I hope next Premiere Pro CC update comes with LetterBox presets

We missing in build letterbox presets i hope next version comes with letterbox presets

Premiere has never had letterbox presets.
Probably will never have but you can always file a
Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form
Why do you want letterbox?
Letterbox is nothing more then 16x9 in a 4x3 frame.

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  • Top 15 Issues/Fixes Needed in the next Premiere Pro release/update (CS6.5 or CS7)

    I’m excited for what’s coming next in Premiere Pro CS6.5 or CS7 (whichever update is next). As a former FCP7 user myself, Premiere CS6 was a quick and necessary switch (especially after changing the main keyboard shortcuts back to what I was used to). I’ve since gone back to FCP7 on occasion for certain things and I can tell you that I’m so glad I’ve switched. For all the headaches and serious errors that I still get daily/weekly with Premiere Pro CS6, it’s still definitely a big step up. I'm encouraged by staff members like Mitch W. that have expressed confidence that many of these issues will be resolved in the next release. Here is my personal list of “Top 15 issues/fixes” needed in the current Premiere Pro CS6…
    (Adobe STAFF...feel free to print this out and hand it to the engineers responsible for making changes )
    1) The infamous multicam FLAW. Needing no introduction…when you are editing your video in the multicam window and you hit pause or stop Premiere has decided that’s a great time to make a cut on your timeline and also switch angles back to the original angle whether you like it or not. You cannot stop ever while editing multicam without Premiere making these unwanted cuts and angle changes. Awful. Multicam in PPro is otherwise pretty nice, but this issue is terribly counter-productive especially when you are editing longer complex multicam sequences. Imagine if every time you hit pause or stop in the regular timeline it made a cut there and switched clips. Ugh. You get my point.
    2) The audio meters/levels do not work while in the multicam window. A staff member in the forums (I think it was you) said this was a bug. Hope it will get fixed. The audio levels work in every other window and its essential to be able to keep an eye on the levels while editing multicam.
    3) Ticktime.cpp-207 error. Ugh. What a nightmare. I have confidence that it will be fixed soon. Mitch W. from the forums is my new hero for taking on this error. How to replicate it?…simply have 6 (or 7) or more clips with the warp stabilizer effect added on the same timeline as a nested multicam clip and you get this error upon reopening your project. The more warp stabilizers you use, the more times you’ll have to hit “continue” to get through the error before you can open your project or export it to AME. I deal with this every single day because all my projects use these two elements. Most of my projects I have to hit “continue” on the error message upwards of 350-450 times to open my projects. Gets old fast.
    4) Icon View order control. When you display all your clips in icon view instead of a list view (In the project window), there is no metadata to allow you to put the clips in order somehow (or at least maintain the order that you have in the list). There are roundabout workarounds, but c’mon.
    5) Warp Stabilizer fixes…it is an AMAZING tool (far, far, far better than smoothcam in FCP7) BUT…it has it’s issues. Since I use hundreds of times/week (no exaggeration) I know it’s functions/flaws really well. The issues with Warp Stabilizer:
    a) #3 above
    b) Toggle OFF the effect after it’s applied and then hit Analyze again and PPro crashes. (easy to avoid but annoying bug)
    c) If a clip is in the middle of stabilizing (not just analyzing…but the final step labeled “analyzing”) when Auto-save comes up…most of the time PPro freezes and crashes.
    d) The DEFAULT “method” (in the settings for Warp Stabilizer) should NOT be “Subspace Warp”…it should be “Position, Scale, Rotation”. Why? It’s FAAAAARRRR better and more efficient. 95 out of 100 times it causes MUCH less “wobble” in the final stabilized clips AND most importantly 95 out of 100 times it scales the video less. Way better method.
    6) The ability to open multiple projects simultaneously. As simple as FCP7 had it…or even better…as cool and efficient as FCPX does it would be nice.
    7) The ability to mark a clip and not just a point on a timeline (because if you move the clip, the marker doesn’t go with it). I know you can use “Clip Marker” but it's very limiting, can't be moved, can't add notes, can't advance to the next marker (as far as I know). Also a marker list like FCPX has would be nice so you can see your markers all in a list at a glance and adjust them as needed.
    8) Ability to select a clip in the Project window and find out where it’s used in the timeline. I LOVE how you can do the reverse and take a clip in the timeline and “Reveal in Project Window” but it would really help to go the other way around. Dealing with several hundred clips for every project I’ve missed this feature from time to time (FCPX handles this really well).
    9) Add a through-edit indicator in timeline and “re-join clips” option. If you cut a clip but keep both clips together it’s just one continuous clip. But I really hope Premiere adds the not only an indicator of some sort (like FCP7′s way of having two small red triangles facing each other on that cut) so you know it’s one continuous clip BUT ALSO the ability to right-click and “re-join” the two clips into one.
    10) When clip is double-clicked in timeline, CTI position in source viewer should match location in timeline. This one is pretty annoying and a fix would be incredibly helpful. The way it is now is very counter-productive. Definitely hope this gets fixed ASAP.
    11) Better border controls for images/videos. Can’t do much with images right now in PPro. At least allow to customize the color and size/strength of it’s borders and shadows.
    12) Better support for Mac/Apple's top end computers/GPU's. I'm still surprised that 2011 top of the line iMac cards (AMD 6970M) that have 2gb of ram are not supported. I’m sure/I hope 2012 iMac’s will be supported with their new Nvidia GPU’s…but I’ll hold out hope that the top iMac (up until 3 months ago) is supported at least at it’s full power. All around better Mac support would be great considering the wave of new users coming over from FCP.
    13) Opacity/Transparency issues with EXPORTED videos with Cross Dissolves, etc. For some odd reason videos exported from Premiere CS6 have issues with cross dissolves or minor transparency. I’ll try to explain…in the program window of PPro CS6 cross dissolves look fine. Also, if you take a clip and stack it on top of another clip and put the top clip at say 99% opacity instead of 100 it looks like it should in PPro. But, if you export the clips you’ll quickly see that there are issues. It’s almost like the exported videos dissolve from 5 to 95. They skip the subtle beginning (0-5%) and subtle end (95-100%) of any fade. A clip in PPro as described above that is on top of another but set at 99% will look more like 90-95% in the exported file ESPECIALLY if the two clips are contrasting (eg. top layer dark, bottom layer with bright elements). It’s like the opposit of ease-in/ease-out. I have to ease-in/ease-out of every dissolve to avoid this issue…and even then, it’s not THAT much of an “ease” as one would hope. Another user in a forum once posted a video that shows how abruptly exported videos end their transparency changes…see: THIS SAMPLE VIDEO  Perhaps this is a GPU/processing issue with AME vs. Premiere Pro but whatever it is, it should be fixed so videos you export look like the videos you edited!
    14) Better control in Creative Cloud over which devices are “activated/deactivated”  We have 3 computers and it would be nice if one could log in to their Creative Cloud account and see a list of which devices they have and just toggle on/off which one’s are activated/deactivated. This is especially helpful when you are mobile and forget to deactivate one of your two home/office devices so you’re stuck now until you get back to the home/office to deactivate it. This is not a Premiere thing, but just a general wish.
    15) Ability to sync multicam clips automatically using the audio. Plural eyes apparently does this well. Would be nice to have it built into Premiere like FCPX does. Select all the shots you want to sync, One button click, wait a few seconds, done.
    That’s my top 15. Everything else is awesome in my opinion for what I do 10 hours a day 6-7 days a week. I’ve included bug reports/feature requests for all of these at one point but if you are someone else reading this go to the following link and ask for these issues to be fixed: FEATURE REQUEST/BUG REPORT
    I wish Adobe did smaller updates more often. Because even if they were smaller updates, we’d at least know you are working on fixing some of these issues that have plagued this NLE for years. Holding off fixes for one or two big “updates” every year is tough to deal with in a world of the ever updating apps we live and play with daily on our phones. I realize Premiere is a much larger scale and far more professional than a phone app, but hopefully you get my point. Here’s to hoping the next release (NAB 2013?) resolves all my top 15 issues. Here’s to hoping that these issues will be resolved sooner than later so I can stop raising hell in various forums. I’m honestly ready to start praising and defending Premiere Pro instead of griping about it’s bugs and flaws. It’s a fantastic program “on the way” to being the best. I hope.

    Nice list, however it does seem a little bit like you may be hoping that Adobe provides the Final Cut 8 package that Apple never delivered on. Having edited primarily with P-Pro for the last decade, I hope Adobe focuses more on getting the next release to run as smooth as CS5x does, strangling and crucifying all the codec and playback bugs that arose in CS6. To me, it appeared that too many of the changes in CS6 were semantic or cosmetic, meant to give a FCP user more familiarity. Why change the name of an edit function from "overlay" to "overwrite" after 15 years? Because it enhances the product, or because that is what Apple called the function in FCP? If Adobe renames the Program Monitor to the "Canvas" with the next release, I think that I might be sick. There were nice additions to the Creative Suite as a whole, but I hope the next Premiere release reverses some missteps made in CS6, and focuses more on stability and enhanced functionality. I also really hope that they have an open ear towards criticism; Apple did not and their users ended up with FCP-X
    It saddens me that the fixes I want most in a future release were purposeful changes between CS5x and CS6x.
    1) Provide the options for transport controls in the source and program monitors. All of the users at my office hate that the jog and shuttle were removed in CS6. JKL was an option prior to CS6 and if we liked it we would have used it. I keep reading the justification that this change was meant to save space and streamline the UI. I can't express cordially how much this bothers me to look at the empty wasted space in my CS6 UI where the transport controls should be. The experiment has gone on long enough.
    2) Restore the 3 Way Color Corrector to its previous functionality. The 3 way color corrector has been effectively neutered in CS6. Where in CS5x and earlier releases one could separately target the input/output levels of Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows, CS6 has only a master input/output level control. Why is less control better? Is it a 3-Way Color Corrector or a 1-Way Color Corrector?
    3) Restore Clip and Timeline markers to their previous functionality. I don't even.... I can't. A user shouldn't have to do work arounds to create a modicum of functionality. This again was an attribute that wasn't broken in earlier releases.
    4) Simplify the the task of pasting media into a targeted track. As it is now, pasted items will always go to the lowest activated track instead of the targeted track.
    Lastly I would like the Adobe Premiere teams to consider what an amazing accomplishment Premiere CS5x was. Upon CS5's release, a good portion of competitor's workflows became obsolete. CS5.5 refined, stabilized, and expanded functionality.
    CS6 changed the UI around, moving or deleting buttons, changed keyboard shortcuts, and renamed functions. Oh, and added hoverscrub, you know...like FCPX. In exchanged there was loss of functionality, stability issues and broken codecs.
    I really hope the next release is more like CS5x and less like FCPX

  • Premiere Pro CC Update has Apple Magic Mouse Timeline Scrolling Backwards

    I've used the Apple Magic Mouse and for thousands of hours on Premiere Pro versions CS5 and CS6 and I just updated to CC.  On the Magic Mouse, I used to press Option and then swipe right on the mouse to zoom in on the timeline and Option + swipe left to zoom out.  Now Option + swipe left zooms in and Option + swipe right zooms out.  It's backwards and it's so annoying.  I've tried searching for a setting to reverse this but no luck.  Anyone else having this issue or found a fix to get the Magic Mouse working the same was as in previous Premiere Pro versions?

    I also use Logic for my music/audio production.   In Logic, if you press Option and swipe right it zooms in, and Option + swipe left to zoom out.   Basically the Premiere Pro CC update got this backwards.

  • Premiere Pro CC updated  - crashes almost immediately on my mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. Crashes at startup, crashes with media import, crashes when creating a sequence. NEED HELP FAST I have tried many troubleshooting solutions I found online nothing has

    Premiere Pro CC updated  - crashes almost immediately on my mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. Crashes at startup, crashes with media import, crashes when creating a sequence. NEED HELP FAST> I have tried many troubleshooting solutions I found online nothing has worked.

    Sorry to hear about the experience. Please provide your computer configuration details.
    Memory, Processor, Graphics card, Exact version of Premiere Pro, Error message that you are get. If you can post screenshots of the error report that would be helpful.

  • Where can you find Premiere Pro api documentation(com.adobe.premiere / com.adobe.csawlib.premiere.Pr

    Where can you find Premiere Pro api documentation(com.adobe.premiere / com.adobe.csawlib.premiere.Premiere) for Flash Builder / CS Extension Builder?

    There is no documentation to give you. However, our Broadcast Engineering team supports panel development, for our Broadcast partners. Please write to me directly <mailto:[email protected]> describing what you'd like to build.

  • Premiere Pro CS4 Export fails with Media Encoder CS4 "Encoding Failed"," Could Not Read From Source.

    There has never been a history of Adobe CS3 installation on the brand new MAC Pro I am using prior to installing Master Collection CS4, despite other posts claiming that chief cause of this issue is a previous CS3, Beta or trial installations of previous versions. I simply had a straightforward installation of CS4 and have had trouble since day 1.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Master CS4 three times, two times with the action script cleaner for CS4. I tried changing Adobe Cache folder locations to alternative drives. I ran shift start many times to correct any inconsistencies and corrected for permissions using disk utilities repeatedly. All updates have been installed and I am still getting the same error when exporting my timeline to Media Encoder CS4, be it a large High Definition project or a small one consisting of few stills.
    No matter what presets I chose, the job appears as one of the items in the render qeuee of Media Encoder CS4 and sits there with the status WAITING until i hit Start Queue. When I do, it still says WAITING under Status and at the bottom corner of the window it reads : Loading "project name.prproj" and after an average of about 6 minutes, a yellow caution sign appears. No render whatsoever takes place. When I click on the yellow caution sign, it reads a log of all errors in connection with each job, including the ones that have gone before it. Here is one:
    Start of the Error Paste
    - Source File:/users/myname/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/test.prproj
    - Output File:/ users/my name/Documetns/Adobe/Premiere Pro/4.0/Sequence 01.mov
    - Preset used :NTSC DV
    - Video:
    - Audio:
    - Bitrate:
    0 Encoding Time: 00:33:01
    Sat Mar 21 17:12:25 2009 : Encoding failed
    Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been deleted.
    END OF ERROR Paste
    Please any gurus out there know how to troubleshoot this damn thing on Mac, I really appreciate it. I have not yet encountered any posts of Mac owners with no previous CS3 installation having this issue. I am in the middle of 3 projects with tight deadlines and need your urgent help. THANK YOU!

    Hello There,
    I resolved the issue through a simple process of elimination. So simple in fact I wonder how I missed it. Since there has been no history of prior CS3 installation on this machine and every conceivable trick was applied to resolve the problem (refer to my original post earlier in the thread) ending in frustration, the problem had to reside in a factor or series of factors that were only present in this machine. Of the two remaining causes different in compare to other machines, I had to look into the possibility of any hardware and/or software conflicts. After all, this very same installation works perfectly fine on my colleague's Apple Macbook Pro and several Windows machines.
    It turns out that I had installed Pro Tools on this machine that comes with all kinds of optional plug-ins in the so called ignition pack. One of these optional plug-ins is called IZOTOPE (three varieties include Spectron, Trash and another one that escapes my mind). They were all lite version licenses that would automatically pop up on their own when you would start a program where they had been residing. One such program where an association existed was indeed the Premiere. An annoying dialogue box directing you to buy the full version when you would start the premiere would refuse to go away. Sometimes it would even start on its own culminating in a a permanent dialogue box.
    The cause of the problem was right before my eyes and I had overlooked it. Once uninstalled using IZOTOPE clean uninstaller on step 4, the problem was resolved. Projects are now loading very fast into the AME and encoding begins in earnest. I have never had any issues ever since.
    Long story short, if you have any plug-ins specially the ones that are loading upon the start of any program or the ones that reside inside the premiere or the ones that start on their own independently, they could be one of the highly probable causes of this error. I have seen other similar posts complaining of plug in folders inside premiere that needed to be moved to resolve the issue for instance the ones that needed to be moved to AE folders. If you are a plug-in admirer, I would suggest to look into them seriously.
    On the side note, many combination and causes may lead to the same error. I am not claiming that this is the solution for everyone.
    It must also be noted that I applied the trick of creating a shortcut of Premiere (and naming it exactly as such) and dropped it into the Adobe Dynamic LInk folder (even though this was suggested for windows)and have changed the adobe Cache locations to an alternative folder on a separate drive. I haven't been able to establish conclusively if the latter steps are also essential in fixing the error on MAC but I can confirm that since the latter steps were taken before the uninstalling of Izotope plug-ins and i still had issues, probably uninstalling those plug ins or finding a way to move them to a place where they don't interfere (if you absolutely need to keep them) is the one essential step that solved the problem.
    Hope this helps.

  • Will Premiere Pro CC work OK with Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M?

    Will Premiere Pro CC work OK with Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M?

    This laptop I am on right vnow has a n nVidai GTX 765M and it works beautifully on Premiere CS6, CC and CC 2014.  You do have to add it to the Adobe file "cuda_supported_cards.txt file or simp[ly delete it.  I hope you know that you have to be plugged in to the AC line to successfully what to edit with a laptop.  Also you can improve the GPU performance if you reset the memory clock on the GPU to 1500 MHz from the default 1000 MHz.  It is because nVidia.slows down the clock to conserve battery.  If you register on the site you can see my results on our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM) site.

  • I have a MacBook Pro,  does it come with antivirus software already installed?, I have a MacBook Pro,  does it come with antivirus software already installed?

    I have a MacBook Pro, does it come with antivirus softwarealready installed or do I need to purchase it.

    No. You don't need it. But if  you did you could use the freeware ClamXav 2.2.1.

  • Will the settings imbedded in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 come with installing Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0

    Will the settings imbedded in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 come with installing Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0

    What settings? you need to explain better.

  • I just opened my new retina macbook pro, unfortunately it comes with lion 10.7 not mountain lion

    I just opened my new retina macbook pro, unfortunately it comes with lion 10.7 not mountain lion

    This link should solve your problem.... http://www.apple.com/osx/uptodate/

  • I am a final cut pro user and i recently started using adobe premiere pro. for anyone firmiliar with fcp, there are interesting ways of doing introductions on it and im wondering if anyone could tell me if premiere pro has preset introductions i can use

    i am a final cut pro user and i recently started using adobe premiere pro. for anyone firmiliar with fcp, there are interesting ways of doing introductions on it and im wondering if anyone could tell me if premiere pro has preset introductions i can use.

    Singenu wrote:
    I tought about looking in Monitor Activity to see what happens...
    Well, when I start working (should I say try to work with FCPX, activity monitor in the %processor column for FCPX jumps rapidly over 100% and reaches more than 200% ??? What the **** is that ?
    200% or more is not strange. Remember that your mac has 4 cores (you say it's 3 months old, so I assume it is a new model), so 200% amounts to using 2 of these 4 cores to the max.
    Regarding the question of creating a new admin user: while it sits in the same system, it may help if the problem is caused by some user-specific preferences or settings. Not likely in your case, since you seem to have reinstalled from scratch, but still it is worth a try. It takes 5 minutes and may help pinpoint the problem.

  • My Macbook pro didn't come with any restore disks, How can I make some?

    I was just curious, Macs and Macbooks used to include restore disks. My new Macbook Pro did not come with any so how do I create a set?

    Though these instructions are for Mt. Lion, they will work for Mavericks as well.  Making one one of these will free you from depending upon Apple servers if the need should arise.
    http://www.tuaw.com/2012/07/25/building-an-os-x-mountain-lion-installer-thumb-dr ive/
    http://www.macworld.com/article/1167857/how_to_make_a_bootable_mountain_lion_ins tall_drive.html

  • Do firmware updates come with Software Update and installed automatically?

    Do firmware updates come with Software Update and installed automatically?

    Do firmware updates come with Software Update
    and installed automatically?
    No (at least, I can't think of one that has automatically run). Usually Software Update will download an updater that you then need to run separately. Usually the updaters will be installed to the Utilities folder ready for you to use.

  • My MacBook Pro didn't come with a recovery CD and recovery HD will not show up

    My MacBook Pro didn't come with a recovery CD and recovery HD will not show up

    if you're running Snow Leopard - there there will be no recovery partition - only Lion and Mountain Lion has that.
    did you buy your Macbook used?
    you can call Apple to order the original install DVD for your Macbook or you can order Snow Leopard for $20.

  • Is there a reason why my macbook pro didn't come with a disc?

    Is there a reason why my macbook pro didn't come with a disc?

    If you just bought it and it came with Lion then you don't get a DVD. Instead what they have done is created a Recovery Partition on the drive that serves the same function.

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  • BUG: File History fails with no warning- Event ID 201

    I apologize for the long post but I want to summarize everything I've learned about this so far, as it looks like a critical bug. I am unable to get File History to backup my files with Windows 8.1.  I set up a 1 TB USB HDD as the target drive and it

  • Lightroom 2.7 or 3 unable to export as a smart object to CS3

    Hi All, I am having some strange problems. I am running a windows Vista 64-bit machine with the most current versions of lightroom (both 2.7 and 3beta2) with CS3. I just installed an update to adobe flash 10, which is where all my problems started. A

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    ok, this makes no sense to me, but I will try to explain it better than in my post yesterday. I put a cd (which is a CD-R) into my iMac that had photos burnt onto it from a PC about 6 months ago....I know for a fact these photos were on the CD becaus

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