I Installed Lion and now my USB modem will not work to send a PDF fax? Do I need a new USB modem to send faxes or is there a software update that I need?

I Installed Lion and now my USB modem will not work to send a PDF fax? Do I need a new USB modem to send faxes or is there a software update that I need? Also can I change the picture of the login screen? That grey mat looks ugly!

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  • I installed Lion and now my MS office will not work, is there a way to revert back my original software?

    I installed Lion and now my MS office will not work, is there a way to revert back my original software?

    Back to Snow Leopard from Lion install method
    Read and print out these instructions, your computer is going to be offline and you wil be cutoff from help until your machine is restored.
    Clear the Desktop, Downloads and Trash of anything you wish to keep by placing their files in the respective Documents, Music, Pictures, Movie folders.
    If you have a TimeMachine drive, update it and disconnect for the duration of this restore time. It will be your second backup system and will have to be wiped and setup again after successfully going back to Snow Leopard if it was connected to the OS X 10.7 boot drive. If it wasn't, then leave it disconnected without updating to Lion.
    Backup ALL your Users folders (Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music etc) manually (drag and drop methods) to a (not TimeMachine) external powered drive (HFS+ journaled formatted in Disk Utility) and disconnect, your going to be wiping the entire disk of ALL DATA. (warning, everything will be gone and not recovered)
    Here we go!
    Hold c and boot off the 10.6 installer disk that comes with your computer and second screen in just STOP.
    Look at the Utilities Menu for Disk Utility.
    On the left is the name of your hard drive maker, click it and Erase (format HFS+ Journaled), give it the same name as before, and click Erase...
    This should wipe the drive of ALL partitions (GUID, OS X and 10.7 Recovery, Windows if present)
    When it's done, quit and install OS X 10.6. Then install all your programs from fresh sources and validate/update.
    When you setup a first account, use the same user name as before, this way you can simply drag and drop the content of your previous Users folders from the external drive right back into the new Users folders and everything should work peachy. Links in iTunes to music, playlists and iPhoto links especially.
    Update OS X to 10.6.8 using the Combo Update for best results.
    (Note: If your original machine had 10.5 and you want the free iLife that comes with the disks with the computer, then you'll have to install 10.5 first using the same c boot/erase/format methods as above, then update to 10.6 via the disk, then Combo Update 10.6.8)
    Final step optional but highly receommended.
    A lot of people use a Carbon Copy Clone of their boot drive to a HFS+Journaled external drive as a "hold the option key" bootable backup in case something goes wrong with their boot drive or need to restore to a previous OS X version..  (in addition to TimeMachine drive for more immediate backups.)
    It's not advised to have a Bootable Clone and a TimeMachine partition on the same external drive, as two drives gives hardware protection in case one fails.

  • I installed mountain lion and now my kodak printer is not working.  Any sugestion please

    i installed mountain lion and now my kodak printer is not working.  Any ideas? please help

    What errors do you see?  The /var/log/cups/error_log file might have some more information.

  • I updated to java 7 and now my yahoo games will not work, how do i fix this?

    i updated to java 7 and now my yahoo games will not work, how do I fix this?

    click on the Java pane in System Preferences. When the Java Control Panel window opens, click on the Security tab, and set your Security Level to Medium — that will allow “untrusted” applications (i.e. those without certificates from a trusted authority) to run. Press the Apply button in the lower-right corner to confirm the change, then press the OK button to close the window.
    Apparently your Yahoo! card games don’t have certificates associated with them, which is why the default security setting of Java SE 7 Update 51 didn’t allow them to run.

  • Cableone innstalled a new server and now my thunderbird email will not work. What do I do now?

    Cableone, our internet provider, has changed from a Google server to their own server and now my Thunderbird email will not work. They have directions listed to make it work, but this does not work. I have also contacted Cableone's technical support and they say because thunderbird is not their system they have no responsibility to make it work. I prefer to use Thunderbird for my email - how can I make it work? Also, I have tried the Thunderbird 'Automatic Account Configuration' help and it does not work.

    Ask your less than helpful provider for the server settings and setup the new account up manually.
    You want to know IMAP or POP and the name of the server. The port number and if it uses SSL/TLS security.
    You need the same info for the SMTP server for outbound mail.

  • I just installed Lion and now my adobe flash doesn't work at a website where i like to use it to cam

    I just installed Lion and now my adobe flash player doesn't work to allow me to cam at a website that uses adobe flash to support camming there.  It worked fine yesterday when I had  Snow Leopard installed but right after I installed Lion it stopped working.

    Tim68 wrote:
    I'm having the same problem.  Just installed Lion last night.  Already downloaded the Flash for Lion off Adobe's site.  Problem persists. 
    Can't help I'm afraid, i installed from Adobe's website and it works.
    This is the version number Adobe Flash Player version
    And this is a link to it

  • I upgraded to OS X10.9.4 and now my Cannon scanner will not work. I downloaded the new driver and still no luck.

    I upgraded to OS X10.9.4 and now my Cannon MX 860 scanner will not work. The printer works. I downloaded the new driver and still no luck. Please help!

    Open Print & Scan preferences. Select the printer in the sidebar list and click on the Delete [-] button. CTRL- or RIGHT-click in the sidebar area and select Reset Print System from the context menu. Re-Add the printer by clicking on the Add [+] button, select your printer from the little browser that opens, select the proper driver if it isn't set automatically, then click on the Add button. See if it now works.
    Oh, be sure you install the new driver you downloaded.
    BTW, you don't have a PowerMac as shown in your profile. PowerMacs were tower machines that ran PPC processors, not Intel processors. You really should correct that information in your profile.

  • I did a clean install of snow Leopard and now my iWork 09 will not work. does anyone one know where I can download the version for snow Leopard?

    I did a clean install of Snow Leopard and now when I reloaded iWork 09 from my timemachine it will not open anything. any ideas.

    iWork '09 is still available from the likes of Amazon.
    Your experience is why I never trusted downloaded versions when there's a physical DVD available.
    It may be possible to reactivate with your code, but I can't advise you as to how.

  • I downloaded yosesemite and now my canon scanner will not work. any ideas ?

    Canon does not have any software updates, and mentioned that the driver should be in my operating system.

    You need to download the Yosemite drivers for the scanner or use Apple supplied drivers, if said drivers do not exist, you will have to try a third party alternative such as VueScan or the like.  See this website for a list of Canon Scanner models supported with VueScan:

  • I just upgraded my eMac to Leopard and now my Mail application will not work.

    It will start to load, but I never get a mail window and it won't accept a new account and will not "Quit" unless I "Force Quit" it.

    It may be helpful to also ask in the Leopard "Mail and Address Book" sub-forum here:
    Mail and Address book (22,773)

  • Updated the iOS and now my iPhone 4 will not work and shows the usb with an arrow to iTunes. iTunes on my computer does not recognize it and will not sync it!! I hate being with out my iPhone

    I recently updated to the new iOS through my computer with my iPhone 4 pluged in via USB. It has shut down my phone and just shows the iTunes icon with the USB cord to plug in. When I try to sync my phone with the computer iTunes does not recognize it!! So now my iPhone is useless and I really need it back to working order!! Please help......Hilda

    Hello Hilda Louise
    Start with the article below to get your iPhone to be recognized in iTunes again. Then you will probably need to restore it to get it back up and running.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    -Norm G.

  • Recently purchased a Canon T5i and now my Elements 11 will not work.  Just purchased this program before I updated my camera.  Is there anything I can do to get it to work?

    How do I get my Canon T5i to work with Photoshop Elements 11?  Do I need to update?  I just purchased 11 just before 12 came out so am not that anxious to purchase the new one.

    Hi Kathy,
    If you do have the MAC App from the Apple store, you can always download the free Adobe DNG converter and use that to convert your CR2 file to DNG files. The DNG files can then be used by PSE 11.
    DNG  Converter 8.4
    Alternatively, you could use the Canon software (DPP) to conver the raw files to TIF files and use them in PSE 11.

  • We have not changed any settings and now our face time will not work!

    Since last week I updated my iPhone we now have 4iphone 4s who cannot now get facetime, yet on the same router the 2iphone 5s can receive calls no problem, Antony know why!!!!!!

    If the 4S are still running iOS 6.x, Apple insists that is the problem. Especially after the recent release of 7.1.1.

  • Our aol email was hacked and now our Apple ID will not work which means no acces. To icloud. Etc. how do we fix?

    Our aol account was hacked overseas.  The Apple ID and passwords no longer work.  We can not access any Apple products. ID icloud, iTunes, etc. how do we  override the old Apple id and change/or  ID and passwords?

    What do you mean by "won't work"? Are you indicating that your Apple ID was your AOL email address? Have you attempted to change your Apple ID here:
    Apple - My Apple ID

  • Hello, I upgraded to 10.6.8 and now Parallels 4.0 will not work? Can anyone help?

    Hi, upgraded macbook pro to 10.6.8 and not I cannot get Paralles 4.0 to work? Any suggestion and help would be Great!
    Thanks in advance,

    Might be a good question for Parallels support

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