I have installed the adobe flash player and have enabled it, but it still will not work. How do I fi

I have downloaded the Adobe Flash Player and enabled it but it still wont work. How do I fix it?


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  • On 12/23/11 I update the adobe flash player and have had problems since- unexpected closing and freezing. Remove the adobe flash player and those problems resolved. How do I go back to the earlier version of adobe?

    I was prompted by Firefox to update my adobe flash player on 12/23/11, which I did. Ever since then the web site has frozen and/or crashed. I run a internet business and can't have this continue. I uninstalled the flash player and the problems have stopped. I would like to reinstall the earlier version of adobe, since that didn't seem to impact the web site.
    This is the flash player I installed on the 23rd - Flash Player 10.3 for Mac OS X 10.4-10.5 (Intel)

    Your above posted list of installed plugins doesn't show the Flash plugin for Firefox.<br />
    See [[Managing the Flash plugin]] and [[Installing the Flash plugin]]
    You can check the Adobe welcome and test page: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
    You can use this manual download link:

  • I have a MAC and when i look things up it keeps asking me to install latest adobe flash [layer. I complete installation but it still does not allow me to view. What am I doing wrong?

    I have a desktop computer- MAC. When I am looking for information or pulling up games for my grandkids,  it will say I need to download the latest version of dobe Flash Player to view. I have downloaded this numerous times yet it still does not allow me to view. What am I doing wrong?

    Could be the OS X version is too old for the later recommended Flash player version.
    So this is where knowing what your computer really is, and the exact OS X version running in it. There is a hardware limit to upgrading the OS X in a PowerPC Mac with a ceiling of OS X 10.5.8 at the latest. This also limits the upgrade to a later version Adobe Flash player.
    If the computer is not an older PPC-based Mac, and instead has an Intel core-duo or core2duo, an upgrade to OS X 10.6.8 is possible through purchase of the retail Snow Leopard 10.6 DVD and after installation, run Software Update to get the 10.6.8 Combo update v1.1 for Snow Leopard. This will not work on a PowerPC based Mac.
    Should the computer be able to run a later OS X, a newer Player could be installed.
    If the ceiling as suggested above be the case, and the workaround possible.
    The question posed by Klaus is a minimal request for basic info.
    Good luck

  • Because I have to install the Adobe Flash Player Active X or Normal?

    Hello All, Fisrs, forgive my  English because I am Spanish.
    I can think of something funny to me. I have installed the Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X and I have Explorer 8 ( 32 bits ) , Windows Vista home Premium and every day asking me to install the Flash Player.
    Happens if install the same to Adobe Flash Player, in the same version yo have.
    I see that every day, if I look at the progras I have istalled , see this Adobe Flas Player ( active X or normal ) with a blanc icon, not the typical figure of the program.
    Not to do so the program gets installed forever. When yo reinstall it and the icon's own sotware.
    I really apreciate it that I help them see than hapening and how I can solve. Thank you very match.

    Hello and thank you
    I am attaching a photo of what I have in the Flash folder you indicate, as a photo:
    If it not attached the link see large:http://imageshack.us/f/840/sinflashejecutat.jpg/
    And then run the Flash every day . Which I can only do so by accessing or a websit that you ask me, give OK when it asks me to activate the Active X and contiunue the process because if not, would have to install it each time since the Adobe web site.
    You run the Flash Player 10 Active X , this would be the Flash folder you see in the picture below:
    and also attached the lin for if you are not good:
    Deputy also the page of " Programs and Features " when I open the computer:
    and the link is:

  • Installing the adobe flash player

    I have not installed the adobe flash player because it says I might have to disable my virus safety net during the download process.  I do not want to put my computer at risk for a virus at any time.  How can I access the flash player without having to disable my virus safety net?

    Depending what antivirus software you use, you may not need to do that.  Some very aggressive AV may prevent Flash Player from being installed; most however do not.
    Tell us more about your OS and AV, and someone will tell you what to do.

  • How to Disable the Adobe Flash Player and Reader Updates

    Ok, For the last two months or so, I have been plagued by the Adobe Flash Player and Reader updater that will not go away. That's not the worst thing though: Somehow, someway, the Adobe updater subverts my entire windows 7 machine and makes itself the most important program on my system, stopping all other necessary functions. After I just turn it on, the updater will suspend all Windows operations in favor of the updater getting its message out the Adobe "needs" updating. I have tried updating the stupid thing, only to find that after the update goes in, my whole computer locks up and I have to load a system restore point. This thing acts like a virus, and until someone comes up with a way to make it work properly, that's what I'm calling: Adobe creates and sells a computer killing virus. I want a sure fire way to disable the updater that will work, and that will never bug me again about updating the virus. After going through three different computer repair companies, many online forums and chat rooms and my own knowledge of how to disable programs, I have instructed my firewall to block all attempts by Adobe to update. This has to stop.

    Flash Player:
    Adobe Reader:

  • Is it safe to install the Adobe Flash Player on my new MacBook Pro 13"?

    Is it safe to install the Adobe Flash Player on my new MacBook Pro 13"?

    Yes, why not? But be sure to install it from the official Adobe site: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer.html

  • I have tried loading adobe flash player on my samsung I497 but it will not work

    i have tried loading adobe flash player on my samsumg I497 but it gives me an error message

    I have the same problem.
    If you get an answer PLEASE let me know too. I contacgted itunes support but it's all web-based now.
    they sent me to:
    but it may have well have been written in Sanskrit & I STILL  didn't find a fix for my problem. ***!
    I just want to do what I was doing a few days ago. Buy and/or update apps on my iphone4 (and on my mac)
    [email protected]

  • Why can't i play some games on facebook? ask me for update adobe flash player and i do it but doesn't work

    why can't i play some games on facebook? ask me for update adobe flash player and i do it but doesn't work

    What version of OSX?
    Most Browsers disable Flash by default.

  • I cannot get my messages/text messages to work om my Hi.  I am sending this thru my iPad.  Respond and let me know you got it.  Fun fun fun.  .  I did go and try to another Apple ID different from my iPhone but it still will not work.  Can anyone help me?

    I cannot get my messages/text messages to work om my Hi.  I am sending this thru my iPad.  Respond and let me know you got it.  Fun fun fun.  .  I did go and try to another Apple ID different from my iPhone but it still will not work.  Can anyone help me?

    chicx wrote:
    This is the third time of writing this on your Apple Support Communities!
    Not with your current user id.
    Far too much uneccesary information in your post, which only confuses things, a vast amount!
    Let's start with iTunes.
    Have you updated iTunes to 11.1.5, because the previous version did appear to have an issue about seeing iPods?
    With iTunes 11.1.5 installed, look in Edit/Preferences/Devices, (or use the ALT key, followed by the E key and then the F key) and make sure that the box named Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically does not have a tick in the box.
    Once you have doen those two things, check to see if the iPod is seen by iTunes.
    chicx wrote:
    By the way, what does IOS mean? (I thought IO stood for operating system, but am flummoxed by the S on the end.
    OS stands for Operating System. (In computer speak, IO means Input/Output.)
    iOS originally stood for iPhone Operating System, but it now refers to the iPod Touch and iPhone. The iPod Classic, which you have listed in your profile as your iPod, does not use iOS.
    I assume that you have been listening to the Podcast in your iTunes on the computer as you cannot transfer it to your iPod. It's what I'd do.

  • Installing the adobe flash player in windows vista home premium service pack 1

    I have been having some problems downloading this for over a year now even when I reinstall or reboot my pc or whatever, even change the security settings so I need your help. I found the support center which said:
    http://http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html#Download but then I dont even know how to locate the flash folder, where is that? How do I find it?
    then do I have to highlight 10a before right clicking it? otherwise where do I right click exactly? when you say to run the flash player installer, do you mean to just click it? Cause I did and it came on but then even after downloading or installing the uninstaller and running it then installing again, it wont work even when I do that and then reboot my pc...Is there any possibility that it cant work on my pc? How would I know?
    See...Im no tech expert so I really need your help. Please reply asap. Thanks a lotttt!!!

    Hi, well I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. We'll see what the problem may be. First to answer your question,
    the OS means operating system. Which if you are using Windows, then your OS is Vista. It could be XP or the newest one
    which is Windows7, Win7 for short. Now if someone is using a Mac, then that would be their OS.
    Now your computer and all computers can install and run Flash Player. However there are a few things that can cause a problem, so I'll list a few.
    The first thing and most important is that you must be the Administrator of your computer. If this is your computer and you set up the accounts, the first account set up would be the Administrator account. You can look at that as the "Boss"
    Now some people will set up accounts for other people but they are not Administrator accounts, they are called User or Limited accounts. They cannot be "Boss":-) There are some other things, but I'm stating it this way, so you can better understand.
    When you Install programs, like Flash Player, you have to use the Administrator account to do so.
    Don't think you are the only one having problems. We'll find out what it is and fix it.
    Since using the Administrator account is the most important, I want you to go down to where the clock it. With your mouse, right click over the time that is showing. Then when the small window opens, left click on Adjust Date/Time.
    Then post back and tell me what you saw.

  • Hey, Im trying to download the Adobe Flash Player and I need help.

    When I try to download the Adobe Flash Player it says I have to close the internet browsers and I do and I click retry and it says I still have to close them. What do I have to do?

    Hi Amanda,
    What operating system are you using?

  • TS1394 What can I do to install the Adobe Flash player? It seems to download, but then no save as or install options appears.

    That is my question. The Adobe Flash Player does not download and give me a screen to finish the download. Any online articles, forms, etc that I want to view-my screen goes black. Is it the Plug-ins are missing? What are plug-ins. Be nice.

    Once it's installed, be aware that it's not a standalone player - it's a browser plugin which installs in Macintosh HD > Library > Internet Plug-ins and is accessible to all browsers.
    And you are downloading directly from Adobe aren't you? Never trust pop-ups on websites that say you need a plug-in.

  • Cant install the adobe flash player after down loading on my mac?

    I down loaded the adobe flash player but cant install,, it gives me a fail message please help? I have an apple mac.

    what is the exact error message?  which version of OS X are you installing the player?  also, please state your hardware configuration.

  • The Adobe Flash Player Settings popup is appearing offscreen in my Flex4 app. How do I stop this?

    Hey guys,
    I have a page with some html content and my Flex app in the bottom left hand corner. At one point,  the Adobe Flash Player Settings popup appears, but I can  only just see the top of it, the rest is off screen towards the bottom. I set the height of the application in  the opening application tag, to 240. The whole app is visible in the  HTML page, but for some reason the background colour of the Flex app  goes past its height and width properties. This is probably causing the  Flash Player Settings popup problems right?
    Does anyone know how I can fix this so that the user can interact with  the popup? Thanks for reading.

    Thanks Mike,  Problem continues if I uninstall Adobe Flash
    Player....scanning computer now for malware.....amazing that the malware
    uses Adobe Flash Player even thought my control panel says the player does
    not exist.  Adds are not too bad but I do not like something going on out
    my control....what else is up??? That kind thing.  Will let you know when
    problem is solved, best, Allen Bealle

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