I installed the InDesign CC Testversion and now i try to open INDD-Files from earlier Version. Always i get the error "This file is made by an earlier Version...." but it´s CC that is the latest Version. What is the problem ? Should i have to convert the

I installed the InDesign CC Testversion and now i try to open INDD-Files from earlier Version. Always i get the error "This file is made by an earlier Version...." but it´s CC that is the latest Version. What is the problem ? Should i have to convert the files ?

Adobe has been using confusing version names for at least five years.
There are now two versions labeled CC, version 9 and version 10 (also known as CC 2014). Version 10 is the latest, and if you attempt to open a version 10 file in Version 9 that is not fully patched you will get an error message telling you that the file cannot be opened. The latest patch for version 9 should use a cloud-based service at Adobe to convert version 10 files to IDML and allow you to open that.
I suspect you may be using an older operating system. Version 10 requires that your system runs at least OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 SP1 and if you are not it will not even be offered to you.

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    Safari [209]
    5.1.6 (7534.56.5)
    Build Info: 
    Code Type:  
    X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [140]
    2012-08-17 09:39:19.212 -0500
    OS Version: 
    Mac OS X 10.7.4 (11E53)
    Report Version:  9
    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    Exception Type:  EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
    Application Specific Information:
    objc[209]: garbage collection is OFF
    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Invalid parameter not satisfying: (index >= 0) && (index < [_itemArray count])'
    *** First throw call stack:
    0   CoreFoundation                 
    0x00007fff9428ef56 __exceptionPreprocess + 198
    1   libobjc.A.dylib                
    0x00007fff904fed5e objc_exception_throw + 43
    2   CoreFoundation                 
    0x00007fff9428ed8a +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 106
    3   Foundation                     
    0x00007fff8f2d771f -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:] + 169
    4   AppKit                         
    0x00007fff953a4cdf -[NSMenu itemAtIndex:] + 165
    5   AppKit                         
    0x00007fff953a4e38 -[NSMenu removeItemAtIndex:] + 63
    6   Safari                         
    0x000000010cb99c2e -[AppController awakeFromNib] + 387
    7   CoreFoundation                 
    0x00007fff94285fb1 -[NSObject performSelector:] + 49
    8   CoreFoundation                 
    0x00007fff94285f32 -[NSSet makeObjectsPerformSelector:] + 274
    9   AppKit                         
    0x00007fff9538c9ff -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:topLevelObjects:] + 1245
    10  AppKit                         
    0x00007fff95382f73 loadNib + 322
    11  AppKit                         
    0x00007fff95382470 +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) _loadNibFile:nameTable:withZone:ownerBundle:] + 217
    12  AppKit                         
    0x00007fff9538238b +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:] + 141
    13  AppKit                         
    0x00007fff953822ce +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) loadNibNamed:owner:] + 364
    14  AppKit                         
    0x00007fff955f306f NSApplicationMain + 398
    15  Safari                         
    0x000000010cd9c806 SafariMain + 166
    16  Safari                         
    0x000000010cb82f24 Safari + 3876
    terminate called throwing an exception
    abort() called
    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6bce2 __pthread_kill + 10
    1   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff963557d2 pthread_kill + 95
    2   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96346a7a abort + 143
    3   libc++abi.dylib          
    0x00007fff901d27bc abort_message + 214
    4   libc++abi.dylib          
    0x00007fff901cffcf default_terminate() + 28
    5   libobjc.A.dylib          
    0x00007fff904ff1b9 _objc_terminate + 94
    6   libc++abi.dylib          
    0x00007fff901d0001 safe_handler_caller(void (*)()) + 11
    7   libc++abi.dylib          
    0x00007fff901d005c std::terminate() + 16
    8   libc++abi.dylib          
    0x00007fff901d1152 __cxa_throw + 114
    9   libobjc.A.dylib          
    0x00007fff904fee7a objc_exception_throw + 327
    10  com.apple.CoreFoundation 
    0x00007fff9428ed8a +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 106
    11  com.apple.Foundation     
    0x00007fff8f2d771f -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:] + 169
    12  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff953a4cdf -[NSMenu itemAtIndex:] + 165
    13  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff953a4e38 -[NSMenu removeItemAtIndex:] + 63
    14  com.apple.Safari.framework
    0x000000010cb99c2e -[AppController awakeFromNib] + 387
    15  com.apple.CoreFoundation 
    0x00007fff94285fb1 -[NSObject performSelector:] + 49
    16  com.apple.CoreFoundation 
    0x00007fff94285f32 -[NSSet makeObjectsPerformSelector:] + 274
    17  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff9538c9ff -[NSIBObjectData nibInstantiateWithOwner:topLevelObjects:] + 1245
    18  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff95382f73 loadNib + 322
    19  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff95382470 +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) _loadNibFile:nameTable:withZone:ownerBundle:] + 217
    20  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff9538238b +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:] + 141
    21  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff953822ce +[NSBundle(NSNibLoading) loadNibNamed:owner:] + 364
    22  com.apple.AppKit         
    0x00007fff955f306f NSApplicationMain + 398
    23  com.apple.Safari.framework
    0x000000010cd9c806 SafariMain + 166
    24  com.apple.Safari         
    0x000000010cb82f24 0x10cb82000 + 3876
    Thread 1:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.libdispatch-manager
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6c7e6 kevent + 10
    1   libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff9076578a _dispatch_mgr_invoke + 923
    2   libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff9076431a _dispatch_mgr_thread + 54
    Thread 2:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.CFURLCACHE_work_queue
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6c5b6 fsync + 10
    1   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92026e38 unixSync + 72
    2   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92034991 syncJournal + 705
    3   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92025a1e sqlite3PagerCommitPhaseOne + 1262
    4   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff9201111e sqlite3BtreeCommitPhaseOne + 478
    5   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92010735 vdbeCommit + 981
    6   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91fd355a sqlite3VdbeHalt + 4442
    7   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff920051a6 sqlite3VdbeExec + 51958
    8   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91ff7a5b sqlite3_step + 1883
    9   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91fbafb5 sqlite3_exec + 533
    10  com.apple.CFNetwork      
    0x00007fff925f666c __CFURLCache::PostDatabaseOpenPragmaExecute() + 48
    11  com.apple.CFNetwork      
    0x00007fff925f6542 __CFURLCache::OpenDatabase() + 196
    12  com.apple.CFNetwork      
    0x00007fff925f6040 ProcessCacheTasks(__CFURLCache*, bool) + 265
    13  com.apple.CFNetwork      
    0x00007fff925f5a72 _ZL24_CFURLCacheTimerCallbackPv + 662
    14  libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff90763a86 _dispatch_call_block_and_release + 18
    15  libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff907652d6 _dispatch_queue_drain + 264
    16  libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff90765132 _dispatch_queue_invoke + 54
    17  libdispatch.dylib        
    0x00007fff9076492c _dispatch_worker_thread2 + 198
    18  libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff963553da _pthread_wqthread + 316
    19  libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96356b85 start_wqthread + 13
    Thread 3:
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6c192 __workq_kernreturn + 10
    1   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96355594 _pthread_wqthread + 758
    2   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96356b85 start_wqthread + 13
    Thread 4:: WebCore: IconDatabase
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6ca8e pread + 10
    1   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91fb8ce5 unixRead + 69
    2   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91fda4f6 readDbPage + 102
    3   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91fd8c9b sqlite3PagerAcquire + 315
    4   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92007872 moveToChild + 146
    5   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92009b68 sqlite3BtreeNext + 600
    6   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff92002909 sqlite3VdbeExec + 41561
    7   libsqlite3.dylib         
    0x00007fff91ff7a5b sqlite3_step + 1883
    8   com.apple.WebCore        
    0x000000010dc35eff WebCore::SQLiteStatement::step() + 63
    9   com.apple.WebCore        
    0x000000010dc366cc WebCore::IconDatabase::performURLImport() + 908
    10  com.apple.WebCore        
    0x000000010dc34d3b WebCore::IconDatabase::iconDatabaseSyncThread() + 475
    11  com.apple.JavaScriptCore 
    0x000000010d57811f _ZN3WTFL19wtfThreadEntryPointEPv + 15
    12  libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff963538bf _pthread_start + 335
    13  libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96356b75 thread_start + 13
    Thread 5:: CoreAnimation render server
    0   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a6a67a mach_msg_trap + 10
    1   libsystem_kernel.dylib   
    0x00007fff97a69d71 mach_msg + 73
    2   com.apple.QuartzCore     
    0x00007fff94fb12d9 CA::Render::Server::server_thread(void*) + 184
    3   com.apple.QuartzCore     
    0x00007fff94fb1219 thread_fun + 24
    4   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff963538bf _pthread_start + 335
    5   libsystem_c.dylib        
    0x00007fff96356b75 thread_start + 13
    Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (64-bit):
      rax: 0x0000000000000000  rbx: 0x0000000000000006  rcx: 0x00007fff6c780418  rdx: 0x0000000000000000
      rdi: 0x000000000000060b  rsi: 0x0000000000000006  rbp: 0x00007fff6c780440  rsp: 0x00007fff6c780418
       r8: 0x00007fff7e6cffb8   r9: 0x00007fff6c77fea8  r10: 0x00007fff97a6bd0a  r11: 0xffffff80002da8d0
      r12: 0x00007fe41260e3d0  r13: 0x000000000000000d  r14: 0x00007fff7e6d2960  r15: 0x00007fff6c780590
      rip: 0x00007fff97a6bce2  rfl: 0x0000000000000246  cr2: 0x0000000110792000
    Logical CPU: 0
    Binary Images:
    0x10cb82000 -   
    0x10cb82fff  com.apple.Safari (5.1.6 - 7534.56.5) <C1A60C3B-9DA6-3FE7-87BA-6B09016A39A9> /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari
    0x10cb8d000 -   
    0x10d027ff7  com.apple.Safari.framework (7536 - 7536.25) <C95F0D4E-6984-3D2F-B0BA-5D12A164EAC8> /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/Safari.framework/Safari
    0x10d345000 -   
    0x10d5d4fff  com.apple.JavaScriptCore (7536 - 7536.24) <C613502E-BC98-3269-A25C-4BDB2D87590B> /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/JavaScriptCore.framework/JavaScriptCore
    0x10d683000 -   
    0x10d805ff7  com.apple.WebKit (7536 - 7536.25) <8D171955-A1CA-31AA-B701-B9D4F760B10B> /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/WebKit.framework/WebKit
    0x10d8f6000 -   
    0x10dacffff  com.apple.WebKit2 (7536 - 7536.25) <15991DAF-D0C9-3D65-A96B-AF7428ADCC4E> /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/WebKit2.framework/WebKit2
    0x10dc31000 -   
    0x10ebd6ff7  com.apple.WebCore (7536 - 7536.24) <F2C26660-05D7-34A7-9158-9C3D21BEB32F> /System/Library/StagedFrameworks/Safari/WebCore.framework/WebCore
    0x7fff6c782000 -
    0x7fff6c7b6baf  dyld (195.6 - ???) <C58DAD8A-4B00-3676-8637-93D6FDE73147> /usr/lib/dyld
    0x7fff8e14e000 -
    0x7fff8e17bfe7  libSystem.B.dylib (159.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <DA79E5BA-BBA3-3768-AAD8-B34BA877EF03> /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
    0x7fff8e17c000 -
    0x7fff8e643fff  FaceCoreLight (1.4.7 - compatibility 1.0.0) <BDD0E1DE-CF33-3AF8-B33B-4D1574CCC19D> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FaceCoreLight.framework/Versions/A/FaceCoreLi ght
    0x7fff8e73a000 -
    0x7fff8e742fff  libsystem_dnssd.dylib (??? - ???) <D9BB1F87-A42B-3CBC-9DC2-FC07FCEF0016> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_dnssd.dylib
    0x7fff8e745000 -
    0x7fff8e7b8fff  libstdc++.6.dylib (52.0.0 - compatibility 7.0.0) <6BDD43E4-A4B1-379E-9ED5-8C713653DFF2> /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib
    0x7fff8efd1000 -
    0x7fff8f006fff  com.apple.securityinterface (5.0 - 55022.4) <09EC371E-0B6E-3849-A6C9-F8E9DB17BBCD> /System/Library/Frameworks/SecurityInterface.framework/Versions/A/SecurityInter face
    0x7fff8f1de000 -
    0x7fff8f207ff7  com.apple.framework.Apple80211 (7.2.1 - 721.3) <4BA49D6F-373B-3F4E-A2B3-453C2ED66318> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/A/Apple80211
    0x7fff8f20c000 -
    0x7fff8f525fff  com.apple.Foundation (6.7.2 - 833.25) <22AAC369-B63C-3C55-8AC6-C3ECBA44DA7B> /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Versions/C/Foundation
    0x7fff8f526000 -
    0x7fff8f53cfff  libGL.dylib (??? - ???) <6A473BF9-4D35-34C6-9F8B-86B68091A9AF> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGL.dylib
    0x7fff8f586000 -
    0x7fff8f58afff  libmathCommon.A.dylib (2026.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <FF83AFF7-42B2-306E-90AF-D539C51A4542> /usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib
    0x7fff8f58b000 -
    0x7fff8f7fefff  com.apple.CoreImage (7.98 - 1.0.1) <73485E4E-1407-3913-AB3C-B54986A3E01C> /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreImage .framework/Versions/A/CoreImage
    0x7fff8f7ff000 -
    0x7fff8f800fff  libdnsinfo.dylib (395.11.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <853BAAA5-270F-3FDC-B025-D448DB72E1C3> /usr/lib/system/libdnsinfo.dylib
    0x7fff8f801000 -
    0x7fff8f805fff  libdyld.dylib (195.6.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <FFC59565-64BD-3B37-90A4-E2C3A422CFC1> /usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib
    0x7fff8ff9f000 -
    0x7fff901c9fe7  com.apple.CoreData (104.1 - 358.14) <6BB64605-8DA7-337D-A2AB-A3346A421CBD> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreData.framework/Versions/A/CoreData
    0x7fff901ca000 -
    0x7fff901d5ff7  libc++abi.dylib (14.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <8FF3D766-D678-36F6-84AC-423C878E6D14> /usr/lib/libc++abi.dylib
    0x7fff901fe000 -
    0x7fff904e7ff7  com.apple.security (7.0 - 55148.1) <E9C46204-1336-3D90-BC67-5162FC7079D2> /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/Security
    0x7fff904e8000 -
    0x7fff905cce5f  libobjc.A.dylib (228.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <871E688B-CF57-3BC7-80D6-F6476DFF109B> /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib
    0x7fff905ce000 -
    0x7fff90630ff7  com.apple.Symbolication (1.3 - 91) <0945ACAF-AA0A-3D01-9960-72B51722EC1F> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Symbolication.framework/Versions/A/Symbolicat ion
    0x7fff90631000 -
    0x7fff90657fff  com.apple.framework.familycontrols (3.0 - 300) <93828BC1-3D83-3A93-99A5-F0E7951AFC6C> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FamilyControls.framework/Versions/A/FamilyCon trols
    0x7fff9074f000 -
    0x7fff9075fff7  com.apple.opengl (1.7.7 - 1.7.7) <0CA11278-746C-353A-923B-BCC0047190C3> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/OpenGL
    0x7fff90760000 -
    0x7fff90761ff7  libsystem_blocks.dylib (53.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <8BCA214A-8992-34B2-A8B9-B74DEACA1869> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_blocks.dylib
    0x7fff90762000 -
    0x7fff90770fff  libdispatch.dylib (187.9.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <1D5BE322-A9B9-3BCE-8FAC-076FB07CF54A> /usr/lib/system/libdispatch.dylib
    0x7fff90ac5000 -
    0x7fff90acbfff  libmacho.dylib (800.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <165514D7-1BFA-38EF-A151-676DCD21FB64> /usr/lib/system/libmacho.dylib
    0x7fff90acc000 -
    0x7fff90ad3fff  libcopyfile.dylib (85.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <0AB51EE2-E914-358C-AC19-47BC024BDAE7> /usr/lib/system/libcopyfile.dylib
    0x7fff90ad4000 -
    0x7fff90ad9fff  libpam.2.dylib (3.0.0 - compatibility 3.0.0) <D952F17B-200A-3A23-B9B2-7C1F7AC19189> /usr/lib/libpam.2.dylib
    0x7fff90ada000 -
    0x7fff90b70ff7  libvMisc.dylib (325.4.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <642D8D54-F9F5-3FBB-A96C-EEFE94C6278B> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.fr amework/Versions/A/libvMisc.dylib
    0x7fff90b9a000 -
    0x7fff90b9cfff  libquarantine.dylib (36.6.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <0EBF714B-4B69-3E1F-9A7D-6BBC2AACB310> /usr/lib/system/libquarantine.dylib
    0x7fff90b9d000 -
    0x7fff90b9dfff  com.apple.vecLib (3.7 - vecLib 3.7) <9A58105C-B36E-35B5-812C-4ED693F2618F> /System/Library/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/Versions/A/vecLib
    0x7fff90b9e000 -
    0x7fff90caafff  libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib (44.0.0 - compatibility 0.9.8) <3A8E1F89-5E26-3C8B-B538-81F5D61DBF8A> /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib
    0x7fff90e97000 -
    0x7fff90f9cfff  libFontParser.dylib (??? - ???) <759645F2-8CB1-358C-AF41-BA3797CD0F60> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ATS.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libFontParser.dylib
    0x7fff91011000 -
    0x7fff9101eff7  libbz2.1.0.dylib (1.0.5 - compatibility 1.0.0) <DFAB8CA8-CC9D-3F58-8C12-CE120442AACD> /usr/lib/libbz2.1.0.dylib
    0x7fff9101f000 -
    0x7fff91024ff7  libsystem_network.dylib (??? - ???) <5DE7024E-1D2D-34A2-80F4-08326331A75B> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_network.dylib
    0x7fff91025000 -
    0x7fff91095fff  com.apple.datadetectorscore (3.0 - 179.4) <9C01D16F-75A9-3BDD-B91A-F0F32261A2E7> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DataDetectorsCore.framework/Versions/A/DataDe tectorsCore
    0x7fff91096000 -
    0x7fff91149ff7  com.apple.CoreText (220.20.0 - ???) <0E979362-15E4-3955-BF54-B5961361D1CC> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreText.framework/Versions/A/CoreText
    0x7fff9118f000 -
    0x7fff91284fff  libiconv.2.dylib (7.0.0 - compatibility 7.0.0) <5C40E880-0706-378F-B864-3C2BD922D926> /usr/lib/libiconv.2.dylib
    0x7fff91961000 -
    0x7fff919a2fff  com.apple.QD (3.40 - ???) <47674D2C-BE88-388E-B1B0-03F08BFFE5FD> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ QD.framework/Versions/A/QD
    0x7fff919a3000 -
    0x7fff919aefff  com.apple.CommonAuth (2.2 - 2.0) <77E6F0D0-85B6-30B5-B99C-F57104DD2EBA> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CommonAuth.framework/Versions/A/CommonAuth
    0x7fff919af000 -
    0x7fff91a54fff  com.apple.ink.framework (1.4 - 110) <F93B76B3-E57C-3805-B20D-03717A3F91DD> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Ink.framework /Versions/A/Ink
    0x7fff91a55000 -
    0x7fff91a79fff  com.apple.Kerberos (1.0 - 1) <1F826BCE-DA8F-381D-9C4C-A36AA0EA1CB9> /System/Library/Frameworks/Kerberos.framework/Versions/A/Kerberos
    0x7fff91a7a000 -
    0x7fff91a85ff7  com.apple.speech.recognition.framework (4.0.21 - 4.0.21) <6540EAF2-E3BF-3D2E-B4C1-F106180D6F20> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SpeechRecogni tion.framework/Versions/A/SpeechRecognition
    0x7fff91a86000 -
    0x7fff91a95fff  libxar.1.dylib (??? - ???) <58B07AA0-BC12-36E3-94FC-C252719A1BDF> /usr/lib/libxar.1.dylib
    0x7fff91c21000 -
    0x7fff91c36fff  com.apple.speech.synthesis.framework (4.0.74 - 4.0.74) <C061ECBB-7061-3A43-8A18-90633F943295> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ SpeechSynthesis.framework/Versions/A/SpeechSynthesis
    0x7fff91c37000 -
    0x7fff91c41ff7  liblaunch.dylib (392.38.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <6ECB7F19-B384-32C1-8652-2463C1CF4815> /usr/lib/system/liblaunch.dylib
    0x7fff91c42000 -
    0x7fff91c59fff  com.apple.MultitouchSupport.framework (231.4 - 231.4) <10A978D1-8781-33F0-BE45-60C9171F7278> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MultitouchSupport.framework/Versions/A/Multit ouchSupport
    0x7fff91c5a000 -
    0x7fff91f86ff7  com.apple.HIToolbox (1.9 - ???) <B7D2A06B-7BE5-3355-BF7D-8139100B9B97> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.fra mework/Versions/A/HIToolbox
    0x7fff91fb0000 -
    0x7fff920b7fe7  libsqlite3.dylib (9.6.0 - compatibility 9.0.0) <EE02BB01-64C9-304D-9719-A35F5CD6D04C> /usr/lib/libsqlite3.dylib
    0x7fff92383000 -
    0x7fff923b3ff7  com.apple.DictionaryServices (1.2.1 - 158.2) <3FC86118-7553-38F7-8916-B329D2E94476> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Diction aryServices.framework/Versions/A/DictionaryServices
    0x7fff92432000 -
    0x7fff92433ff7  libremovefile.dylib (21.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <739E6C83-AA52-3C6C-A680-B37FE2888A04> /usr/lib/system/libremovefile.dylib
    0x7fff9250b000 -
    0x7fff92510fff  com.apple.OpenDirectory (10.7 - 146) <7960A302-F9AC-3F72-838E-3A382032DCA6> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenDirectory.framework/Versions/A/OpenDirectory
    0x7fff92515000 -
    0x7fff92554fff  com.apple.AE (527.7 - 527.7) <B82F7ABC-AC8B-3507-B029-969DD5CA813D> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/AE.fram ework/Versions/A/AE
    0x7fff9258d000 -
    0x7fff925b1fff  com.apple.RemoteViewServices (1.4 - 44.1) <EA3837DF-A3A3-37FF-AE11-D50048D5F21A> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/RemoteViewServices.framework/Versions/A/Remot eViewServices
    0x7fff925b9000 -
    0x7fff925cfff7  com.apple.ImageCapture (7.0.1 - 7.0.1) <BF4EC1CC-C998-3529-A69F-765774C66A6F> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ImageCapture. framework/Versions/A/ImageCapture
    0x7fff925f0000 -
    0x7fff925f2fff  com.apple.TrustEvaluationAgent (2.0 - 1) <1F31CAFF-C1C6-33D3-94E9-11B721761DDF> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TrustEvaluationAgent.framework/Versions/A/Tru stEvaluationAgent
    0x7fff925f3000 -
    0x7fff9275afff  com.apple.CFNetwork (520.4.3 - 520.4.3) <31D7A595-375E-341A-8E97-21E73CC62E4A> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFNetwo rk.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork
    0x7fff9280e000 -
    0x7fff92910fff  libxml2.2.dylib (10.3.0 - compatibility 10.0.0) <AFBB22B7-07AE-3F2E-B88C-70BEEBFB8A86> /usr/lib/libxml2.2.dylib
    0x7fff92923000 -
    0x7fff9298cfff  com.apple.coreui (1.2.2 - 165.10) <F427BF39-3E01-3DC6-A63D-BFC50FE6C72E> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.framework/Versions/A/CoreUI
    0x7fff9298d000 -
    0x7fff929c7fe7  com.apple.DebugSymbols (2.1 - 87) <ED2B177C-4146-3715-91DF-D99A8ED5449A> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DebugSymbols.framework/Versions/A/DebugSymbol s
    0x7fff92a22000 -
    0x7fff92a2bff7  libsystem_notify.dylib (80.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <A4D651E3-D1C6-3934-AD49-7A104FD14596> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_notify.dylib
    0x7fff92a2c000 -
    0x7fff92ab1ff7  com.apple.Heimdal (2.2 - 2.0) <FF0BD9A4-6FB0-31E3-ABFB-563FBBEC45FC> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Heimdal.framework/Versions/A/Heimdal
    0x7fff92ab2000 -
    0x7fff92ac6ff7  com.apple.LangAnalysis (1.7.0 - 1.7.0) <04C31EF0-912A-3004-A08F-CEC27030E0B2> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ LangAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/LangAnalysis
    0x7fff92ac7000 -
    0x7fff92acaff7  com.apple.securityhi (4.0 - 1) <D0ABB03B-CEF9-39E0-A139-AA9484DBBC07> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SecurityHI.fr amework/Versions/A/SecurityHI
    0x7fff92acb000 -
    0x7fff92b14ff7  com.apple.framework.CoreWLAN (2.1.2 - 212.2) <5E421E2D-50EA-340E-A5EE-C848DD6FC34F> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreWLAN.framework/Versions/A/CoreWLAN
    0x7fff92ba6000 -
    0x7fff92bfefff  libTIFF.dylib (??? - ???) <A0FF68DE-2935-30E7-B61C-4D9D70E14AD0> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libTIFF.dylib
    0x7fff92d0b000 -
    0x7fff92d1eff7  libCRFSuite.dylib (??? - ???) <0B76941F-218E-30C8-B6DE-E15919F8DBEB> /usr/lib/libCRFSuite.dylib
    0x7fff92ed8000 -
    0x7fff92f7afff  com.apple.securityfoundation (5.0 - 55116) <A9311EF6-B7F7-3DA5-84E8-21BC9B2C3C69> /System/Library/Frameworks/SecurityFoundation.framework/Versions/A/SecurityFoun dation
    0x7fff9317e000 -
    0x7fff931daff7  com.apple.HIServices (1.21 - ???) <9645CFA8-63BE-3A0D-A636-56D9827E6C8C> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ HIServices.framework/Versions/A/HIServices
    0x7fff931db000 -
    0x7fff93b78c9f  com.apple.CoreGraphics (1.600.0 - ???) <1DB9C92C-DFA8-36ED-B513-998134462148> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/CoreGraphics
    0x7fff93bf5000 -
    0x7fff93c02fff  com.apple.CrashReporterSupport (10.7.4 - 352) <9C16B49C-CF02-38F9-A7CD-969C140D3961> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CrashReporterSupport.framework/Versions/A/Cra shReporterSupport
    0x7fff93c03000 -
    0x7fff93c30ff7  com.apple.opencl (1.50.69 - 1.50.69) <57939F7D-3626-30E2-883D-8A7CCB3F8763> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenCL.framework/Versions/A/OpenCL
    0x7fff93ca6000 -
    0x7fff93ca7ff7  libsystem_sandbox.dylib (??? - ???) <96D38E74-F18F-3CCB-A20B-E8E3ADC4E166> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_sandbox.dylib
    0x7fff93cd4000 -
    0x7fff93d4afff  libc++.1.dylib (28.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <DA22E4D6-7F20-3BEA-9B89-2FBA735C2EE1> /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
    0x7fff941dd000 -
    0x7fff941eafff  libCSync.A.dylib (600.0.0 - compatibility 64.0.0) <528BAA66-C38C-3093-84B5-92A7832CE7BC> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libCSync.A.dylib
    0x7fff941eb000 -
    0x7fff943bfff7  com.apple.CoreFoundation (6.7.2 - 635.21) <62A3402E-A4E7-391F-AD20-1EF20236CE1B> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation
    0x7fff943c0000 -
    0x7fff94402ff7  libcommonCrypto.dylib (55010.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <BB770C22-8C57-365A-8716-4A3C36AE7BFB> /usr/lib/system/libcommonCrypto.dylib
    0x7fff94403000 -
    0x7fff94451fff  libauto.dylib (??? - ???) <D8AC8458-DDD0-3939-8B96-B6CED81613EF> /usr/lib/libauto.dylib
    0x7fff94452000 -
    0x7fff944ecff7  com.apple.SearchKit (1.4.0 - 1.4.0) <4E70C394-773E-3A4B-A93C-59A88ABA9509> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SearchK it.framework/Versions/A/SearchKit
    0x7fff944ed000 -
    0x7fff944eefff  libunc.dylib (24.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <337960EE-0A85-3DD0-A760-7134CF4C0AFF> /usr/lib/system/libunc.dylib
    0x7fff944fe000 -
    0x7fff94500ff7  com.apple.print.framework.Print (7.4 - 247.3) <626C58D5-2841-3329-8C32-9F4A8353F3E7> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Print.framewo rk/Versions/A/Print
    0x7fff94501000 -
    0x7fff9492efff  libLAPACK.dylib (??? - ???) <4F2E1055-2207-340B-BB45-E4F16171EE0D> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.fr amework/Versions/A/libLAPACK.dylib
    0x7fff9495d000 -
    0x7fff94f41fff  libBLAS.dylib (??? - ???) <C34F6D88-187F-33DC-8A68-C0C9D1FA36DF> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.fr amework/Versions/A/libBLAS.dylib
    0x7fff94f42000 -
    0x7fff94f42fff  com.apple.Accelerate (1.7 - Accelerate 1.7) <82DDF6F5-FBC3-323D-B71D-CF7ABC5CF568> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Accelerate
    0x7fff94f43000 -
    0x7fff94faeff7  com.apple.framework.IOKit (2.0 - ???) <6C604894-7F61-3130-8499-20791D14577F> /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/IOKit
    0x7fff94faf000 -
    0x7fff9514eff7  com.apple.QuartzCore (1.7 - 270.4) <97E20A5F-652B-3E85-8C46-DCB777248ECD> /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/QuartzCore
    0x7fff9514f000 -
    0x7fff95154fff  libcompiler_rt.dylib (6.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <98ECD5F6-E85C-32A5-98CD-8911230CB66A> /usr/lib/system/libcompiler_rt.dylib
    0x7fff951a2000 -
    0x7fff951a5fff  libCoreVMClient.dylib (??? - ???) <934D0D11-C34F-3C06-A352-21BB8FFE9774> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libCoreVMClien t.dylib
    0x7fff951c3000 -
    0x7fff951d2ff7  libxar-nossl.dylib (??? - ???) <A6ABBFB9-E4ED-38AD-BBBB-F9958B9CEFB5> /usr/lib/libxar-nossl.dylib
    0x7fff951e9000 -
    0x7fff952c8ff7  com.apple.ImageIO.framework (3.1.2 - 3.1.2) <FFA7532B-336A-3F0B-9AB9-2A35B56ED887> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/ImageIO
    0x7fff952c9000 -
    0x7fff952e9fff  libPng.dylib (??? - ???) <F4D84592-C450-3076-88E9-8E6517C7EF33> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libPng.dylib
    0x7fff95329000 -
    0x7fff95329fff  com.apple.Cocoa (6.6 - ???) <7EC4D759-B2A6-3A99-AC75-809FED1500C6> /System/Library/Frameworks/Cocoa.framework/Versions/A/Cocoa
    0x7fff9532a000 -
    0x7fff95330fff  IOSurface (??? - ???) <77C6757B-D357-3E34-9424-48F962B5CC9C> /System/Library/Frameworks/IOSurface.framework/Versions/A/IOSurface
    0x7fff95331000 -
    0x7fff95371ff7  libcups.2.dylib (2.9.0 - compatibility 2.0.0) <5328C0AB-F169-3786-A3EC-9E82E960CAAF> /usr/lib/libcups.2.dylib
    0x7fff95372000 -
    0x7fff95f78ff7  com.apple.AppKit (6.7.3 - 1138.47) <CAF5783F-F80B-30E7-929F-BBA6D96C5C44> /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit
    0x7fff962dc000 -
    0x7fff96304fff  com.apple.PerformanceAnalysis (1.11 - 11) <8D4C6382-DD92-37A2-BCFC-E89951320848> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PerformanceAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/Perf ormanceAnalysis
    0x7fff96305000 -
    0x7fff963e2fef  libsystem_c.dylib (763.13.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <41B43515-2806-3FBC-ACF1-A16F35B7E290> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_c.dylib
    0x7fff963e3000 -
    0x7fff963e7ff7  com.apple.CommonPanels (1.2.5 - 94) <37C6540B-F8D1-355A-806C-F93D8FB522AB> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CommonPanels. framework/Versions/A/CommonPanels
    0x7fff963e8000 -
    0x7fff964ccfff  com.apple.CoreServices.OSServices (478.46 - 478.46) <70BEE269-8F4D-3FDC-B1AD-A591C0CB37E5> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OSServi ces.framework/Versions/A/OSServices
    0x7fff965a1000 -
    0x7fff965e0ff7  libGLImage.dylib (??? - ???) <49BB4404-68F1-3839-A5C9-983405B59F52> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLImage.dyl ib
    0x7fff965e1000 -
    0x7fff96717fff  com.apple.vImage (5.1 - 5.1) <A08B7582-67BC-3EED-813A-4833645964A7> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vImage.fr amework/Versions/A/vImage
    0x7fff96718000 -
    0x7fff96741fff  libJPEG.dylib (??? - ???) <64D079F9-256A-323B-A837-84628B172F21> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libJPEG.dylib
    0x7fff9690a000 -
    0x7fff96985ff7  com.apple.print.framework.PrintCore (7.1 - 366.3) <C5F39A82-0E77-3AD6-906A-20DD2EE8D374> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ PrintCore.framework/Versions/A/PrintCore
    0x7fff96986000 -
    0x7fff969eeff7  com.apple.audio.CoreAudio (4.0.2 - 4.0.2) <C6703B2E-62F2-37C4-A4DE-28AF9C81CB44> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio
    0x7fff969ef000 -
    0x7fff96a31fff  com.apple.corelocation (330.12 - 330.12) <CFDF7694-382A-30A8-8347-505BA0CAF312> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreLocation.framework/Versions/A/CoreLocation
    0x7fff96a3c000 -
    0x7fff96b49fff  libJP2.dylib (??? - ???) <5BE8CFA7-00C2-3BDE-BC20-5FF6DC18B415> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libJP2.dylib
    0x7fff96cd5000 -
    0x7fff96cdbfff  com.apple.DiskArbitration (2.4.1 - 2.4.1) <CEA34337-63DE-302E-81AA-10D717E1F699> /System/Library/Frameworks/DiskArbitration.framework/Versions/A/DiskArbitration
    0x7fff96cdc000 -
    0x7fff96ceeff7  libbsm.0.dylib (??? - ???) <349BB16F-75FA-363F-8D98-7A9C3FA90A0D> /usr/lib/libbsm.0.dylib
    0x7fff97014000 -
    0x7fff9701afff  libGFXShared.dylib (??? - ???) <8A61FA67-EB3C-319D-AE3C-64936FB26BAC> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGFXShared.d ylib
    0x7fff9701d000 -
    0x7fff97024fff  com.apple.NetFS (4.0 - 4.0) <433EEE54-E383-3505-9154-45B909FD3AF0> /System/Library/Frameworks/NetFS.framework/Versions/A/NetFS
    0x7fff97025000 -
    0x7fff97058ff7  com.apple.GSS (2.2 - 2.0) <971395D0-B9D0-3FDE-B23F-6F9D0A2FB95F> /System/Library/Frameworks/GSS.framework/Versions/A/GSS
    0x7fff971a8000 -
    0x7fff9722bfef  com.apple.Metadata (10.7.0 - 627.32) <38735923-2EB5-3133-BE36-BDD65A7E47DB> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Metadat a.framework/Versions/A/Metadata
    0x7fff97a0a000 -
    0x7fff97a0cfff  libCVMSPluginSupport.dylib (??? - ???) <1C73D331-6F6C-3872-A011-1C41FBF49F2A> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libCVMSPluginS upport.dylib
    0x7fff97a0d000 -
    0x7fff97a0dfff  com.apple.Carbon (153 - 153) <16EA5662-5C2C-3267-B419-66669AE536D7> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Carbon
    0x7fff97a55000 -
    0x7fff97a75fff  libsystem_kernel.dylib (1699.26.8 - compatibility 1.0.0) <1DDC0B0F-DB2A-34D6-895D-E5B2B5618946> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
    0x7fff97aa7000 -
    0x7fff97aa7fff  com.apple.ApplicationServices (41 - 41) <89B6AD5B-5C75-3E83-8C2B-AA7F4C55E400> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Application Services
    0x7fff97ac9000 -
    0x7fff97ae6ff7  com.apple.openscripting (1.3.3 - ???) <BDCCCBA9-F440-30BD-8378-FAB5AF685A5D> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OpenScripting .framework/Versions/A/OpenScripting
    0x7fff97ae7000 -
    0x7fff97b39ff7  libGLU.dylib (??? - ???) <E2EF0336-3A5F-3532-AEB0-6CCF04851B72> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLU.dylib
    0x7fff97b3a000 -
    0x7fff97c01ff7  com.apple.ColorSync (4.7.4 - 4.7.4) <590AFCDA-F10E-31FE-9B01-DA5FFE74C2BB> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ColorSync.framework/Versions/A/ColorSync
    0x7fff97cca000 -
    0x7fff97d1eff7  com.apple.ScalableUserInterface (1.0 - 1) <33563775-C662-313D-B7FA-3D575A9F3D41> /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ScalableU serInterface.framework/Versions/A/ScalableUserInterface
    0x7fff97d8f000 -
    0x7fff97d8ffff  com.apple.audio.units.AudioUnit (1.7.2 - 1.7.2) <04C10813-CCE5-3333-8C72-E8E35E417B3B> /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioUnit.framework/Versions/A/AudioUnit
    0x7fff97d90000 -
    0x7fff97e06fff  com.apple.CoreSymbolication (2.2 - 73.2) <126415E3-3A35-315B-B4B7-507CDBED0D58> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreSymbolication.framework/Versions/A/CoreSy mbolication
    0x7fff97e07000 -
    0x7fff97e53ff7  com.apple.SystemConfiguration (1.11.3 - 1.11) <0A7F1982-B4EA-3424-A0C7-FE46C6224F03> /System/Library/Frameworks/SystemConfiguration.framework/Versions/A/SystemConfi guration
    0x7fff980bb000 -
    0x7fff980e4fff  com.apple.CoreVideo (1.7 - 70.3) <9A9D4058-9935-3B0A-B1A6-27EB78D02249> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreVideo.framework/Versions/A/CoreVideo
    0x7fff9835c000 -
    0x7fff9835cfff  libkeymgr.dylib (23.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <61EFED6A-A407-301E-B454-CD18314F0075> /usr/lib/system/libkeymgr.dylib
    0x7fff9835d000 -
    0x7fff98388ff7  libxslt.1.dylib (3.24.0 - compatibility 3.0.0) <E71220D3-8015-38EC-B97D-7FDB383C2BDC> /usr/lib/libxslt.1.dylib
    0x7fff986c8000 -
    0x7fff986e5fff  libxpc.dylib (77.19.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <9F57891B-D7EF-3050-BEDD-21E7C6668248> /usr/lib/system/libxpc.dylib
    0x7fff987b4000 -
    0x7fff988cdfff  com.apple.DesktopServices (1.6.3 - 1.6.3) <20812ECE-CACC-3D44-8108-025EF6B45C14> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DesktopServicesPriv.framework/Versions/A/Desk topServicesPriv
    0x7fff988ce000 -
    0x7fff9896fff7  com.apple.LaunchServices (480.33 - 480.33) <45EF2044-3396-3910-9B5B-C8F7777D5F56> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchS ervices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices
    0x7fff98970000 -
    0x7fff9897eff7  libkxld.dylib (??? - ???) <C2FC894F-3716-32C3-967E-6AD5E2697045> /usr/lib/system/libkxld.dylib
    0x7fff9897f000 -
    0x7fff98a03ff7  com.apple.ApplicationServices.ATS (317.11.0 - ???) <082DEAFE-8A93-3AF2-B4E5-30012E725929> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ATS.framework/Versions/A/ATS
    0x7fff98a04000 -
    0x7fff98a0bff7  com.apple.CommerceCore (1.0 - 17) <3894FE48-EDCE-30E9-9796-E2F959D92704> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CommerceKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/C ommerceCore.framework/Versions/A/CommerceCore
    0x7fff98b29000 -
    0x7fff98b48fff  libresolv.9.dylib (46.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <0635C52D-DD53-3721-A488-4C6E95607A74> /usr/lib/libresolv.9.dylib
    0x7fff98b5c000 -
    0x7fff98cb5fff  com.apple.audio.toolbox.AudioToolbox (1.7.2 - 1.7.2) <0AD8197C-1BA9-30CD-98F1-4CA2C6559BA8> /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioToolbox.framework/Versions/A/AudioToolbox
    0x7fff98d90000 -
    0x7fff98dcbfff  libsystem_info.dylib (??? - ???) <35F90252-2AE1-32C5-8D34-782C614D9639> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_info.dylib
    0x7fff98dcc000 -
    0x7fff98e0cfff  libtidy.A.dylib (??? - ???) <E500CDB9-C010-3B1A-B995-774EE64F39BE> /usr/lib/libtidy.A.dylib
    0x7fff98e0e000 -
    0x7fff992b3fff  com.apple.RawCamera.bundle (3.12.0 - 615) <10CCCC87-4A1E-3343-BF09-1C6640B56F45> /System/Library/CoreServices/RawCamera.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RawCamera
    0x7fff993f7000 -
    0x7fff9940efff  com.apple.CFOpenDirectory (10.7 - 146) <BBB7C97E-7B46-3286-9128-32B5D16B5CBE> /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenDirectory.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFOpen Directory.framework/Versions/A/CFOpenDirectory
    0x7fff9940f000 -
    0x7fff99412fff  com.apple.help (1.3.2 - 42) <BF14DE49-F7E8-336F-81FB-BBDF2DB3AC09> /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Help.framewor k/Versions/A/Help
    0x7fff99475000 -
    0x7fff994c9fff  libFontRegistry.dylib (??? - ???) <822DD341-C735-36C9-9521-E8E98807D09D> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ATS.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libFontRegistry.dylib
    0x7fff994ca000 -
    0x7fff9952afff  libvDSP.dylib (325.4.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <3A7521E6-5510-3FA7-AB65-79693A7A5839> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.fr amework/Versions/A/libvDSP.dylib
    0x7fff99794000 -
    0x7fff99797fff  libRadiance.dylib (??? - ???) <CD89D70D-F177-3BAE-8A26-644EA7D5E28E> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libRadiance.dylib
    0x7fff99798000 -
    0x7fff997c3ff7  com.apple.CoreServicesInternal (113.17 - 113.17) <B1DF81C3-9C23-3BAE-9DE8-21EAFEEB97B8> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreServicesInternal.framework/Versions/A/Cor eServicesInternal
    0x7fff997c4000 -
    0x7fff997c9fff  libGIF.dylib (??? - ???) <8763F67F-A881-30B6-B20E-D395B4D9FD58> /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libGIF.dylib
    0x7fff99817000 -
    0x7fff99a19fff  libicucore.A.dylib (46.1.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <38CD6ED3-C8E4-3CCD-89AC-9C3198803101> /usr/lib/libicucore.A.dylib
    0x7fff99b03000 -
    0x7fff99b09ff7  libunwind.dylib (30.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <1E9C6C8C-CBE8-3F4B-A5B5-E03E3AB53231> /usr/lib/system/libunwind.dylib
    0x7fff99b7c000 -
    0x7fff99b81fff  libcache.dylib (47.0.0 - compatibility 1.0.0) <1571C3AB-BCB2-38CD-B3B2-C5FC3F927C6A> /usr/lib/system/libcache.dylib
    0x7fff99b82000 -
    0x7fff99b83fff  liblangid.dylib (??? - ???) <CACBE3C3-2F7B-3EED-B50E-EDB73F473B77> /usr/lib/liblangid.dylib
    0x7fff99b89000 -
    0x7fff99b89fff  com.apple.Accelerate.vecLib (3.7 - vecLib 3.7) <C06A140F-6114-3B8B-B080-E509303145B8> /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vecLib.fr amework/Versions/A/vecLib
    0x7fff99bfe000 -
    0x7fff99bfffff  libDiagnosticMessagesClient.dylib (??? - ???) <3DCF577B-F126-302B-BCE2-4DB9A95B8598> /usr/lib/libDiagnosticMessagesClient.dylib
    0x7fff99c00000 -
    0x7fff99c00fff  com.apple.CoreServices (53 - 53) <043C8026-8EDD-3241-B090-F589E24062EF> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/CoreServices
    0x7fff99c01000 -
    0x7fff99f1dfff  com.apple.CoreServices.CarbonCore (960.24 - 960.24) <6F99A26B-788F-37B9-860F-508906EC06D7> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonC ore.framework/Versions/A/CarbonCore
    0x7fff99f25000 -
    0x7fff99f33fff  com.apple.NetAuth (3.2 - 3.2) <F0D60E34-37A9-308D-B44E-E3450906173A> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/NetAuth.framework/Versions/A/NetAuth
    0x7fff99f34000 -
    0x7fff99f50ff7  com.apple.GenerationalStorage (1.0 - 126.1) <509F52ED-E54B-3FEF-B3C2-759387B826E6> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GenerationalStorage.framework/Versions/A/Gene rationalStorage
    0x7fff9a3f9000 -
    0x7fff9a40bff7  libz.1.dylib (1.2.5 - compatibility 1.0.0) <30CBEF15-4978-3DED-8629-7109880A19D4> /usr/lib/libz.1.dylib
    External Modification Summary:
      Calls made by other processes targeting this process:
    task_for_pid: 4
    thread_create: 0
    thread_set_state: 0
      Calls made by this process:
    task_for_pid: 0
    thread_create: 0
    thread_set_state: 0
      Calls made by all processes on this machine:
    task_for_pid: 389
    thread_create: 0
    thread_set_state: 0
    VM Region Summary:
    ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=185.1M resident=127.2M(69%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=57.9M(31%)
    Writable regions: Total=1.0G written=4176K(0%) resident=5504K(1%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=1.0G(99%)
    REGION TYPE                   
    CG shared images                  
    JS JIT generated code              
    JS JIT generated code (reserved) 
    reserved VM address space (unallocated)
    MALLOC guard page                 
    SQLite page cache                
    STACK GUARD                     
    mapped file                     
    shared memory                    
    TOTAL, minus reserved VM space 
    This was the best I could do to finally get the report posted.
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  • Installed Adobe dlm add-on and now Firfox will not open. I see the process starting in Task Manager but no window opens. Unistalled Firefox then re-installed but still no luck. HELP ME!

    ''Duplicate post, continue here - [https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/793259]''
    I installed Adobe dlm add-on and now Firefox will not open. I see the process starting in Task Manager but no window opens. Unistalled Firefox then re-installed but still no luck. HELP ME! I do not want to use IE! I presume it has something to do with Adobe DLM as ever since then it is not working.

    I had this problem for a couple weeks as well and it was extremely frustrating considering we use firefox for all our company tasks. Here is the solution:
    First of all if you have no bookmarks you want to save, then go directly to step 7. If you want to save your bookmarks first, then follow these steps.
    1. Shut down the computer
    2. Reboot and open firefox
    3. Go to Task Manager, right click firefox.exe, and click END PROCESS TREE
    4. WAIT 30 SECONDS! Then Double-click the shortcut to try and open firefox again
    5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until firefox finally opens (trust me, eventually it will)
    6. Once it finally opens, backup your bookmarks,
    7. Download a copy of firefox from there website
    8. Uninstall from programs menu and make sure to check the box REMOVE ALL COMPONENTS
    9. install the new copy and BOOM! it works
    If it doesn't work, you're an idiot. If you don't want to reinstall firefox, then you're out of luck. Good Luck!

  • I used my wifi to update to ios 8 after like 4 hours it finished ans in the middle of installing the software it shutdown and everytime i try to open it it shows the itunes logo with the usp cable... any help pls

    i used my wifi to download ios 8 after like 5 hours it finished and then it let me install,  while installing the software it shutdown and everytime i try to open it it shows up the itunes and the usp cable logo... when i plug in the usp cable it says in itunes( ipad recovery mode)  and when i press restore it start downloading the ios software again...... wats tht and what i can do pls help.   thnx

    1. Turn off iPad
    2. Turn on computer and launch iTunes (make sure you have the latest version of iTune)
    3. Plug USB cable into computer's USB port
    4. Hold Home button down and plug the other end of cable into docking port.
    DO NOT RELEASE BUTTON until you see picture of iTunes and plug
    5. Release Home button.
    6. iTunes has detected iPad in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes.
    7. Select "Restore iPad"...
    1. Data will be lost if you do not have backup
    2. You must follow step 1 to step 4 VERY CLOSELY.
    3. Repeat the process if necessary.

  • I just installed Adobe InDesign CC 2014 and now I can't scale objects/type using Command+Shift Key. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, any solution?

    I just installed Adobe InDesign CC 2014 and now I can't scale objects/type using Command+Shift Key. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, any solution?

    There is a conflict with third party software or your system keyboard shortcuts. Lately, there have been many postings about conflicts with Chrome extensions so check there first.
    It's not a new problem. I wrote about it on InDesignSecrets.com in 2006:
    The Missing Keystrokes Mystery | InDesignSecrets

  • I just updated my iPhone to the 5.0 OS and now all of my calander events are gone. How do I get them back??

    I just updated my iPhone to the 5.0 OS and now all of my calander events are gone. How do I get them back?? Any help/advice is welcome!

    Did you restore your phone with itunes or check new phone.  You can always reconnect with itunes and restore your phone to old settings and it should replace everything because it is on your computer

  • I was told I had to upgrade Firefox to 4.0, downloaded the dmg, launched it and now Firefox will not open at all.

    I was told I had to upgrade Firefox to 4.0, downloaded the dmg, launched it and now Firefox will not open at all. It tells me "The operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items." Also, that "Firefox cannot be opened because of a problem." And it give a bunch of code. This is my main browser. What is happening here? My OS X is 10.6.7. Has this caused a problem?

    If you right-click on your Photoshope.exe, select Properties, there should be a Compatibility tab. There you can select Windows XP, Windows 2000, Winows 98 or 95. One of these should allow you to open Photoshop 6, unless you mean CS6.

  • TS1506 I just updated my IOS to 7.1 and now I can't open Microsoft attachments - I used to always do it. Help - I use my iPad for work and now can't see any attachments.

    I just updated my IOS to 7.1 and now I can't open Microsoft attachments - I used to always do it. Help - I use my iPad for work and now can't see any attachments. I've tried opening straight into other apps and just get error messages, and I the mail preview there is just a grey screen telling me the file name and size. It worked fine until I did the IOS upgrade

    Troubleshooting apps purchased from the App Store
    Delete the app and redownload.
    Downloading Past Purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store
     Cheers, Tom 

  • When I try to open a project, the only option for a new track is for external MIDI device; when I try to open an audio or software instrument track, I get an error message saying that "the specified number of tracks could not be created. Reduce the n

    When I try to open a project, the only option for a new track is for external MIDI device; when I try to open an audio or software instrument track, I get an error message saying that "the specified number of tracks could not be created. Reduce the number of tracks to create and try again." I didn't specify ANY number of tracks. Thanks for help!

    Ah.. then I suspect you just need to go to Logic's prefs/Audio and check CoreAudio...
    It has been unchecked somehow...
    Also.. as an aside.. Be careful not to create such large subject names in future when posting here.. They can cause issues with replying to posts in such threads.. due to a bug in the forum software.. so please keep them short and to the point...

  • My Ipod just stopped working, the screen got black and now I can't open it. I have tried to charge it but it doens't work.

    My Ipod touch 5 just stopped working. The screen got black and now I can't use it or start it.
    I have tried to charge it but it doens't start and when I tried to connect it with my computer it didn't work either.
    I saw that you could hold down the "home" button and the "power" button at the same time but my home button doens't work so I can't do that.
    Is there any other way I can fix it or do I have to go to an apple store? 

    Turn on without Home/Power Button

  • I downloaded the New numbers iOS and now i can't open any numbers documents

    I just recently downloaded the new Mavricks update and now all my numbers Documents say i need to download the new system before opening. I alread have the new numbers system so i am unsure of what I need to do to fix it. I use numbers all day for my job so not having it is really not an option.

    Go to the App Store via the Dock or by starting the program from your Applications folder. Sign in with your Apple ID/Password and type Numbers in the search box on the top right. That should let you navigate to the Numbers download.

  • I have updated my PSE9 and still can not open the RAW files from my new camera, I get an error?

    I bought a new camera (Canon T5i) and took photos in RAW, tried to open them in PSE9 and they wouldn't open. I got the following error...
    Canon RAW Codec found a new CR2 file that is not supported by the installed version.
    You can download the Canon RAW Codec update program from the link below.
    (Canon Server)
    I have been to the link & downloaded what update it had. I have also done the available updates on my PSE9 and I am still getting this error messge. When I called Canon regarding this they said I needed to contact Adobe.
    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong or not doing so I can open these files???

    The T5 is supported by Camera RAW 8.4 which needs PSE12. You can use the Canon software to convert RAW to TIF or the Adobe DNG Converter. The converter will convert the CR2 files to Adobes RAW DNG format that will open in PSE9's RAW processor. http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop/extend.displayTab2.html#downloads.
    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children
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  • I downloaded the recent Pages update but now I can not open some documents done last year.  I get an error saying that I need to download a newer version of Pages.  I am running version 4.3

    I downloaded the recent Pages update but now I can not open some documents done in the past year.  I get an error saying that I need to download a newer version of Pages.  I am running version 4.3.  Do I have to purchase an update of Pages?

    You are not on Mountain Lion anymore, right? You are on Mavericks and have downloaded Pages 5 and then created docuemnts in it which can't be opened in Pages 09.
    No, you don't have to buy a newer Pages but you have to be particular about which version you use.

  • When I try to e-mail photos from i photo 11 I get a "Error type 10665" message... what does that mean?, When I try to e-mail photos from i photo 11 I get a "Error type 10665" message... what does that mean?

    When I try to e-mail photos from i photo 11... I am getting this message:  "Error type 10665"  . 
    What does this mean?  I have gone over the tutorials for emailing photos... very simple... am doing exactly that... 
    and I have also done this before... so I am not sure what the problem is. 
    The photos have been downloaded from my i phone... would that matter?
    thank you..

    Hello WayneSchlapkohl,
    Welcome to the HP Support Forums!
    I understand that you are looking to Email a scanned photo, but do not want the file to be to large. Are you using HP software when you get the error "not connected to the internet" ? If so, What is the Operating System installed, Windows, including version, e.g. Windows 7 or Mac, including version, e.g. 10.8?
    Lowering the DPI or resolution will help keep the file size down, if you have an option for that in the software.
    Also, what is the Email client are you using, MSN, Gmail, etc?
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • When I click the share button to email a file from Preview or Safari, I get an error sound

    As one other user previously stated with a similar situation:
    I use preview all the time to email pdf documents. When I click the share icon then click mail all I get is the "clunk" noise I associated with error messages, but nothing else, no dialogue window and no error message. I can't find anything in the Preview preferences about sharing.
    How can I send the file that I am previewing with this sharp button via email.  I use Outlook for Mac as my email program.  Outlook for Mac 2011 version 14.4.8

    Do a backup.
    Quit Preview.
    Go to Finder and select your user/home folder. With that Finder window as the front window, either select Finder/View/Show View options or go command - J.  When the View options opens, check ’Show Library Folder’. That should make your user library folder visible in your user/home folder. Remove the following. You may not find them all. Restart and test.
    Saved Application State/com.apple.Preview.savedState
    Credit Linc Davis  for this solution.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Function module u0091GET_PRINT_PARAMETERSu0092 Not showing all columns

    Hello all, I am using function module ‘GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS’ CALL FUNCTION 'GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS'     EXPORTING       DESTINATION    = LOC_DEST       COPIES         = WF_COPIES       LIST_NAME      = WF_LISTNAME       LIST_TEXT      = WF_LISTTEXT    

  • How do you page down or up on the Apple Wireless Keyboard?

    Hi,      I have an iMac 27" & I got the Wireless Keyboard.  How do I poage up or down using the wireless keyboard because there is no Page up or Page down key like on the wired keyboard?  Also, is there a list of shortcuts for the wireless keyboard &

  • Dynamic  Instance for a MOVIE CLIP

    Hi Please help me!!!!!!!!!! I am creating dynamic Movie Clip using as3, but I don't have any idea about dynamic Instance name, please give me some idea that how I can assign Instance name for a movie clip. I am waiting your reply. Thanks Sushil Kumar

  • File check on boot up?

    I am a first time computer builder, my specs are as follows: MSI|VIA K8T800 K8T NEO-FIS2R Retail ATI RADEON 9800PRO 128M OEM 3000+ ATHLON 64 Retail ZALMAN CNPS7000A-CU DDRAM 512MB 32MX8 PC-3200C2 Corsairx2 1.44MB SONY MPF920 Beige Western Digital 10,

  • Insert multiple records into Oracle using Java

    Hi, Has anyone tried to insert multiple records into an Oracle table from Java? I have my data in a Java collection.Can I send a Java Collection to an Oracle Package as a PL/SQL Table Type? My problem is I dont want to instantiate a CallableStatement