I have a mac mini server which I want to set up for remote access from windows and mac pcs.  How do I do this.  I can access it form my home network OK

I have a mac mini server which I want to set up for remote access from windows and mac pcs.  How do I do this.  I can access it form my home network OK

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  • Hi! Now have a mac but want to bring over my iTunes library from my old pc. How do i do this?

    hi! Now have a mac but want to bring over my iTunes library from my old pc. How do i do this?

    First of all, connect an external disk to your old Mac or PC, go to Music folder and copy iTunes to the external disk. Then, connect it to your new computer and move iTunes to Music folder

  • I have a Dell monitor ST2210, which I want to connect to my new Macbookair, what software and drivers do I need to use?

    I have a Dell monitor ST2210, which I want to connect to my new Macbookair, what software and drivers do I need to use?

    which resolution are you using when you use your monitor? Is that resolution supported through the monitor’s VGA port? (You’d probably have better throughput by using an adapter for the HDMI port or DVI port instead.) When you say that the trackpad doesn’t work, does that mean that the cursor is not visible on the monitor, or that it physically does not work, such that clicks are not registered, &c.?

  • Licence Change for Adobe Photoshop from Window to Mac

    Hello Everybody,
    my name is Sachin and i'm using Adobe Photoshop CS5.5  for Window 7 and now i got a mac so i would like to know if there is any way to change my licence for Adobe Photshop CS5.5 from window to Mac.

    Unfortunately, no.  Platform swaps are only supported for the most recent of the Suite releases, which is CS6.  Here is the policy information as documented by Adobe:
    Order product | Platform, language swap

  • How long I need to wait for platform change from windows to mac?

    I filled form on web and I waiting one week and no one want to help me?

    The Cloud allows install on both Windows and Mac... what program and version do you have?

  • Hello!!!ho​w can I control an omron plc (sysmac cqm1)with an OPC server?I want to adquire a signal controllin​g its amplitude and frecuency.​How can it be done with OPC server?I already have the NI CD of OPC drivers.Th​ank you

    Hello!!!how can I control an omron plc (sysmac cqm1)with an OPC server?I want to adquire a signal controlling its amplitude and frecuency.How can it be done with OPC server?I already have the NI CD of OPC drivers.Thank you

    Hola Jose David, que OPC estas utilizando?, Si tienes comunicación entre tu computadora y PLC pero falla la comunicación entre el OPC y el PLC? La configuración y direcciones entre los dos es correcta? La comunicación es por cable serial?
    Espero tus respuestas
    Benjamin C
    Senior Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED // CTD

  • Just purchad Ipad2 64GB   3G, box does not state which carrier it is set up for.  I called apple and they weren't much help, except to tell me it is not "carrier specific."  I thought all Ipads were either Verizon or AT

    I just purchased Ipad2 64GB + 3G.  It does not stae on the box, whether this is for AT&T or Verizon.  I called Apple, and was told that it is not "carrier specific."  Was told that I should return, and get one that is set up for one or the other.  Are there any advantages to not having a specific carrier?  If I keep this one, how do I get 3G service, will it be offered directly from the Ipad like with the carrier specific ones? These are all questions Apple couldn't or wouldn't answer for me.  Thanks for any help!

    Whoever you spoke to was wrong or misunderstood the question. The iPad is most definitely carrier-specific when it comes to Verizon vs. AT&T. The Verizon model is specific to the CDMA network Verizon uses, and will work with only Verizon. The AT&T model is a GSM, technology used by many carriers around the world, so in that sense the "AT&T" model is not carrier-specific. A Verizon model will not work with AT&T and vice-versa, so you do need to have the iPad model for the carrier you wish to use.
    I believe the Verizon model will say either "Verizon" or "CDMA" on the box, so if yours doesn't, you probably have the GSM/AT&T model, but I'm not certain. Perhaps someone else here can confirm.

  • How do i format an external hard drive for use on both windows and mac book air?

    how do i format an external hard drive for use on both windows pc and mac book air?

    Use exFAT on the PC.

  • How to get MAC address list and HDD serial number from Windows and MAC machine?

    I'm developing a AIR application. I'm implementing the product key mechanishm. I need to identify the users' machines uniquely. I chose MAC address would be a better way. But a computer has list of MAC addresses including LAN card and Wi-Fi card addresses. So, I need to get the list of available MAC addresses from the computer and the Hard Disk Drive's serial number. HDD serial number would be helpful to cross verify the identity.
    I'm able to get the MAC address using NetworkInfo class. But I need to get a list of available MAC addresses and HDD serial number.
    Is there any classess to accomplish this task?
    Thanks in advance.

    See if this link can be of a little use to you.
    http://www.adobe.com/devnet/air/flex/articles/retrieving_network_interfaces.html#ionComHea ding

  • My sons ipad uses my user name (i have an ipad and iphone).  I want to set his up with his own username and password.  How do i do that and can it be done without losing any of his apps, songs or video?

    my sons ipad uses my user name (i have an ipad and iphone). i want to set his ipad up with his own username and password.  How do i do that, and can it be done without losing any of his apps, music or video?

    Go to http://appleid.apple.com.
    To clarify, the mere act of changing the Apple ID on the device will not remove any content. But you cannot update the apps or re-sync them if they get deleted without the old Apple ID. It may be best to download them again with the new ID.

  • I have an HP mini 210-214 dxpc want to install drivers for hp officejet G85 printer

    Help I'm at wits end I need driver (s) for hp officejet G85 all in one printer installed in my hp mini 210-214 dxpc with an upgraded windows 7 ultimate os in it.i've done everything i can find on hp website, the wizard finds the printer but no driver, windows can't find the driver, hp says its in my os already as a __os driver i cant find it or get this going been doing this for10 hrs now please somebody make it simple for me to install the necessary driver or whatever it is i need to do to get this printer operating from my laptop. oh this is through a usb connection if you need to know that.
    thank you for helping

    Hi @GoddessDiamond,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I understand that you are trying to install drivers for your HP Officejet G85 printer on Windows 7. I am happy to help!
    Please take a look through this installation guide, Installing the Printer Driver Using the Windows 7 Built-in Solution for a USB Cable Connection.
    Otherwise, if that does not work, you can try to download the Windows XP driver, HP Officejet Basic Software and Driver, and run it using compatibility mode. Make older programs run in this version of Windows.
    If neither of those two options work, then the last step is to try an alternative driver, please see this post, How to Assign Alternate Print Drivers in Different Versions of Windows, by @Shane_R. 
    Hope this information resolves your issue, and have a good day!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • HATE the new ITunes.  have an IPOD classic which I download tv shows to.WAS very simple to click and drag, --- now, how do I do this?

    how in the heck do I download to my ipod, tv shows which I have already download from itunes???

    Sorry, I forgot we were in the iTunes for Windows forum. To get the menu bar, press Control-B or click the little icon in the upper-left corner:
    and select "Show Menu Bar". You'll then see the standard menus including the "View" menu.

  • How come a USB will work with both Mac and Windows (as in that there are already files from Windows and Mac can still read and write onto it) but a external Hard Drive won't (as in there are files from Windows on there but Mac can read but not write)?

    I have a Seagate Drive that I'm hoping to copy some movies from my Mac onto (because it only has a 512 SSD and I'd rather keep that empty and handy for more readily needed files) but it won't work. It shows up as a drive when connected (with the orange USB drive icon popping up) and is appropirately labeled "FreeAgent Drive", but when I try to copy files onto it it won't work. There are already windows files on there, such as some windows backups and lot's and lot's of pictures and videos. However, I have several USBs which already have windows files on them (namely movies, music, and other stuff) and copying and stuff works fine. Why won't it work with this hard drive and would work with USBs? Please help me out here guys, I am not experienced with Hard disks and formatting and stuff like that. 10 points for whoever helps me out the most. Thanks.

    We will need to reformat your EXT, but it will then work on both Mac and Win
    Connect the drive to your Mac, open disk utility
    Go to the partiton tab and select '1' ... format should be ExFAT ... in options select MBR
    Format the drive
    It should now work on both OSs; report back

  • Tried to use iTunes library from Windows and Mac - lost everything

    My iTunes Library is on a NAS (Dlink DNS-323) and until last night, I was only using it with my two macs (both running 10.5.6).
    Last night, I wanted to use it from my Vista laptop so I looked up online and realized I can easily do it by renaming the "iTunes Library" file to iTunes Library.itl and double clicking from iTunes on Windows.
    It seemed to work because when iTunes opened, I could see my playlists and I saw the message "updating library". I was afraid about the update to the library, so I just exit iTunes at the time thinking it would all be ok.
    Guess not. This morning when I opened iTunes from my iMac, it opened with and empty library. I tried to do Library/Import Playlist and it did nothing but add the "standard" playlists to my library. I tried it a few times, with different settings (trying to re-rename the .itl back to just iTunes Library for example) and nothing worked.
    Do I have any hope to recreate the library? From now on I will be backing up the NAS also, but meanwhile any ideas?

    Your library file was being converted from Mac-based paths to Windows-based paths; apparently iTunes isn't courteous enough to work on a temp file while doing that conversion. You're not going to get it back. (And now you've learned the hard lesson of making backups of your important stuff
    If the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file is still in one piece, you can use File menu -> Library -> Import playlist and point the file dialog to the xml file. Just about all the previous iTunes-only metadata will be imported (IIRC, about all you lose is some "Skip" info, and of course, Date Added will reflect the new date of import).

  • How many users on Mac Mini Server?

    Good morning,
    Apple's recent changes to the Mac Mini line have thrown a wrench in a project plan I've been working. One part of the project needs a quad-core computer (FileMaker Server) and so I'm having to either search for an older model or switch up to a Mac Pro.
    The other part of the project involves bringing a Mac-based server in for directory and user services, including mail.  I had planned to use the high-end Mac Mini Server but that option was removed. The office I'm supporting is about 15 people (usually a little less on the network) and most of their work will actually be done against the other computer running the FileMaker Server-based application. I was not expecting a big load against the Mac Mini Server. But these changes got me wondering, what are others' experiences with Mac Mini as a server for 12-15 people? I'm happy with qualitative and quantitative data, but I would like to know which is which. In general:
         For how many users have you provided directory and user services (built in to the OS) using a single Mac Mini?
         What were the specs of the Mac Mini (year or model, speed, CPU config, RAM)?
         Other thoughts?
    In essence, I need to understand if people have successfully used dual core processors as Mac Mini servers in environments of 12-15 people. I've done it using a 2012 Mac Mini Server with 5-6 and the loading seems to support further growth, but would like real-world experience.

    Dutch Apple employee told me that Mac OS X 10.6 Server has also Windows Terminal Services equivalent.
    But this is not !
    Not yet (?) available in Snow Leopard Server.

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    In FBZP, I can see value date defined (by days) by paying company code, payment method and house bank. But if the value date is not define in FBZP's Value Date, where else (configuration from other places?)  the system determine the value date from?

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