I just downloaded latest version of Itunes and now my Ipod does not show up when I connect to Itunes, I just downloaded latest version of Itunes and now my Ipod does not show up when I connect to Itunes

I recently downloaded the latest version of Itunes.  As soon as that was finalized, my Ipod stopped showing up on the screen when I was in Itunes and I can't sync new songs and audiobooks to it.  How do I get my Ipod to work again?  It charges up and plays just fine, it will not sync or update with Itunes.  There is nothing showing on Itunes that I can manually sync it, either.  That option can't be clicked on.  I have no other devices other than the Ipod that syncs with Itunes now, I used to have an Iphone, but I don't anymore

Hey melthepest,
Thanks for the question. I understand that your iPo classic is not displayed in iTunes when connected to your computer. The following articles include troubleshooting steps that may help resolve your issue, depending on the symptoms:
iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes
iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
iTunes reports that "iTunes cannot recognize this iPod at this time"
Matt M.

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