I have created a movie in 16:9 format. I have created an iDVD pane in 16:9 but when I preview the movie that pane changes to 4:3 and burns the DVD as a 4:3 movie. How can I stop that, please I am in Snow Leopard, using FCE4.0.1?

I am using Snow Leopard and have created a movie in 16:9 format (SD not HDV) I created a movie which stays in the 16:9 format in fcp file, .mov fiule and MP4 file. I created an iDVD pane in 16:9 but when I play the movie in the iDVD preview window the iDVD pane switches to 4:3 and it burns the DVD in 4:3. How can I stop this so I get a16:9 DVD. Thanks for any help offered
James Bowman

As I see this I see two parts
• Howto go from FinalCut to iDVD
• Howto set iDVD right
In FinalCut Express (to 4) or Pro (to 6 - most probably 7 too)
• One has to set Anamorphic in the Browser window - menu columns
• Export as QuickTime movie .mov - NO QUICKTIME CONVERSION
In iDVD there are TWO places to set - WideScreen
- Start a NEW iDVD project - AND HERE SELECT WideScreen 16:9
- in Project - select Projectinfo
- now set WideScreen 16:9 - Here too
This use to work for me.
FOR FinalCut Pro-X - I have not a Clue - as I don't use it. SORRY
BTW - There is a good practice to before BURNING the DVD do
• Save as a DiskImage
• Test this by using DVD-Player tool
And if it is OK Size and All - then burn it by using
• Disk Util tool
• here set down burn speed to x4 or less (less burn errors = plays on more devices and better)
• Not using Memorex or NoName etc cheap media - as they usually DO NOT WORK as Video-DVDs
• I use Verbatim DVD-R as they play on more and even older DVD-players
Yours Bengt W

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