I have an exporting problem

I have an exporting problem. I tried to export a little over 2 minute video in 1080p at 29 fps. I know that this setting has worked on all of my previous videos until now. When I tried deleting the files I believed caused the problem, the error still occur. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks for the follow up with further details.
1. Please review the following Adobe document on Complying error for export
"Error compiling movie" during render or export
2. Please confirm error @
Encoding Menus
Encoding Media
Actual Burn Process
3. Best to make a copy of the problem project and work from that for the troubleshooting..File Menu/Save a Copy, with different name for copy or copies.
3. Expand the Timeline with the -+ slider above the Timeline to get a better view of the Timeline content.
a. look for obvious flaws in the Timeline tracks content -
b. Explore for less obvious flaws
....Target the transitions...have you dealt with trimmed versus untrimmed clip where the transition is being made?
....Target the audio, looking for gaps
....Target the Timeline in general looking for debris, fragments of clips that you previously deleted
....Check Timeline menu marker placements....no stop marker after the last item on the Timeline
....Check Movie Menu customization area for overlapping buttons, presenting with red frames around the overlapping buttons
c. When you have your disc in the burner tray, what does the burn dialog Quality area show for Space Required and Bitrate.
d. What is the video compression for your .mp4? Have you set a 4:3 project for a 4:3 source or a 16:9 project for a 16:9 source?
Let us start here and then decide what next.
Thank you.
Add On...If you are working with version 13, have you updated to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update? If not, please do so.
Also, determine if it makes a difference to the outcome with or without the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Higher preference disabled. See
Edit Menu/Preferences/General.

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    i have been exporting lightroom web galleries to my iweb site without any problem.  Suddenly I get the error message "finder can't complete the operation because some data can't be read or written" - error code -36 - and the move to the sites folder on my idisk fails..... thoughts?

    Try this community: MobileMe on my Mac: MobileMe: Apple Support Communities.
    And you can continue to use iWeb for some time to come. The following will explain:
    It's now confirmed that iWeb and iDVD have been discontinued by Apple. This is evidenced by the fact that new Macs are shipping with iLife 11 installed but without iWeb and iDVD.
    On June 30, 2012 MobileMe will be shutdown. HOWEVER, iWeb will still continue to work but without the following:
    Features No Longer Available Once MobileMe is Discontinued:
    ◼ Password protection
    ◼ Blog and photo comments
    ◼ Blog search
    ◼ Hit counter
    ◼ MobileMe Gallery
    All of these features can be replaced with 3rd party options.
    I found that if I published my site to a folder on my hard drive and then uploaded with a 3rd party FTP client subscriptions to slideshows and the RSS feed were broken.  If I published directly from iWeb to the FPT server those two features continued to work correctly.
    There's another problem and that's with iWeb's popup slideshows.  Once the MMe servers are no longer online the popup slideshow buttons will not display their images.
    Click to view full size
    However, Roddy McKay and I have figured out a way to modify existing sites with those slideshows and iWeb itself so that those images will display as expected once MobileMe servers are gone.  How to is described in this tutorial: #26 - How to Modify iWeb So Popup Slideshows Will Work After MobileMe is Discontinued.
    In addition the iLife suite of applications offered on disc is now a discontinued product and the remaining supported iApps will only be available thru the App Store from now on.
    HOWEVER, the iLife 11 boxed version that is still currently available at the online Apple Store (Store button at the top of the page) and those copies still on the shelves of retailers will include iWeb and iDVD.

  • I have this following problem in Adobe Premiere Elements 11: Error of export: You don't have permissions to create or delete the output file.

    Hey guys,
    I have this following problem:
    When i export my movie to my desktop from premiere elements 11 it fails and says "Error of export: You are not permitted to create or delete the output file."
    This is the first time i had this problem.
    I have no ideas to solve this problem ... I don't found it on this page neither in the whole web -.-
    I look forward to get requests

    QuickTime is a requirement for Premiere Elements (any version). Please download and install it so that we can continue this troubleshooting. Among other things, without QuickTime installed, you will not have QuickTime presets in Publish+Share and will not have available to you codecs supplied by that player.
    Please right click the Premiere Elements 11 desktop icon and apply Run As Administrator. Please review computer permissions..
    In the meanwhile, please reply to all the questions, including
    What is the description for your export choice and does it make a difference if your Export Save In location is the desktop or to Video Folder in Documents?
    What is a description of your computer resources?
    Please consider and supply details need to help us help you.
    We want you to succeed.
    Thank you.

  • HT4489 I have just exported my vCard files from Outlook to import to iCloud and it will import because there was a problem reading my vCard.  Any ideas welcom?

    I have just exported my vCard files from Outlook to import to iCloud and it will import because there was a problem reading my vCard.  Any ideas welcome

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Try exporting and importing them in small bundles, there may be a problem with one or more specific cards. If you are able to isolate them, you could then import those particular cards manually.

  • I have AVI files that I need to be MOV files so that I can edit them in Final Cut Pro. I am going to use Quick Time Pro for this....do I have to 'export' it or can I just 'save as', or is there even a difference? Thanks in advance for your help!

    I have AVI files that I need to convert to MOV files so that I can edit them in Final Cut Pro. I am going to use Quick Time Pro for this....When I have the files open in QT Pro do I have to 'export' it or can I just 'save as', or is there even a difference? Thanks in advance for your help!

    I strongly recommend you use compressor to do the conversion (if it will open the files - since quicktime will open them, it will more than likely do it.
    Compressor allows you to customize presets and save them and apply them to multiple files.  Although the interface may seem daunting, it's actually pretty simple.
    Even if you can edit the avi in fcp, it's not a good idea.  Liable to cause problems down the road. 

  • CS4 Audio Export Problem

    I'm fairly new to CS4 and have picked up an audio export problem, more than likely with a setting of sorts. For some reason when I export to MPEG2 -DVD via the Media Encoder, the video portion is fine as well as any audio that has been placed and edited on tracks audio 1 and 2 in PP. However, if there is additional audio placed on tracks 3 or 4 for example (say a music MP3 overlay) then this does not come out ... only audio placed on tracks 1 and 2 in PP come out. I have checked the obvious like making sure the tracks aren't muted etc but to no avail. Also tried changing from PCM audio to MPEG ... Stereo to 5.1 mixdown ... nothing doing.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards
    Videoman 1

    Thanks Harm ... got SnagIt and with a few helpful YouTube tutorials ... am in business. Hunt and John, also thanks ... the other method equally as good. Now, I have attempted to attach my screen shot which should display my CS4 timeline and associated audio monitor windows above. By the way, this was for a wedding and as indicated, you will notice an MP3 lying in audio track 3 which as mentioned is my problem as it is not audible after render via Media Encoder. But remember, the moment I slip this MP3 up into audio track 1 or 2 above ... problem solved. I know there must be something small like a setting gone wrong or incorrect. As mentioned, any help would greatly appreciated.
    Thanks to you all.
    Regards Paul ( Vryheid, South Africa )

  • RENDER /EXPORT problems with the new CC 2014

    I have updated to the new Premiere pro CC 2014 version. I realise its a standalone upgrade so i deleted the previous cc version from my pc to save disk space...
    I have a 3 hour file just raw footage, with no plugins on it....
    I have tried rendering to media encoder so many times, it starts the render but stops at random sections, the elapsed times still keep counting up, the remaining time counts up but the yellow bar stays at the same point and does not move...
    I have tried exporting directly from Premiere Pro and once again it got to 43% and paused at this ... I have then have to press cancel get the loading mouse pointer circle and i have to close the programs through start manager...
    For two days iam trying to export this file to give to a client and it wont do it and there is no solutions on the net...
    I have had nothing but problems with every upgrade, on my other PC i still get audio dropouts from files and have to restart the computer.... Paying $50 a month to pull my hair out is a great investment...
    please help as Adobe software is on thin ice with me...

    If CC worked, I think this will allow you to go back
    http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/download-previous-versions-creative-applications. html
    -or http://www.adobe.com/downloads/other-downloads.html

  • Exporting Problems

    I've been orking on my sister wedding slideshow in motion. Now I have to export it to a .mov. Have the settings set to 128x720 29.97fps h.264. I've tried exporting it in motion with compressor: it crashes my computer. So Exported the background first w/o the pictures. It worked fine. But then i the bg in final cut then put the pictures in video 2. Then I tried to export , but after a few hours final cut unexpectedly quits. Is my computer fast enough; I have a iMac 24" 2.33GHz intel core 2 with 2GB memory an 7600GT video card.
    I'm thinking if upgrade it to 3GB will it speed it up and not crash?
    Or should I get a MacBook Pro and use Qmaster to distribute the work?
    Also is their a company that I could sent them the files and they would render it for me?
    Thanks !!:)
    24" iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   2.33GHz

    Is the 128x720 size a typo. That's a really weird frame size. Not that that should cause the problem. Your computer should be up to the task. I think you're making some mistakes with your workflow. I suspect that your inexperience and ignorance (I don't mean this in a nasty way) are going to make this difficult for you.
    If you want to send me the fcp project (just the project, no media), I'll take a look at it and see if I can see any obvious problem. My email is in my profile. Be sure and archive the project file before attaching to an email (control-click on the project file and in the finder and choose archive).
    A few things. All graphic files should be RGB not CMYK. Also, they should all be 72dpi and no bigger than 4,000x4000 pixels (and that's probably too big).

  • Is there any easier way to edit imovie files that have been exported as mov file then added to FCE 4?? As every move I make has to be rendered and takes forever??? Also my recording is going out of focus without me touching the camera, why has this happen

    Is there any easier way to edit imovie files that have been exported as mov file then added to FCE 4?? As every move I make has to be rendered and takes forever??? Also my recording is going out of focus without me touching the camera, why has this happened any idea what causes this??
    iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8), FCE 4

    My daughter has had her Razr for about 9 months now.  About two weeks ago she picked up her phone in the morning on her way to school when she noticed two cracks, both starting at the camera lens. One goes completely to the bottom and the other goes sharply to the side. She has never dropped it and me and my husband went over it with a fine tooth comb. We looked under a magnifying glass and could no find any reason for the glass to crack. Not one ding, scratch or bang. Our daughter really takes good care of her stuff, but we still wanted to make sure before we sent it in for repairs. Well we did and we got a reply from Motorola with a picture of the cracks saying this was customer abuse and that it is not covered under warranty. Even though they did not find any physical damage to back it up. Well I e-mailed them back and told them I did a little research and found pages of people having the same problems. Well I did not hear from them until I received a notice from Fed Ex that they were sending the phone back. NOT FIXED!!! I went to look up why and guess what there is no case open any more for the phone. It has been wiped clean. I put in the RMA # it comes back not found, I put in the ID #, the SN# and all comes back not found. Yet a day earlier all the info was there. I know there is a lot more people like me and all of you, but they just don't want to be bothered so they pay to have it fix, just to have it do it again. Unless they have found the problem and only fixing it on a customer pay only set up. I am furious and will not be recommending this phone to anyone. And to think I was considering this phone for my next up grade! NOT!!!!

  • Export Problem in LR 3.5

    Hi folks,
    I have been working with LR 2.7 for a while now and was happy with it.
    PC - Win XP - LR3.5
    Photo's stored on external hard disk (K:)
    The RAW captures of a Nikon 3100 I recently won were not being recognized/imported by LR 2.7 and I installed the 3.5 version to see if it was any better. I would have to buy it anyway by the time I switch to Win7. In 3.5 the Raw files were imported, the settings of 2.7 were nicely taken over but now and I cannot export the files I have worked on to the K: drive of the external hard drive as I used to do with 2.7.
    I get the message 'The folder could not be found' though it is set in the Export Window and I am looking at it in Win Explorer.
    The original RAW captures are on the D: drive but that was always the case with 2.7 as well... I am doing it exactly as I used to with 2.7.
    I tried with a photo from an older folder of my usual camera and everything works fine there.
    The problem seems to be only with the Nikon files. Now I start wondering if there is something with raw format of this Nikon camera that is putting LR in a twist...
    Anybody any ideas to help me out?
    Thanks and grts

    @ web-weaver:
    Of course they go to a different folder and they also get different
    titels/names once processed in LR. The originals are always RAW (NEF) and I
    export them as jpg or tiff files depending on what more I will do to them.
    @ ssprengel:
    I get the message when I have renamed the file in the export window, set
    the folder it has to go to and hit export.
    In the 2.7 version I got it already when I tried to import.
    As I said, this only happens with the Nikon (NEF) RAW files. With the
    Olympus (ORF) RAW files I have no problem at all and had no problem in LR
    2.7 either.
    I cannot see anything wrong in the Export panel nor in Preferences.
    Plug in is Metadata Wrangler and has been updated to the latest version >
    no joy...
    I tried import/export with jpg files and no problem there.
    Yesss! Got it! What I had overlooked was a question mark next to the folder
    in Library (sooo small). A rightclick and telling LR where it was solved
    the problem. Strange, though, as it has never done this before... the main
    folder and the path are still the same as the ones that work perfectly with
    Olympus exports... just a different subfolder named Nikon and another named
    Test... Also strange that if I started off with jpg, it was no problem
    Anyway, thanks a lot for shaking my senses for me
    2011/12/10 web-weaver <[email protected]>
       Re: Export Problem in LR 3.5  created by web-weaver<http://forums.adobe.com/people/web-weaver>in
    Photoshop Lightroom - View the full discussion<http://forums.adobe.com/message/4075999#4075999>

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal Crystal Reports PDF Export Problem

    Hallo all,
    We are working with BO Edge XI 3.1 with integration on SAP Netweaver Portal. The problem is that integrated in SAP Portal CR reports cannot be exported to PDF or printed out.
    I am using an URL iview with the parameter sOutputFormat=P to run the report.
    When I want to print out the report I get the warning message from Internet Explorer "The download of files from this page is for security reasons blocked. Click here..." --> Download the file. By clicking on the u201CDownload this fileu201D the report starts to run again. PDF export doesnu2019t happen.
    Did somebody have the same problem?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Hello Ingo,
    thanks a lot for Your help. I have already talked to my IT department and they are looking for the solution of this problem, too.
    Is there a documentation  about necessary settings in the browser to work with SAP NetWeaver Portal and Crystal reports?
    The problem is that on some clients the PDF export is working and on another clients not. The settings of IE seem to be equal.

  • Another pdf export problem with graphics missing

    well, it seems that there have been quite a few export probs w/pdf.
    i created some somewhat complex graphic files (wine labels) using keynote. then transfered them over to pages so that i would be able to print them
    more easily. when transfering them to pdf files i lose some graphics.
    the graphics that i lose are chinese characters...but only SOME of them.
    i've tried pdf/x, still the same problem, but then i have that funny shaded
    box around my letters.
    i've tried exporting directly from keynote, but the pdf image is markedly
    smaller than the oringinal document (with the comments hidden).
    any ideas...even the genius bar is stumped.
    macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    In general, if some Chinese characters behave in one way and some other ones in another, it is often because one uses the wrong kind of font. If you for example have the (simplified) character 话 and use a font for traditional Chinese it may sometimes fail - especially in MS Word.
    That said, I cannot reproduce your particular problem here. Both Keynote and Pages seem to handle this as well as they possibly can for me.
    Two things you can try:
    1. Change font, to make sure that it matches the character.
    2. Create another account on your Mac and see if you still have the same problem.
    What did the characters look like? Any fancy formatting with shadows or colours?

  • Iphoto export problem any ideas???

    I cannot export photos before a certain date. I have about two years worth in my iphoto and after a certain date I can export. I don't know what is different between the photos. I tried command option while launching iphoto and none of those options corrected them with the exception of two photos. I didn't find anything listed in the type of file except jpg's...no png's as some people have found. And it is strange because after July of 2012 everything exports fine. I don't get it does anyone have any ideas? I would logically think a problem would not resolve itself and be ok after a date with any recently photos able to export and older ones unable to.I haven't added any programs and if I did I would think they would have created the problem not solved it....I want to be able to export my old photos...I have spent quite a bit of time on it...any help would be great. OH and another problem I am out of state and my start up disk is back home in MI and I am in CA

    Take a look at theis thread in the iPhoto forum https://discussions.apple.com/message/21143278#21143278
    If this doesn't help you might post your question over in the iPhoto forum.

  • Export problems in After Effects CS6 (WMV8)

    Hello everyone,
    I recently discovered a strange problem with AE CS6:
    for a broadcasting system (used in public transportation) I have to export videos as WMV with the WMV8 codec and a Variable Bitrate (WMV9 is not supported by the system).
    All videos have a length of 10 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds. They mainly consist of animated JPGs/PNGs - text, vector shapes, masks etc. are sometimes also added directly in AE.
    When I export the AE sequence as a WMV, AE cuts of the last 2-5 seconds of the output file. So the exported video is not 10 seconds but only 6 or 8.
    I tried various settings for the WMV8 but nothing helped.
    For troubleshooting I also tried to export to WMV9 with VBR - and that worked just perfectly.
    So I guess it's a codec problem - but can it be that WMV8 and AE are not quite compatible?
    I already came up with a workaround, but this is not a real solution.
    Workaround is as follows: first I export my sequence as an uncompressed AVI, then I import the AVI into Premiere Pro CS6, and then I directly export it from there to an WMV8 with VBR. I also tried to export it directly from the MediaEncoder but that ended like the export from AE: 2-5 seconds were missing in the output video.
    I'm confused that it works in Premiere but neither in AE nor in MediaEncoder.
    The Workaround is tedious and it doesn't always function with an AVI file (sometimes I have to export MOV, MP4 or WMV9 to get a correct result - that's another strange thing) - it's really experimenting.
    I also tried it on different computers - it's always the same.
    Has any of you discovered issues like that? (I searched the internet but I couldn't find anything, so this is my last hope )
    Thank you in advance!

    Could be that this is a bug in Windows Media itself. I vaguely recall a similar issue in CS5 or even CS4, where the WMV encoder would not allow anything other than 29.97 fps with WMV 8. Something to do with that "Audiences" stuff and the predefined profiles, I believe... If so, I don't think you can do anything about it otehr than continue to use your workaround, but perhaps try investigating this on a broader level. perhaps you may need to install a specific older version of the WM libraries on your system liek some alternate media players/ encoders use it. just be careful to not screw your CoDecs...

  • Export problems - Error compiling movie - Unable to Create or Open output file

    I've got a weird one here.  I cannot export projects to my main render Raid-0 harddrive, but I can to any other drive. 
    This is not unique to Premiere.  It's happening to me in AE and Cinema 4D, so I'm sure it's not an Adobe problem.  But I'm posting it here in hopes that someone could help me figure this out.  I've never run into this before.
    I recently was forced to reformat my harddrive and reinstalled everything due to a harddrive failure.  Reinstall of Windows 7 Ultimate and every other software went as expected.
    My drives look like:
    B: 2TB drive
    C: 2TB drive has opperating system and CS5
    R: is a 3-disk (3TB ea) Raid-0 (my main render drive)
    S: 15TB NAS
    T: 15TB NAS
    I can render from C4D/AE and export from PP to ANY drive other than my R:\.  When rendering to R:\ I always get a message like this (this happens to be from Premiere/AME):
    I ensured my file permissions on R:\ were set to "yo, let anyone on this computer do whatever the heck he wants; got it, Winny?" but that didn't do it.
    Any other suggestions?
    I'm able to work, but can't render to the right drive.  I can render to another drive and copy the rendered file over through Windows, no prob.  Just rendering/exporting ain't working on any program.

    I think I have identified my problem here.  I will post the info for anyone else stumbling here in the future. 
    I belive it was my Raid box (Rosevwill RSV-S4-X) and/or controller card that was acting stupid.  Not sure exactly what was going on.  I could read/write from/to it all day long, but something about it didn't like things rendering to it.  I would still like to know what the heck it's problem is since I will just migrate this box/controller back into our company "system."  The laste bloke's computer this was on didn't seem to mind it at all.  Computer picky?  Don't know.  It even worked on mine before the reformat and reinstall of Win7.
    I installed a Sans Digital box and my computer just loved it and accepted it right into the family.  Whew!
    Not a solution, but if you have a Rosewill box and/or card, that's the first place I'd look if you're having a problem. 
    I mean, with a splash page like this, it's amazing it even worked AT ALL!   Ya should'a seen the "interface" (notice the quotes).

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    I have one of the cute little black Apple TVs.  I think it used to behave fine, but now when I pug it into my network (my house is wired, I rarely use wireless), the Apple TV just BLASTS packets over the network so much that it kills internet access

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