I keep getting the little blue box with the question mark

I have 10.6.7 system software and my safari is 5.0.4
I have called apple twice with this problem already but nothing has helped except for short times.
I have reset safari about one dozen times and when I do I reset the top 7 items and I've emptied the cache in addition just in case. I've also taken my safari preference plist out of my library and trashed it.
And I've run disk utilities many times and restarted my computer. Each thing I do will solve the problem for a short time, even up to a day or more (or less) but then it comes back. For instance on Facebook maybe 1/8th of the thumbnail images have the little blue boxes with the question marks but most don't. I can't figure it out. Sometimes even the iPAD safari gets them too but my firefox doesn't show them and neither does Safari on my eMac.
Yesterday the question marks even showed up in ONE mailing on all 3 computers with the question marks in the blue boxes (meaning my iMac, my eMac and my iPad) but then it just all resolved after a few hours. This does sound like possibly a server problem except today it's happening (in Safari again) only on this iMac in Safari (not firefox) and not on the other two devices.
One more thing, since they changed my radio on the roof for my wireless internet, the 5.8 phone cuts out the internet when I use it. The problem has gotten worse since they changed the radio to the same frequency as the phone, it's a much faster service than the 2.4 radio. I don't know if this is related or not.
Thank you,

<Contact your ISP.
Is it possible, Carolyn, that this would mainly and almost always be only affecting the iMac and Safari in the iMac if it were a server issue? Right now Safari has more blue boxes with question marks than ever and the eMac and iPad have none. Firefox on the iMac has none also.
I should try a direct connection and by pass the router and see if that makes a difference.
I will contact them tomorrow but I want to get clear in my head first all the facts and possibilities.

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    p.s. I have started a new topic because the other string relating to this topic is showing as solved with cause being devleopers.

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    Do you get a dialog box if you control click the missing image.

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    Hello, scooterbenny. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Here are the best troubleshooting articles that I would recommend going through when experiencing this issue.
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    Jason H.

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    From the Safari Menu Bar click Safari/Preferences then select the Appearance tab. Tick the box next to: Display images when the page opens.
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    Make sure Safari is not running in Rosetta. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. In the Get Info window click the black disclosure triangle so it faces down. Where you see Open using Rosetta... make sure that is NOT selected.
    If you still have problems, go to the Safari Menu Bar, click Safari/Preferences. Make note of all the preferences under each tab. Quit Safari. Now go to ~/Library/Preferences and move this file com.apple.safari.plist to the Desktop. Relaunch Safari. If it's a successful launch, then that .plist file needs to be moved to the Trash.

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    Where precisely do you see the "?"

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    The + is shorthand for "There is extra material contained in this text box that you can't see." To make the cross go away you need to increase the size of the box. Just to make things a bit more confusing, sometimes the "extra" material is the default text that is replaced by text you type into the box. Thus while you "know" that there is no text in the box not currently showing if you take a look you'll find placeholder text put there by Pages.

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      Can you run EtreCheck and post the report here please?
      EtreCheck:  https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-6173

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    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Load Remote Images > On

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    Suddenly I see the usual blue box with question mark inside mail messages instead of pix.
    That indicates that your Mail preferences are setup to not display remote images in email messages. You should check Mail->Preferences->Viewing and make surre the box to 'Display remote images in HTML messages' is checked.
    I checked java pref.
    Java has nothing to do with Mail, or displaying images in it or any browser.

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    Reset your SMC.
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