crashed is the one that stored the itunes library, be sure to restore the library from Time Machine (mac) or whatever backup you use on windows.  That will get back your music.  I suspect that the replacement drive has an empty itunes library and thus, perhaps, the itunes match used that to sync to its servers.
    Try posting in the iTunes Match forum, you'll probably find more knowledgeable folks there.

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  • Default application viewers

    Hi all, does anyone know how to change the default application viewers? I recently downloaded adobe reader but tiger is set to use preview as the default application viewer for my PDF documents. I cant find anywhere in preferences to change it???? im