I have problems after upgrade my firefox

I have problems after upgrade my firefox
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Hey there Noel,
It sounds like you are unable to activate your iPhone after you reset it. I recommend the steps from the following article to help you get that resolved:
Get help activating your iPhone
If your carrier provided a SIM card, make sure it's in your iPhone.
Restart the iPhone.
Try to reach the activation server another way, then try to activate.
Try connecting to a known-good Wi-Fi network if you can't activate using a cellular data connection.
Try connecting to iTunes if you can't activate using Wi-Fi.
Restore the iPhone.
Check the system status for iOS Device Activation. If the iOS Device Activation status isn't green, try activating your iPhone later.
If you receive an alert message when you try to activate your iPhone, place the iPhone in recovery mode and perform a restore. If you still can't complete the setup assistant due to an activation error, contact Apple for assistance.
Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
All the best,

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  • The same problem again with HP Simple Pass fingerprint reader after upfrading from Firefox 4 to Firefox 5. I have already installed HPSimPlePass to fix the problem after upgrading to Firefox 4.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6 with a fingerprint reader. I had the same problem as many other people when upgrading to Firefox 4, : I couldn't use the HP Simple Pass to enter a website needing a username and password by just swiping my fingerprint. I fixed the problem by downloading the new HPSimPlePass This fixed the problem and I was very happy. Since upgrading to Firefox 5 I have the same problem again, but I already have the new version of HP Simple Pass. How can this be fixed so that I can use this fingerprint scan feature again, or where can I download Firefox 4 again?

    ''FredMcD [[#answer-709783|said]]''
    The programers know of this and are working on it.

  • Email problem after upgrading to Firefox 8

    My email used to have formatting features - bold, italic, adding a link, etc, but once I upgraded to Firefox 8, those options disappeared - any way to get them back?
    Also my signature line is screwed up - it stretches across one line and is at the top of my email

    I have this exact problem with gmail and have been unable to solve it. I checked my account, smtp settings, everything is as it should be. I deleted my account (twice!), and then added it back in. No help.
    The problem however didn't appear right away for me on my ipad (3e gen). It occurred rather spontaneously in the last week of february.
    Strangely, it recognizes my account, and I can send e-mails with it. So the problems seems to be on the receiving side. It recognizes the structure of my gmail, but all the folders are empty. On my iphone 5 I do not have this problem.
    My workaround for now: download the google gmail app and use that to check my mail. Sending still works with the ipad mail app. But it is frustrating not being able to use this to receive mail.

  • Is anybody have problem after upgrading mountain lion to 10.8.2?

    I have a macbook pro with 16 meg ram
    I have a new problem since I upgrade to mountain lion 10.8.2 :   My computer freeze  and the only way to make it works is to reboot.
    Is someone have this same problem?
    Any information about that?

    I'm a similar issue, but mine freezes up on almost any program and can't really see a constant reason why. I'm going to try the combo updates as sig suggested to see if that helps.

  • I'm having a potpourri/Hat-Trick of issues after upgrading to Firefox 7.0.1

    The only reason I'm asking is because the three new issues occurred immediately after upgrading from the last install of Firefox to the newest release, Firefox 7.0.1
    The first: for some reason I have to go to about:config to reset the "Close Tabs" part from 3 to the default 1 setting...which is having a Close Tab "X" on the tab. It means I have to right-click and select the bottom option on the drop down menu to close tabs I'm through with using.
    The second: Most of the time Google Videos will not function on 3rd party web sites (Like "Documentary Storm"). I have to redirect to the Google Video webpage to watch Google featured documentaries that have been embedded in some documentary sites.
    There are now more frequent error messages of "Not Responding" on websites...the screen locks up for a few seconds before going backwards or forwards (On "The Chive", "The Brigade", and many other picture or video oriented websites.) The scroll bar on the right side of the screen is also locking up which means the "Not Responding" error message is popping up for this also.
    All of these are different from each other and at first thought would be issues I need to take up with tech support for the different programs I use. That is my next step, but I was very curious if anybody else was having similiar problems after upgrading to Firefox 7.0.1.
    I'm not sure if a couple things might be set off by incompatible Addons. None of the symptoms jive with known incompatibility problems with 7.0.1. and with none of my Addons either. It was just very coincidental things went awry in 3 different areas that had worked 10 minutes previous to the upgrade.
    Any ideas or similarity with other folk's upgrade issues?
    Thanks tons for any advice given! Hoping it's something ridiculously easy. : /
    Oh yeah...all other programs are up to date. Freakishly OCD about keeping current with programs.

    Thank you for describing the problems so well. I also have been going nuts trying to restore my Itunes Library to its original (or acceptable) condition. I have a 5th gen 30G Video with about 4250 songs on it. After downloading 7 I found that every song in my Library had been dulplicated or triplicated. Then, a day latr, when I had downloaded album art, I discovered that every other song in any album I had downloaded (from Itunes or my own cd)prior to perhaps version 5 or version 6 could not be found. Luckily, I had an generation 4 Ipod with the original Library and I was able to download that to my external harddrive. I have spending pointless, arduous hours pointing Itunes to the correct file. Its faster to re-download the CD. Of course, I can't do that for any music I had bought from Itunes directly. Its weird because the name of the song is in Itunes, just the file can't be found. And why every other file? When I go into earlier (6 and before)Itunes Libraries, the music files are missing from them. Where did they go? When I try to sync my Ipod with Itunes, it takes forever because Itunes is searching for the missing files. I have tried to ask Apple support directly but I have gotten no response. Very, very frustrating! Any headway with your problems? Lisa

  • Can't get past home page of instructables after upgrading to firefox 13

    I can load the home page, but if i click on anything past it, it acts like it continually loads, nothing comes up on the page, it sticks at "Transferring data from www.instructables.com..." or "Read www.instructables.com" it seems to only have happened after upgrading to firefox 13. I have an old version of firefox aurora that came with the tor browser suite and tried instructables on there. worked perfect, and i was going to instructables on a regular basis before the update, so it's gotta be from the update right? what can i do to fix it?
    P.S. It's not just the specific URL under "URL of affected site" because none of the pages will load after the home page.

    did that solve the issue? i still believe it has more likely to do something with faulty cache (maybe the restart of the browser really triggered it );
    if it was an issue with dns prefetching it would be rather strage since you already were on the domain instructables.com & wouldn't have had to resolve the domain for the subsites again. and since the server, your isp or your local hardware might not support ipv6 fully yet, it can always cause some glitches too...

  • After upgrading to firefox 3.6 I have problem with hotmail email service

    after upgrading to firefox 3.6.4 I have problem with hotmail email service, however I can login in hotmail, I can't open mails or delet or do anything else with them.
    == URL of affected sites ==

    Thank you, but I already have "always show tabs bar" set.
    Also, I have two computers and the other is running the exact same version of Firefox, and the exact same theme, but it does not have this problem.
    To make sure I'm being clear: there is an "x" on each tab that allows me to close it when I have multiple tabs open. When I have only one tab open, there is no "x"; so in order to close the webpage I have to open another empty tab, and then close the first. My other computer has the "x" to close the tab visible even when there is only one tab so that I can close the page and have an empty (marked "(untitled)" tab). Please help!

  • After upgrade to Firefox 6, certain sites can no longer be loaded.

    After upgrading from Firefox 5 to FF 6, certain sites will no longer load. These sites both use Typepad and that seems to be where FF6 hangs. Have not had this problem with FF5. Tried clearing cache, deleting bookmarks (to sites that won't load), and typing in address. That doesn't help. Sometimes, the sites load partly (i.e. with only words, no images); other times, load after a long time (several minutes); most often will not load at all.

    I've only one hint to you, cause I've mot on Mac-Server.
    With 10.7 Apple have switched from Samba (maybe due to licence problems with GPL based stuff) to a own protocol called "XSMB"
    This had caused problems with some NAS systems too.
    Eventually someone have a glue to solve that, as several users have problems with SMB shares since that.

  • Several problems after upgrading to iO6

    My iphone is with multiple problems after upgrading to iOS 6. Applications are closing alone, the screen goes black and then back to the home screen. does not connect to internet (3G and Wi-Fi) connections as cutting. Throw another quick update to fix this, or do I have to change to the Galaxy SIII; Iphone is Terrible!!

    Try the Padma extension.
    *Padma: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/padma/

  • Bookmarks don't work after upgrading to Firefox 5.0

    My bookmarks don't work after upgrading to Firefox 5.o. Please help! The icons no longer show and instead there is a blank paper with the top right corner folded. I can't even bookmark new pages! I tried reinstalling the program and that didn't work. Please help!

    Your bookmarks file may be corrupt. Navigate to /[UserName]/AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/[profile_name]. Either rename places.sqlite to places.sqlite.corrupt (or whatever) in case this isn't the problem, or delete places.sqlite. Start/Restart Firefox. The icons for sites that have a favicon should return after you visit each site.

  • After upgrading to Firefox 9.0.1, on first run after every reboot, the following warning apears for every installed Add-on. "Another program on your computer would like to modify Firefox with the following add-on"

    After upgrading to Firefox 9.0.1, on first run after every reboot, the following warning appears for every installed Add-on.
    "Another program on your computer would like to modify Firefox with the following add-on"
    So, i have to "Enable" my installed Add-ons on each reboot.
    Would you please help me !
    P.S.: I found that these files (and some others) will be deleted on each reboot, and it happens on computer start up (not at shut down)!
    And as i mentioned, i have the same anti virus on my laptop and desktop, but i have not any problem on laptop.

    Do you have security software that acts like a sandbox or uses virtualization to restore files on a next boot?
    See also:
    It is possible that there is a problem with the file(s) that store the extensions registry.
    Delete the files extensions.* (e.g. extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini, extensions.cache) and compatibility.ini in the Firefox profile folder to reset the extensions registry.
    New files will be created when required.
    See "Corrupt extension files":
    If you see disabled, not compatible, extensions in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions" then click the Tools button at the left side of the Search Bar (or click the "Find Updates" button in older Firefox versions) to do a compatibility check or see if there is a compatibility update available.

  • After upgrading to Firefox 36.0.4, it automatically installed noscript

    After upgrading to Firefox 36.0.4, it removes all my existing add-on extension.
    In addition, "noscript" was automatically installed and there is no way to remove it.
    The "noscript" add-on does not show up in any of the add-on extension for me to disable/remove it.
    I even tried adding noscript from the add-on so that the noscript add-on shows up in the
    firefox extension page so that I could remove it but that does not remove the
    original noscript that comes with Firefox 36.0.4
    Hopefully there is a way for user to remove this and it is not part of Firefox 36.0.4.
    At least allow user the options of using it or remove it.

    ''cor-el [[#answer-710716|said]]''
    Do a clean reinstall and delete the Firefox program folder before (re)installing a fresh copy of the current Firefox release.
    *Download the full Firefox installer and save the file to the desktop<br>https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
    If possible uninstall your current Firefox version to cleanup the Windows registry and settings in security software.
    *Do NOT remove "personal data" when you uninstall your current Firefox version, because this will remove all profile folders and you lose personal data like bookmarks and passwords including data in profiles created by other Firefox versions.
    Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
    *(32 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
    *(64 bit Windows) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\"
    *It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
    Your bookmarks and other personal data are stored in the Firefox profile folder and won't be affected by an uninstall and (re)install, but make sure NOT to remove personal data when you uninstall Firefox as that will remove all Firefox profile folders and you lose your personal data.
    If you keep having problems then also create a new profile.
    Thanks Cor-el. This works.

  • Problems after upgrade bios to v4.3 - P67A-GD65

    Hi to everybody,
    I was having a problems after upgrade bios to v4.3 of my mainboard P67A-GD65.
    After upgraded bios version (FW) its interface was changed and seemed better. also some specifiactions upgraded that i am now able to follow information of bios in my windows. with Control Center.
    1) first of all after bios upgrade XMP memory section can only be enable şf ş choose OC geniue on. but with this my cpu warm till 98C degree. because i have only stock cpu cooler of intel.
    in normal mode xmp can not be activated so that my memory that corsair vengeance dd3 1600mhz works at 1333mhz only.
    Also there was information about what is new in this version of bios fw as:
    - Enhanced PCI-E display card performance.
    - Improved memory compatibility.
    2) second problem that i have i wanted to turn cpu leds which were located above cpu slot blue leds. once i turn them off and it is ok. but when shutdown computer and restart it turn on itself.
    so may be there have benn occured a problem that mb can not save edited settings correctly?
    3) For last i could not find Winki 3 OS/linuz anywhere is there a link to it to integrate to my mb?
    Thanks for your replies from now on.

    Quote from: momosala on 02-April-13, 17:54:22
    I think you had better to flash back to beta 4.39 bios, here : https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=164135.msg1214789#msg1214789
    And use and install on USB key MSI Forum HQ USB flashing tool from here : https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=108079.msg800577#msg800577
    Flash using method 1.
    And tell us if that works.
    thank you for reply that fast i will try asap and tell here.
    Btw, have you ever face a problem as i wrote above?

  • Problems after upgrade: Leopard to Leopard no longer works

    My sister upgraded to Leopard on her iMac(c2d) to Leopard yesterday. Earlier in the day we were able to do video chats with a number of people(her machine Tiger to Fathers machine Leopard). However, since upgrading, we've experienced weird behavior for video chats. Basically in her window she won't see her image(the small one), and I don't see her at all. We've tested this out with a number of other iChat accounts and get the same results. Btw, all machines that are chatting with her are using Leopard. Also, all other forms/capabilities work: screen sharing, sharing of pictures, audio chats.
    Anyone out there have similar problems after upgrading from Tiger to Leopard? I have done the usual adjustments of bandwidth and QT settings, as well as restarts. What else should I try?

    I finally resolved this problem: I think the issues/steps would be helpful for anyone who experiences iSight off or not working problems after upgrading to Leopard(then to 10.5.1) on a intel 20" iMac :
    -If you have an internal iSight on an iMac and your camera works fine in Tiger
    -If you upgrade to Leopard
    -If Chat camera doesn't show your image (iSight off) even though the green light is on
    -You can see the other persons video on iChat
    -Your friends can here you and you can share screens, files, etc.....everything but have them see you
    These are the initial steps I took:
    - Deleted the pLists(or stored preferences for the Application) described at the top of this thread
    - Was told it might be slow internet connection so did various things: disconnected other computers, changed wireless to "G" only
    - Specifically Opened of ports spec'd for Leopard on router (even though I hadn't needed to do this under Tiger)
    - Tried chats with various people on various fast/slow networks
    - Restarted all aspects of the network: router, wireless access point, computer
    - Checked to see if the iSight was shown in 'System Profiler'. It was found in 'About This Mac->More Info->System Profiler->USB'
    - Clicked Video icon in iChat Buddies window(to the right of your name) and coudn't see my image
    - Opened 'PhotoBooth' and coudn't see my image(black screen)
    - Opened iMovie and couldn't capture video via the iSight(black screen)
    - Opened iChat->Preferences->Video and couldn't see my image
    - Validated that 'Camera is Enabled' in iChat->Video->Camera is Enabled
    If you are experiencing a similar problem with you built-in iSight, I would probably focus on the last 5 things that I did. What they showed me was that the iSight was just not capturing video even though it was capturing sound in 3 different applications.
    The solution to iSight Off or iSight Not Responding or No Video is......reset your computer! I had thought my sister performed this but it turns out she hadn't. Here's the link to this procedure:
    Very easy to do though: Power off computer and unplug all cables, including power cable for at least 15 seconds. Plug everything back in and power up the computer and retry clicking on the 'Video' icon next to your login name. If you see yourself then...problem is solved.
    While I eventually found posts in several other forums, it took me the better part of a week. To try this simple step. I wish I had done so straight away. Oy. I guess I learned a lot about ports, speed etc.
    I hope this helps.

  • Problems after upgrading to iTunes version 6

    I've been going through the threads a lot since I have had problems after upgrading to iTunes v. 6. It looks like a lot of people have had the same issues, and I have tried some things that were recommended. After I upgraded, iTunes would not open. I tried:
    1. deleting sidb file
    2. doing the msconfig thing suggested in discussion boards
    3. going into safe mode and deleting 4 and 6 letter weird files in DOS - I found 3 that I deleted
    iTunes worked after this -- then I bought a song and it said my computer was not authorized, after I authorized computer (that never happened before), iTunes worked for about 15 more minutes and then closed down abruptly. I haven't been able to open it since.
    I also downloaded Spybot search & destroy and that did not find anything. I am using McAfee, and have scanned for viruses with McAfee and AdAware.
    Now, when I restart my computer, a bunch of windows pop up with Chinese/Japanese looking characters and say that device (I think) was not found. I seem to be able to use everything except iTunes and Quicktime. When I open the Task Manager, iPodService.exe and iTunesHelper.exe and qttask.exe are there, but when I click on Quicktime or iTunes the file flashes in Task Manager and then disappears.
    I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Any help would be apppreciated -- I'd like to be able to open iTunes!

    I used Nickroo's post:
    I was able to get iTunes launched (with the help of Tech Support) in a very unsafe environment. I owe it to those who may need this after me. It will get you going, but you will be extremely vulnerable to internet virus assaults. Please do not use this approach, until you have exhausted every other available solution for your issue in the KB.
    There are three Steps 1) Uninstall 2) Disble and 3) Reinstall.
    UNISTALL Uninstall iTunes using Windows utility Add Remove Program available in Control Panel.
    DISABLE Disable all third party System Services and Startup Items using using MSCONFIG utility as described in Service Document http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=302538
    RE-INSTALL Re-install iTunes6 + QT7. Launch it under the Selective Startup Option.
    It worked ! You realize among other things at this point you have your Antivirus and Firewall disabled. When I started my computer in the Normal Startup Option, iTunes fails to work again. So I have ahead of me the long and ardous task of ruling out the service that is causing conflict with iTunes6. Then work with the software vendor to arrive at a solution.
    This seems to have worked so far- I haven't started to go through ruling out what made iTunes not work; I also haven't tried to connect my iPod or burn a CD, so we'll see.
    Windows XP

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