I'm looking for a new Camileo's firmware release

Hello everybody in this forum.
I own this nice camcorder (with 5.2 CMOS) from five months, and wondering if a new firmware relase is available or not.
I experienced some problems using this device as MP3 player:
1) the "folder navigation" is not possible, so to organize my MP3 collection in the SD card using folders is not allowed, and I'm forced to put all the files in the MP3 folder, with a great confusion when I try to listen two or more albums from different artists.
2) if the MP3's name is too long maybe that Camileo reset itself or simply warn user that the file you trying to reproduce is corrupted. Using a shoorter name may solve this issue.
3) I would like to know the correct way to create a MP3 file fully compatible with the Camileo's firmware (CBR, VBR, 128, 160, 192 kb/s ???).
Please let me know.

Hi mate,
unfortunately there is no firmware update available, so you would have to arrange yourself with the limitations till a firmware update will be released.
Regarding point "3)" from your questions:
I would encode all mp3s you want to listen on the camileo with a fixed bitrate like 128kbs because the quality is medium->good and they dont need so much diskspace. By the way: 128kbps is aa bsolutely standardbitrate, so I think you cannot do anything wrong when keeping them at this BR.

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    k0balt wrote:
    I'm looking for a new soundcard to replace my on-board sound. My case, Antec P80, has two jacks on the front that allows me to connect a mic and a set of headphones...
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
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    Because of an unexpected hardware problem I'am looking for a new laptop.
    The last weeks I've informed me a bit of some laptops but I'am not really sure:
    My favorite is Samsung R560-Aura P8400 Madril but my last notebook had an ATI graphic card and the last months I was really enthusiastic about the getting better official drivers.
    And whats with the the FN-keys, webcam, bluethooth, wlan card and support? Some experiences?
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    Or get a Bamboo?

  • Looking for a new 13' or smaller laptop. Do you recommend U330 and U110?

    Hi all,
    My 4-year old T42 just died. I'm looking for a new laptop. I want the following:
    13' or smaller
    Good performance for home and work use, may run PS or some authoring tools
    May play small games, mainly Internet, movies
    DVD recordable?
    Bugget is up to $1500
    I am interested in U330 or U110 (so pretty). Any recommendations?

       I have found that there sadly isn't much information on this forum about the U110, but I'll offer some comments that perhaps you may find useful.  I also have a Thinkpad T40p that I have had for a few years and like it very much.  It has the SXGA+ screen (1140x1050) which I like a lot.  While it has been a great laptop and pretty portable (less than 5 pounds), my wife and I take a lot of road trips in our Corvette and the T40 is a bit hard to manage in the car (we use it for our map program a lot).  So when I saw the little notebooks (or netbooks) at Costco I was intrigued.
    I didn't really like any of the cheaper netbooks that much, except for the nice price of $500 and under, so I started looking to see what else was available.  I found the U110, which seemed to be a comparitively powerful and well built computer (especially when compared to the cheap netbooks), but the price tag of $1500 and up was too much.  I found a slightly used one on ebay still under warrantee for $800, so I bought it.
    I started reading up on it on various forums and online reviews and a common complaint about the U110 was that is was slow using Windows Vista.  But a number of opinions recommended Windows XP, and since my other computers (T40 and two desktops) run XP, I thought this would be for me as well on the U110.
    When I got the U110, I too was somewhat disappointed in the performance of Vista, although I will admit I'm not familiar with Vista while being very familiar with XP.  So I decided to delete Vista and install XP, which turned out to be somewhat of an ordeal because I could find very little information on this forum or elsewhere regarding the details of the U110 partitioning and other related issues.  It is actually very easy, but it is very helpful if you talk to someone who has done it and can offer suggestions and procedures.  
    Since I installed XP I am very happy with the performance and it's a great little, and VERY portable, computer.  It will be a great travel computer because of its portability.
    With all of that said, I'm not sure I would recommend it for a direct replacement of your T42.  First of all, you said your T42 "died".  Before giving up on it, I'd suggest you go to the Thinkpad forum - Google search for "thinkpad forum" and you'll find it - and go to the T4x Hardware forum.  There is a ton of information there and a lot of people contribute to it.  There are many problems solved, and it is likely your T42 may be salvagable.  It's a great computer.
    While I like the U110 a lot, the larger Thinkpad displays are easier to read if you'll be staring at them for long times.  The U110 is fine for quick internet surfing and getting information, but it can't compare to the bigger displays.  What the U110 is great for is being really portable.  If that is your primary consideration, the U110 is your answer.  But if portability is not your primary concern, I'd stick with the Thinkpad.  And pricewise, the Thinkpad will be considerably less expensive than a late model Thinkpad like a T60 or similar.  You can pick up a good T60 for under $600, while I got a good price on my U110 for $800.  Performance wise, the Thinkpad is a real bargain.
    The U110 will do what you want it to - DVD recording, small games, internet, movies, etc.  But you mentioned "home and work use", and I'm thinking you might mean this to be your only computer.  While I really like the U110, I wouldn't want it for my only computer - it's just too small.  The display is too small and the keyboard, while just fine for travel, will not compare to larger Thinkpad's.  
    I haven't seen the U330, but it's my impression that the Ideapads are sort of a lower end product when compared to the Thinkpads.   I won't give up my T40p until I can't fix it, and even then I will buy another one to replace it.  But my U110 is still a great little travel companion.
    These are my opinions and impressions.  If you get a U110, please post your own impressions so others can benefit.
    Good luck,
    Ray Kawal
    Sequim, WA 

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    I'm looking for a new PDA/Phone that is iSync 2.4 compatible for my new AT&T account. I will switch to iPhone early in the new year but need a PDA/Phone now. Appantly AT&T is out of Nokia PDAs' at the moment.

    But I can not find a list of compatible devices under 10.6 . Only a 10.5 device list is online.
    The 10.6 iSync Compatible devices list is still up-to-date except for the references to Palm devices. Apple has not added any new devices to iSync since Leopard was released in October 2007.
    Mobile me and other work arounds are also not an option for me , as I travel allot and the international data roaming charges would easily exceed the price of the iPhone within one month.
    MobileMe works over WiFi too, so you could just turn off 3G/GPRS data whilst roaming and sync when connected via WiFi.
    So, I am looking for a good / small / stable pda/phone with a good keyboard that can sync Ical / and address book over bluetooth.
    Do you mean a you want a physical QWERTY keyboard? That's going to limit your choices considerably, and any Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices will need third-party software to sync with a Mac. Palm's WebOS is not yet syncable with a Mac except for going via Google over-the-air, and the same is true with Android devices.
    There are hundreds of Nokia & Sony Ericsson phones that sync via Bluetooth and have POP3/IMAP email clients, but almost all don't have a QWERTY keyboard.
    Also, unless you buy the phone unlocked, you'll be even more limited by what your network provider offers.

  • Are you happy with your Galaxy S5?  I'm looking for a new phone.

    Are you happy with you Galaxy S5?  I'm looking for a new phone.

    Very happy after getting it to stop keeping the display lit after charging completes.  Battery life blows my Galaxy Nexus out of the water.  The GNex was like an electric car with a 30 mile range.  Always looking for a charge.  The S5's screen is gorgeous.  OLED is a must-have for me.  Signal strength is better than the GNex and the S5 is XLTE-ready so you can get faster speeds in those markets.  I got 69.08/18.95 in Kansas City back in May.  Other XLTE areas have had download speeds of high 20s to low 30s.  Performance is good.  The interface feels smooth and responsive.  I even like the look.  It's like something out of a 50s diner.
    My only real gripe is the storage.  16 gigs is pretty sad these days and only 10 gigs are available.  I know you can add a 128 gig card (I have) but few apps load completely to the card.  Heck, lots of apps won't put anything on the card.  A flagship phone should have 32 and 64 gig options.
    I also wish I could just load the bare OS and skip all the bells and whistles that Samsung's added.

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    im looking for a new motherboard for my Satelite M30X-134! I was offered one with the Toshiba number K000019680 with the advice that this one is for all M30X notebooks. Im a little irritated, because my thoshiba trader told me, that I need one with the number K000019210. Could someone tell me, if the K000019680 goes also fine with my notebook?
    Best regards

    It looks like you can use both of them but maybe is better to use K000019210. on this way you will be on safe side.

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    I'm looking for a new computer. one that can handle games well. I'm not sure if I should get a destop or a laptop. I like the facial reconzation and at least 4 usb ports, and the numbers on the right side. I like this one alot:
    and for destops: 
    If you have a destop or laptop to sugest it must meet these standards for me:
    more than 5 usb ports
    500 or more giggz 
    windows 7

      There is a few problems with your post.
    Your claim that the asus laptops will "play any game out there that is compatible" is not very helpful.  Many games will *NOT* be compatible with either of those laptops.  Stating they will "play any game out there that is compatible" is meaningless.   That exact statement applies to every computer sold, latop, desktop, or netbook. 
    Your claim that "desktops are boat anchors" that are "not very protable" are humorous at best.  When it comes to gaming and game compatibility, a desktop will always be a better choice than a laptop.
    Your anti-virus recommendation is not very useful.  There are other anti-virus products on the market that are tested to be better than Trend Micro.  No solution will give perfedct protection.  To claim that all other anti-virus solutions will leave the user unprotected is completely false.
    You claim you were "hacked" because your "cursor moved" without you moving it, when this phenomenon is a know issue with the Microsoft audio control bar; it is enabled by default and can cause the issue you describe with certain sound cards.
    Your claim that Norton allowed you to be infected is also misleading.  Chances are whatever infection you had would not have been caught by Trend Micro, either.  FWIW, Norton has won far more editor choice awards and top ratings from reviewers than Trend Micro.  I am not arguing which is better...just stating a fact.
    In short, although you are a fan of Asus laptops and Trend Micro, it does not mean either is the best choice for the OP.
    If you find my post useful or informative, please click the icon below with the plus sign and star to give kudos. Thank you!

  • Looking for a new desktop

    As most of us know, World of Warcraft is getting better graphics in the upcoming expansion. I'm worried that my desktop now (which can barely play the newest expansion) won't be able to play the upcoming expansion, thus I am looking for a new desktop. Not an amazing one, but just a good one with nice RAM, and a good processor. I'm looking around EVERYWHERE to find the best prices on desktops, and I was hoping some of you could make some reccomendations to me on to what desktop I should buy?
    I want a low-medium priced desktop (200-1000$)
    I want that desktop to be able to play World of Warcraft (and the upcoming expansion) well
    I want at least 4G of RAM
    I want at least a speed of 2GHz speed of the processor
    These are the specs of the current expansion :
    PC System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
    Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+
    Recommended: Dual-core processor, such as the Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
    Minimum: 512 MB RAM (1GB for Vista users)
    Recommended: 1 GB RAM (2 GB for Vista users)
    Minimum: 3D graphics processor with Hardware Transform and Lighting with 32 MB VRAM
    Such as an ATI Radeon 7200 or NVIDIA GeForce 2 class card or better
    Recommended: 3D graphics processor with Vertex and Pixel Shader capability with 128 MB VRAM
    Such as an ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT class card or better
    Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card or motherboard sound capability
    These will increase however, so I hope I've given enough information for people who might be able to help me!

    RealGeorgeW wrote:
    Best Buy sells all parts necessary to build a computer, though, and this is my own personal view, I will only buy a part from BBY if I've done my research and prices are lower(they usually aren't on individual parts). There's a site that is an Egg and is New, that I use for most of my parts.
    BUT. If you don't know what you're doing/aren't tech/hardware savvy. I don't recommend doing it.
    I agree.  If you don't already know where to find parts at good prices (BB sometimes has good deals but rarely on individual parts.  In some cases their RAM prices are more than 3-4 times the price of other reputable sources of RAM.), you probably don't want to assemble a machine.  (Note:  You might have a friend who is comfortable with such things that can help you.)
    I get my individual parts from the same place RealGeorgeW does.
    *disclaimer* I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Best Buy, Geek Squad, nor of any of their affiliate, parent, or subsidiary companies.

  • I work in a High School and I am looking for a new library system that runs on the mac and is not windows based, can anyone recommend anything?

    I work in a High School and I am looking for a new library system that runs on the mac and is not windows based, can anyone recommend anything?

    That's a very broad question and difficult to answer without knowing more about you requirements.
    Try starting on this page Category review: library management software for the Mac |Part I  and part II  to get a starting point.

  • Looking for a new system working with the adobe creative suite

    Hello everybody,
    i was 6 years happy with my asus notebook series x55s for what I paid around 1000 €.
    I worked until CS5 with it but now it is getting a little slow and I am looking for a new system.
    I am considering buying an Imac such as
    http://store.apple.com/us/product/FC814LL/A/refurbished-imac-27-inch-31ghz-quad-core-intel -core-i5
    but I never bought an apple computer, I am just used to edit on one from work and school
    buying an Asus Laptop again (f.g. the Asus N56VM)
    http://www.cnet.com/laptops/asus-n56vm-ab71-15/4505-3121_7-35544410.html which I found for around 900€
    and a screen with 27 inch such as the Samsung Sync Master P2770 (around 250€)
    I am mostly editing Full HD material from the Ex1 and DSLR on premiere CS5 and 6.
    Since I am not that technically expert I would like to have some opinions/ suggestions of you regarding
    my thoughts.
    I would like to spent up to 1600 €.
    Thank you so much!

    Laptop Video Editing PC
    Also read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1281294

  • Looking for a new monitor...

    I know this isn't exactly directly Photoshop related, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
    I'm a graphic design student and I have recently realized that my monitor is absolutely HORRIBLE for this field.
    http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Displays/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs =19&sku=320-6523
    I'm looking for a new one. Since I'm a poor college kid :(, something around the $300 price range would be ideal.
    If you know of a good one that fits this general price range, please let me know.

    That happens to be an excellent monitor. If you're having issues it may
    be that you need to calibrate it.
    I can assure you that you won't find anything better for $300.


    I am looking for a new celluar number on Mike [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.] in Catoosa, OK.

    Due to privacy issues, AT&T cannot supply phone numbers. If you can't google the number, you are out of luck.

  • I'm looking for a new small, efficient media player.

    Hi there.
    The background that will give you insight into my situation but doesn't need to be read
    I come from a very cushioned past media-wise. When I really started to get into listening to music I was still using Windows. It was Winamp first, which I liked but found a little much, but a few coincidences later found XMPlay, a free but closed-source media player capable of playing not only some weird file formats such as MO3, MOD, IT, XM, S3M etc, of which I have a few files in this format, but also MP3, OGG, WAV, and all the other general stuff out there. The timing was just perfect and I "grew" into my "media years" with this player. I used it across my transition from Win98 to XP, and also used it on a Win95 laptop - and I don't even think I had to "help" the system "like" the player to make it work, although I could be wrong.
    However, XMPlay has no Linux version, and as far as I can see, no porting is planned. And as I said before, it's closed source, so not much can be done there.
    In my setup I had a machine set aside for media playback because it had a SB16 in it, and I'd run it with the bass set to 100% and treble set to 0%. Despite what you might think, the output was awesome with headphones - it could give me a good headache or two without distorting at all.
    So, when I first switched to Linux, I didn't initially switch this machine over, but left it running Win98. This got to me in the end so I switched it over... and immediately faced issues. Since there was no port of XMPlay, I needed to find a new player, and fast. XMPlay has a bunch of audio postprocessing features I had enabled, none of which I found support or equivalents for in Linux (for example, an EQ setting promoting bassboost, in addition to that provided by the card - you can understand the headaches). I eventually gave up and ran XMPlay using WINE... and left it that way, for several months. I mean, it worked, didn't it? Then the fact that XMPlay over WINE on a 450MHz processor (it's a P3, haha) used 50%+ CPU -minimum- for the player to even be running (IIRC) got to me, so I decided once again that a new player had to be found. After some digging, I found XMMS to be the most likely candidate (it supports LADSPA and I could configure a bass-boost filter), and for the most part, it worked well. Quite well.
    Then... after I recently found myself recording some audio from the SB16's output to my main machine's input (the simplest way to get around the issue that the bass boost isn't very easy to feed back into the card - or impossible, I haven't tried it for so long), and had my headphones connected to my desktop to monitor the recording. Then, after that was done, I somehow started listening to some other piece of music (through my main box), for whatever reason. I immediately noticed a rather stark contrast in quality to what I'd recorded from the SB16 and what I was listening to. A doublecheck later confirmed that yes, my SB16 was of terrible quality, and yes, I needed a solution, since I wasn't gonna listen to that kinda sound quality anymore now that I knew.
    Over the past few weeks (months?) up until this point I've slowly been weaning myself off the music I liked so much (XMs and MODs, and maybe the occasional S3M), and the postprocessing features I thought had glued themselves into my ears....
    The, uh, like, point.
    ....so I need a media player that doesn't have much in terms of sound processing, but meets all the following requirements, either built in or as a plugin (as logically applicable):
    * Can hide completely, leaving only a hotkey to bring it back. I don't use a system tray and don't want to, for any purpose.
    * Is written in a compiled language.
    * Has configurable global hotkey support
    * Isn't bloated, dependancy-wise, filesize or memory-wise, or desktop-real-estate-wise - something that uses basic C and has a basic GUI preferred
    * Controls the hardware volume so that volume changes are instant
    * Supports tracks longer than 60 minutes / 1 hour
    * Has good file management / playlist support
    * Is something I can throw a gigantic directory tree at and expect to load all the music in it, FAST. I could throw my entire 32GB HDD at XMPlay when I wanted to see/remember what new music was on it and I'd just leave it alone for slightly under 5 minutes. When I returned to it, bam, playlist. That was on the 450MHz P3, running Win98. XMPlay also gave me feedback - if you can recommend something that shows me where it is on the filesystem, that'd be great.
    Up until now, Audacious has met those requirements. But it's had the following issues:
    * The track details window won't open for random tracks
    * The time display stuffs up for tracks longer than >60m, showing the position at 0:59, then, 1:40, then after 10 minutes have passed 1:41, etc
    * The volume control randomly forgets how to change the volume, and I refuse to change the controller to use a software volume since it'll induce delays
    * The system has no ability to add directories recursively - this was present in XMMS, but the BMP guys removed it (?!?!?!) and since Audacious is a fork of BMP, ...
    * The latest version's global hotkeys plugin restores the window to a non-changeable location when I use the "toggle player windows" function. As a visual person I find this a huge blocker.
    Now for the list of players that don't do what I want. XD
    * mpd - expects all your files to be in one folder; mine are everywhere, even thrown across sshfs mounts to other systems.
    * audacious - ...
    * xmms - too boring. GTK1. old stuff. unsupported.
    * xmms2 - seems too "unreachable". I haven't tried this player yet, mostly because Arch has no clients in the repos. *stab*
    * banshee - 200TB of dependencies, and it needs 400TB of RAM to run. Read: I dislike Mono.
    * rhythmbox, banshee, amarok, exaile, quod libet - iTunes-ey UI. I hate iTunes-ey UIs.
    * songbird - depends on the Gecko rendering engine. I have 512MB RAM, and I already run Firefox, thanks.
    * bmp, xmms, audacious - winamp-ey UI. I want to move away from winamp-ey UIs.
    If you have any suggestions... I'll be amazed.
    Last edited by dav7 (2008-09-09 12:55:22)

    * Can hide completely, leaving only a hotkey to bring it back. I don't use a system tray and don't want to, for any purpose.
    Sonata, disable system tray icon, modify any panel settings to ignore it
    * Is written in a compiled language.
    mpd is written in C
    * Has configurable global hotkey support
    Set up keybindings for mpc commands
    * Isn't bloated, dependancy-wise, filesize or memory-wise, or desktop-real-estate-wise - something that uses basic C and has a basic GUI preferred
    mpd uses basic C, many, many GUIs for it around, extremely small memory footprint
    * Controls the hardware volume so that volume changes are instant
    Keybind alsamixer commands
    * Supports tracks longer than 60 minutes / 1 hour
    Is there a modern media player that doesn't do this?
    * Has good file management / playlist support
    I never use mpd's playlist capabilities, but they do seem fairly extensive.
    * mpd - expects all your files to be in one folder; mine are everywhere, evn thrown across sshfs mounts to other systems.
    Apparently you have never heard of symbolic links. OH SNAP! Just create a single directory to collect all the links in. Also, mpd does not expect everything to be in one folder; it expects everything to be available from one parent folder, allowing you to organize beneath that parent.
    The problem you're having isn't that you're looking for a music player, you're looking for a wm/media player/file manager, and that just doesn't exist on Linux, largely because we are sane (for the sake of argument, ignore Songbird right now, I don't think any of us are crazy enough to use it anyways). Like looking for a zebroctonoceros, even though a zebra exists, an octopus exists, and a rhinoceros exists, they do not exist in the same creature. For interfacing with X (keybindings and the disappearing music player), you're better off going through a configurable wm like Openbox. For the actual music playing, well, I don't see any problems with mpd besides your music files being messy, and you can't expect music playing software to solve a personal organization problem. If your file system is messy, then use a file manager to fix it, not your mp3 player. I put a lot of effort into keeping my music files properly tagged and accessible from a single top level directory called music, which then splits off into mp3/ogg files, flac files, podcasts, etc, and that largely solves the problem of wondering where s--t is.
    Another idea for you, if you have multiple machines. Collect all your music onto a single machine, and then set up that system to serve exclusively as an mpd jukebox you can listen to from your other computers over the network. Give it a try.
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